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Discussion Policy

This site is meant to be a safe and enjoyable virtual place for all of its visitors.In order to ensure   that this setting is instilled on this site, there are  expectations from the management and the visitors of this site.As visitors, you are encouraged to post comments and questions  on this blog and interact with other readers.However all comments  must be formulated  in accordance to the  Discussion Policy placed below.

Discussion Policy

1.No foul language ,threats ,name calling harassment, other types of personal attacks or suggestive/explicit content of any medium. Personal attacks or threats  are not accepted under any circumstances. Furthermore  discrimination on the  grounds of race,color ancestry,  place of origin,  religion,  ethnicity, economic status, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation ,family status,  marital status, age as well as against an individual who  has association with an individual protected in one of the aforementioned grounds is strictly prohibited.

Comments  of such a nature  will be  deleted  without any warning upon the first offense and the reader may be subject to further penalties.  Repeat offenses  will  result in a moderation period,  where all comments posted by the violator  will be subject to the approval of the administration before it appears on the site.Moderation periods will be lifted, once  it has been determined by the administration that the violator has refined his/  her   commenting style to adhere  to the policy. Those readers who continue to violate the policy   during    the moderation period, may have commenting privileges suspended entirely on a permanent basis.Keep in mind that we are a G rated site and  many of our readers are under the age of 18. Make sure your comments are formulated accordingly.

2.Respect the viewpoints of others.Objections and debates are encouraged only  if you convey them in a civilized manner.As such, readers who  post a comment in  capital letters  will be penalized as such  behavior is considered  shouting.

3.Spam is strongly prohibited .All spammers will be permanently denied posting rights on  the site upon their first offense.Please note that our system has been designed to automatically deny comments which consist of more than 1 link.Of-course comments of an innocent nature which consist of more than 1 link will be manually approved.Please allow 24 hours  subsequent to the time of posting for  approvals to occur  before issuing an inquiry.Such premature follow ups will not be acknowledged by the administration, under any circumstances.Readers  are also  required  to keep the discussion on topic to  the  material covered in the post .Discussions which go off topic, will be dealt with by the discretion of the administration.

4.Repeat posting of comments is  prohibited.Readers who partake in repeat posting will have their repeat post deleted .An official reminder will also  be issued to the reader.Readers who continuously  engage in repeat posting will be placed under moderation until it is determined  by the administration that  he/ she   is able to adhere to this portion of the policy.Should a comment  unintentionally have appeared more than once due to technical issues, please  immediately notify the administration   @ blogmanagement @ In such cases, the  initial aspects of this portion of the policy will not be applicable to such readers. For reference purposes,it may take up to 24 hours until the repeated comment would be removed. Failure to provide immediate notification[i.e within 20 minutes of initial posting] will still result in  the implementation of  the respective penalties outlined further above.

5.As a reader you have a right to safety on the site and you are partially responsible for satisfying this right .All comment violations must therefore be reported  to us by e-mail at .Please flag  violation reports as” High Priority” in order to receive reception as soon as possible. Violations are not  to ever be publicly reported in any of our comments sections  as   this can further escalate the  incident.Public reporting is also a breach of the policy and will be  handled by the discretion of management.  Readers are also   required to refrain from direct communication  with the  commenter  whom he/she is reporting, until  we have had a chance  to address the issue.

6 We  recommend that all comments be posted in English.   Out of  common courtesy , readers who post in a language other than English , should also include  a  English translation of  their comment so that  it can be understood and have the potential to begin or to add  to  a discussion with other readers.This  allows for readers to maintain and respect  the vibrant cultural diversity of our online community while supporting  the possibility of further discussion.Should  you require assistance in translating  your comment to English,please visit Google Translate at Effective July 2012, under no circumstances shall a member of the administration  translate a comment for readers.Readers who fail to have a comment translated  will therefore have the respective comment deleted.

7. Spoilers.  Readers should note  that Abbas Karimjee’s Weblog often posts spoilers available   through reputable online  media sources and/ or production offices as well as  TV Networks.While we will occasionally post    spoiler alerts at the  top of posts which are considered to contain a great deal   of  information, we do not guarantee this will always be the case. As a result, readers who are  particular about refraining from spoilers should independently consider which types of material he/ she will read on the blog, based on the title of the post[ example a preview post of a coming episode will definitely contain spoilers while a retrospective interview  will not]

8.  Please stick to one username per  person. This helps  build and maintain valued elements to conversations on the blog  such as consistency, identity, community and to some extent  accountability. Users who are discovered to breaking this rule by  using other usernames simultaneously  or by allowing other individuals to make use of  his/ her  username,  will be dealt with by the  discretion of the management. Penalties may include  extended moderation of  comments until it has been determined   that behavior meets our policy  .

Usernames must  also be appropriate  and respect the  initial  portions of the policy, with particular reference to the first aspect.  Those readers who are  using usernames deemed to be  inappropriate  shall be kindly  requested by  the administration to have his/ her name changed to abide by the policy. Requests may be issued by private e-mail. Failure to comply within  48  hours shall result in permanent loss of  commenting privileges. Appeals for changes made in a delayed fashion[i.e after 48 hours] may be submitted through email and will be dealt with  by the  direct discretion of the blog’s administrator, Abbas Karimjee.

9. Links. Please  only post links which are relevant to the content covered on the post of which you are commenting . However, in any case Webmasters of other  relevant sites / blogs  are encouraged to  include  to post links from their respective webpages as we enjoy   interacting  with readers through their own online platforms as well.  While all readers who are commenting on posts may post the links to their own site, under no circumstances  may one  link to a site which contains mature, adult content.  Readers who do so shall be placed on moderation.

10. Please note that this policy applies to comments made through the use of the blog’s social media platforms, where applicable.Our current social media platforms are Twitter and Facebook.

Please also note that  we do not accept correspondences which request  a member of the administration to delete one’s own comment, with  the exception of repeat posts made in accident due to technical issues, as specified further above.Such correspondents which may be sent will therefore not be responded to or dealt with in any manner by a member of the administration.

Please note that abusive correspondents directed towards a member of the administration will not be tolerated under any circumstances.Such correspondents will not be serviced and will be dealt with accordingly.

*It should  be noted that our management enforces the Discussion Policy under a zero tolerance method  in order to ensure the continuous maintenance  of reader safety  and enjoyment.

Please note that the administration  requires that all readers should review the policy at least annually.Any other changes made to the policy throughout the year will be publicized  through our social media platforms and through the use of our sidebar. During such instances readers are strongly advised to review  the policy in order to ensure that all comments can  continue to comply with it.  The administration emphasizes that not being aware of any changes made in the policy, is not  considered an acceptable  excuse for  the occurrence of  any comment violation.

Most of all we want all  readers to enjoy themselves as they participate in  the discussions! We are  all friends here and  always look forward to having expressive, respectful,  interactive and  meaningful discussions  with readers. We  truly hope you will enjoy yourself  and  look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant  community.

Readers who have questions or concerns regarding the policy,should contact us at

Thank you for  abiding this policy and for visiting the blog!We strongly anticipate that this policy will allow  you to feel safe on the  site as you actively interact  with other readers.

Thanks for dropping by!

Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager