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Latest Coverage

Mr. D Season 4 Episode 6-Short Stock

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 @ 06:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Check out the various promotional features of tonight’s episode of Mr. D’s fourth season entitled Short Stocked.The episode shall air at 9:30pm EST on CBC.

Gerry and Bill’s house they rent is up for sale and Gerry uses the advice of a market-savvy student to raise enough money for a down payment. Robert is too proud to ask for IT help, and Lisa spearheads a farewell to Xavier’s veteran crossing guard.

Which student will be dispensing advice and what  exactly will the advice be? Will the will Gerry  be able to effectively use this advice to make or will it somehow backfire? How will Robert”s pride cause great technical difficulties at Xavier and to what extent will he  go without getting help. Share your thoughts and speculations  in the comments section below.

Check out the trailer for this episode @

Mr. D Announcement-Live Chat Update
Readers are invited to join us at from 5:00pm -7:00pm EST on Monday, March 9 for a live question and answer session with Mr. D’s Jonathan Torren(VIce Principal Robert Cheeley).The chat will be hosted on the comments section of a post on the blog’s home page specifically created for this event. Questions regarding the event can be e-mailed at




Little Mosque on the Prairie Contest-Season 3

Sunday, October 19, 2014 @ 01:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

'Little Mosque' launches final season

Welcome to the blog’s Little Mosque on the Prairie’s season 3 contest.Since the show is doing well in the USA and as a result of popular demand, we are hosting another contest. This one consists of 9 questions related to the show’s third season.

hose readers who answer all questions correctly, will be entered into a draw for a chance to win an autographed photo of Sitara Hewitt(Rayyan).A total of  3 individual prizes will be awarded for this contest.


Readers have until 9:00am on Monday, Nov 3 2014 to answer questions. Winners will be contacted by e-mail and announced subsequently on the blog.


Good luck!


1. In the season 3 premiere, how does Amaar initially  try to sabotage Rayyan and JJ’S  engagement?


2.In   the episode ” Lord of The Ring”,  Amaar  temporarily returns to his  life in Toronto with the intention to resume his work as a lawyer and rediscover his purpose. What are two specific things that he does while in Toronto which displeases his parents , colleagues and others around him, making everyone question if he is out of place.


3.In the episode “Lord of Ring “Yasser successfully convinces Amaar  to return to Mercy as a Imam, but where does Ammar go before returning to Mercy?  What was the purpose of this detour?  


4. In the episode Week of Dying Dangerously . When Fred ‘s x ray  in a routine check up with Rayyan shows a slight chance for a possible concern, he assumes that he has only days to live!, What was  are two specific  reconciliatory acts  he performed and how did one of them backfire for him for a little while?


5.  In the episode “The Ties That Blind”  when  Reverend Magee sees Baber and Fatema going at one of their arguments again, what does he suggest to  their children? How does his advice backfire?


6.In the episode Sweet Sixteen When Baber plans a  surprise sixteenth birthday party for Layla with the help of Yasser and Sarah, they enlist Rayyan to take Layla out to the movies so she does not find out about the party. However, Layla messages Rayyan beforehand and lies saying that she is sick. Why did Layla lie and what un Islamic things was she  specifically surrounded by?


7.. Which character said’”These are first hand ponies. Susan, Darling” and what conflict did he create?


8..What are three major conflicts leading up Rayyan and JJ’S wedding?


9.What specific reason does JJ give Rayyan after he refuses to take her as his wife?


Season 4 of Mr.D to Debut in Winter 2015

Monday, October 13, 2014 @ 08:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Mr. D

Indeed, season 4 of   CBC’S Mr. D will debut in Winter 2015 with an exact date to be  announced within the upcoming period.

Production of season 4 of  Mr. D wrapped recently and filmed in various locations throughout Halifax.

At the end of the third season, Gerry made a strategic decision to decline a St. Pat’s Phys Ed teaching position. However he still desperately wants a Phys Ed teaching position and will actually have the chance to really show his capabilities.  “He will have the chance to show off some real athletic prowess as coach of the senior boys’ championship basketball team “No more grade 5 girls volleyball, says a report from the CBC.

According to the report, Gerry will also continue to have clashes about his unique teaching style with many of the regulars viewers have become acquainted with, but also some new students and staff. Some of  these new characters will actually turn out to be a match for Gerry’s inappropriate behaviour.

Stay tuned for more details on the fourth season of the show and for some exclusive interviews with various cast members of the show throughout the coming months.

What are your thoughts on Gerry coaching the senior championship basketball team and do you think this will be a step in stone to aid him in reaching his goal to become a Gym teacher? How will the dynamics change at Xavier academy as other inappropriate characters integrate? Share your speculations and predictions in the comments section.



Happy Birthday To Us!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 @ 11:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Happy birthday to  Us ! Happy birthday to Us!

Today, this blog  celebrates 6 years in operation! Its hard to believe that  its been 6 years since the blog first opened. When it first launched, I  would not have thought that   I would  still be running this site 6 years later or that it would have brought about such rewarding opportunities. This site means so much to me and I have genuinely enjoyed running it and keeping readers informed about relevant subject matter.

Special thanks are extended to YOU the reader for supporting the blog through your continuous visits, comments and ongoing involvement in other interactive opportunities on the site. Without readers a site has no purpose or future. Your visits truly mean everything!

Indeed, our past year has been  another  fairly  successful  year, overall.Back in December we relocated to this self hosted site with  a high tech template additional features, including a forum and classifieds section. The blog has also build new partnerships for advertising to increase resources available for readers as they browse through our site.Thanks are also extended to our established affiliates for their continued support throughout the past year.

We were initially providing  coverage of Modern Family and continued to provide coverage of Mr. D. Particularly, I interviewed Booth Savage, Mark Forward, Bette MacDonald as well as Naomi Sniekus. Readers can expect the The blog also hosted a live chat with Bette MacDonald which was promoted by the CBC!

I also  continued to provide retrospective coverage of  Little Mosque on the Prairie.This includes  a trivia contest with autographed photos of Aliza Vellani and Manoj Sood. Aliza Vellani also graciously participated in a retrospective interview on Little Mosque and her latest role on Motive.

What plans do  we have for  our impending seventh year? Expect contests for both Mr. D and Little Mosque on the Prairie to continue In addition to the Mr D  coverage outlined above,we are actively seeking new shows to cover! Expect a list and some launches to be featured on the site next monthPosting  schedule will definitely  increase dramatically.

As always, your suggestions are welcome and can be made through the use of the suggestion box.We are in the process of exploring various other series so this a perfect time to make your voice heard.

What has your favorite post of the blog been and what types of coverage would you like to see?What  would you like to see on the site for our  upcoming year. Share your thoughts in the comments section or by e-mail.

Thank  you for being apart of the community and I  look forward to another exciting year with the readership where we continue to work together to make the site the best it can be.

Live Q&A With Bette MacDonald[Trudy] of Mr. D today from 1:00pm -3:00pm EST

Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 11:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]



Bette MacDonald has been leading a distinguished and successful career within the Canadian entertainment industry on TV, radio and on stage performances for over 20 years.

Bette’s active involvement within the industry is evident from notable tasks that she has undertaken such as appearing at the Canadian Winnipeg Comedy festival as well as working alongside Symphony Nova Scotia.

The latter of the two performances was such a success that she was brought back for an unexpected yet highly appreciated two-night encore presentation.

For the past five years, Bette and her husband, Maynard Morrision have been working on a holiday special known as “Tis The Season ” with it having been critically acclaimed and it has been selling out major halls since its inauguration. The production was in-fact such a success that it has consistently received standing ovations.

More over, for the past three years, Bette has portrayed the role of the no non-sense and organized secretary; Trudy Walsh on CBC’s hit sitcom, Mr.D. With the show’s third season scheduled to debut tonight at 9;00pm on CBC and Bette being kind enough to participate in a live Q&A, it seems like a great way and time for fans to interact with the delightful actress. To participate in the live chat simply enter your question[s] and/or comment[s] in the comments section of this post.

The comments section will open up shortly before the event @ approximately 12:45 eastern standard time. In order to see Bette’s responses to the questions and to see what other readers are asking, be sure to refresh the page several times throughout the session.

Questions regarding the event can be sent by e-mail at   Live technical support during the event will be available through the blog’s Facebook page @




Little Mosque’s Sheila McCarthy To Appear For Chat At Staircase Theatre in Hamilton

Sunday, February 2, 2014 @ 10:02 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Inline image 1
The following press release is being  disseminated  to this readership on behalf on BabyGumm Productions.
Baby Gumm Productions is pleased to announce “A Chat With Sheila McCarthy” at the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton on Saturday, February 8th at 1pm.

Theatre director/producer Darren Stewart-Jones sits down with Canadian star of stage and screen, Sheila McCarthy, for an intimate conversation with the actress about her life and career.

From her breakthrough, award-winning role in the film I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing to her recent six season run as Sarah on television’s Little Mosque On The Prairie, Sheila McCarthy continues to delight audiences with her unique character portrayals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with the fabulous Sheila McCarthy.
 All tickets for this event are now just $20 and can be purchased online in advance at or in person at the theatre box office on the day of the performance.

For further info, visit or contact Darren Stewart-Jones at

Modern Family Renewed For Season 4

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Ed O’Neil (Jay Pritchett), Sophia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett), Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado) Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy), Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy), Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy), Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy), Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Pritchett), Eric Stonestreet (Cam Tucker), Aubrey Anderson Emmons (Lilly Tucker-Pritchett)

Indeed, ABC’S Modern Family  has been renewed for a fourth season which is currently set to debut this Fall. The Emmy award swimming series with top ratings was one along four series which were given early renewals back in March, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

A full synopsis of the series which I only recently  had the chance to view has been placed below. The show will be covered extensively on the blog and will be one of the site’s prominent elements in the coming months.

Modern  Family  examines what it means  to be a family in  modern day  America by portraying a diverse American familythrough the form of momentary type  storytelling.  The patriarch  of the family, Jay Pritchett is a wealthy, old aged  yet highly uptight  business, man who remarried a passionate, assertive  and much younger Columbian women named Gloria, after a failed marriage.  Jay must now try to keep  up with the energy which  his much younger wife has   while trying to help her raise her preteen son, Manny, a  11 year old boy who is  highly intelligent  for his  age yet  a person who is a romantic. All the while Jay tries to do his best to respect his wife’s  Columbian  heritage which  often clashes in this unique type of interracial  marriage.

Meanwhile, there is  Claire Dunphy,  who is  Jay’s uptight and highly anxious daughter . She is married to  Phill Dumphy a successful yet klutzy   real estate agent and   a  recognized cool dad .Together the two have raised three children. The eldest is Haley , a  highly independent and sociable 17 year old  girl ,  Alex,   a 15 year old  girl who  is socially awkward but   a very bright student  and Luke, a highly  inattentive yet  innocent and adorable 11 year old.

The final  tree to the family is  Mitchell ,Jay’s  gay son who is an uptight yet brilliant  lawyer. He  has been  involved in a long term relationship  with Cameron  Tucker for the past five years, a man who was raised  in  a farm in Missouri. Together the two have adapted  a Vietnamese baby, Lilly and must navigate through   the challenges  of being first time   parents  while coping with the additional challenge  of interacting  with  others  who can be critical of  their unconventional  yet passionate relationship.

