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Happy birthday to Us !

Thursday, May 21, 2015 @ 10:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Happy birthday to  Us ! Happy birthday to Us!

Today, this blog  celebrates 7ears in operation! Its

hard to believe that  its been 7 years since the blog first opened. When it first launched, I  would not have thought that   I would  still be running this site 7 years later or that it would have brought about such rewarding opportunities. This site means so much to me and I have genuinely enjoyed running it and keeping readers informed about relevant subject matter.

Special thanks are extended to YOU the reader for supporting the blog through your continuous visits, comments and ongoing involvement in other interactive opportunities on the site. Without readers a site has no purpose or future. Your visits truly mean everything!

Indeed, our past year has been  another  fairly  successful  year, overall.The blog has also build new partnerships for advertising to increase resources available for readers as they browse through our site.Thanks are also extended to our established affiliates for their continued support throughout the past year.We  provided coverage of MR. D , including episode previews and a live chat with Jonathan Torrens which was well attended and supported by the CBC.I also  continued to provide retrospective coverage of  Little Mosque on the Prairie.Aliza Vellani also graciously participated in a retrospective interview on Little Mosque and her latest role on Izombie.

What plans do  we have for  our impending seventh year.We are actively seeking new shows to cover! Expect a list and some launches to be featured on the site next month.Posting  schedule will definitely  increase dramatically.

As always, your suggestions are welcome and can be made through the use of the suggestion box.We are in the process of exploring various other series so this a perfect time to make your voice heard.

What has your favorite post of the blog been and what types of coverage would you like to see?What  would you like to see on the site for our  upcoming year. Share your thoughts in the comments section or by e-mail.

Thank  you for being apart of the community and I  look forward to another exciting  and more active year with the readership where we continue to work together to make the blog the best it can be.


One Response to “Happy birthday to Us !”

  1. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    I have enjoyed watching little mosque on the prairie because of this blog and did the quiz too. The winning of Mr D was a goo d achievement. I ave following the interviews done by mr. Abbas Karimjee who always covers up expertly
    Congratulation on your 7th anniversary and I pray for your success now and in the future. Keep up the good work

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