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Archive for September, 2010

Watch New SGU Season 2 Trailer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

MGM Studios has released a brand new trailer for the second season of Stargate Universe today. Take a look  this trailer, which lasts for about 2.5 minutes,  directly below. The trailer  first provides a one minute recap of the main events  from the last  season before giving us a peek at the excitement awaiting viewers in the  impending second season. Be sure to share your thoughts on  the trailer in the comments section  afterwards.  Remember, that the second season of SGU commences on September 28 at 9:00pm eastern standard time on  SyFy.Enjoy!


 What are your thoughts  on the trailer? What intrgued you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Episode Descriptions of Stargate Universe’s Upcoming Episodes

Sunday, September 19, 2010 @ 10:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

SyFy has released detailed descriptions for the initial three episodes of    Stargate Universe’s impending  second season.  Take a look at the descriptions  below and  be sure to watch  the season  two premiere of Stargate Universe on September 28  on SyFy.

Readers are advised that the network’s descriptions contain significant spoilers  for the episodes. Should you wish to refrain from  obtaining such details, please do not read further. 

Intervention[ 201]

Colonel Young and most of his military personnel are held at gunpoint by the Lucian Alliance. While Dannic has no hesitations to kill them, he is convinced by Varro to leave them on the nearest planet. Shortly after arrival the Destiny crew find themselves joined by Varro and those of his men now deemed as traitors by Dannic. When a deadly electrical storm begins to brew, all must work together to find safe shelter and survive.

Meanwhile Dr. Rush, Brody, Chloe and Eli have sealed themselves off in the hydroponics lab and have managed to obtain some control of the ships power. Dr. Rush conceives a risky plan to force Dannic and the Lucians to surrender by draining the power from most of the ships shields killing anyone outside hydroponics by radiation. Not willing to give up, Dannic locks into a standoff with Rush knowing his plan will also kill those members left aboard not protected by the lab. Chloe and Eli plead with Rush to think of Lt. Johansen who’s trapped in the infirmary recovering.


Aftermath -   202

Still recovering his battered body, an exhausted Dr. Rush manages to unlock the master code to the ship’s bridge. There he finds a planet within range that seems viable but for some unknown reason, has been locked out of Destiny‘s controls. Its Stargate also appears to be non-functioning. With the need for food and water becoming dire, he decides to override the ships controls and have a crew shuttle to the planet in the hopes of finding much needed supplies.

After conducting interviews with some of the Lucian’s, Camile Wray argues a number of the prisoners can be trusted and may even be helpful. Col. Young not ready to trust any of them has his suspicions confirmed when the Lucians stage an attack on their military detail. For Col. Young the only solution is to leave them all at the next habitable planet.

Lt. Scott flying the team to the planet by shuttle encounters violent turbulence and must come in for a crash landing. With crew badly injured and the shuttle unable to fly, they must find the malfunctioning Stargate before the Destiny jumps back to F.T.L.

Awakening –  Episode 203

The Destiny is set on a collision course with a ship of similar ancient design found floating in space. Panic turns to wonder as the ships dock with each other. With data streaming in they learn they have come upon one of the  Stargate seeding ships that the Ancients  sent out ahead of the Destiny.

Col. Young dispatches a team to investigate while setting Dr. Rush and Eli to analyze the flood of new data. Once aboard the Seeder Ship, Lt.Scott and his team discover that it might hold the energy to power the Stargate for a connection back to Earth.

Realizing this might be the key to getting home  Col. Telford  convinces Young to let him join the team aboard the mysterious ship. But just as the energy transfer is underway they discover there’s more aboard the ship than just power.

 What are your thoughts on the  descriptions?Which  one  intrigued you the most? Do you  have speculations  for  any of the episodes?   Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Stargate Atlantis’ Rachel Luttrell Answers Our Questions At SciFiTvAndTalk

Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 05:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The  SciFi TvAndTalk  blog recently  provided its readers with the opportunity to  conduct a Q &A  with Stargate Atlantis actress, Rachel Luttrell [ Teyla Emmagan] .  Luttrell has finished responding   to some of the questions  which readers submitted through the site  and among these is my questions, which I submitted  for  the actress.Take a look at the answers which  Luttrell provided to my queries below and for a complete read of the first part of the  Q& A, visit  SciFiAndTvTalk

Hello, Abbas. Let’s see if I can tackle your questions.

1.) What did you find the most challenging about playing Teyla?

The first challenge to me as a performer was getting Teyla’s fighting skills to a place where they looked natural, studied and trained. I had never fought nor had I ever practiced a martial art. I used my dance background to help me with the choreography

2.) Is there any aspect of the character’s background that was not explored and that you would have liked to see touched upon, or one that you would have liked to see explored in greater detail?

I was intrigued from my first encounter with Teyla by her personal history and about the history of her people. I always find it rather wanting in story when a culture that is not indigenous to a region comes in and saves the day due to their superior knowledge. I have always had a feeling that Teyla’s people and Teyla herself had much more perspective, mystery, mythology, knowledge and strength than was given breadth to be explored.

3.) In your opinion, would you imagine Teyla leaving her people behind in the Pegasus Galaxy to pursue a secure life on Earth with Torren and Kannan, following the events of Enemy at the Gate?

In short, the answer to your next question is no

4.) Should Stargate Extinction be approved for production, would you be willing to return for the movie?

Yes, of course I would be happy to be involved in an Atlantis film should there ever be one.

5.) What was your favorite episode of the series? Why?

We did 100 episodes. 100…it’s hard for me to choose ONE that honestly qualifies as my favorite. For me it’s more like moments of many, many episodes that are stand-outs. Moments in The Giftwhen Teyla finds out about her heightened sense and when she reveals her ability to the team; my fight with Jason in Lost Boys; working with (director) Mario Azzopardi in Thirty-Eight MinutesCritical Mass; working with Connor Trinneer for the first time in Michael, and truly on and on and on..

6.) Have you been cast in any upcoming films or TV series? Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.

As I write this I am still a free agent! But I am working on my CD thanks in large part to all of you out there who kept asking me to get off my butt and record something. I hope that once it’s all done, everyone will enjoy it! I’m having a lot of fun working on it. Aside from the CD, this year has been about selling our house in Vancouver, moving countries, immigration, and working on creating normalcy and security in our son’s life…oh, and now school for Caden, wow!

Special thanks are extended to actress, Rachel Luttrell for answering  the questions.

Music of the Month – September 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 @ 05:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The Music of  the Month feature is   a  new feature where I post   a  new song which I find  appealing and meaningful  . I will also talk aboutwhy this music is great.I look forward  to sharing the music of my life  with you.

Zaynab Karimjee

Waving  Flag by K’naan


I chose this song because this talks all the stuff that had happened in Haiti and this song is a beautiful way to say to all the kids When they get older they will be stronger and they will be prepared for this (hopefully it wont).The main idea is to show that all of us no matter where we are, have a responsibility to  help people no matter where they are because we are all one big community  and this  will show that the  world can work together to rebuild our future. It also shows that it is never to late to make  this difference .I liked this song because it has a nice tune and from all the voices of Canadian singers ,it makes me feel like I am one of them, since I have their passion for what happened in Haiti. Hope you enjoyed it!

Eid Mubarak!

Friday, September 10, 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

On behalf of our entire administration, I would like to extend greetings of  Eid Mubarak  to Muslim readers. As   there are various sources   confirming the sighting of the moon  ,  Muslims across the globe will be  celebrating the auspicious  festival of Eid Ul Fitr today. The occasion marks the end of the ninth holy month, Ramadan in which Muslims    fast from dawn to dusk  each day.All Muslim readers are wished an Eid of happiness,faith  family and festivity.

We   do, however recommend that you check   your local moon sightings to confirm that Eid is being celebrated in your region.

Celebrations occur in the form of the gathering for morning prayers at mosques,  exchange of gifts  amongst youngsters and dining with family and friends.Cultural factors also influence  the manner in which celebrations occur. Greetings, of course, occur in the form of” Eid Mubarak”.

As per our   site’s tradition and ongoing unity efforts, readers are invited to extend Eid greetings to each  other in the comments section.Be sure to also share how you  celebrated the holiday.

Eid Mubarak and  thank  you for celebrating Eid with us!

Stargate Universe Receives Nine Gemini Nominations

Friday, September 3, 2010 @ 02:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The cast and crew of Stargate Universe have much to be proud of  after the series received nine nominations for the  25th Gemini Awards.The Gemini awards, of-course, are the annual  television broadcasting awards  for the Canadian film  and television industry

The series’ most notable nominations include  the  nomination for Best Dramatic series,  in which  the series has competition from  other shows such as Flashpoint Durham County, Republic of Doyles and Tudors.

Lead actor Robert Carlyle , who plays Dr. Nicholas Rush, was nominated for the Best Actor in a Dramatic series award  for his outstanding  performance  in  the  episode,Human. Meanwhile, Actor Louis Ferreira, who portrays Colonel Everett Young,  was also nominated for the same award for  his performance in the   mid season  parter, Justice. As for  director nominations, Andy Makita was bestowed the nomination of Best Directing in Dramatic series for  his work on the series premiere, Air Part 1.

Further nominations for Stargate Universe have been placed below, as seen on  Gateworld.

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
Jim Menard – “Light”

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series
Rick Martin – “Human”

Best Sound in a Dramatic Series
Kelly Cole, Jay Cheetham, Kirby Jinnah, Bill Mellow, Patrick Ramsay, Steve Smith, Joe Watts, Matt Wilson –  Air Part 1

Best Visual Effects
Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Shannon Gurney, Vivian Jim, Andrew Karr, Michael Lowes, Kodie MacKenzie, Krista McLean, Alec MClymont, Craig Vandenbiggelaar – “Air, Part 1″

Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series
Joel Goldsmith – “Light”

The 25th Gemini Awards Ceremony will be hosted by the Industry Gala Presentations  from Tuesday, November 2 2010- Wednesday, November 3 2010 at  the Kool Haus Entertainment Complex in Toronto.The  broadcast gala will also be streamed live on November 13 2010 on Global and Showcase.

Congratulations are extended to the cast  and crew  of Stargate Universe for this  notable set of achievements!