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Gerry Dee Launches New Show-My Scottish Family

Friday, June 12, 2015 @ 06:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Gerry Dee, star of CBC's comedy Mr. D, is developing and will star in a new comedy loosely based on his Scottish family.


Indeed, Gerry Dee shall be expanding his wings even further in the field of comedy. His new upcoming venture is the half hour CBC pilot entitled My Scottish Family, announced  Project 10 Productions.

The series revolves around Phanny McPhee(Gerry Dee) who is Canadian born man residing in Scottland.He is married to a protestant women named Lizzy Knox.The two eventually end up moving back to Canada with their two teenage children and Lizzy’s father.

The series provides a showcase at some of the comical, awkward challenges, which arise from a  new Scottish family interacting with their Canadian neighbors. The series will be shot with a one-hand camera.

Furthermore, the series is expected to be based largely off of Gerry’s own background and roots from the Scottish community. “I look forward to sharing the stories and characters that my family has shared with me”, says Gerry.

Gerry Dee is receiving the Canadian award of distinction at the Banff world media festival on June 10.

Another comedy series entitled Take Sides has also been approved for production according to a unified announcement made by the CBC and   the Gurin Company the comedy will feature a variety of comedians debating about key issues through sketches monologues and videos. An audience will then decide through voting which side they support.

 Are you interested in getting a glimpse at some of elements of Gerry’s own background? Given the type of storytelling, in  Mr. D how do you expect that style will be translated to this new series, in terms of how scenarios are portrayed? Do you feel this show will help foster cross cultural dialogue and promote further understanding and how so? Do you have predictions about what storylines might be portrayed or any specific storylines you would like to see explored.

 What issues might be tackled in Take Sides? What is your response to the new direction the CBC is taking in this regard?

 Sound off in the comments section below!





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