With   themes such as homosexual  relationships, interracial  marriage, awkward  teenagers , raising  children , parenting, some obsessive compulsive  characters  and more the series definitely resonates with a diverse group of audiences who have  often  experienced the highly  comedic yet common  experiences in the portrayals  on the show. Indeed there are many intriguing yet increasingly  relatable situations on the show, from  Claire’s disapproval  towards Haley’s boyfriend, Dylan and her  consequent  desire to control her   daughter’s life to issues such as Gloria’s conflict with Jay  about having fireworks at Christmas as per Columbian tradition  as well as issues such  Cam’s insecurity about being treated as a woman by Mitchell as a result of his[Cam’s] more  feminine behaviour. Such situations  allow for the show to convey  the strength of family even when there is such a  range in diversity which strikes highly  amusing yet  simultaneously  sensitive  conflicts. The award winning  sitcom  has truly witty writing  which   brings about exceptional performances  from the ensemble cast , which each member in the family can resonate with  in some way and  thus enjoy a few laughs.

With the show having  just finished airing its  third season on ABC, viewers discovered that Mitch and Cam were unsuccessful in adapting a baby as a result of  an unexpected surprise   , but it turns out that  Gloria has now found herself pregnant. Meanwhile, Haley revealed her surprising plans to move in with Dylan  now that she had secured a part time job at the Gap, but  was surprised with the sudden turn of events which changed  when she discovers that Luke had  been hiding her letter of acceptance  to  college.

Below, is a slideshow which essentially  , briefly summarizes the major development s and plotlines  as well as other notable moments which occurred in the show  throughout  the previous third season. A great way  to  way to reflect on the developments of the past seasons we await for the  impending fourth season.

Share  your predictions and/ or aspirations for the fourth season as well as your favorite parts of the slideshow in the comments section, below.

Thank you to Zaynab 29, the blog ‘s General Project  Assistant  for performing the captions on the  official cast photo.

Thank you to the Youtube group @ Supportfire 115 for its assistance in locating  various photos used in the slideshow. Visit the Youtube group@ for gamers  of popular games such as Mine Craft , Shooters and more!


Interview With The Office’s Ameenah Kaplan

Saturday, July 21, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Ameenah Kaplan

Ameenah Kaplan has been leading an evolving role within the American entertainment industry. The actress who studied at the experimental theater wing of Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, has been making increased number of appearances in various prominent series such as Grey’ Anatomy, Law and Order as well as Harry’s Law.

More recently, Ameenah has been staring on NBC’S The Office in the show’s eighth season as the character of Val . With the actress being kind enough to participate in a interview with me, I took the opportunity to discuss Val’s development in terms of the character’s relationship with  Darryl Philbin [ Craig Robinson] as well Ameenah’s aspirations for the character in the show’s forthcoming ninth season, the actress’ experience in portraying the character and working on the sets of The Office as well, other  projects which the talented actress has recently been involved in.

Read through the complete interview below and share your response to it in the comments section, afterwards.

Abbas Karimjee: How have you related to the character of Val? In what ways are you two similar and how are you two different?

Ameenah Kaplan:Val is an interesting lady. She’s very focused and driven. We’re similar in that way. She’s used to being around the guys and so am I, so I think I fit her skin naturally. Her personality is more subdued than mine. I can bounce off the walls, where as I can’t really see Val doing that.

Were there any challenges associated with portraying the character of Val? How did you overcome such challenges?

Oh yes. The biggest challenge was getting over the fact that I was acting with comedy giants! It was a trip. They threw me right in, no training wheels. It was awesome. I didn’t want to screw it up, so I got some advice from friends. They reminded me that it’s about the work. Just do the work and don’t worry about the rest. It’s always good to hear that.

This past season,Val has been portrayed as being a potential romantic partner for the character of Darryl even though she is currently involved in a relationship outside of work with a restaurant owner, Brandon.Who would you like to see Val end up with and why?

Haha! Darryl, of course. Although Brandon is really handsome.

Although it remained unclear at the end of the season 8 finale whether the character would choose Darryl or remain with her current boyfriend, Brandon, we did see her participate in Darryl’s family photo. While Val mentioned early on in the season that she was reluctant to date coworkers, what do you think she sees in Darryl which  may prompt her to reconsider this?

He’s adorable. He’s really working hard to get her attention and wear down her defenses. I think Val is okay with fraternizing so long as it’s the real deal. Darryl has a reputation. I think she could tell that. 

 NBC recently announced that the show has been renewed for a ninth season.What was your reaction when you discovered this? Although it is quite early on in the production process, what can you tell us about what is in store for the ninth season, both for Val as well as for the show in general?

I was happy for everyone involved with the show. It’s really a family there. They deserve this coming season. They’ve earned it. I’m the new kid. I’m grateful to be written in at all!

We have seen Val extensively within the context of her developing relationship with Darryl. Would you like to see other aspects of the character explored, perhaps through her backstory as well as by exploring her interactions with some of the other characters portrayed by the ensemble cast? What particular aspirations do you have for the character?

If I’m lucky, the writers are just getting started with Val. They are among the best around, so I trust that they are figuring ways to make the character compelling in the scope of the ensemble. Right now, she’s serving a very specific function. I’m still figuring out exactly what that is, lol, which may have something to do with it. The writers might still be getting to know both me and Val.

 How many episodes will you appear in for the ninth season?

If I’m lucky—a bunch.

 You have appeared in several episodes of The Office’s eighth season. Could you please share some of your favorite moments from working on the set, either on-screen or off-screen?

I really enjoyed the Pool Party episode at Robert California’s house. I liked it as much for the episode as I did for getting to spend time with my cast mates and the crew. It was hilarious. We were on location, soaked for 2 days straight. Everyone worked hard and achieved a very funny result. But, I wouldn’t recommend swimming with your dreads down. Tie them up! It’s easier to stay afloat.

Have you been involved in other acting projects which you would like to share with viewers?

Right now I’m featured in several ad campaigns including AT&T, USPS, Fidelity, and Progressive. And keep your fingers crossed for projects in the works!

 Is there any message which you like to give to fans of The Office?

Thanks for being cool to me. I really appreciate it!

NBC Releases Details on Season 9 Premiere of The Office

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 @ 10:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Read through NBC’S official  excerpt of the season premiere of  The Office which is set to debut later this month on  Thursday, September  20 @ 9:00pm est/ central.

THE OFFICE BEGINS ITS FINAL SEASON. Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) are thrown off balance by the arrival of two young employees (Clark Duke and Jake Lacy) that the others dub “the new Jim” and “Dwight, Jr.” Andy (Ed Helms) comes back from Outward Bound leadership training with a desire for vengeance on Nellie (Catherine Tate). Will Oscar (Oscar Nunez) adopt Angela’s (Angela Kinsey) cat? Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) saves a turtle. Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, Craig Robinson, Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Paul Lieberstein, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Kate Flannery, Creed Bratton also star.

 What tensions will arise from Dwight and Jim who may feel as though their identities  within  The Office have become threatened as a result of the new workers who bear striking resemblances? In what ways shall Andy attempt to achieve vengeance on Nellie and how will she respond?  What are the circumstances which might lead to Oscar adapting Angela’s new cat and does this circumstances relate  in any way to the fact that Angela’s husband is attracted   to Oscar? Share  your speculations in the comments section, below.

Modern Family Season 4- Gloria Reveals Pregnancy To Family Members in ABC Promo

Sunday, September 9, 2012 @ 10:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed the forthcoming season of ABC’S Modern Family is shaping up to be the most eventful one yet. Particularly  Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria shall  start the season off by revealing her pregnancy to the  various family members  as well as their reaction  to the news in the show;a portion of which can  be viewed in  ABC’S recent 30 second  promotional  trailer  about the forthcoming season of Modern Family.

Share your reactions  to the feature in the comments section and be sure to tune in on Wednesday, September 26 @ 9:00pm eastern time on ABC[USA]  or City TV[Canada]



The Office Season 9 Episode 3- Andy’s Ancestry

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look through the official synopsis and promo for this week’s episode of The Office entitled Andy’s Ancestry below!Be sure to tune in for the episode on Thursday, October 4 @ 9.00pm eastern  standard time on NBC.

Andy flaunts his genealogy when he discovers he’s related to Michelle Obama. Meanwhile, Darryl struggles in his new post; Dwight teaches Erin a new language to wow her boyfriend’s family; and Nellie tries to persuade Pam that Jim’s having an affair.

How will Darryl attempt to cope with the difficulties of his new post and will he be successful in the end ?How will Nellie’s suggestions impact Pam’s faith  in  Jim and  therefore  her behaviour towards him?How will she respond when   she discovers that the actual secret is that  Jim pursued a business opportunity without consulting her?  How  will  Erin   acquaint with Andy’s educated and over achieving family? Share your speculations and predictions in the comments section, below.


Josh Groban to Return to The Office

Monday, October 8, 2012 @ 02:10 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Indeed, Andy’s family will continue to  be involved in the current ninth and final season of NBC’S The Office .Particularly, viewers will once again have the opportunity to see actor, Josh Groban reprise as Andy’s   younger brother ,Walter Junior reports  TV Guide!

When we last saw  Walter in season 8 during Andy’s garden party on Schrute Farms , it was apparent that he was  the favorite    child of the Bernard household . However, Walter may now not be viewed with such high regard as according to the report Walter  shall  return in a druken state.The episode in which Walter will reappear in shall debut on November 1.

Groban  has been busy since he last  starred on The Office having appeared on. the  hit comedy film, Crazy Stupid Love  which stars  Steve Carrell as well as having  guest starred on Glee.Groban has also been busy with  his evolving music career.

How exactly did  Walter end up in  such a state within  the mere span of  a year?How will Andy respond to his brother who is in such a desperate state?  How will Walter Jr ‘s mishaps affect Andy’s interaction with his parents, whom he has previously been unsuccessful in achieving favouritism with? Are you excited for Groban to reappear? Share your comments, predictions and speculations below!

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 4 – The Butler’s Escape

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 @ 02:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the promotional feature for this week’s episode of Modern Family entitled The Butler’s Escape which shall  air on Wednesday, October 17 2012 @ 9:00pm eastern time  on ABC[USA] and CityTV[Canada]

Luke wants to quit magic and Phil just can’t seem to accept it. Meanwhile, one of Gloria’s new pregnancy symptoms is snoring and she’s keeping the whole house awake, forcing Jay to take desperate measures; and Mitch and Cam’s household dynamic is put to the test when they decide to swap duties — Mitch staying at home with Lily while Cam goes off to work at his new job as the music teacher at Luke and Manny’s school [ABC].

Why does Luke want to quit magic and for how long has he even been into it? How will Phil  come to terms  with Luke’s response? How will Gloria react when she discovers that she is snoring and moreover that it is disturbing others?Will Cameron  succeed in his new post or will he miss being at home with Lilly? How will Mitchell cope with spending more time at home, given the difficulties he faced previously  when being a stay at  home dad? Share your predictions and speculations in the comments section.

Additional Notes

  • Alex will also be seen appearing to be mean to others for a reason which remains undisclosed at this juncture
  • Jay  wants to discuss his issues with  Gloria with Claire, who instead wants to  indulge  in discussion about  Gloria’s  weight increase as a result of her pregnancy,
  • Lilly and Mitchell  will experience  difficulties  in their relationship as  Lilly  points out Mitchells  flaws in the way  in which  he handles  his responsibility of caring for her. Cameron, on the other hand will be frustrated at  his new post where he has difficulty  getting along with the students.

Reference For Additional Details

The Office Season 9 Episode 4- Work Bus

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 @ 09:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the promotional features for this week’s episode of The Office  entitled Work Bus which shall air on Thursday, October 18 2012 @ 9:00pm eastern time on NBC [USA]and Global[ Canada]

The staffers hit the road in a rented bus when the building is deemed unsafe. Meanwhile, Nellie reaches out to Andy for help in adopting a baby, and Jim uses pie to spread cheer to Pam.[ TV Guide]

  How will the workers respond to the change in work environment on the bus and what tensions might arise from everyone being in even closer quarters? Why would Nellie  reach out  to Andy for assistance, given the two’s strained relationship  since  Andy has returned from his retreat?What will Andy’s reaction to  Nellie’s request be? Will he try to jeopardize her attempts? What are your thoughts on Nellie even being a suitable candidate for adopting a baby?

 Will Jim  and Pam work through the challenges  which their relationship faces  as a result of Jim keeping  his project a secret?  Will Jim’s pie work?



Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5- Open House of Horrors

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 @ 07:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Read through the official description of tonight’s Modern Family which shall air @ 9:00pm eastern time on ABC and City TV.

When the Dunphys’ neighbors find Claire’s annual Halloween extravaganza inappropriate, Phil suggests having an open house for the holiday. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron host a costume party, but must also field questions from Lily about her birth mom; and Gloria’s pregnancy intensifies her emotions[ABC]

How will Claire respond to not doing her extravaganza of her favorite holiday? What exactly will the open house involve? How will Mitchell and Cameron’s costume party work out and what exactly prompts Lilly to want to discover about her biological mother?Sound off in the comments section!


The Office Season 9 Episode 5- Here Comes Treble

Thursday, October 25, 2012 @ 09:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look through the official promotions of  tonight’s new episode of NBC’S The Office which shall air at 9:00pm eastern time.

It’s Halloween in the office, and the trick’s on Andy when his college music group arrives to perform, leading to a confrontation with his frenemy, Broccoli Rob (Stephen Colbert). Elsewhere, Dwight suspects a psycho is running rampant in the office, and Jim and Pam clash over Jim’s new job[TV Guide]

What evidence does Dwight find that supports his claim? Who is suspected? How  will Pam and Jim reconcile?


Modern Family Season 4 Episode 6- Yard Sale

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the promotional features for this week’s episode of Modern Family entitled Yard Sale below. Be sure to tune in for the episode on Wednesday, October 31 @ 900pm eastern time on  ABC[ USA] and City TV [ Canada].

Yard Sale – Episode 6 of Season 4.At a Pritchett family yard sale held by Jay and Gloria to help a fund-raiser at Luke and Manny’s school, Phil can’t decide what to buy or sell, and Mitchell and Cameron assess Alex’s new male friend, but Gloria would rather the contents of an old trunk not be revealed.[ TV Guide]

How will Phil decide what he will sell and what he shall keep?What criteria will Mitch and Cam use to assess  Alex’s boyfriend’s  suitability? Will Alex be informed of their assessment and if so, what will her response to their conclusions be? What is in Gloria’s trunk and why does she not want to divulge information about its contents? Share your predictions and speculations in the comments section.

Additional  Notes

1.Alex’s   boyfriend is the one from the season  3 finale,Baby on Board  who Alex believes is gay. Claire is unaware of Alex’s    knowledge and fears that she will have to reveal   the news to Alex.

2. Gloria’s trunk is hers from Columbia which accidentally ends up in the garage sale until she rectified  that by having Manny bring the box inside.

Additional information is summarized  from details provided by the Examiner.


The Office Season 9 Episode 6- Preview The Boat

Thursday, November 1, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look through the promotions for this week’s  episode of The Office  entitled The Boat which shall debut   next week on  Thursday November 8 @ 9:00pm eastern/ central  on NBC[ USA] and Global[ Canada]

Money problems plague Andy’s family.Meanwhile,Dwight guests on a local radio show, so the staffers harass him with outrageous phone calls; and Kevin unearths a big secret about Oscar[ NBC]

Why is Dwight guest starring on a local radio show?How will he recognize and respond to the harassment from his coworker?. How will Kevin respond to Oscars’ affair with Senator.Will he be willing and able to keep the secret? What will Oscar do when he discovers that Kevin has uncovered the secret?Share your predictions and response  to the trailer below  in the comments section.


Modern Family Season 4 Episode 8- Mistery Date

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 10:11 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the promotional features  for tonight’s episode of Modern Family entitled“Mistery  Date“ which shall air @ 9:00pm est/ 8:00pm central on ABC[ USA] and City TV[ Canada.]

When Claire takes Manny and Luke along to Alex’s academic decathlon for the weekend, Phil attempts to throw together a boys’ night at the house, inviting a fellow Bulldog alum (guest star Matthew Broderick) he just met — but their wires are definitely crossed. Meanwhile, the pressure is on for Alex at the decathlon, Manny and Luke bar mitzvah hop at the hotel trying to find a cute girl, and Cam and Mitch arrange for quite the surprise baby gift for Jay and Gloria[ ABC.]

Will Manny and Luke be  caught   intruding in the bar mitzvah or  will they actually  find  a  cute girl? How  will Alex manage at the decathlon  and will Luke and Manny’s behaviour interfere or disturb  her performance in any way? What gift does Cam and Mitch find for Gloria and Jay and how will they respond when they receive it?  How will Phil respond when he discovers that his alumni fellow  is  also a  gay person who believes that they are  now  dating? Share your predictions in the comments!


The Office Season 8 Episode 7 Preview- The Whale

Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look through the promotions for tonight’s episode of The Office entitled  The Whale which shall air @ 9:00pm eastern standard time on NBC.

Dwight faces his greatest professional shortcoming—selling to women. As a result, the lady staffers step up to give him advice so he can successfully sell to an important female client. Meanwhile, Angela suspects her paramour is cheating; Andy uses technology to connect with the others from his boat; and Toby tries to convince the men to grow mustaches. [ TV Guide]

How effective will the training be for Dwight  and which  of his female colleagues will aid him? What exactly prompts Angela to think that the senator cheating and how will Oscar behave  given how he is the one who is involved in the affair?Will Angela discover or at least begin to suspect that Oscar might be involved,particularly given his strange behaviour around the senator which we saw in last week’s episode? What will be involved in Andy’s  conversations and will he feel that his relationship with Erin is somewhat strain , given how she was offended by the fact that  he did not invite her  to join him on his boating expedition? How will things progress in the  office,given that he is regional manager of the branch  and is away?How will Toby’s efforts to  convince the males to grow mustaches as apart of Movember turn out?What circumstances will  prompt Jan Levinston   to return[ see trailers below] and how will be she  embraced given her  well-known troubled mental state?



Interview With The Office’s Oscar Nunez

Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 04:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Oscar Nunez  is no stranger  within the  North American entertainment  industry. The actor  first  launched his career in comedy  through his involvement as  an alumni of the Los Angeles  Improv  group Groundlings in the mid 1990′s. Afterwards, the actor’s prominence has led him to portray roles on various  hit series  including  24 and Bob’s Burger as well recent  hit films such as The Proposal.

Moreover, for the past nine years Oscar has been portraying the role of the gay accountant, Oscar Martinez on NBC’S  hit sitcom,The Office.With The Office  drawing to  an end  this year  and  the character of Oscar having a prominent role in terms of his affair with Angela’s husband,Senator Robert Lipton[  Jack Coleman]it seemed like a suitable time to interview the actor.

My interview with  the actor  covers his response to the show ending this season, what might be in store for Oscar after Angela discovered his affair , what he will miss most about working on the show and much more.

To listen to the interview,please click on the link below.


Interview With The Office’s Jake Lacy

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 10:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

jake lacy

Jake Lacy has been  leading an emerging career within the North American entertainment industry through his  work as an actor .Having  graduated from the North Carolina  school of the arts in 2008 Lacy went in production  with the Hartford Stage’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s  Summer Dream”.

In addition to performing in other theatre productions, Jake Lacy later starred in several episodes of the popular series Better With You in which he stared as the character of Cassey  and  also later  appearing  as Jimmy Goodwin the Goodwin Games.

However, more recently  he has been in the current ninth and final season of NBC’S  hit sitcom, The Office as the new customer service representative ,Pete. With the character being new to the show and  The Office quickly progressing through its final season on the air, all thought it was a time to touch base with the actor for an interview. Particularly, we discuss  the initial process and experience involved in being appointed  to the role of  Pete,  his perspective on having been a long-time fan of the show and actually working on  it  as well as other aspects related to how he portrays the character  of Pete.

The actor also talks about his reaction to the show ending this year, the mood and atmosphere on the set.  He also delves into some of his insights on the ninth season  by   discussing his storyline this season in terms of his developing  relationship with  the character of Erin as well as the challenges  which his character faces being  one of the new employees  at the Scranton  branch.

Read through the complete interview below.

Abbas Karimjee.Lets discuss your initial appointment to the role of Pete.Were you contacted for the role or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Jake Lacy:I auditioned for the role in NY and then flew to LA to test for it.  I was out-of-town when I first heard about a new role on The Office.I came back later in the week and auditioned with the casting folks in NY and the people in LA liked it so they flew me out the following week.  Then I flew back east and waited.  I got the call that Friday night.  I packed my bag, flew to LA that Sunday and started filming Monday morning!  It was crazy.

AK:Given that you have been a fan of the show, could you please share your reaction when you discovered that you landed the role?

JL:Oh, I was ecstatic!  The show had been a favorite of mine from the very beginning and getting the opportunity to be a part of it was a dream come true.I’m just a big, big fan of the show and can’t believe I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of it!

AK:How has being a fan of The Office, influenced your  day to day experience of working on the show?

JL: I think being such a fan of the show was helpful. As a viewer I understood what makes this show unique and the challenge has been figuring out what that means as an actor.  The tone of this show is very specific and it took a few weeks for me to find that balance being doing too much and doing too little.

AK :What was your reaction when you discovered that this would be the final season of The Office, both from your perspective as an actor on the show as well as a long-time fan of the show?

JL: The cast found out pretty early on in filming that this would be the last season.  I was still riding the high of being on the show so it really didn’t affect me.  Maybe as a fan I’m sad to see The Office come to an end.  It still seems so far away.  Those decisions are so far out of my control that I try not to get bent out of shape about them.  I’m just grateful to have this incredible job for a year.

AK:With many of the cast and crew having worked on the show through out  entire nine season run, what is the atmosphere on the set like considering that the show is now in its final season?

JL:Everyone has been very welcoming.  The cast has been very warm and kind to a complete stranger setting up shop for a year.  We still have another half dozen episodes to shoot so people are still focused on work. I think in the final few weeks emotions may start to run high but right now everyone is very focused on this week’s episode.

AK:How have you related to Pete?

JL:I’m not sure how to answer this question.All I can say is, bottom line, I’m rooting for Pete.

AK:The character of Pete has been quite similar  to the character of Jim, in terms of his personality, his life goals as well as in  his  desire to  win the affection of   The Office’s receptionist! Given these circumstances, to what extent has  John Kraininski’s  portrayal  of Jim  Halpert  influenced  the way in which you portray  the character of Pete? Also,are there any ways in which you think the two are notably different?.

