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Archive for July, 2012

Child Actors of Modern Family Also Set To Seek Raises

Sunday, July 29, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Just when it seemed that the production of Modern Family and ABC studios had sorted through its dispute with cast members, The Seattle Post  now reports that the child cast members are also asking for raises.

 The young stars Ariel Winter,[ Alex Dunphy] Rico Rodriguez,[ Manny Delgato] as well as Nolan Gould[  Luke Dunphy] are  supposedly scheduled to have a  meeting with officials from ABC next week which in addition to  a pay increase also include  securing posts for an extra eighth season.

Actress Sarah Hyland [ Haley  Dunphy] is set to have her contract renegotiated, but will do so separately seeing as she already earns a higher pay.

Although the three have demands, the manner in which they attempt to have them met will not need to be as drastic as the adult cast members who recently skipped a table reading and filed a law suit  against 20th Century Fox due to a technical glitch in with contract as a way to generate circumstances which warrant a negotiation

Although producers  initially expressed relief  as per our previous report at how the dispute with  the  adult cast had ended, allowing for all to focus on work for the coming season,it seems that there is now another set of issues which shall need to be addressed. Best wishes are extended to both the cast and the production during this critical period for a swift and mutually acceptable resolution.

 What is your response to the younger cast seeking raises and what is your prediction on the outcome this will have as well as the impact it may have on production for the fourth season? Share your response in the comments section, below.

Cast of Modern Family Strikes A New Deal:Law Suit To Be Dropped

Saturday, July 28, 2012 @ 02:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

After extensive conflict, the cast of Modern Family has reached a for the coming fourth season with 20th Century Fox the studio that produces the series for ABC, reports The LA Times.

Of course,this agreement comes merely days after a law suit was first filed last week by adult cast members, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara, Jessie Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrel to break the existing contract due to the fact that the cast noticed a void in the terms of agreement that their contracts were to end in violation of California law prohibiting deals that run longer than seven years- a tactic commonly used to have the contracts renegotiated with higher pay.This violation applied to the contracts of the cast as they had signed before June 2009 but had contracts that were ending in June 2016.

The cast members  used the opportunity to renogiate and demand a pay increase from their previous $65,000 annual to an income of$200 000 per episode with significant annual increases for the following years.

Although ,the studio made an initial offer of $150,000 along with significant annual increases for the following seasons,reliable sources who are closely involved have noted that the final figures are $160,000 per episode for cast members Vergara, Ferguson, Stone street, Bowen and Burrell. However, with $15, 000 bonuses for each of the cast members for each episode the pay is brought up to $175 000.

Actor, Ed’O Neill who plays the character of Jay Pritchett was already earning above 100, 000 per episode has also demanded a raise in order to show  a unified stance with the cast members. In light of the recent negotiations,his income per episode will receive a slight increase as well.

With the deals having been secured,the cast shall be withdrawing the lawsuit filed with the California Superior court.

As for the relationship between the cast and the studio, co-creator Steve Levitan demonstrated his lack of ill feelings by expressing his satisfaction at the favorable outcome which the cast earned, particularly stating that “They’re a huge part of the success of ‘Modern Family,’ and I’m happy they’re going to get what they deserve,” he said.

 What is your response to the recent string of events and what is your response to the outcome which the cast received? Share your response in the comments section.

ABC Sets Season 4 Debut Date For Modern Family

Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 01:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, ABC released its premiere schedule earlier this week as reported on TV Guide.

 According to the report,the  fourth season of Modern Family  shall debut on  Wednesday, September 26 @ 9;00pm eastern time immediately following the one hour premiere of The Middle.

  Refer to our most recent report on what is in store for the coming season @

Modern Family Producers Reveal Scoops on Season 4

Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 01:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed with the fourth season of Modern Family well underway in production  and also having won 14 emmy awards the producers partook in a recent interview with TV Line where details on the forthcoming season were revealed. Indeed from Gloria’s [Sofia Vergara] pregnancy to Haley’s[Sarah Hyland] college situation to other relevant situations there is a great depth of details released.

 The season will start off with Gloria revealing her pregnancy to the family and viewers exploring  the particular reactions of each of the members, particularly commented that;

“ The big arc this season is obviously Jay[Ed O' Neill] and Gloria having this baby. There’s a lot of preparation that comes with that and also a lot of fallout. Gloria, for example, is gaining weight but not wanting to change any of her outfits, which is funny. Jay is caught up dealing with some anxiety about being a dad again, when thought he was done with those 30 years ago. But also, Mitch and Cam worked really hard to try and get a baby last year, and now these other people — who weren’t really trying — did, and Claire, whose family is getting smaller because Haley’s gone off to college, is a little bit jealous of Gloria getting to be a mom again”.

