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Stargate Atlantis Current Information

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 @ 12:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Stargate Atlantis Current Information
Please note that frequent visits to this site are encouraged as additional news/information is posted on a regular basis.Pieces information on this site are kept for the period in which they
are relevant.
Stargate Atlantis Canceled
I am  deeply sadden and very disappointed to report that Stargate Atlantis will end once the fifth season is complete.The show has been canceled by The Science Fiction Channel and MGM which ultimately resulted in a  mutual agreement between the producers and the corporations.Stargate Atlantis is a great show which I have been watching since it originally premiered 4 years ago.The program will be missed by it’s millions of fans for years to come.Creators of Stargate Atlantis , Robert C Cooper and Brad Wright indicated that Stargate Atlantis will continue in the form of movies.The first movie will be 2 hours in length and will premiere on The Science Fiction Channel and subsequently be released on DVD by MGM. ‘Enemy at the Gate” will be the final episode to the series and will not end on a cliffhanger as previous seasons..The fifth season will continue to air until January 2009 on The Movie Network and the Science Fiction Channel.The program will finalize on Sky One by January 2009.Best wishes and extreme success to the main cast members of the program.


Abbas KarimjeeBlog Manager


Official Goodbye to Stargate Atlantis as The Stage Closes

I am greatly saddened to report that Stargate Atlantis production has finalized after 5 years of exceptional work.With the exception of a few  actors and members of the production, most of those involved with the show are looking ahead to the future as the stage closes down.The series finale stared many guest characters such as Colin Cunnigham[Major Paul Davis], Amanda Tapping[Colonel Samantha Carter] and David Nykl[Radeck Zalenka] who were delighted to be involved in the finale of the program.It is unfortunate that the show has been canceled as  it had great potential for continuing for  at least a few more years.It seems that fans have been unsuccessful in bringing back the show through petitions and therefore I am taking this final opportunity to thank the main cast members of the program for their exceptional work and wish all members of the production best of luck in the future of their respective careers.It is anticipated that your work will be enjoyed in the upcoming Atlantis movie.



Torri Higginson’s former  role on the show as Dr.Elizabeth Weir has been completely dealt with and according to executive producer , Joseph Mallozzi the  character will not be seen in the movie series of Stargate Atlantis.It is therefore clear that the season five episode, Ghost in the Machine marked the “end” for the character.The episode  ended with Weir, who was played by actress, Michelle Morgan in space as a  suspended human form replicator in order to protect the  Atlantis expedition from any unknown dangers which her presence may  have. Fans are sure to sigh  about this announcement.

After several weeks of voting, the results have dictated that Blu Ray discs will be releasing the first two episodes of Stargate Atlantis, Rising Part 1 and Rising Part 2.In addition to these two exciting episodes, fans will also have the  chance to  watch the epic series finale,Enemy at the Gate.This amounts to  the most adventurous and thrilling three outof the  hundred hours of StargateAtlantis.The disc was released on August 4 2009  with a price of $29.99[USA].There has been no announcement with regards to the presence of any special  features within the  edition.Be sure to take a look at  the cover art of the disc directly below and  purchase your copy  today!

News Graphic


Indeed the fifth and final season of Stargate Atlantis   was released on DVD on June 30 2009.The DVD  includes commentary fromcast and producers along with deleted scenes. Residents  of the USA  can  purchase the season for approximately 49.98 and Canadian residents for $69.00 .DVD features include audio commentary for all of the episodes but   Ghost in the Machine, The Shrine,Infection and Identity.Two sections of extended  deleted scenes, photo gallery,photo production  and gallery pictures are included as special features.

Below is a listof features in the  DVD as seen on Gateworld, Your Complete Guide to Stargate.Visit Gateworld through the use of the Stargate Atlantis segment of the sidebar.

  • Showdown! Ronan v. Tyre
  • .Bringing the Seed to Life
  • Tricks of the Trade: Submerging the Stargate
  • Joe Flanigan: A Conversation with the Colonel
  • Dr. Jackson Goes to Atlantis
  • Building a Humanoid with James Robbins and Martin Gero
  • The Life and Death of Michael Kenmore
  • Deleted Scenes (Part One)
  • Stargate Atlantis Goes To Vegas
  • Inside the Stargate Costume Department]
  • Deleted Scenes (Part Two]
  • Also, the mission directives   in which a particular writer or director covers the  behind the scene activities of a particular episode are included  as special features.Take a look at the table below for episodes which will  be attributed a Mission Directives!

    Mission Directives Episodes-Special Features-Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD

    Search and Rescue[Episode 1] Andy Mikita and Martin Gero
    Whispers       [Episode 7] William Warring and Joseph Mallozzi
    Tracker         [Episode 8] William Warring and Carl Binder
    Brain Storm[Episode 16] Martin Gero











    Please note that in the second column all of the first names are that of directors and accordingly, the subsequent names are that of  writers.

    The box art/cover of the season five DVD  case has been displayed below.Fans are sure to be looking forward to completing their Atlantis collection , re watching episodes, or  getting their hands on the season for the first time ever!Enjoy!

    News Graphic

    The Science Fiction Channel is now offering Stargate Atlantis viewers a chance to watch the first  ten episodes of the  fifth season of Stargate Atlantis for free of charge.Simply visit the Science Fiction Channel’s Stargate Atlantis website at get watching!Please note that the episodes can only be viewed from within the USA.Special features for this online edition include  brief excerpts of eachof the episodes.Enjoy the adventure!


    Actress Amanda Tapping will return to the screens as Colonel  Samantha Carter  for  the Stargate franchise’s impending third series, Stargate Universe.Tapping  was a main cast member of the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis and has made five  guest appearances  during other seasons of the program.She has  communicated that she will appear in one episode of Universe.The  exact episode in which Carter will be seen  and the degree  of her involvement  is currently unknown.Further information  will be posted as  it is obtained.We look forward to seeing Carter again!

    Consulting producer of Stargate Universe and former executive producer of Stargate Atlantis  and Stargate SG1 , Joseph Mallozzi is now having Stargate related postsof his blog syndicated on the Science Fiction Channel’s new Stargate Universe site.Mallozzi  admits that determining which posts are to be classified as Stargate orientated is a difficult challenge  as manyof his posts focuson other topics of personal interest while having a smallpart [usually Mallozzi''s dailymailbag where  he answers  fan questions]dedicated towards Stargate.It was also communicated that  the approval process  from Sci Fi forbehind the scene pictures and stage photos of  the impending third  Stargate series,Stargate Universe willbe quickened.While this will promote Mallozzi’sonline work and Universe,it should benoted that unlike the original blog, the Science Fiction Channel does not have a comment feature on posts and there is   also no avenue to  directly  contact Mallozzi.Check out the syndicated blog today at visit the original blog at . Enjoy the read!

    Stargate Atlantis viewers can look forward to purchasing the complete series set  on October 6 2009 for a price of$ 259.98[USA].The disc will include all five seasons of the program.Readers should note  that the product can be purchased with 35 percent off [$90.99] by preordering  from Amazon .To preorder visit There is currently no information on the special features contained within the disc, however information of such a nature will be released within  a few weeks time.Readers are encouraged to visit accordingly.Be sure to also take a look at the cover art for the set directly below and order your copy today!

    Stargate Atlantis - The Complete Series Collection










    Stargate Atlantis actress  ,Sharon Taylor will  be making a guest appearance on the Science Fiction series Smallville.Taylor, of course played the  role of  gate technician, Ameila Banks who was first introduced to viewers  in the program’s fourth season.Taylor, however , made appearances on a more frequent basisduring final few episodes of   Atlantis’ final fifth season where viewers learnt of Ameila’s kickboxing talents and observed the start of her relationship with Ronon . Taylor’s characteron Smallville is expected to be that of a female hero named Fiona.The role may progress to a recurring nature.Taylor will be seen in her new role in the season 9 premiere of Smallville, titled Saviour .The episode  will debut on September 25 2009 .Best wishes  to Taylor for her role on Smallville!

    Actress Sharron Taylor as gate technician, Amelia Banks in the series finale, Enemy at the Gate.




    Season 5 Episode Ratings

    Your Online Season 5 Ratings Reference

    How well did that episode do?……….

    Please note that the recent ratings are  only  about the live viewings on the Science Fiction Channel.All ratings would increase by about 25% -30% if DVR ratings were included.Please note that most recent ratings  are  noted at the top of this segment.


    The epic series finale,Enemy at the Gate scored a 1.5  millionper household average which drew  2.02 million viewers in total to observe the finale.1.12 million of these viewers were from the  ages of 25-54.The 18-54 demographic  brought forth 973 thousand  viewers.Sanctuary’s season finale  scored a tenth higher with a 1.6 million per household average  and had a total  of  22 million  viewers.The Science Fiction  Channel has deemed Atlantis’rating to be the best and highest of  this season.This causes us to  conclude that the season mid parter conclusion, The Lost Tribe was rounded from it slightly lower rating .The rating for the nineteenth episode.,

    Vegas scored a 1.3 millionper householdaverage.This is a solid rating considering the consistent performance of this season[1.2 million per household average]This is indeed a point tenth increase from the  consistent score which the previous three episodes earned.

    Identity scored a 1.2 million per household average.Ghost Hunters scored the highest rating  of the week with a 1.9 million per household average.Sanctuary  earned the second highest point with a score of 1.4 million per household average.This is a  0.2 million increase.Stargate Atlantis’ rating brought it to the fourth best score for the week.While   the rating is consistent with the usual performance of this season- a consistent rating of such a nature is not  sufficient for a show to remain on the air.

    Infection scored a 1.2 million per household average.This is  consistent with the usual scores which were  earned by season five episodes.We are  hoping to see  a drastic increase  in  the rating for the final two episodes, Vegas and Enemy  at the  Gate

    Brain Storm scored a 1.2 million per household average score.This is  point tenth lower than last week’s score, Remnants.Atlantis was was not the only show to have lower ratings this week.This rating, however is still consistent with the normal season trend.

    Remnants scored a 1.3 million per average household rating.This is an improvement from the consistent score of the season  of a 1.2 million per household average by a point  tenthThis is the first rating above the consistent season 5 rating which Atlantis has scored the conclusion of the season 5 two parter.This rating is also  the same as the ratings for the season 5 premiere, Search and Rescue, Daedalus Variations and the Queen.Well done!

    Prodigal scored 1.2 million per average.A reasonably good rating and consistent with the season’s normal pattern.Unfortunately the season’s pattern is low  in comparison to other popular science  fiction series[see  last weeks episode rating and commentary for further information] and   also in comparison to  the ratings Atlantis initially scored  in its first 3 seasons  which were almost always higher than  season five’s top rating[1.5 million per average] in  The Lost Tribe.

    Inquisition scored  a 1.2 million per average household rating.This score  is consistent  with season’s ratings.Atlantis continues to be outscored by Sanctuary  which scored a 1.5 million per average household rating  for its last episode, Nibbles and most notably Ghost Hunters which scored a 2.0 million rating per average on its  most recent episode.


    Outsiders earned a 1.2 millionaverage rating per  household.This is a drastic  twenty percenty decrease from the previous episode, The Lost Tribe.Fans  have  lost a supporting  factor  of ratings for  argument  against Sci  recent decision to cancel the show.It also seems that the new 9:00pm timing has had no significant impact.From this we can logically assume that there is lack of interest in Atlantis in contrast to other Friday night programs on the show.This is clear as 1 Sanctuary atattracts a similar demographic and receives  much higher ratings   at it’s weekly 10:00pm slot than Atlantis normally  does in it’s 9:00pm slot. [Ex.Sanctuary's 1.6 million per average rating].Better luck for Inquisition’s ratings.

    The Lost Tribe scored 1.5million per household average.This is a drastic thirty six percent  increase from the previous episode, First Contact.This episode marks the highest rating of the season to date.It is a shame that the show has been cancelled.

    First Contact scored 1.1 millionper household.This is a tenth lower than  the previous episode, The Tracker.It should, however, be noted that the US presidential elections were occurring on the same night.This is , however, the lowest rating scored so far this season.


    The Queen scored 1.3 millionper average rating.A good score-too  bad DVR ratings are not counted!It is also a shame that the officials are still  not considering renewing the show.

    The Tracker scored a 1.2 million per average household score.This score has been consistent with the trend of the season.A good rating.

    Whispers scored a 1.2 million per average  household score.This rating is the same of the previous episode, The Shrine.The program has lost viewers.

    The Shrine has scored a rating of 1.2 millionper average.This rating is equivalent to that of the previous episode, Ghost in the Machine[see below]A reasonably exceptional score overall.


    The Ghost in the Machine scored a rating of 1.2 million average  per household.This score is a point tenth less than the previous episode, The Daedalus Variations and the season premiere, Search and Rescue.


    The Daedalus Variations scored 1.3 millionper average rating.This was the same score as the  season premiere, Search and Rescue.Excellent score!

    Broken Ties scored 1.2 million per average household.Same as the last episode.A reasonably decent score.


    The Seed Scored  a 1.2 million per household average rating.This is a point tenth low in comparison to the season premiere, Search and Rescue[see below]

    Search and Rescue scored 1.3million per average household!A great start the season compared to season four’s premiere’s rating.

    Rate that Episode

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    Reflecting on 5 Years of Stargate Atlantis
    [polldaddy poll=1308163]


    Syndication Ratings–Subject to occasional posting

    Identity scored a 0.6 million per household average household. This is a point  tenth increase from Infection’s syndicated rating.

    Infection scored a  0.5 millionper household average during its  syndicated slot.Stargate Atlantis scored the lowest  rating for  the five programs which  were syndicated for the week.[December 5-12 2008]

    The sixteenth episode of the season, Brain Storm scored a 0.6 million per household  average  during it syndication run.This is 6 tenths lower than its rating during its premiere.The  episode was the Science Fiction Channel’s fourth out of fifth most viewed syndicated program for the week.It should be noted that Lost had the most viewers in syndication for the week with a rating of 1.1 million per average household.












    Countdown Center


    Episodes Remaining

    Science Fiction Channel


    The Movie Network on Demand



    Sky One





































    Promotions of Upcoming Episodes

    Please note that promotions are kept in consideration for the  scheduling of Sci Fi, TMN and Sky One viewers.




    Enemy atthe Gate[The Final Episode]



    Season 5 Episode Reviews
    Please note that reviews are a special feature and are therefore subject to publishing on an occasional basis.
    Daedalus Variations
    Indeed, I am a fan of episodes which have anything do with the altercation of time .The Daedalus Variations was an original sort of time episode in the Stargate world.While the episode was mostly a stand alone one, it did leave us wondering about some unknown answers which may be answered through the team’s experiences in our own reality.The enemy is the main mystery.Do they exist in our reality ? If so, when will the expedition encounter them?We shall have to wait and see.
    The episode also had some amusing, interesting and relative;y entertaining components.It was hilarious to see Teyla advising Dr.Mckay what to do with the computer’s main system.However Rodney managed to swallow his pride reasonably well.Colonel Sheppard’s conversation with his self in the alternate reality was exciting to see, making us wonder if the other Sheppard realized who he was talking to.It was interesting to observe the other realities , especially the one in which the sun was dying 48 000 years earlier!Based on this observance, we can conclude that certain events can happen during an entirely different era in comparison to other realities .We learned a lot from the episode.
    I look forward to seeing the next episode, Ghost in the Machine.I hope we learn more about the enemy which we encountered in this episode shortly.I also hope that you will continue to read reviews on this post.

    Abbas Karimjee

    The Tracker

    The Tracker was a great episode filled with action adventure and excitement.This episode was just like Stargate Atlantis from season 1-3.The show has  regained it’s exceptional status through the episodes “The Queen” and “The Tracker”.


    I  really enjoyed seeing theWraith in the episode.It was halariousyetextremely frightening to see McKay  trying to escape from the runner.I almost jumped put of my seat when the Wraith was about to feed on him.Ofcourse, Ronon saved him in the nick of time.Keller was great in the episodeIt was great to see her save the little girl in the nick of time.It was very surprising, however, to learn that Ronon had been teaching her sparring lessons.Up  till now we had only seen her relationship  develop withRodney .In general, it was exciting to have the Wraithafter McKay and Ronon.It was great to see another runner, Gerrak.It was interesting to see the similar characteristics that  Ronon shared with him and how they both ultimately  showed respect as Rononhelped him out.I did not  agree withromancebeing on  the show .This is a Science Fiction show- not a soap opera.In the end Gerak   risked his life to save the rest of them from  being captured by the Wraith.A sad ending to a potential  ally, however, he  will be remembered for his bravery.

    This episode was generally a great episode, with the exception of  a couple of romantic orientated moments towards the end.It is however a loss that we have not been able to see Woollsey on the show for the past four episodes.We need to be able to have more comfort with the character, who is still establishing himself on the show.This cannot happen if he is not in  half of the episodes of the first part of the season.

    I  look forward to the upcoming  episode, “First Contact” which will be mark the final episode of the first part of the season.I hope you continue to  read reviews on this post.


    Abbas Karimjee


    First Contact

    First Contact was a great episode with a lot of excitement , action and suspense.The episode   brought back Daniel Jackson[Michael Shanks] to the city to work with McKay.While the two were not a perfect team, they  worked betterthan I had expected them to!It was really neat to see the  hidden laboratory.I love it when we get to see new  parts of the city which provide the characters with lots of new information about the city .The new enemy[Asgard] was quite frightening-especially with their self destructive power and their cruelty towards  Dr.Jackson and McKay once the two had been captured .The capture of these two brings me to the device, which was emitting a signal to the enemy [Asgard]It was quite evident  that the Asgard had encountered the device before  and it was fascinating to see that they were waiting for the device to emit it subspace burst so they could find Atlantis It would be interesting to see  their battle with theWraith.We will have to wait for the next episode which will provide the solution to the cliffhanger  to see  how McKay and Jackson escape and what the Asgard will do the destructive device which they have activated;.
    The Wraith  also played a significant role in the episode.It was great to see Woolsey inthe show-it has been a month worth of episodes since we last saw him[in the Shrine] .His “speech” was very amusing and it once again instilled a more human colour towards the character.Picardo has   done an an exceptional job at reinventing the character.Todd’s reluctance was not a surprise and it seems as if he has find a way to avoid  following along with plan-a misunderstanding.Indeed Rodney  and Jackson’s  repair on the device has affected the expedition in significant ways.It is however comforting to know that RononandKeller  are on board .Through the use of Keller’s scientific skills and Ronon’s fighting skills they should be able to make it through the traps and eitherexplainthemisunderstanding or destroy the Wraith.It is in anycasevery exciting and suspenseful.
    The episode leaves us ‘wondering/concerned ” about Sheppard and Zalenka as the tower of the city  exploded.
    This was a great episode.It is a shame that the series will not be continuing -or as the producers put in , not in TV format.The only complaint I have is about Teyla’s reduced role on the program.
    I look forward to  seeing the  solution in the upcoming episode, The Lost Tribe.It is sure to be exciting ,interesting and  an opener to a brand new window in the show.
    Abbas Karimjee

    The Lost Tribe

    The Lost Tribe was a great episode thanks to the adventurous and exciting components which were added through all of the different peoples and races. It  brings me great curiosity  and wonder with respects to the future of Todd’s relation with Atlantis. We know that we will be seeing this villain who tried to destroy the Daedalus and all those in the ship   will be seen for more  excitement in the series finale, Enemy at the Gate.The Asgard storyline wrapped up quickly. We learned little about the Asgard and  our sources suggest that it will be unlikely that we will see the race again in the TV series.It is disappointing that the series can no longer bring us enemies which have a frightening and horrific appearance. The storyline  also seemed to be more of an expansion on a previous Asgard issue brought up in Stargate SG1-Asgards  who do not obey the rules and cause great mischief which negatively impacts others. The series needs more new and untold storylines than continuing on old  themes for a short amount of time before dropping the storyline again.The Asgard brought little fear and the Wraith costume designs now   have much to be desired in terms of the fear they bring upon others. It was great to see further development between Laren’s people and the Atlantis expedition.Zalenka’s co worker for the rescue mission was very  hilarious  and therefore brought a lgh hearted touch towards  episode. McKay and Daniel’s relationship developed greatly.They had indirectly formed a  unique  and caring   friendship. Ofcourse, Woolsey ensured that the Altero device was destroyed. This allowed there to be assurance that if the Asgard were to be involved in as Stargater Atlantis movie, that the their involvement would be of a revengeful nature.The episode  also brought about the conclusion of Keller’s romantic decision. McKay was her ultimate choice, leaving Ronan  disappointed upon  her informing him of this.The episode was a relatively decent conclusion to the  cliff- hanger, however the  show has brought about  much more developed and interesting storylines in past seasons[most notably the season 2 mid parter and season 4 ]As always, I look forward to the next episode , Outsiders. Regardless of how this episode did -next week is a new week with a new story to be told. A review will not be posted on the episode.There will also be no review for Inquisition.I therefore look forward to providing a review on the Prodigal which will premiere on November 7 2008.