JL:Well, there’s no denying that their circumstances are similar.  I think Pete is a little bit of an underdog.  Not only is receptionist dating the boss but Pete’s also the new guy at work.  There’s an added element of learning the ropes and not wanting to rustle any feathers.  I think the similarities and differences may become clearer as the season progresses.

AK:Pete expresses a romantic interest towards the receptionist at the Scranton Branch ,Erin   as seen from how he has been flirting  with her at the reception and through other comments. What are your thoughts on the suitability of the two as a couple? What do you think is drawing   Pete to Erin?jake lacy and ellie kemper

JL:I don’t know if Pete and Erin are right for each other.  I just know they have a good time together.  Could they become something?  Absolutely.  Could they wind up really good friends?  Definitely.  I wish I knew where they were headed but the writers keep things pretty secretive.  We don’t find out until we read the script for that week.  As far as what draw Pete to Erin: she’s awesome!  She’s goofy and pretty and charming.  I think Pete’s working at a new job, doesn’t know anybody and finds some kind of connection with Erin.

AK:Although Pete has a romantic interest toward Erin, she is currently involved in a relationship with Andy, who is regional manager.Given these circumstances, what are you able to tell us about the types challenges lay in store for Pete ?Do  you have any other thoughts on this storyline?

JL:Andy is off on the family yacht to save the Bernard’s from complete financial collapse.  That buys Pete a little time to figure out how he feels about Erin and what he’s going to do.  The one thing I can say about Pete is that he’s always interested in trying to doing the right thing.  He would rather wait until the time is right than push something.  Now, I don’t know how the Pete/Erin story unfolds but I hope the character stays true to those characteristics.  That’s one of my favorite aspects of Pete.  He’s a stand up guy.  I think that counts for something.

AK:What is your favorite episode of the current season? Why?

JL:Selfishly, I would say the episode when we built the tower out of complaint cards.  That was the first episode where I got to drive a story. It was awesome! Shooting “Work Bus” was a blast, though.It was a crazy week and many of my best memories of the year were shooting that episode.That was the first time I felt like a real part of the cast.  Yeah, let’s go with Work Bus.  For the good times.

AK: Is there anything else you would you like to say about what might be in store for Pete in his role as a  customer service representative?

JL:Pete and Clark buy a horse-breeding company from Clark’s dying uncle and move to Kentucky for an episode.  That was fun to shoot.  No, that story’s not true.  I think I’ll just let people tune in and see what happens.

AK:What advice do you have for today’s youth who are aspiring to pursue a career in acting?

JL:Be real gentle with your dream. Stick with people who believe in you.  Learn how to be honest with yourself.  Do what your gut tells you.  Work really hard.  I needed, and still need, people to tell me those things and show me how to do them.  Those things are important.

AK:Are there any favorite memories from your work experiences so far which you would like to share, either on screen or off screen?

JL:I got one small improvised moment into an episode.  That was huge. The writer’s are so talented and work so hard that it’s rare for an imporov-ed line to make it to air.I was excited by that.

AK:What message do you have for fans of The Office as the show draws to a close this season?

JL:I’m a fan, too.I know what you’re going through.Please keep watching. Hold my hand and we’ll get through this together.

Mr D Promo- Season 2 Episode 7[ The Date]

Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 01:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

CBC has released a preview of this week’s  episode of Mr D, The Date.  Take a look at the preview directly below and  share your predictions in the comments section. Be sure to tune in  for the episode on Wednesday @ 8;00pm eastern standard time on CBC.

Gerry and Jean’s date is interrupted, Leung’s makes an online video and Trudy regrets a decision.[TV Rage]

What is  Leung’s video about and how is it received?What decision does Trudy make and why does she  end up regretting it?


Mr D Season 2 Episode 9 Preview- Poker Night

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 @ 12:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


When Gerry comes across a down and out Daniel Negreanu (poker player), he orchestrates a staff poker night in order to get Daniel back on his feet[CBC]

How does Gerry encounter Daniel and will  this event actually  help Daniel get back on his feet?What  does he hope to achieve for himself by  arranging this poker night and how will the fellow staff of Xavier respond to the poker night?
 Take a look at the promo  video for this episode   on the show’s official Facebook page @ and  report back to  share your thoughts, impressions  and speculations  in the comments section.
Be sure to watch this episode on Wednesday, March 20 @ 8:00pm eastern standard time on CBC.

Interview With Mr D’S Lauren Hammersley

Monday, April 1, 2013 @ 01:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Lisa Mason

Actress, Lauren  Hammersley  has been emerging as a distinguished and effective   actress within the Canadian entertainment industry.  Having appeared in various series such as Single White Spenny ,Hammersley brings her  talents and energy to the role of  the sweet and innocent  teacher,  Lisa  in CBC’S hit sitcom Mr. D.

With Mr. D progressing through  its second season,  I  connect with Lauren to discuss her experiences working on the show,  insights into the development of her character as well  as her perspective on  why the show has had such a strong resonance with viewers.

Read through the complete interview with Lauren below.

Abbas Karimjee:When Mr D first launched,  Lisa presented herself as a very nervous teacher starting at Xavier Academy. Do you feel the character has developed since then and how so?

Lauren Hammersley :Lisa is less nervous and a bit more aware of where she stands in the school and socially.  Unfortunately, the more she speaks out, the more everything blows up in her face.  Aw, poor Lisa.

 AK:How do you relate to the character of  Lisa?

 LH:Not very much, actually.  She’s very sweet and innocent – but I’m outspoken and can be inappropriate at the best of times.  Maybe her enthusiasm – I have a hard time hiding my excitement which makes it difficult to be ‘cool’ about anything.  Yes.  I’m not cool.  That’s what we have in common.  Thank you for reminding me, Abbas.

 AK:What  challenges  have been involved in portraying the role of Lisa?

LH:This is my first series, so there were a lot of learning curves.  I found it hard to feel funny as the ‘straight guy’ in a show surrounded by a lot of very talented comedians, but after watching it, I started to understand there was humor in Lisa’s straightness, in her ‘niceness’. When people are so mean to such a desperately nice character – it’s hilarious.

AK:Lisa attracted the attention of Gerry’s   roommate, Bill back in season 1 when he initially asked her on a date when they encountered each other at the school dance. Although she refused then , she recently showed  an interest in attending the poker game in   the episode,”Poker Night”   when she discovered Bill would be present. What do you think  is drawing  her to Bill and what are your  thoughts on the suitability of the two as a couple? What is your preference on this matter?

LH: I think Lisa needs to make some terrible life-altering decisions. Take her to the dark side: (rubs hands together maniacally) Yes…. she’ll like it there.

AK.What else is in store for Lisa and in the second season of Mr. D in general, with the season approaching its end?

LH: We’ll  have to wait and see, won’t we?  (I don’t think my NDA will let me tell you that)

AK:Lisa has a more tolerant   response to Gerry’s  antiques  than some of the other characters on the show.How would you describe the  two’s working relationship?

LH:. I think deep down Lisa admires Gerry’s caution to the wind approach to everything in life.  Secretly, I think she wishes she could be like that, even though he insults her 90% of the time.

AK: What are some of  your favorite moments from  Mr.D this season, either on-screen or off-screen?

LH:All of it.  I’m just so happy to be a part of it.  You can see why in our blooper reel:


AK:It has been previously reported that  Mr D brings attention  to the importance about under qualified teachers such as  the character of Gerry being responsible for educating today’s children about subjects which they know little about.  To what extent do to think Mr D raises awareness about this somewhat comical yet serious situation?

LH:  Hmmm… I haven’t seen those reports, but the majority of people who approach me to say they love the show are teachers.  I think it brings more of an awareness that teachers are humans.  Gerry’s playing a character of himself, in real life he was actually an awesome teacher (I’ve met a few of his past students and they’ve all said he was their favorite) and kids light up when they’re around him.  I’d imagine he is a bit of a hero to some in leaving a world of academia and pursue his dream of stand-up comedy.

 AK:Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC  since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audiences?

LH:I hope they watch because it’s a funny show, but I think it’s relatable as well.  Everyone has known at least one or more teachers they can relate to in Xavier Academy.

AK:.What message do you have for the fans of Mr. D?

 LH:You guys make the show – there wouldn’t be a show without you.  I know that sounds super cheesy and cliche, but it’s true.

AK:Are there any other acting projects you have been involved with, which you would like to share with  readers?

LH. No projects to speak of at the moment, but I do sell jewelry at

Live Chat With Mr D’s Naomi Snieckus at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 @ 09:04 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Naoimi Sniecus has been leading a distinguished and diverse career in the Canadian entertainment industry.Indeed,she has written for various series such as Trish Stratus‘ Walk of Fame and Nelly Furtado’s The Junos.The experienced actress has also made appearances on a variety of prominent Canadian series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, Ron James Show, Being Erica, Wingin’ It, as well as the popular children series  Cat in the Hat and Franklin where she voiced the role of aunt turtle.

Naomi has also created,written and acted in the web series, actress has also appeared in the Martin Short Special, I MartinShort and won the CCA 2010 award for best female improviser.The extraordinary actress also serves as the founding member of the Canadian award winning troupe,The National Theatre of the

More recently,Naomi has been involved with CBC’S hit sitcom,Mr. D where for the past two seasons,she has been portraying the tough and authoritative yet highly respected gym teacher,Bobbi.

Join us today,from 7:00pm -8:00pm eastern standard time for a live question and answer session with the actress.YOU will have the chance to interact with the actress herself, through the comments section!

Viewers are invited to post  comments and questions about any aspect related to Naomi’s involvement with Mr. D such her experiences on the sets of the show,her reflections on her experiences in portraying Bobbi,any specific questions related to the storylines of the hit series and other relevant questions and/or comments.Questions related to Naomi’s previous work as well as her alternate,current projects are also welcomed and highly encouraged.

With the season finale of Mr.D airing tonight @ 8:00pm eastern standard  time on CBC and Naomi’s character continuing to play a prominent role in the show,it’s a great time and way for fans to interact with the delightful actress.

The comments section will open up shortly before the event @ approximately 6:45pm eastern standard time.In order to see Naoimi’s responses to the questions and to see what other readers are asking,be sure to refresh the page several times throughout the session.

Questions related to the event can be sent by e-mail @ Live technical support during the event will be available on the blog’s Facebook page.We look forward to hosting this event!

Season 5 of Modern Family To Have New Opening Credits

Thursday, July 11, 2013 @ 05:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

With  ABC’S  Modern Family approaching its upcoming  fifth  season and many of the  child cast members having grown and thus changed in appearance since the start of the show, viewers will have the chance to see a new opening credits.

According to the report from TV Guide, the  new scenes which show the current appearances of the actors will allow the audiences  to  view how the characters , particularly those who are juveniles, have grown since the start of the show.Presumably, this would  also be interesting given that the only cast members who had updated shots were  Jesse Tyler Ferguson[ Mitchell], Eric Stone Street and  Aubrey Anderson Emmons [ Lilly in season 3]


Executive producer Steven Leviton  commented on the  appropriate timing in changing the opening credits  Particularly, to that effect he stated that ‘Now that the kids have grown and we have baby Joe, it’s a good time to shoot a full new opening in front of the families’ homes,.

While Baby Joe will appear in the opening credits, it should be noted that the same baby will not be used to portray the character nor shall his age drastically increase in the coming season.

Are you excited to see the new opening credits?  Which character are you most intrigued to see in the opening credits?Sound off on your impressions and anticipations on this change in the comments section below.

[contact-form subject='[Abbas Karimjee%26#039;s Weblog'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][contact-field label='Comment/Feedback' type='textarea' required='1'/][contact-field label='What type of coverage would you like to see for Mofern Family?Examles of types of coverage include interviews%26#x002c; reviews%26#x002c; live chats%26#x002c; podcasts%26#x002c; e.t.c' type='text'/][/contact-form

Interview With Mr D’s Booth Savage

Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 08:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

mrd_callaghan_profile Booth Savage has been leading a distinguished career in the Canadian entertainment industry. Having  graduated with a MFA from York University in 1992, Savage went on to be apart of the Candor College Theatre faculty.

Various  additional accomplishments in his career include his attainment of Best Actor in a Leading Role” as Felix Batterinski in Alan King’s “The Last Season. He may be recognized  by  various viewers  for his  performance in the show , Canada Russia ’72, where he  portrayed the role of  the Team Canada head coach Harry Sinden in the CBC miniseries . Moreover,  as a member of the Toronto Free Theatre, Savage has performed in over 100 plays in every province and territory  with the exception of Yukon.

Also, for the past  two years Booth  Savage  has been portraying the role Principal  Mike Callaghan in CBC’S recent hit sitcom, Mr. D. With Mr , D approaching its this season and the Booth Savage  kindly agreeing to participate in a interview with me, we discuss various  aspects of how he has related to the character , his reflections on some of the storylines  in which Principal Callghan has been heavily  apart of  in the recent season ,the actor’s insight on how  his character interacts with the other characters on the show  as well as why he thinks Mr. D has attracted such a large audience along with much more.

Read through the complete interview below and share your thoughts on it in in the comments section section below.

 Abbas Karimjee:Lets start by discussing your appointment to the role of Mr. Callaghan. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Booth Savage:Gerry and I worked together in a TV movie (Canada Russia 72) he told me then that he was going to have his own sit com, and when it happened that he wanted me to be a part of it. I was happy to humour him. Getting a sit com to air is about as easy as getting your pants on without lifting your feet. Then, one day (2years later) I got a call from my agent telling me that indeed Gerry was green lit for a pilot and that I had an audition for the Principal. I didn’t get the part. The pilot was shot with another actor playing Callaghan, but the CBC declined to pick the show up for broadcast. More time passed, Gerry was given an opportunity to reshoot the pilot and this time my audition was more successful and I did get the part. Gerry is not only the funniest guy on television, but the perhaps the most honourable.

 AK:How do you relate to the character of principal Callaghan? Essentially, in what ways are you similar and different to the character?

BS:That’s a tough question. Gerry might be in a better position to answer that one. He cast me, so there has to be a reason, some quality in me that rings true for him, as the show is based on his real life teaching experiences and colleagues. I enjoy playing Callaghan, and it is extremely satisfying to work and learn from such an outstanding group of very funny people. I am awed every day I am on set by their wit and generosity.

 AK:Are there any resources or tools which you utilized in preparations evolved in portraying a Principal?

BS:I’ve been an actor for a very long time. I suppose that it is all those years of practice and discovery that inform my choices as Callaghan.

 AK:This season we discover that Callaghan has an ex wife with somewhat        peculiar psychotic tendencies. What was your reaction in discovering this and would you like to see this particular storyline or any other aspects of his backstory explored within the coming season?

BS:I was thrilled to work with Linda Brooks. It was particularly satisfying for Callaghan to have met his match. But I’ve been working out all winter and look forward to the re-match.

AK: This season Callaghan’s sensitivity and concern for Xavier Zaademy and its various staff members was demonstrated in various ways. Notably, it was demonstrated in his interactions with his colleague, vice principal Robert in the season 2 finales where he  gave him a comical lesson to show him how he takes things too seriously as apart of his performance evaluation. How would you describe the two’s working relationship and based on this how do you feel it has developed from the show’s inauguration? How do you feel this demonstrates the manner in which he interacts with his subordinates, in general?

 BS:Robert aka Jonathon Torrens is one of the most gifted people I have ever worked with. I (Booth) love him. Callaghan has another point of view. I enjoy my scenes with Robert immensely. It’s tough to stare him down because he is so completely funny and I have no defense against his lightning quick wit. There is no way I can hope to keep up with him. I just hang on for dear life and trust that he’s good enough to steer us both to the other shore.

AK:Callaghan has had to discipline Gerry on various instances for his comedic yet inappropriate mishaps. How do you feel Callaghan feels about Gerry and what do you think allows him to tolerate his lack of compliance?

BS:Callaghan seems to intuit that it takes all kinds of teachers and human beings to enrich the students at Xavier. I think, as a principal, one of Callaghan’s strengths is his ability to recognize that while Gerry may not be the most traditional teacher in the school, his humour and a genuinely good heart adds a value that otherwise would be missing from the school.

AK:Mr D is approaching its third season. What are you able to tell us about what might be in store for the upcoming season both for the show in general and particularly for the character of principal Callaghan?

 BS:Sorry, I’m not in that loop. I’m looking forward to learning what’s up as much as anyone.

 AK:Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC   since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audience?

 BS:My guess is that most of the credit has to go to Gerry. He knew what it was he wanted to achieve from the very first script and he has remained true to that vision. Every once in a long while a creative energy emerges that resonates with a large audience and Gerry seems to possess that quality.

AK:You have led a distinguished career within the Canada entertainment industry. What advice do you have for those who aspire to pursue a career in acting?

 BS:Be very sure. Be very committed. Be very flexible.

AK:What message do you have for viewers of Mr. D, with the show approaching its third season?

BS:Tell your friends. Write the CBC and tell them how much you like the show. Especially tell them how much you LOVE Callaghan.

 AK:What hobbies do you enjoy during your spare time?

BS:I am currently learning all about hardwood flooring and its installation. As well, I love to travel. I love to read. And of course, both Callaghan and Savage love to work out.

Gerry Dee Discusses Season 3 of Mr. D

Sunday, August 4, 2013 @ 03:08 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, details on the impending third season of  CBC’S  hit sitcom, Mr D have emerged  through a report from Metro Halifiax.

Producer and star , Gerry Dee   commented on the growth in the overall quality and type of storytelling that would be seen in the coming season. “We’re getting better at what we do, finding out where our mistakes might have been, and keep adjusting and tightening up the show”.

Further changes in the forthcoming season include its length which has been reduced from 13 episodes to a mere  8 episode season in order to accommodate the airing of the Winter 2014 Olympics.

Additionally, viewers can expect a more central  and intensive focus on the main cast  and Gerry starting to have opportunities to  teach  as a physical education teacher- quite a difference from the previous season which featured many guest stars such as Russell Peters and Arlene Duncan.

Mr D is based largely on Gerry’s own recollection of his teaching experiences of a decade, which includes 7  years as a physical education teacher and 3 years as a classroom teacher.To that effect, Gerry Dee has discussed how  the depth of his own experiences will impact  what viewers  will  see throughout the  entire course of the season.

“I’m running out of the classroom stories so I think you’ll see (the show) start to be a combination of P.E. and classroom material.”

Consequently, the third season will open with Gerry Dee substituting a gym class.

While a debut date for the show’s third season  has yet to be set,it will be posted to the blog as soon as  the details have been obtained.

What are your thoughts on seeing Gerry substitute as a  Gym teacher at various points throughout season? What types of storylines would you like to see  develop for both the classroom situations as well as for the gym classes? Share your  responses in the comments section.

Modern Family To Have a New Manny

Monday, August 12, 2013 @ 10:08 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]



Modern Family will be introducing  a second Manny in the form of a new male Nanny who has been hired by Gloria  to look after the baby Joe!

 Casted for the recurring role is actor  Adam De Vine who appeared in the  hit film,  Pitch Perfect as well as the TV series , Work Alcoholics.

Modern Family will be introducing  a second Manny in the form of a new male Nanny who has been hired by Gloria  to look after the baby Joe!

Casted for the recurring role is actor  Adam De Vine who  appeared in the hit film Pitch Perfect as well as the TV series , Work Alcoholics.

When asked about the nature of the interactions between  the new Manny and the other members of  the Pritchett household, producer  Christopher Lyloyd  issued a description of this   stating that the new Manny is “ fun and matches Gloria’s energy in the house. But he doesn’t want to just take care of the baby. He wants to sort of revive the entire household, which leads to some territorial clashes with Jay [Ed O'Neill] and Manny [Rico Rodrigue`.

Lyloyd also mentioned the possibility that the new Manny would attract the romantic interest of Haley.

How exactly does  this new Manny  want to revive the entire household?  Exactly, what kind of territorial clashes  will    character encounter with Jay and Manny and how will each of them respond to these challenges.   What are YOUR thoughts on a romantic relationship  between Haley and the new Manny?Share your responses in the comments section below.

Naomi Snieckus has been leading a distinguished and diverse career in the Canadian entertainment industry.Indeed,she has written for various series such as Trish Stratus‘ Walk of Fame and Nelly Furtado’s The Junos.The experienced actress has also made appearances on a variety of prominent Canadian series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, Ron James Show, Being Erica, Wingin’ It, as well as the popular children series  Cat in the Hat and Franklin where she voiced the role of aunt turtle.

Sniekus  has also created,written and acted in the web series, The actress has also appeared in the Martin Short Special, I MartinShort and won the CCA 2010 award for best female improviser.The extraordinary actress also serves as the founding member of the Canadian award winning troupe,The National Theatre of the

More recently,Naomi has been involved with CBC’S hit sitcom,Mr. D where for the past two seasons,she has been portraying the tough and authoritative yet highly respected gym teacher,Bobbi.

With Mr D approaching its third season and Naomi willing to participate in a interview with me,  we discuss the ways in which she has related to the character, Bobbi’s previous storylines in the recent second season  with her  on and off again boyfriend ,Craig and her working relationship with the character of Gerry  as well as her reflections on the success of Mr. D.

 Furthermore, we discuss  the extent to which Mr. D reflects truths about   aspects of the Canadian educational system, other projects the actress is involved in as well as much more.

 Read through the complete interview below!

Abbas Karimjee: Lets start by discussing your appointment to the role of  Bobbi. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Naoimi Snieckus:I was at the original table read for the FIRST pilot at CBC. After that I still had to audition for the pilot, which I did. I remember I had to bring my dogs to the audition – probably helped me keep my cool –  I did the audition and then forgot about the part. I was visiting my mother a little while later and got “the call” that I was flying to Halifax the next day to shoot the pilot – not as exotic as flying to Los Angeles – but I was still VERY excited!

AK:How have you related to  the character of Bobbi?

NS:I like Bobbi’s “no-nonsense” approach to things and I’m VERY good at sports. Oh..and I too always wear a whistle but it’s just an accessory really.

AK:What are some of the challenges you have had  to overcome in portraying the character of Bobbi?

NS:I’m used to wearing very high heels and pencil skirts every day in normal life – plus I like to spend 2-3 hours doing my hair and make up. Playing Bobbi- I wear track suits and put my hair in a pony tail….it’s VERY challenging to find a way of spending those extra hours.

