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Archive for March, 2015

Aliza Vellani Chats About iZombie

Sunday, March 29, 2015 @ 02:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Read through our latest interview with Little Mosque’s Aliza Vellani as she chats more in depth about her latest role as Marcy on CW’S iZombie

Abbas Karimjee:Marcy is a friend of the main character, Liz. Although the two initially had a more antagonistic relationship they grow to become  somewhat fond of another each other.

Aliza Vellani:I wouldn’t say Liv and Marcy are too fond of each other. More like the two consider each other friendly competition.

AK:.Given that Marcy plays a critical role in inviting Liz to the boat, how do you think this shows your character’s significance to the show’s storyline?

AV:Well it’s like you said, if Marcy hadn’t invited her to the boat party, I’m pretty sure Liv would be eating something much more appealing than brains with hot sauce. I remember watching the series premiere and just as Liv turns into a zombie, my sister turns to yell at me, “So you’re the reason she turned into a zombie?!”

AK:Given Marcy’s critical role at the beginning , how will the two’s relationship further develop? 

AV:Lets just say the tension between the two is still very much alive in the third episode.

AK:You have mentioned that the third episode will be a notable one for your character. In what way will it be significant for her?

AV:After the premiere of the first episode, I got asked a lot of questions about Marcy’s character. Did she go to the boat party? Was she one of the survivors? Is she like Liv and Blaine? All I can say is that all of these questions will be answered in episode 3.


Vellani comments on how the tension between Liz and Marcy will continue in the upcoming third episode.

AK:.Izombie is a much darker, more intense show with a great deal of personal losses at stake for its characters compared to some of your previous roles. After the show having aired, are there any other reactions you would like to share with us about how it was to work in a series with such a different tone than what viewers have previously seen you in the past.

AV:Unlike the other work I have done in the past, Izombie was full of action packed storylines. In almost every scene we shot, something exciting was happening. Every episode reveals higher stakes and adds more thrills to the series.  It was definitely an adrenaline rush.

I got an interesting reaction the other day when a friend showed me a post someone made after watching my character in Izombie. Funny enough, that person recognized me as Layla from Little Mosque on the Prairie. I was surprised to see that someone recognized me from an entirely different genre. It was very humbling.