    This was a special episode as it marked the last episode  of the show which would be a solution to a cliffhanger.

    I hope that you will continue to read  reviews on this post.Feel free to start a discussion on the episode in the comments icon.




    Discussion Centre

    Lets Talk Stargate

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    -Any other Stargate related topic which  interests you!

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    Martin Gero/-Brain Storm

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    Petition to Save Stargate Atlantis

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    Homeschooling and the School Officials

    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 07:05 PM
    Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

    The following information should not be considered as legal advice.These procedures are not applicable for all localities.The blog management can also not assume responsibility for any contents which may be posted by Google.

    Procedures in Initiating Homeschooling

    Parents/ who wish to homeschool their child[ren ] should contact their school principal and subsequently reserve an appointment with him/her to conduct further discussion.

    During the meeting parents/guardians should provide the principal and any other school authorities with the reason[s] for considering homeschooling as an option.

    The final decision is to be made by the parent[s] /guardian[s] of the child[ren].

    Parental figures who decide to homeschool their children should write a letter of intent to the principal of the school.Upon the arrival of the letter of intent , the principal will act accordingly by fowarding the notice directing the parental figures to the superintendent or designated figure of authority at the board of education .The figure of authority will consider the request and indicate the final decision to the parental figures which will be copied to the principal.In most scenarios the request is approved and upon arrival of acceptance the parental figures may begin to homeschool.[Requests may only be denied on the basis of reasonable grounds; student's poor attendance history, third party complaint with regards insufficent instruction, invalid reason provided for homeschooling and e.t.c] Similarly the principal of the school should remove the child from the school’s register.Parent[s]/guardians who wish to continue homeschooling their children in subsequent school years should construct and send a letter of intent to the appropriate designate by the beginning of the school year in which the child is to be homeschooled.

    Students who have not been enrolled in the school system may begin homeschooling once a letter of intent for homeschooling is provided to the appropriate figure of authority and an approval is received in response to the letter.

    Parental figures who do not receive a response to their letter of intent within one week’s time should consult the appropriate designate at the school board.

    Part Time Homeschooling

    Certain school states/provinces provide funding for students to attend school on a part time basis.Such students are referred to as part time homeschooled pupils. As a result, students may attend school for 50% or less of the instructional day.Funding is provided to the school in accordance of the time the student remains in school.Parental figures are responsible for providing satisfactory instruction for the subjects in which the child has been excused from school attendance.

    Parent[s]/guardians who are interested in part time homeschooling should follow the procedures indicated above with respects to full time homeschooling.The principal and the school board designate must approve the request in order to have the child excused from school.


    The Advantages of Homeschooling

    Saturday, May 24, 2008 @ 11:05 PM
    Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

    Advantages of Homeschooling

    The purpose of this site is to provide information with regards to the advantages associated with homeschooling.The management cannot assume responsibility for the contents within any of the advertisements/links which have been posted by Google.

    Definition: Homeschooling is when a child is primarily educated by his/her parental figure[s] instead of receiving instruction from a formal gathering of individuals on regular basis.

    Advantages: There are several advantages which are associated with homeschooling.These advantages are apart of certain aspects such as ethics, academics, self confidence , and general happiness of a child.

    In Depth Analysis-Advantages

    Behavior: Homeschooled children are provided with the opportunity to grow in a parentally governed environment.Therefore parents are provided with an opportunity to control who their children associate with and thus they may have been provided with an opportunity which is quite rare in modern times;they can ensure appropriate peer interactions.The appropriate peer interactions permit a child to indulge in appropriate growth .As a result homeschooled children have successfully avoided in the conductance of negative/inappropriate behavior which is learned from the school system.Homeschooled children have also relatively managed to remain as morally “sound” individuals who have avoided peer pressure.As a result of their avoidance they have developed independence and excellent decision making skills.Many homeschooling families consist of religious backgrounds and have successfully managed to instill and maintain their child’s moral and religious values by avoiding the strongly secular public school system in which most parents send their children.Research has also suggested that homeschooled parents have a more significant impact on the overall development of their child compared to children who are in school.

    Academics:There are also several academic advantages associated with homeschooling.The parent[s] /guardian[s] who homeschool their child may educate a child based on his/her learning requirements.A homeschooled child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability can benefit from his home based instruction as he/she can absorb information, grasp key concepts and complete assignments at a pace which is suitable to their overall ability instead of working in an environment in which is/she could potentially be overwhelmed in and/or labeled as ‘stupid’. Similarly a gifted child may benefit from homeschooling by being allowed to explore concepts which require a greater intellectual capacity than the average child in the individual’s age group.Overall, homeschooling children undoubtedly receive more attention in terms of their progression than the average school student.

    Another primary advantage of homeschooling is that the parent[s]/guardian[s] are the child’s main instructor. At the end of the day the parental figures love, know and in all aspects care for the child more than any other individual.Therefore parental figures have a generally excellent perspective with respects to their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. As a result they have the necessary qualifications to assist their child in overcoming his/her obstacles and difficulties and eventually reaching his/her full potential.

    Homeschooled children may be given leeway with respect to the material covered in their academic program which means that they may be able to explore concepts of interest in great detail and by doing so they would naturally be expanding and developing their love for learning.A love for learning instills profound characteristics such as curiosity of one’s surrounding , general awareness and ,motivation to continue enhancing in positive growth.In general, homeschooling can allow a child to learn for the sake of learning according to one’s overall ability.

    Homeschooling can also instill the love for learning by avoiding the unnecessary and emotionally tiring effects of stress which many school children endure due to the enormous amounts of unessential homework which is assigned to them on a regular basis.Although teachers and parents of school children may find homework to be beneficial ; they will in general agree that their students/children have to spend many hours during several nights on a frequent basis in attempts to complete the assigned material and as a result their general curiosity and love of learning diminishes.In general, the children themselves find the work to be of no use in terms of the big picture of life and loose the will to learn explore and indulge in positive development during their free time.The reason for this is that they have formed a positive relationship between learning and school.On the other hand homeschooling children will find theselves to be less overwhelmed due to the reasons which have been indicated above.[see paragragraph4-5]

    Self Confidence-Comparison between School and Homeschool :Homeschooled children have an opportunity which school children are usually deprived of.They have the opportunity to develop self confidence;an important instinctual form of positivity which particularly develops a sense of one’s own ability , hope and perseverance and thus it allows the appropriate maintenance of believe in one’s own general capabilities .Homeschooled children can develop self confidence because they have not been placed in a environment where learning is observed for obtaining praise and/or receiving a designated level of achievement based on a professionals opinion which is generally meant to reflect the intelligence and homeschooled children will not find themselves to be placed in overwhelming academic situations which in metaphoric terms drains the joy of childhood in all aspects[e.g, family time, natural learning as suggested above, recreational activities, social development, and simply relaxation e.t.c]The reason for all of the above is because the primary purpose of homeschooling a child in terms of providing an appropriate academic environment is that the material introduced is usually on the basis of quality instead of the common school principle which generally provides an indirect suggestion that enormous amounts of homework can be to students who can successfully manage to complete the work with proper diligence.

    The quality principle which is usually enforced in the homeschooling environment instills the value and belief of work excellence and possibility of appropriate completion which permits a child to have faith in success. The lack of academic pressure ensures that a child will avoid undergoing the negative effects associated with despair, stress, loss/lack of self respect and self confidence.

    Happiness and Homeschooling:Positive Relationship

    A child’s overall happiness can be improved and developed through homeschooling as he/she recieves the entitled love, care, attention and general sense of security from their parental figures.Homeschooled children are provided with the opportunity to maintain and enhance their parental relationships.

    In general, Homeschooling has several advantages which allow a child to enhance and develop a positive lifestyle based on ethics, academics, self confidence and overall happiness.

    You can obtain further information on homeschooling by contacting your local school board or by visiting their URL site.Further information with regards to homeschooling can also be obtained by participating in visitations to the links placed below.Please do not hesitate to send your questions to the management.An appropriate response will be provided in a timely manner.