While it will be exciting to see the challenges that lay ahead for the couple as they cope with changes of their lifestyles and attitudes as a result of the pregnancy, Gloria will deliver her baby at the midpoint of the season.

The producers also outlined other noteworthy storylines which will be a part of the season, including Cameron’s[ Eric StoneStreet] return to teaching as he accepts a post as an elementary school. The season will also feature a promising Halloween   episode.  It will be interesting to see how Claire will once again celebrate her favourite holiday.

As for Haley, both producers elaborate in how the character will be a part of the show’s coming season for nearly all of the episodes, particularly by explaining some of the emotional issues she copes with while dealing with her increased independence.

‘We have a way in mind of keeping Sarah involved… Once you’re part of this family, you’re always a part of this family indicated producer, Levitan”.

“She’s involved in virtually all episodes. She heads off to college, but it’s not that far away. She stays in touch, and she visits home; it’s kind of a typical first-year-in-college experience, in that she feels a little bit of loneliness and adjustment. She wants her family, but doesn’t want her family. So, it’s a nice change in her life that’s going on, but she’s far from removed from our family, added Lloyd”

 What are your reactions to the direction in which the show will be taking which storyline are you the most excited for? Take the poll below and elaborate in the comments section.

[polldaddy poll=6420418]

Mindy Kailing Still Set To Appear in Season 9 of The Office

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 @ 11:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

According to a recent report from The Vulture, Mindy Kailing’s involvement with  NBC’S The Office will continue in the ninth season. The actress was previously not expected to be involved with the show’s forthcoming ninth season as she has been heavily involved in producing, writing and starring in her comedy show for NBC entitled, Mindy’s Project.

While this may be pleasing for some viewers, it should be noted that Kailing, who portrays the character of the customer service representative Kelly Kapoor will  appearing a reduced capacity of at least two episodes. Presently, there is no word as to when the two episodes will allow for the character to be written off or if she will be brought in for specific recurring purposes until a point at which the show concludes.

What is your response to the degree in which Mindy shall be appearing as Kelly? What speculations do you have about the nature of her involvement in the forthcoming season?.What do you think will become of Ryan and Kelly’s relationship? Sound off in the comments section below.

Interview With The Office’s Ameenah Kaplan

Saturday, July 21, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Ameenah Kaplan

Ameenah Kaplan has been leading an evolving role within the American entertainment industry. The actress who studied at the experimental theater wing of Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, has been making increased number of appearances in various prominent series such as Grey’ Anatomy, Law and Order as well as Harry’s Law.

More recently, Ameenah has been staring on NBC’S The Office in the show’s eighth season as the character of Val . With the actress being kind enough to participate in a interview with me, I took the opportunity to discuss Val’s development in terms of the character’s relationship with  Darryl Philbin [ Craig Robinson] as well Ameenah’s aspirations for the character in the show’s forthcoming ninth season, the actress’ experience in portraying the character and working on the sets of The Office as well, other  projects which the talented actress has recently been involved in.

Read through the complete interview below and share your response to it in the comments section, afterwards.

Abbas Karimjee: How have you related to the character of Val? In what ways are you two similar and how are you two different?

Ameenah Kaplan:Val is an interesting lady. She’s very focused and driven. We’re similar in that way. She’s used to being around the guys and so am I, so I think I fit her skin naturally. Her personality is more subdued than mine. I can bounce off the walls, where as I can’t really see Val doing that.

Were there any challenges associated with portraying the character of Val? How did you overcome such challenges?

Oh yes. The biggest challenge was getting over the fact that I was acting with comedy giants! It was a trip. They threw me right in, no training wheels. It was awesome. I didn’t want to screw it up, so I got some advice from friends. They reminded me that it’s about the work. Just do the work and don’t worry about the rest. It’s always good to hear that.

This past season,Val has been portrayed as being a potential romantic partner for the character of Darryl even though she is currently involved in a relationship outside of work with a restaurant owner, Brandon.Who would you like to see Val end up with and why?

Haha! Darryl, of course. Although Brandon is really handsome.

Although it remained unclear at the end of the season 8 finale whether the character would choose Darryl or remain with her current boyfriend, Brandon, we did see her participate in Darryl’s family photo. While Val mentioned early on in the season that she was reluctant to date coworkers, what do you think she sees in Darryl which  may prompt her to reconsider this?

He’s adorable. He’s really working hard to get her attention and wear down her defenses. I think Val is okay with fraternizing so long as it’s the real deal. Darryl has a reputation. I think she could tell that. 

 NBC recently announced that the show has been renewed for a ninth season.What was your reaction when you discovered this? Although it is quite early on in the production process, what can you tell us about what is in store for the ninth season, both for Val as well as for the show in general?

