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5 Interview Tips

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 @ 07:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

5 Interview Tips:Our Site’s Interview Advice Model


1. Be on time for the interview. This will allow you time to be relaxed upon your arrival and complete any other documentation which may be required.


2.Smile, be polite and relax. As a result, the employer will gain the impression that you are confident, have good communication skills and are able to remain effective during stressful a occurrences


3. Practice interviewing. Frequent practices will help ensure that you are prepared for the interview,


4. Discuss any previous occupations you have had and the benefit that you have received from the past experiences. This will show that you are constantly learning and trying to find new and practical ways of improving your overall workplace performance.


5.Maintain a habit of doing frequent eye contact. This will allow you to constantly show interest in the job, your confidence , your relaxation and your social skills.

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