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Archive for the ‘Homeschooling’ Category

Homeschooling and the School Officials

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 07:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The following information should not be considered as legal advice.These procedures are not applicable for all localities.The blog management can also not assume responsibility for any contents which may be posted by Google.

Procedures in Initiating Homeschooling

Parents/ who wish to homeschool their child[ren ] should contact their school principal and subsequently reserve an appointment with him/her to conduct further discussion.

During the meeting parents/guardians should provide the principal and any other school authorities with the reason[s] for considering homeschooling as an option.

The final decision is to be made by the parent[s] /guardian[s] of the child[ren].

Parental figures who decide to homeschool their children should write a letter of intent to the principal of the school.Upon the arrival of the letter of intent , the principal will act accordingly by fowarding the notice directing the parental figures to the superintendent or designated figure of authority at the board of education .The figure of authority will consider the request and indicate the final decision to the parental figures which will be copied to the principal.In most scenarios the request is approved and upon arrival of acceptance the parental figures may begin to homeschool.[Requests may only be denied on the basis of reasonable grounds; student's poor attendance history, third party complaint with regards insufficent instruction, invalid reason provided for homeschooling and e.t.c] Similarly the principal of the school should remove the child from the school’s register.Parent[s]/guardians who wish to continue homeschooling their children in subsequent school years should construct and send a letter of intent to the appropriate designate by the beginning of the school year in which the child is to be homeschooled.

Students who have not been enrolled in the school system may begin homeschooling once a letter of intent for homeschooling is provided to the appropriate figure of authority and an approval is received in response to the letter.

Parental figures who do not receive a response to their letter of intent within one week’s time should consult the appropriate designate at the school board.

Part Time Homeschooling

Certain school states/provinces provide funding for students to attend school on a part time basis.Such students are referred to as part time homeschooled pupils. As a result, students may attend school for 50% or less of the instructional day.Funding is provided to the school in accordance of the time the student remains in school.Parental figures are responsible for providing satisfactory instruction for the subjects in which the child has been excused from school attendance.

Parent[s]/guardians who are interested in part time homeschooling should follow the procedures indicated above with respects to full time homeschooling.The principal and the school board designate must approve the request in order to have the child excused from school.


The Advantages of Homeschooling

Saturday, May 24, 2008 @ 11:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Advantages of Homeschooling

The purpose of this site is to provide information with regards to the advantages associated with homeschooling.The management cannot assume responsibility for the contents within any of the advertisements/links which have been posted by Google.

Definition: Homeschooling is when a child is primarily educated by his/her parental figure[s] instead of receiving instruction from a formal gathering of individuals on regular basis.

Advantages: There are several advantages which are associated with homeschooling.These advantages are apart of certain aspects such as ethics, academics, self confidence , and general happiness of a child.

In Depth Analysis-Advantages

Behavior: Homeschooled children are provided with the opportunity to grow in a parentally governed environment.Therefore parents are provided with an opportunity to control who their children associate with and thus they may have been provided with an opportunity which is quite rare in modern times;they can ensure appropriate peer interactions.The appropriate peer interactions permit a child to indulge in appropriate growth .As a result homeschooled children have successfully avoided in the conductance of negative/inappropriate behavior which is learned from the school system.Homeschooled children have also relatively managed to remain as morally “sound” individuals who have avoided peer pressure.As a result of their avoidance they have developed independence and excellent decision making skills.Many homeschooling families consist of religious backgrounds and have successfully managed to instill and maintain their child’s moral and religious values by avoiding the strongly secular public school system in which most parents send their children.Research has also suggested that homeschooled parents have a more significant impact on the overall development of their child compared to children who are in school.

Academics:There are also several academic advantages associated with homeschooling.The parent[s] /guardian[s] who homeschool their child may educate a child based on his/her learning requirements.A homeschooled child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability can benefit from his home based instruction as he/she can absorb information, grasp key concepts and complete assignments at a pace which is suitable to their overall ability instead of working in an environment in which is/she could potentially be overwhelmed in and/or labeled as ‘stupid’. Similarly a gifted child may benefit from homeschooling by being allowed to explore concepts which require a greater intellectual capacity than the average child in the individual’s age group.Overall, homeschooling children undoubtedly receive more attention in terms of their progression than the average school student.

Another primary advantage of homeschooling is that the parent[s]/guardian[s] are the child’s main instructor. At the end of the day the parental figures love, know and in all aspects care for the child more than any other individual.Therefore parental figures have a generally excellent perspective with respects to their child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. As a result they have the necessary qualifications to assist their child in overcoming his/her obstacles and difficulties and eventually reaching his/her full potential.

Homeschooled children may be given leeway with respect to the material covered in their academic program which means that they may be able to explore concepts of interest in great detail and by doing so they would naturally be expanding and developing their love for learning.A love for learning instills profound characteristics such as curiosity of one’s surrounding , general awareness and ,motivation to continue enhancing in positive growth.In general, homeschooling can allow a child to learn for the sake of learning according to one’s overall ability.

Homeschooling can also instill the love for learning by avoiding the unnecessary and emotionally tiring effects of stress which many school children endure due to the enormous amounts of unessential homework which is assigned to them on a regular basis.Although teachers and parents of school children may find homework to be beneficial ; they will in general agree that their students/children have to spend many hours during several nights on a frequent basis in attempts to complete the assigned material and as a result their general curiosity and love of learning diminishes.In general, the children themselves find the work to be of no use in terms of the big picture of life and loose the will to learn explore and indulge in positive development during their free time.The reason for this is that they have formed a positive relationship between learning and school.On the other hand homeschooling children will find theselves to be less overwhelmed due to the reasons which have been indicated above.[see paragragraph4-5]

Self Confidence-Comparison between School and Homeschool :Homeschooled children have an opportunity which school children are usually deprived of.They have the opportunity to develop self confidence;an important instinctual form of positivity which particularly develops a sense of one’s own ability , hope and perseverance and thus it allows the appropriate maintenance of believe in one’s own general capabilities .Homeschooled children can develop self confidence because they have not been placed in a environment where learning is observed for obtaining praise and/or receiving a designated level of achievement based on a professionals opinion which is generally meant to reflect the intelligence and homeschooled children will not find themselves to be placed in overwhelming academic situations which in metaphoric terms drains the joy of childhood in all aspects[e.g, family time, natural learning as suggested above, recreational activities, social development, and simply relaxation e.t.c]The reason for all of the above is because the primary purpose of homeschooling a child in terms of providing an appropriate academic environment is that the material introduced is usually on the basis of quality instead of the common school principle which generally provides an indirect suggestion that enormous amounts of homework can be to students who can successfully manage to complete the work with proper diligence.

The quality principle which is usually enforced in the homeschooling environment instills the value and belief of work excellence and possibility of appropriate completion which permits a child to have faith in success. The lack of academic pressure ensures that a child will avoid undergoing the negative effects associated with despair, stress, loss/lack of self respect and self confidence.

Happiness and Homeschooling:Positive Relationship

A child’s overall happiness can be improved and developed through homeschooling as he/she recieves the entitled love, care, attention and general sense of security from their parental figures.Homeschooled children are provided with the opportunity to maintain and enhance their parental relationships.

In general, Homeschooling has several advantages which allow a child to enhance and develop a positive lifestyle based on ethics, academics, self confidence and overall happiness.

You can obtain further information on homeschooling by contacting your local school board or by visiting their URL site.Further information with regards to homeschooling can also be obtained by participating in visitations to the links placed below.Please do not hesitate to send your questions to the management.An appropriate response will be provided in a timely manner.