I was happy for everyone involved with the show. It’s really a family there. They deserve this coming season. They’ve earned it. I’m the new kid. I’m grateful to be written in at all!

We have seen Val extensively within the context of her developing relationship with Darryl. Would you like to see other aspects of the character explored, perhaps through her backstory as well as by exploring her interactions with some of the other characters portrayed by the ensemble cast? What particular aspirations do you have for the character?

If I’m lucky, the writers are just getting started with Val. They are among the best around, so I trust that they are figuring ways to make the character compelling in the scope of the ensemble. Right now, she’s serving a very specific function. I’m still figuring out exactly what that is, lol, which may have something to do with it. The writers might still be getting to know both me and Val.

 How many episodes will you appear in for the ninth season?

If I’m lucky—a bunch.

 You have appeared in several episodes of The Office’s eighth season. Could you please share some of your favorite moments from working on the set, either on-screen or off-screen?

I really enjoyed the Pool Party episode at Robert California’s house. I liked it as much for the episode as I did for getting to spend time with my cast mates and the crew. It was hilarious. We were on location, soaked for 2 days straight. Everyone worked hard and achieved a very funny result. But, I wouldn’t recommend swimming with your dreads down. Tie them up! It’s easier to stay afloat.

Have you been involved in other acting projects which you would like to share with viewers?

Right now I’m featured in several ad campaigns including AT&T, USPS, Fidelity, and Progressive. And keep your fingers crossed for projects in the works!

 Is there any message which you like to give to fans of The Office?

Thanks for being cool to me. I really appreciate it!

Season 5 of Little Mosque on the Prairie Now Available on DVD

Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 12:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Little Mosque on the Prairie: Complete Fifth Season

Viewers of Little Mosque on the Prairie should be excited to discover that the fifth season of the sitcom is now available for purchase through CBC’S Online Shop  for a current sale price of $25:99[CA]

 The fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie, which initially aired from January 2011- March 2011  featured  Amaar [Zaib Shaikh]and Rayyan’s [Sitara Hewitt]relationship  as an engaged couple and the challenges  involved  in the two’s relationship  which was observed in accordance to the Islamic faith,leading up to the  much anticipated wedding. Meanwhile Reverend William Thorne[ Brandon Firla] attempts to reform and build positive  relationships in the community  in various ways, including one of a romantic nature with  the town’s librarian, Rose. The season also brought forth special guest appearances by  cast members from  earlier seasons including Derek McGrath[ Reverend Duncan Magee] , Carlo Rota[ Yasir Hammoudi] and Aliza Vellani[ Layla Siddiqui].

 The  2 disc DVD  set features all 14 episodes as well as a bonus blooper. Additional features have been listed below, as seen on CBC’S  Online Shop.Shipping is typically expected within 3-4 days, however may vary somewhat depending on factors such as location .

-322 Minutes

- Closed Captioned

- 16:9 Widescreen

- 5.1 Dolby Digital

- Region 0

Will you be purchasing the fifth season of the show? Should you be watching for the first time, which particular story element are you the most excited to see unfold?  Share your response in the comments section, below.

Modern Family Producers Reveal Details on Season 4

Friday, July 13, 2012 @ 03:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

 With the new season of ABC’S ,Modern Family under production producer  Steven  Levitan has revealed some details about the forthcoming season.

According to a recent report from TV Guide ,  the fourth season will start off with Gloria[Sofia Vergara] revealing her pregnancy to the family , to which Mitchell [ Jesse Tyler Ferguson]and Claire[ Julie Bowen] will respond  negatively as a result of their  lack of desire  to have another step sibling.

However, it seem the show’s characters are not the only ones to express surprise at the news. According to the  report, the child cast members of the show were unaware of Gloria’s pregnancy until the season finale aired.  Nolan Gould [ Luke]  commented on his reaction and the circumstances behind  how the storyline was kept a  surprise stating that”They didn’t tell any of us it was happening,” reveals Gould. “It wasn’t in the script. They filmed Sofia with one camera guy, one sound guy and one hair and makeup guy. I didn’t find out until I watched it.”

“I didn’t know about it,”  expressed Rico Rodriguez [ Manny]. “It was a surprise! And I was there when she was filming it!” he said, before dishing on what kind of sib he’d like for his character. “I’d probably want him to take after Manny so I can teach him how to make espressos! Make coffee, how to dress properly, how to write to girls.”

While this development may be brief, it raised many questions  regarding the reactions of the other characters  to Gloria’s pregnancy.  How will Manny respond to the prospect of having to share his mother with a sibling  given the two’s close relationship? What will Jay’s response be given  how he expressed how he was to old to handle children in the finale? What comical situations  will arise from the modern scenario of having  Jay raising a child at his age? How will  Mitchel and Claire’s disapproval be interpreted by Gloria and what  particulates tensions may arise?  How will Lilly respond to somewhat less attention from the extended family, with the arrival of a new baby?

How do you feel about the pregnancy storyline?

Share  your response, speculations, predictions, and/ or questions in the comments section below!

Modern Family Renewed For Season 4

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Ed O’Neil (Jay Pritchett), Sophia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett), Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado) Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy), Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy), Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy), Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy), Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell Pritchett), Eric Stonestreet (Cam Tucker), Aubrey Anderson Emmons (Lilly Tucker-Pritchett)

Indeed, ABC’S Modern Family  has been renewed for a fourth season which is currently set to debut this Fall. The Emmy award swimming series with top ratings was one along four series which were given early renewals back in March, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

A full synopsis of the series which I only recently  had the chance to view has been placed below. The show will be covered extensively on the blog and will be one of the site’s prominent elements in the coming months.

Modern  Family  examines what it means  to be a family in  modern day  America by portraying a diverse American familythrough the form of momentary type  storytelling.  The patriarch  of the family, Jay Pritchett is a wealthy, old aged  yet highly uptight  business, man who remarried a passionate, assertive  and much younger Columbian women named Gloria, after a failed marriage.  Jay must now try to keep  up with the energy which  his much younger wife has   while trying to help her raise her preteen son, Manny, a  11 year old boy who is  highly intelligent  for his  age yet  a person who is a romantic. All the while Jay tries to do his best to respect his wife’s  Columbian  heritage which  often clashes in this unique type of interracial  marriage.

Meanwhile, there is  Claire Dunphy,  who is  Jay’s uptight and highly anxious daughter . She is married to  Phill Dumphy a successful yet klutzy   real estate agent and   a  recognized cool dad .Together the two have raised three children. The eldest is Haley , a  highly independent and sociable 17 year old  girl ,  Alex,   a 15 year old  girl who  is socially awkward but   a very bright student  and Luke, a highly  inattentive yet  innocent and adorable 11 year old.

The final  tree to the family is  Mitchell ,Jay’s  gay son who is an uptight yet brilliant  lawyer. He  has been  involved in a long term relationship  with Cameron  Tucker for the past five years, a man who was raised  in  a farm in Missouri. Together the two have adapted  a Vietnamese baby, Lilly and must navigate through   the challenges  of being first time   parents  while coping with the additional challenge  of interacting  with  others  who can be critical of  their unconventional  yet passionate relationship.

With   themes such as homosexual  relationships, interracial  marriage, awkward  teenagers , raising  children , parenting, some obsessive compulsive  characters  and more the series definitely resonates with a diverse group of audiences who have  often  experienced the highly  comedic yet common  experiences in the portrayals  on the show. Indeed there are many intriguing yet increasingly  relatable situations on the show, from  Claire’s disapproval  towards Haley’s boyfriend, Dylan and her  consequent  desire to control her   daughter’s life to issues such as Gloria’s conflict with Jay  about having fireworks at Christmas as per Columbian tradition  as well as issues such  Cam’s insecurity about being treated as a woman by Mitchell as a result of his[Cam’s] more  feminine behaviour. Such situations  allow for the show to convey  the strength of family even when there is such a  range in diversity which strikes highly  amusing yet  simultaneously  sensitive  conflicts. The award winning  sitcom  has truly witty writing  which   brings about exceptional performances  from the ensemble cast , which each member in the family can resonate with  in some way and  thus enjoy a few laughs.

With the show having  just finished airing its  third season on ABC, viewers discovered that Mitch and Cam were unsuccessful in adapting a baby as a result of  an unexpected surprise   , but it turns out that  Gloria has now found herself pregnant. Meanwhile, Haley revealed her surprising plans to move in with Dylan  now that she had secured a part time job at the Gap, but  was surprised with the sudden turn of events which changed  when she discovers that Luke had  been hiding her letter of acceptance  to  college.

Below, is a slideshow which essentially  , briefly summarizes the major development s and plotlines  as well as other notable moments which occurred in the show  throughout  the previous third season. A great way  to  way to reflect on the developments of the past seasons we await for the  impending fourth season.

Share  your predictions and/ or aspirations for the fourth season as well as your favorite parts of the slideshow in the comments section, below.

Thank you to Zaynab 29, the blog ‘s General Project  Assistant  for performing the captions on the  official cast photo.

Thank you to the Youtube group @ Supportfire 115 for its assistance in locating  various photos used in the slideshow. Visit the Youtube group@ for gamers  of popular games such as Mine Craft , Shooters and more!