AK:You have worked on both animated productions such as Franklin and Cat in the Hat as well as  set productions such  as  Mr. D. Which type of acting do you prefer and why?

NS:I love that in my career I get to do a little bit of everything – I also have an improv company called The National Theatre of the World ( so being able to perform live helps me keep my comedy muscles strong.

AK:Bobbi and Gerry have had their differences clearly displayed through various episodes ,  including how she refused to hire him for a gym teaching position  when there was an opening and more recently in the finale,  passing him down for a chance to  lead a  senior boys basketball team at Xavier Academy. We have also seen numerous instances when Bobbi has taken great pleasure in  deceiving and teasing Gerry.-How do you think Bobbie feels about Gerry and why do you think this  is the case? Generally, how would you describe the two’s working relationship?


Snieckus discusses her character’s atypical on again off again relationship with her boyfriend, Craig as well as her difficult working relationship with her colleague, Gerry Dee.

NS:They are like Scully and Mulder, Sony and Cher, 2 of the 3 Stooges – they HAVE to work together but it’s challenging. At least they speak a common language – sports – they’ll always have that…they’ll always have the courts.

AK:This past season we see Bobbi’s   hostile and somewhat oppressive interactions with her  on and off again boyfriend, Craig. What do you think the character’s behavior  with Craig speaks to her personality and how would you like to see the two’s relationship develop in the coming season?

NS:I think the writers wrote some great stuff for Bobbi and Craig – I mean, he’s an ACTUAL Calvin Klein Model – it’s a fantastic bit of comedy that those two would ever be together. As far as Season 3 and where things go…I can’t speak about that, I’ve been sworn to secrecy! There’s definitely some surprises in store for Bobbi!

 AK:With Mr. D approaching its third season, what are you able to tell us about what might be in store , both for the show in general as well as  for character of Bobbi in particular?

NS:HA…nice try, I still can’t tell you about Season 3…you’re going to have to tune in…but let’s just say Bobbi and Gerry wrestle some big ideas together!

AK: What are your favorite onscreen or off-screen memories, thus far, from working on Mr D?

NS:We have so much fun on and off screen. The cast and directors we’ve had keep our set really fun so that even when the camera ISN’T rolling we’re still having laughs.

AK: Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC  since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audiences?

NS:I think everyone can relate to this show cause we’ve all been taught by teachers like Gerry, or Lisa, or Simon, or Bobbi – and there’s a lot of teachers that see themselves in the show.

AK:How do you think the show’s depiction of how staff members relate to one another as well as to the student and parent body is representative of real life interactions within the Canadian  educational system?

NS:Because the writing is based largely on Gerry’s real life job as a teacher – everything has a level of truth to it. I love that about this show.

AK:You have appeared in a variety of Canadian series  including Little Mosque on the Prairie,Ron James Show, Being Erica and Wingin’ It, Why do you think viewers should take an interest in Canadian  programming and particularly, what value, in general, does Canada’s diverse programming offer?

NS:I think there is great TV being made in Canada –both in comedy and drama.If we want to continue to grow as an industry it has to be supported by our country.There’s so many ways of having your voice, your opinion heard about these shows on social network- so I think we should talk about it as much as possible. Folks like you are helping for sure!

AK:What message do you have for fans of the show, with Mr. D approaching season 3?

NS:If you like to laugh, you should watch…if you don’t like to laugh…what is WRONG with you?

AK:What activities do you participate in during your spare time?

NS:Running The National Theatre of the World (with my partner Matt Baram) keeps me really busy. We have regular shows in Toronto (I Seen You on TV the last Wed of every month at The Drake) and tour internationally. We are also part of the upcoming YYComedy Festival in Calgary (’ve been a company for 5 years now and we’re working on pitching our own TV shows presently. We have a residency at Soulpepper Theatre so we are doing improv shows there (like The Script Tease Project) and hosting an upcoming international improv festival in December. @the_NTOW.

Season 3 of Mr. D to Debut in March 2014

Sunday, September 1, 2013 @ 09:09 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

CBC has advised the blog  that the third season of Mr. D  will likely debut post  winter 2014 Olympics.

 Naomi Snieckus has issued a statement via  Twitter which  seems to confirm  this outcome stating that  the  upcoming third season  will debut in March 2014.

 While an exact date has not been established at this time, the CBC  has advised us that a final date will likely be set by October 2013.

 The third season of Mr. D will consist of 8 episodes and will focus heavily on  storylines surrounding the main characters, with particular focus on the character of Gerry Dee. The character will  begin to have opportunities to teach physical education, a course he is actually qualified to teach as opposed to merely teaching social studies of which he has little knowledge about.

 Further information on the third season can be  seen by  visiting  .

Clip From Season 3 of Mr. D Released

Thursday, October 3, 2013 @ 10:10 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at a clip from the coming season of Mr. D  directly below.

The clip features the character of Gerry Dee attempting to discourage  the  #1 pick in the 2013 NHL draft Nathan MacKinnon, from  pursuing  a career in hockey since  Gerry himself was unable to succeed in that pursuit. Share your response to the clip in the comments section.

The third season of Mr. D will debut  at some point in March 2013, with an exact date to be finalized by CBC later this month. Stay tuned a report from the blog!


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Interview With Mr. D’s Bette MacDonald

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 @ 05:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Bette MacDonald

Bette MacDonald has been leading a distinguished and successful career within the Canadian entertainment industry  on TV, radio and on stage performances for over 20 years.

Bette’s active involvement within the industry is evident from notable  tasks which she has undertaken such as  appearing at the Canadian Winnipeg Comedy festival as well as  working alongside Symphony Nova Scotia. The latter of the two performances was  such a success that she was brought back for an unexpected yet highly appreciated  two night encore presentation.

For the past five years, Bette and her husband, Maynard Morrision have been working on a holiday special known as “Tis The Season ” with  it having  been critically acclaimed and it has been selling out major halls since its inauguration.The production was in-fact such a success that it has consistently received standing ovations.

More recently, the actress has been starring as the tough yet  kind-hearted secretary,  Trudy Walsh in CBC’S hit sitcom Mr.D. With the show having been renewed for a third season and  the actress being kind enough  to participate in an interview with me  we  extensively discuss her involvement with the show. Particularly, we discuss aspects of how she has related to her character, how thew character of Trudy interacts with other characters on the show as well as what is in store for the third season of Mr. D. The delightful actress also reflects on the success of  Mr. D as well as the other projects which she has been working on.

Read through the complete interview below.

Abbas Karimjee:Lets start by discussing your appointment to the role of Trudy. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Bette MacDonald:Sure Abbas.  I was contacted by producer, Mike Volpe who told me about the show idea and the character.  He said that both he and Gerry thought that I would be right for the part, so they asked me to read for it.  I’m so glad it worked out.

AK:How have you related to the character of Trudy?

BM:Well, I love playing this character.  Love it. Trudy doesn’t suffer fools, she speaks her mind and she has a great sense of style (thank you Martha Curry for the best wardrobe ever!)  I believe that when she’s not working, Trudy is living a fabulous life that her colleagues may never learn about.  Maybe she’ll be George Clooney’s new girlfriend!

AK:What challenges have you had to overcome to portray the character of Trudy?

BM:I don’t find the character challenging.  I understand her and I probably shouldn’t say this but I think Trudy and I are similar in some ways.  Oh Dear.

AK:Trudy takes great pleasure in competing with and tormenting  Robert as evidenced in various ways such as when they were competing for a gift to buy Callaghan.  How do you think Trudy feels about Robert  and how would you describe the two’s working relationship?

Trudy and Robert

MacDonald comments on how Robert’s big plans for the school does not sit well with Trudy, but how Trudy also deeply cares for the character as well.

BM: It’s very likely that Trudy has been at the school a lot longer than Robert.  He probably came to the school with a big attitude and big plans which, needless to say, would not sit well with Trudy.  In her heart of hearts, I believe she cares for Robert.  There are moments when she feels sorry for him.  Poor Robert.  Such a knob.  The fact that Robert is played by the freakishly talented and darling Jonathan Torrens makes those scenes a joy to perform.  I just love working with him.

AK:Trudy does not tolerate Gerry’s incompetence as seen from how she  reminds of him  of his responsibility to perform basic tasks, such as completing attendance and  handing  in forms. How would you describe the two’s working relationship and how do you think Trudy’s no nonsense attitude with Gerry speaks to her personality?

BM:Trudy will not tolerate any kind of disruption of her perfect system.  She is the type of gal who, by night is probably the life of the party but by day runs a well oiled machine of her making.  She probably has a system that has been working perfectly for years and here comes Gerry who will have to learn the hard way, that forms must be filled in and returned immediately!  Poor Gerry has to learn everything the hard way, doesn’t he.

AK:Trudy  often gets irritated when she feels as though she is being undervalued as the mere secretary at Xavier academy such as when Lisa put on a show  on secretary appreciation day which suggested that her main role was  as the coffee lady for the principal. How do you feel Trudy  generally feels she is viewed by her colleagues , in terms of how she contributes to the overall operation of Xavier academy. How do you feel that the way she views  the treatment she receives from others impacts her relationships with the staff members, in general?

BM:It was so hard to play angry while those sweet, lovely kids were doing their little play.  I had a hard time not cracking up.  Poor Lisa, her intentions are so good.  It’s in the execution that she has some trouble.  Trudy runs a tight ship.  She’s aware of everything that goes on at the school.   I’ve heard that every school has someone, usually a secretary, who has the keys to all the locks, who knows where the bodies are buried, who must not be crossed….. at Xavier, that person is Trudy.  I believe her colleagues learn that Trudy is not to be messed with.

AK:This past season we have seen Trudy and Lisa develop a friendship of sorts  as seen by how they spent time  after work. Why do you think they have connected together  and grow would you like to see this develop?

BM:Trudy feels sorry for Lisa.  She’s a sweet girl who tries too hard.  Trudy first started going out for the odd drink with Lisa because she likes drinks so much but eventually she began to like her.  Trudy is kind, I think but one should never mistake kindness for weakness.  Especially not in the case of Trudy Walsh.

AK:What are you able to tell us about what might be in store for the coming season of Mr D, both for the show in general as well as  specifically for the character of Trudy?

BM:This season, we laughed more, had a harder time getting through scenes without cracking up.  This season is the funniest of the three.  The characters have developed even further, their relationships are more intricate and the writing, which has always been wonderful, continues to get stronger.  I laugh out loud when I read these scripts.  The character Gerry is revealing some very interesting layers while continuing to be hilarious.  The real Gerry is hilarious and knows exactly what he wants this show to be.  He has maintained from the beginning that he wants the show to be real and as funny as it can be.  He has been very successful.  Right on Gerry!

AK:What are some of your favourite memories from working on the show thus far , either onscreen  or offscreen?

BM:There are many.  I love working with these people.  It begins with Gerry who is an extraordinarily funny and kind man.  The cast is a group of talented actors and comedians who love to work.  They will do whatever it takes to serve the scene.  The best memories so far involve doing scenes that are so funny that you spend your entire work day laughing.  In this season I was in a scene that is the funniest thing I’ve ever been a part of.  I can’t say what it is but when  you see it, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s the actor I share the scene with who makes  it so funny.  The kids in this cast are very talented and mature, far more mature than many of the “adult” actors.  We have so much fun with them.  And without them, we sometimes meet in a local pub after a day of shooting.  Love those nights and hope to have many more.

AK:Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC  since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audiences?

BM:Everyone can relate to this show.  We’ve all had the school experience.  There is a big teacher following, of course.  It’s a liberating thing to be able to laugh at some of the absurdity that the educational atmosphere can create and to know that you are not the only one who sees it and understands it.  More importantly, perhaps, is that the show is so funny and smart.  This show doesn’t talk down to the audience.  Everything is not spelled out, we know our audience is bright and is along for the ride.  There is an old theatre expression, “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage,” so we cannot overstate the importance of the writing team.  They are some of the best in the business.

AK:What message do you have for fans of the show, with MR.D approaching its third season?

BM:Well, first of all, I want to thank them for tuning in week after week.  I can say, without reservation, that season 3 is the funniest yet.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to work in this business and we don’t take that for granted.  We know how valuable the audience is and we can’t wait for them to see what’s coming!

AK:Are you working on other acting projects which you would like to share with readers?

BM:Yes!  I am currently writing our holiday show that we tour in December.  It began as a one nighter and we are now going into our seventh tour.  I’m also writing and preparing for a show that I’ll be doing in March with Symphony Nova Scotia.  This will be my third show with them.  I love working with them.  They are superb musicians and lovely people.  We take a very interactive approach.  It’s challenging and horrifying in many ways but I love it!

Thank you for asking me these questions.  I love talking about Mr. D.!

CBC Announces Debut Date For Season 3 of Mr. D

Thursday, October 31, 2013 @ 10:10 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


mr d season 4

CBC has  announced that the third season of Mr. D will debut on Monday, February 24 2014 @ 9:00pm. The third season shall consist of a mere 8 episodes in order to accommodate the airing of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Though little has been revealed about the coming season, it was disseminated in an earlier report   that the  third season will have fewer  guest stars  in contrast to previous seasons as it will have a more intensive focus on the show’s main cast. Particularly,  the coming season will   focus on the story lines surrounding Gerry’s increased duties as  substitute  teacher for  physical education, a subject which he is actually qualified to teach.As the show is based on Gerry’s real life experiences as a teacher, it makes sense that we would begin to explore a greater  depth of story lines involving his character as a gym teacher since the vast majority of his real life teaching experiences was as a  phys ed teacher.
What specific story-lines would you like to see explored and what is your specific reaction/response to the fact that there will be a greater increase in story lines pertaining to Gerry’s involvement with physical education at Xavier Academy? Do you think the style and approach  of Gerry’s teaching as a physical education teacher  will be somewhat more professional and organized  in contrast to his teaching style  seen as a social studies teacher, given that he is actually qualified to teach  Gym?What other changes do you hope to see be apart of the third  season? Share your response in the comment section below.

Interview With Mr. D’s Mark Forward

Saturday, November 23, 2013 @ 09:11 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Mark Forward has led a reputable career within the Canadian entertainment industry as both a comedian and actor.

 The talented actor was  born and raised in Oakville. He achieved his first notable success in 2005 when he  earned a position as a finalist in the Phil Hartman Awards and a  2005 Canadian Comedy Award-winner for Best Stand-up Newcomer.

Subsequent  to his initial success, in 2006  Forward   participated in the Just For Laugh  Festival  where he won the Canadian Homegrown  Comic Competition as well as the Halifax Comedy Festival  where he recently made his third appearance.

 Forward has  also earned his reputation from appearances on notable TV programs and commercials including ,Degrassi:The New Generation,  The Newsroom and Doc. Furthermore his appearances include series such as TMN’S  Living in Your Car and the popular  life time series, The Double Wedding.

Mark’s involvement with the on the Jon Dore Television show as writing staff  led to him being bestowed the  Canadian Comedy Award in 2008 for Writing on a TV Series.

 For the past 3 years, Mark has also been working on CBC’S hit sitcom, Mr. D as the peculiar and often hostile  and unstable librarian,Mr. Leung.With the show approaching its debut date for season 3 and Mark willing to chat for a brief interview, we discuss a variety of aspects related to his involvement with the series.

 Read the complete interview with Mark Forward below.

Abbas Karimjee:Lets start by discussing how you were appointed to the role of Leung. Did you audition or were you contacted? Could you please walk us through this initial process, with reference to your overall reactions?

 Mark Forward:Well, I started in the writers room. At first, they were interested in me playing the Role of Dwyer, which Maestro Fresh Wes now plays so well. When that didn’t pan out, I was then offered the role of the Librarian. Which at that point, had none of the crazy and fun stuff that Leung now entails. I’m glad it worked out his way in the end, I mean, who would want to play a cruel and strange slightly Chinese Librarian.

 AK:How have you related to the character of the Leung?

MF:I don’t think anyone can relate with Leung.

AK:This season   Leung and Lisa had  quite  a few negative encounters as a  result of Leung’s hatred for Lisa as evidenced from  various instances including  explicit  comments expressing his disgust towards her despite her attempts to develop a friendship. Why do you think Leung feels this way and how would you like to see this relationship   develop in the coming season?

MF:Well in season two we explored this, and it was revealed that Leung felt thought Lisa might have been in love with him.

 AK:With Mr.D approaching its third season, what are you able to reveal about what is in store for the show’s third season as well as for the character of Leung?

MF:Well, it’s a toss up between, One, He purchases a Camel, named Walter. It only has six weeks to live, and he must get it to South America, where a camel doctor has the only medicine that can save him. Or Two, more library stuff and interacting with Gerry.

AK:Since Little Mosque on the Prairie , Mr. D has  achieved record breaking ratings for CBC.Why do you think the show resonates  with such a large audience?

MF:I think Gerry has a huge following through out his career, and does really well on the show. And I think the writing team (not bias) is really great and care about the project.

AK:Do you think Mr D is reflective of Canadian culture, particularly  through the way in which it explores some of its  primary themes  such as the presence  of  unqualified teachers  within the educational system, relationships amongst   staff members as well as how staff  relate to students and e.t.c? How exactly do you feel the way these themes  are conveyed actually reflect Canadian culture?

 MF:I have no idea, nor am I going to pretend I do. I think its a fun show, I have no idea if it reflects anything, or anywhere.

AK:What are your most favorite moments from Mr. D , either on screen or offscreen.

 MF:Love working with Jon Torrens, it’s always so fun. One of the nicest people you will ever meet. And so fun to be on set with. When we have scenes together, I rarely can keep a straight face.

 AK.What message do you have for fans of  Mr D?

 MF:Make sure to separate your garbage.

AK:Have you been  working on any other projects which you would  like to share with readers?

MF:I will be appearing on John Oliver’s New York Stand up Show on Comedy Central. And just finished a movie with Alison Brie, Colin Hanks and Justin Chatwin called “No Stranger than Love” directed by Nick Wernham.

3rd Annual Muslim Marriage Networking Event- Islamic Marriage Bureau

Saturday, January 11, 2014 @ 11:01 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
We are passing this  message along for our friends at the Islamic Marriage Bureau. The organization  which is based in Mississauga,Ontario  is hosting its third annual  Muslim Marriage Networking Event.  Its a great opportunity for single and divorced Muslims who are  seriously looking for a partner for marriage to have a chance to go through rotations to meet many suitable candidates. The environment is a highly professional one  where introductions will be conducted by  experienced moderators.
Read through the organization’s press release  below for details about  the schedule of the event ,the cost of attending and how you can register for it.
What do you think of this event?Sound off in the comments section below.
We are getting a great response so please make your ticket purchases online to avoid line ups and dissapointment due to limited seats..  On Sunday Febuary 2nd at the Lakeshore Convention Centre, 806 Southdown Road, Mississauga, ON.
Prices: (Lunch – Coffee/Tea Included in Price)
Members: $40/person
Non-Members: $45/person
12:00 – Registration – Dhur Prayer
1:00 – Introduction to Event (MC & Imam)
1:15 to 3:00 – Rotations & Introductions
3:00 – Lunch & Asr
3:45 to 5:30 – Introductions to candidates & opportunities to meet interested parties with coordinators
5:30 PM – Conclusion
To Purchase Your Tickets Online, please visit  the following website:
Ticket Hotline: 647-786-7244
Office: 905.568.5222 or Email

Little Mosque on the Prairie Contest -Season 1 and Season 2

Sunday, January 12, 2014 @ 05:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

'Little Mosque' launches final season

UPDATE:The winners of the blog’s first Little Mosque on the Prairie contest are readers, Batulbanu and Mvhelene! Congrats to you both and thank you to all of our valued readers who participated!

Participation awards will also be sent to some contestants!

This update has been featured through the blog’s social media platforms as well


Welcome to Abbas Karimjee’s Weblog’s first Little Mosque on the  Prairie contest!

Readers have until 9:00am eastern standard time on Friday, January 24 to answer all of the  questions below. The questions are related to the show’s first two seasons.Submit your response in the comments section.

Those readers who answer all questions correctly, will be entered into a draw for a chance to win an autographed photo of Aliza Vellani [Layla] or Manoj Sood [Baber].A total of 8 prizes will be awarded for this contest.

Winners will be announced by Monday ,January 27 and will be contacted by e-mail.

Good luck!

1.  In the series premiere, which character gets arrested at an airport  for comments which are mistaken as   declaration of intent to commit a terrorist act? 

2. Which character said the following quote-“Wine, gums, root beer, western traps designed to teach Muslims to drink Alcohol”. 

 3. Which character enters Mercy Anglican in the series premiere and is shocked to see the Muslim congregation praying inside the building? 

 4. In the second episode of the  show’s first season, a debate takes place  at Mercy mosque about whether or not a barrier should be installed between the men and women of the congregation.Which female character wanted the barrier?

 5.  In the first season episode  entitled “The  Open House” , which character’s negligence causes an electrical explosion which requires the members and Christian  guests of Mercy Mosque to evacuate the premises? 

 6. In the episode  ”The Open House”, what does the Mayor want to be handed out to all of the guests as a condition for her attending the event? 

 7. In the first season, Marlon briefly converts to Islam and takes a extreme approach  in practicing the religion.  As a way to make him change his faith, what are four un-islamic  things which Yasser, Sarah, Fatema, Rayyan and Baber do  in front of him?  

 8.  In the show’s first season, Mother Hammoudi arrives to Yasser and Sarah’s house asking Yasser to do something which really upsets  Sarah .What did Mother Hammoudi ask of Yasser and why? 

 9.  In  the show’s first season, Rayyan develops a petition to   get a female swimming instructor for the Muslim women  after Fatima has an injury which requires her to take swimming lessons. Which character is  specifically  avoiding signing the petition  for a personal gain and what is that personal gain?  

 10. What is the name of the   firefighter  who shows a strong ,romantic interest towards Rayyan in the show’s  first season ?

 11. In the second season episode, “ No fly list”, Baber claims that he is on  the no fly list and is accompanied to the American consulate by  two other characters to clear his name.Who are the two characters who accompany Baber and what is the real reason why Baber has been unable to fly?

 12. In the second season episode entitled  ”Jihad on Ice”,  which four Muslim characters initially participate in a curling team? 

13.  In   the second season episode entitled “Jihad on Ice”, Sarah discovers an Islamic tradition which requires  Yasser to pay for her material needs. When  he must follow this rule, how does Yasser trick Sarah into making her think she is actually owning as many clothes as she thinks she is?

 14.  In the second season episode, “Welcome To Mercy”Sarah  assumes the role of acting mayor and is responsible for creating a new sign after the old one is destroyed in  an accident.The new sign contains the phrase welcome in many different languages, but there is something wrong with it. What is wrong with the sign? 

 15. In season 2 Layla develops a crush  which leads Amaar and Rayyan to believe that he is the object of her attraction. Although they are mistaken, what is the name of the person who Layla  actually did have a crush on and how did Baber react when he discovered this? 

 16. In the show’s second season, Sarah participates in a charity  talent show:

 a] What talent does she showcase?  

 b]  Baber initially  objects to her participation  until  Layla makes a discovery which makes him to change his attitude about Sarah’s behaviour. Why is Baber against it and  what exactly does Layla discover?    

 17. In the show’s second season, Fatema aspires to obtain her Canadian citizenship  and receives help from two characters on the show to study for her testing. Who are the two characters who help her study?!

 18. In the second season episode entitled “Lucky Day”, Sarah wins a lottery  of $5000 and receives  guidance from Rayyan and Amaar .After thinking about it , how she does she spend the money?

 19 . Which character said the following :”See,I was never really good with rules, honey. When I was in school I always left my hall pass in the bathroom”.

 20. In  the episode entitled “Islam on Tap”, JJ discovers Rayyan’s past experience with dating as a teenager and become jealous about this. As a way of expressing his jealousy  what activity does he make Rayyan participate in and why?

Aliza Vellani Looks Back At Little Mosque on the Prairie and Talks About CTV’S Motive

Saturday, January 25, 2014 @ 05:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Photograph taken by Karolina Turek Photography.

Aliza Vellani is no stranger within the  Canadian entertainment industry.Particularly, the actress is well known for her role as the teenaged character of Layla Siddiqui on CBC’S hit sitcom,Little Mosque on the Prairie.

With Little Mosque having been off the air for nearly 2 years and Aliza continuing to explore pursuits within the Canadian entertainment industry , I thought it’s a great time to connect with the delightful actress.

Particularly we discuss Little Mosque’s impact, her  reflections on portraying the character of Layla as well as the series finale and much more! We also discuss the actress’ role on CTV’S Motive in the show’s upcoming second season which is scheduled to debut in summer 2014.

Read through the complete  interview with Aliza Vellani below and share your thoughts on it in the comments section.


 Let us start by  discussing Little Mosque on the Prairie

Abbas Karimjee:How do you think both Little Mosque and specifically the character of Layla will be remembered as?

Aliza Vellani:I think Layla will be remembered as a loveable Muslim teenager.  A young girl, who simply goes through the everyday struggles of discovering her own identity.  Layla had the added challenge of finding a balance between her family values and the values of the community at large.  I think this is something all teenagers can relate to and it makes Layla a charming character to remember.

AK: Little Mosque on the Prairie aimed to dispel stereotypes about Muslims and help bring light to the way in which we are all similar regardless of our cultural or religious differences. To what extent do you think the show was successful in achieving this goal and essentially how do you think it changed how the mainstream society perceives Muslims?

AV:Little Mosque on the Prairie was remarkable as it served to educate its audiences on Islamic culture and practices in a humourous and family friendly setting.  In doing so it tried to dispel those stereotypes by using them as a source of laughter.  In a wonderful ‘laugh at yourself’ style.

AK:Little Mosque was the first of its kind, in terms of a show which used comedy to showcase Muslims in a positive light. How do you think the fact that CBC dared to feature the show, reflects Canadian culture?

AV:I think it reflects Canadian culture in a very positive light.  CBC tackled sensitive and potentially controversial issues in a great way.  It demonstrated multiculturalism and acceptance as a work in progress not just in Canada but around the world.

AK:When we last saw Layla in the series finale, she informed her father, Baber [Manoj Sood] that she had decided to pursue acting instead of going to medical school. Although the show is no longer on the air, what was your reaction to Layla’s decision and how do you envision her future?

AV:In many ways, I saw a big part of myself in Layla. It made the ending so special to me because it reflected my own pursuit in life.  I like to imagine that Layla still manages to drive her Dad crazy with her choices in life and yet give him memories to cherish.  I believe the healthy tug of war between Baber and Layla continues in every loving household as young girls explore their options in life with Daddy on guard.

 AK:How has working on Little Mosque impacted both your career and your personal life?

AV:Being on Little Mosque on the Prairie was the most amazing experience. The best training one can get is through experience.  I was so lucky that Little Mosque presented itself to me at such a young age. I was also very lucky to be able to work with several seasoned performers.  They remain my mentors and I consider them part of my family.  I really grew up on that show and it felt like a wonderful chapter in my life ended with the series. Little Mosque on the Prairie gave me more than I ever could have hoped and I will always be grateful for that.

Vellani comments on how grateful she is to have worked with many seasoned actors early on in her career and how the fellow cast members of Little Mosque on the Prairie are like family to her.


Let us discuss your role on  CTV’S Motive.

AK: What character do you portray and how many episodes do you appear in?

AV:I play a doctor named Dr. Gita Ambreen in the eighth episode of Motive’s second season.

AK:Lets discuss how you were appointed to the role of Dr.Ambreen. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

 AV:My agent, Emilio Salituro from Muse Artist Management, had contacted me with the audition a couple of days before the taping. Luckily, I was able to audition between classes at SFU.


AK: What can you tell us about Dr.Gita Ambreen? Could you please describe her personality and perhaps how it differs from Layla’s?

AV:Layla was a teenager in the series while Dr. Gita Ambreen is both an adult and a doctor. Dr. Ambreen is a naturally professional character.  She follows protocol.  On the other hand Layla, was a charming but rebellious teenager.

AK:Portraying a role in  a crime series can have a more serious and darker tone than a comedy series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie. What challenges were involved in adjusting to working on a darker, more serious show? Which type of genre do you prefer working in?

AV:A comedy is very light hearted while a crime series is quite serious reflecting high stakes.  I loved working in comedy, but being part of a crime genre was new and extremely exciting. It is definitely a genre that I would love to do more of.

AK:Did you have to do research to portray the role of a doctor? If so, could you please walk us through this process?

AV:Much of the dialogue in the scenes was fairly straightforward so there wasn’t much I had to research. Of course an important part in preparing for a scene is making sure you know exactly what you are talking about. I had to make sure I truly understood what I was saying, and knew how Dr. Gita Ambreen contributed to the events that occurred.

AK:Motive is a series where investigators try to look at who committed a murder by looking at what the motive of the crime is and based on that, who may have committed the crime. Without giving too much away, how does your character support the storyline of the episode in which you appear?

AV:Dr. Ambreen plays a small role in furthering the investigation when Detectives Vega and Flynn follow a lead in the case.

AK:Though you only worked on Motive for one episode, are there any favourite memories either onscreen or off screen which you would like to share with viewers?

AV:Working on Motive was a wonderful experience. It was great getting to know the other cast and crew on the show between takes on set. My favourite moments on set seem to occur when the unexpected happens. As I was playing a doctor, I was given a pager to attach to my belt during the scene. As we began to run the scene, my pager goes off in the middle of the scene. It was an unexpected surprise.

Lets discuss your career in general.

AK:You recently completed studying   Theatre at the Simon Fraser University. Congratulations! How does it feel and what aspirations do you have for your acting career at this point?

AV:Thanks Abbas! It is such a relief to have completed my university degree but also very scary as I enter yet another new and unknown chapter in my life.  As an actor, you are constantly in training to strengthen your skills but this will be the first time I will be pursuing acting without being a fulltime student.  I think at this point in my career, anything is possible. I am very excited to put all of my efforts into being an actor and working hard to achieve that goal.

 AK: You have led a distinguished career, having developed a fair bit of prominence within the Canadian entertainment industry. What advice do you have for youth who are interested in pursuing a career in acting or in the arts, in general?

AV:Thank you again.  That is so kind of you to say Abbas.  Hopefully this is just the beginning. It takes so much to pursue your passion and it is something I think everyone should do no matter what the obstacles. In pursuing acting as a career, I think my advice for youth would be to always try and have fun. The reason you pursue your passion is because you want enjoy what you do every day. If you lose that, what’s the point? Never forget to enjoy yourself, even when auditioning. In my mind, auditioning is just as much a part of the job description.

AK:Do you have a message for fans who have been following your career?

AV:I would like to say thank you for all the support I have been given so far, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the work I do in the future. It has been an amazing journey so far and I cannot wait for what lies ahead.



Mr. D -Season 4 Episode 5-Dating Maya Student

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 @ 08:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


 Tune in tonight at 9:30pm EST for a new episode of Mr.D’s fourth season.Check out the episode synopsis, photo and links to the promotional video further below. Share your thoughts, speculations and predictions in the comments section below!

 Gerry’s former pupil, Maya is back at Xavier as a student teacher and Gerry is having difficulty accepting her as an adult. Robert tries too hard to be cool while attempting to connect with a student, and Bobbi works to prove her femininity to Malik amidst a school wide outbreak of lice.(CBC)

How will Maya respond to Gerry’s reluctance to accept her as an adult?How will this affect her work at Xavier Academy and the dynamics amongst staff and students?How will Bill  and Gerry’s friendship be impacted as a result of Gerry’s reluctance to accept Maya as an adult?Do you think Maya and Bill are a serious couple?

Why is Robert trying to connect with this particular student and how will his extreme efforts backfire as the student deals with his attempts?What causes Bobbi to prove her femininity and to what extents will she resort to in order to prove herself?Will she be successful and how will others at Xavier Academy respond while she goes through this crisis of sorts?

Visit for a trailer of the episode!

Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments section below.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to  the blog’s valued readers and supportive affiliates!I truly hope that 2015 brings you all an excess of happiness, health  and prosperity!Thank you for your continued support and involvement through visits and comments on the blog, which has greatly contributed to the site’s ongoing operation.

As we enter 2015, I look forward to expanding coverage on the blog by launching extensive  focus on various  new comedy and science fiction series while building on our existing coverage.Our particular focus for the upcoming period will be to increase our posting schedule, particularly for Mr. D, for which we are in the process of planning various exclusive  interactive media events in light of the upcoming fourth season. As always, your input is  welcome and allows for this community to be the best it can be.

As per  the blog’s annual tradition, YOU are invited to share your new year resolution in the comments section.Furthermore, readers are encouraged to  extend greetings of Happy New Year to one another. A video displaying  international fireworks has also been posted below.

Blackish Season 1 Episode 7 Promo

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 @ 09:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Episode 7 -The Gift of Hunger:It’s reality check time for the Johnson kids courtesy of Dre, who decides that his children have become spoiled after they turn their noses up at his favorite cheap restaurant in his old hood. To remedy the situation, Andre Jr. and Zoey are forced to take jobs at his office, while Jack and Diane try to make money around the neighborhood, which, to Bow’s embarrassment, leads to rumors about the family falling on hard times.
How will the children perform in the workplace and how will their spoiled  behavior manifest in this environment?How will this affect Dre in the workplace? Will the  embarrassment lead to the children having their way and not having to become more humble? Share your thoughts and speculationa in the comments  section below. What aspect of the storyline are you the most excited for ?
Find out what happens in Wednesday, November 12 at  9:30pm est on ABC (USA) or City Tv{Canada).

Mr. D: Season 3 – Gerry Dancing

Saturday, February 22, 2014 @ 02:02 AM
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