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Little Mosque on the Prairie Renewed For Season 5

Friday, May 14, 2010 @ 04:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

After several weeks of waiting, an official indication    regarding Little Mosque on the Prairie’s future has been released.  Indeed the series has been renewed for a fifth season, reports  TV.

Although CBC  will not provide an official statement regarding the program’s renewal until the end of the month,  the production   for  the upcoming season commenced  last week.The news  will indeed be a relief for many members of the fandom  who were concerned about the program’s continuity after it was  revealed that the series’ viewership had drastically decreased to less than  400,000 viewers.

The fifth season will consist of 13 episodes, the first of which  will  debut in January 2011. Readers should note that the  exciting fifth season will feature all of the cast members who were present in  the series’ inaugural season , including   Carlo Rota[ Yassir Hamoudi], who was absent in the final half of the previous fourth season due to alternate professional commitments as well as   Derek McGrath[ Reverend McGee] who was not apart of the cast during the fourth season.Rota will appear in only a handful of episodes throughout the season as he continues to have alternate commitments while McGrath will return  for various episodes  in the second half of the impending season.

All of the members of the original cast of Little Mosque on the Prairie will return in the fifth season.

As far as storylines are concerned, the following season will have  a central focus on Ammar [ Zaib Shaikh] and Rayaan”s [ Sitara Hewitt]  developing relationship since  the two confessed their love for each  other in the season 4 finale.  Executive producer ,  Marry Darling commented on the challenges brought forth in  presenting this storyline indicating that “Once love is professed, the whole chaperoning is taken to a new level. It’s been a real kick for our writers to not only figure out how to keep characters apart but to keep them from touching each other.”

Brandon Firla’[Reverend William Thorne] will also continue to be apart of the main  cast during  the upcoming season. According to Darling, his character will face challenges  as he must  now try to   build a more respectable image and form positive relationships within the community.”He got his comeuppance at the end of last season and this year he’s dealing with that, trying to rebuild and find his real legs in Mercy. He’s trying to change but has some ingrained habits that make that hard”, says Darling.

Indeed we look forward to viewing the fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie .  Are you excited about the new season?  How do you feel about the direction the series is taking? What specific storylines would you like to see develop? Let us know in the comments section below!

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64 Responses to “Little Mosque on the Prairie Renewed For Season 5”

  1. Steve says:

    They really need to make fun of liberals. Perhaps go in the spirit of this blog.

    On a sad note the tone of the article suggests that the fifth season will be the last one.

    Perhaps it wouldn’t be if they started making fun of liberals. No show on television does that so it would bring in a totally new audience.

  2. Steve says:

    I want Fatima to become Mayor!

  3. Steve says:

    Baber should sue Tree and his dad for discrimination and as a result win the store next door to Fatimas and turn it into a Halal foods Grocery.

  4. Steve says:

    They need to give Layla her own series!

  5. Ruth says:

    I am very excited that Little Mosque is returning! I am also excited that DerekMcGrath is also returning, as I missed him so much! I am sad that Carlo Rota will only be in a handful of episodes, as his character is very important. I very much look forward to the development of Amar’s and Rayaan’s relationship. I did not like Reverend Thorne so much — he would be ok if the focus was not so much on him. The focus should be on the other cast members. There was far to much focus on Reverend Throrne this past season. I wish that Little Mosque will start sooner than January! That is toooooooo long to wait. But I am thrilled that the comedy is being renewed. I want to see a lot of episodes with Amar and Rayaan being the focus, but not all the focus.
    Thanks so much for renewing!!!!!

  6. Ruth says:

    Also, I think it would be fun for Baber to have a relationship.
    In addition, it would also be fun for Fatima to have a relationship as well. Perhaps with that radio announcer who is always talking against Muslims.
    Here’s an idea: Fatima and Baber get into an arranged relationship, but it turns out that Fatima really like the radio announcer. (There was some romantic interest in other episodes.) But, unfortunately, she cannot have a relationship with him because he is not a Muslim. Maybe he can try to become a Muslim out of love for Fatima. A lot of hilarious stuff can come from this!

  7. Steve says:

    Ruth, Fatima can’t get into a relationship with Fred as he is not a Muslim.

  8. Heidi says:

    Little Mosque on the Prairie is one of my favorite shows! It is both educational and fun. I think the relationship between Ammar & Rayaan needs to move forward more quickly to keep interest in the show. The mayor and Fred are also very funny….maybe there could be an election with them running it and maybe Barbar as well? Both reverends are awesome too. It’s all good!

  9. Steve, thank you for sharing your ideas with us!Its great that you have so much passion for the show!

    Heidi, I especially agree with your point on how the show should move the Ammar- Rayaan relationship in a moderate pace instead of prolonging the issue of dating throughout the entire season.

    I would like to see an election as well, just as both of you have suggested. Indeed Fatima and Baber would be very interesting as politicians . Both of their political views would definitely provoke controversy and tension amongst themselves as well as throughout Mercy.

    I think it would be great to see Sarah running for mayor and how that would affect both her working and personal relationship with Mayor Popowicx.

    Keep dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

  10. Maaz H says:

    Awesome, really cant wait
    Thankyou CBC, the whole Little Mosque team and Zarqa Nawaz for making such a tremendous effort !!

    Maaz H – Pakistan

  11. Ang says:

    i am so exicted!

  12. Thanks for your comment, Maaz. Welcome to this blog.

    We too, cannot wait for the fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Hopefully all of the efforts will make the wait worth the while.

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  13. Lorethiel says:

    We live in California and we just discovered the show. We had so much fun watching it, we ended up getting all the seasons and watching them all week long to catch up! Both my hubby and I just loved the character development, and the very large cast to follow. The Thorne character was really wrong for the show, and the actor played him way to characterized so those episodes kind of put a stick in the spokes for us. The story line on him was too one-dimensional compared to everyone else. Other than that we’ve had a ball getting to know Mercy..even though we’ve never been to Canada, and knew very little about Muslims before the show. We live in the SF Bay Area and I completely miss living out in the country. I think I would love to live in Sasqachwan..Sasakatc… Sas…errr Mercy.

  14. Thank you for sharing your viewing experience, Lorethiel. Its great that you have found watching the program to be an enjoyable family activity.
    I agree with your comments on Thorne being a one dimensional character. It was clear that he was unwilling to embrace Mercy Mosque, despite Ammar’s best intentions as seen in many instances throughout the season ,including how he had worked endlessly to have the mosque evicted.

    However, I am sure that we will find the character of Thorne to develop greatly in the coming season as producer, Mary Darling has suggested that Thorne will be trying to change in the next season [ especially given the fact that he will not be going anywhere for sometime!]

    What are your thoughts on Thorne’s expected improvement?

    Please feel free to keep sharing your thoughts!

  15. Joellyn Kopecky says:

    I’m delighted that Mosque will get a fifth season. As an American who visits Ontario several times a year, I got hooked on the first show, but have had to order the DVDs as they come out to catch up. Just finished watching Rayyan and JJ’s wedding crash and burn (but oh, that wedding dress! Heart-stopping!) So while I understand everyone else’s impatience for January, it will at least give me a chance to catch up with the rest of you.

    Hats off to CBC and the creators of Mosque for a funny, timely, teach-you-something-while-you-laugh masterpiece.

  16. Welcome to this blog, Joellyn! Glad to hear that you are enjoying catching up on Little Mosque on the Prairie. We too , are glad that the show will get another season!

    Hope you enjoy watching the fourth season and feel free to drop by once you have to share your view on the direction of the series.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feel free to continue to do so!

  17. Alicia says:

    I really love Little Mosque. I’m American and married to a Muslim, so it definitely resonates with me. I must have watched each episode 6-7 times now! The scripts are sharp and funny, the actors (many with stand-up comedy backgrounds) are great and the plot believable. The educational factor is also great – one or two new pieces of information about Islam per episode. It’s too bad that this series can’t be shown in the US as is. I think the few “Canadian” things are completely understandable and that Americans would enjoy the show a lot. With such lovable characters, who wouldn’t?

    i’m really looking forward to Season 5 and seeing Carlo Rota again. He added so much to the show and I missed his presence after Season 4, Episode 10, when he left. Make some great episodes for us!!

  18. Thank you for dropping by, Alicia. Its great that you have found Little Mosque on the Prairie to be such an entertaining show which you can thoroughly enjoy!

    Your comments on how the series regularly provides education on Islam, is something I find myself agreeing with.I also agree that many of the actors ,who have had previous experience in comedy, have helped create a strong sense of humour in the program.

    It will indeed be exciting to see Yassir again, especially with the developments of Ammaar and Rayaan’s relationship. It would be neat to see the change in the dynamic of the relationship between Yassir and Ammar , considering that he is now in a relationship with his daughter.

    Feel free to keep sharing your thoughts on the program!

  19. Mohamed Z. Rahaman says:

    I am very excited that the show will renew. Hopefully it will run for a few more years. I watch it dutifully with my daughter. It’s clean humor and it may not be I Love Lucy, but then again which show is. While I am eager to see deeper issues like extremism etc., tackled, I am aware that at the end of the day it’s really a comedy show and the show is tailored for a much wider audience.
    I am glad that Rev. McGee character will be back. I love the interaction – mentor like between McGee and Amaar and I was among the many who did not care much for the Rev. Thorne’s character, even though by the end of the season, he kinda grew on me.

    I don’t fancy that this show would have made it in the US and that is sad. The Canadians should be proud of themselves for putting this show on the air and it can only help to educate all of us and bring us closer. I understand that the show is already a hit in many Muslim countries. Now, that’s how to win the hearts and minds of a people.

  20. Thank you for sharing your insights, Mohamed.Its great that you have such passion and support for the series.

    Your comments on how McGee’s return would bring back the familiar element of the Ammar – McGee friendship is something that I can resonate with.It would be interesting to see McGee help Ammar develop a stronger relationship with Reverend Thorne, who is expected to develop greatly next season

    I also agree with your comments on how the series provides valuable education which can in turn develop understanding between the various prominent cultures of North America presented in the series.

    Feel free to keep sharing your thoughts.

  21. Michelle says:

    I watch LMOTP with my muslim friend all the way over here in New Zealand and it is such a good show. It feels like ages since I watched an episode and I can’t wait until it is back on air again. I can’t find any more recent information than this blog – is production really starting? Has it started already? Why is Carlo Rota not committing to the whole series?! He’s such a central part of the show and we sorely missed him (and Derek McGrath) in the last season. I definitely agree with you guys that the storyline needs to proceed a little faster on the Amaar/Rayaan front. Perhaps if they’re quite certain that this is the final season then they could end by tying things up nicely with a marriage or two in the finale? Just for us hopeless romantics out there watching at home..

  22. khadijah says:

    i absolutely love this series, i hope the 5th season is as good

    if you want to watch all the seasons online.. go to..

  23. Hello Michelle,

    Welcome to this blog!

    Yes, production for the fifth season began last May. According to a recent report from the official Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook page on August 62010 , the production for the fifth season has in- fact wrapped. Below is the quote from the Facebook page, which states this.

    Last day of filming for season 5. Thank you very much to the cast, crew and good folks of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. See you on the air soon!


    There is no word yet on exactly why actor,Carlo Rota is not appearing on a full time basis. We will be sure to post further information in this regard as soon as it is obtained. I do agree with your comments on how Yassir ‘s presence was quite central to the series in many respects. One such example would be how he provided a look at the dynamics in a marriage between a born Muslim and a convert.

    As for further updates, our Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 5 News post which provides up to date and thorough coverage on the upcoming fifth season will be posted by the end of this month.Be sure to drop by!

    Thank you for dropping by and please do not hesitate to pose further queries!

  24. kyla says:

    We have just gotten into Little Mosque thanks to DVDs. We absolutely love it! However, we’ve just watched the first episodes of Season Four online at CBC and we all agree – - with most of the posters here — that Rev Thorne is over the top to the point of intolerable and makes us way less interested in watching the show. It’s too bad because the show has otherwise been so very well done. Sadness.

  25. Mohamed Z. Rahaman says:

    I know that lots of loyal fans of the show don’t like the Rev. Thorne character and I personally view that as a good thing. It shows that the vast majority do not want to see a Christian clergy or anyone really portrayed in a negative way. Rev. McGee was a father (no pun intended) and mentor like figure. Even the character ‘Fred’ is really not such a bad guy and you get the feeling that underneat all that ugly persona is a really nice guy. After all he can’t do without Fatima’s pies and seems to have a thing for her. He even turned to Amar for spiritual help once ad of course Amar himself looked to Rev. McGee for advice.
    In my opinion, this shows that the audience (who I think are mostly Muslims) are eager to see Muslims and Christians get along and live in harmony.

    Just my 2 cents worth. thank you.

  26. Sage says:

    Hello… I am hooked on this show ever since my dad showed it to me about a year and a half ago…. I currently live in Bali, Indonesia and watch it on youtube all the time.. i think i have it almost all memorized. haha

    I love that Amaar and Rayyans are finally getting together… When i watched the episode where they profess their love i almost fell off the bed.

    One thing i really like about this show is that not only is it funny and educational, but the scripts are smart and well written. I am a stage preformer and i often find that tv shows are all put downs and only funny because of toilet jokes. This show is great… I can’t show my happiness enough for the nest season…

    One suggestion i have it that (being a white muslim who is serious about the path) It would be nice to see a real serious convert or white muslim on this show…

    Thank you again!!! cant wait!!!

  27. Bryce says:

    Im glad Ryaan didn’t marry JJ, I’m a guy and am surprised and almost annoyed I have become so emotionally attached to a soap opera romance. I think its because the show really has good male and female characters. A lot of the chick flick movies are really about girlfriends gossiping and drinking and have unrealistic and totally unlikeable male characters, men find that stuff boring shallow as all hell and intimidating and then there are male oriented movies where women are prizes to be won. So this is a romance story that shows both sides well. The romance is also not the main focus of the story. If I know this show it will spend a lot of time on other stuff before it really deals with last seasons cliffhanger. I want to see more stuff with Layla. She one of my favorite characters/pretty. Her and Baber are quite funny and she is really one of the most intelligent people in Mercy. I heard reverend Magee will be back. I don’t remember why he left. On the show in real life he probably just wanted to take a vacation or do something else.

    • Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, Bryce.

      It is quite interesting that both males and females can relate to the intimate relationship of Ammar and Rayyan . I agree, that this could be because of the challenges and issues of the relationship, cover both those faced by Ammar and Rayaan , making it becomes more relatable to both genders.

      We too, would like to see more of Layla in the fifth season. It was unfortunate that her character’s role in the previous season had been greatly reduced to a mere few episodes . I agree that her character’s intelligence was strong and well presented , especially through her witty remarks towards Baber.

      Layla also provided an outlook on the life of Muslim youth as they attempt to balance the demands of their western lives with those of their religion. This outlook could particularly be of interest to viewers in the coming season , as according to CBC, Layla would now be entering college/ university.
      source :

      The character of Reverend McGee had left Mercy to the north of Canada in his efforts to preach Anglicanism to the Aboriginal community. There was, however, no indication provided as to why actor Derek McGrath did not return for the fourth season.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feel free to continue to do so!

  28. Mareike says:

    I am really exited to hear that there will be a fifth season of LMOTP. I love the series and since discovering it two month ago, I have watched nearly all episodes that were available on youtube/other websites. As I live in Germany this is the only way to watch it, as the series has not made it over to Europe yet and Canadian DVDs don’t work over here… Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get hold of the last 3 episodes of season 4, so I have not yet seen Rayan and Amaar declaring themselves. :-(
    If anybody knows a website to watch these episodes, please leave a post. And for the time when season 5 is on: PLEASE upload it to youtube *begging*

  29. Hello Mareike,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I had the opportunity to search for sites with Little Mosque on the Prairie episodes and recommend that you visit the links listed below .

    However, please note that we do not assume responsibility for the contents contained within these links and emphasize that you would be visiting them at your own risk.

    Should these sites not be of help, please let me know as I can try searching for other websites.

    As for the fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie, we will post the episodes from You Tube onto the blog, no later than 24 hours after they originally air on CBC .

    Hope this helps,

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  30. Kim says:

    I am unable to find a website were I can watch an episode of Little Mosque on the Pririe. I have never seen the show and would love to check it out. If anyone could help me with a link I would geatly apprciate it.

  31. Hello Kim,

    Here are a couple of sites which you can visit to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie online. this is the link to the first episode -you can search for other episodes through the search bar of this site] [Once you reach the second season , you can visit this site which has all of the episodes from season 2 , season 3 and the first few from season 4 in chronological order]

    Please note that we cannot assume responsibility for the contents contained within these sites and emphasize that you would be visiting them at your own risk.

    Please let me know if you are having difficulties with these sites, as I can search for other links.

    Hope this helps,

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  32. Mareike says:

    I can recommend
    Up until the very last episodes of the 4th season, the links work fine.

  33. Kirsten says:

    I have watched all of the episodes (including all of season 4) on youtube. Enter LMOTP s04e01 (or whatever season and episode you want) and you will be able to watch it.

  34. Canadian says:

    Im really excited for this season. The only problem is that it comes on Mondays and I already have shows that I watch then. I wish they would schdule it on Wednesdays instead. You can go to if you want to watch the show. The stream is really high quality and really fast.

  35. Anne says:

    My daughters and I discovered this show accidentally and now watch it and really enjoy it,we live in Saudi-it would be nice for the mbc channels to pick this show up for the entire middle east audience to watch. We watch it thru the Internet but I would like for more people to see this and lighten up just as the characters on LM have learned to do by practisjng tolerance! We r happy that it’s going into a 5th season.

  36. khadijah says:

    i also live in saudi… n i agree with anna totally… they should put this on the mbc channels…. but if u want to watch it u could download it from

  37. Yes, I agree with Anne’s comment as well.Although the program is currently in several of the middle eastern countries, it would be beneficial for it to be in even more countries, such, as Saudi Arabia so that Muslims can also appreciate the message of tolerance and moderation which the series attempts to convey to them.

    Thank you to both Anne and Khadijah for sharing your thoughts and please feel free to continue to do so!

  38. [polldaddy poll=4012245]

  39. Sarah says:

    I love the show. However, I think they should have an episode with an atheist…so Ammar and Thorne can be on one side for once.

    Also, they should maybe get Baber’s ex back in Mercy or he should be paid a visit from some college friend from the past who tells everyone about the time when Babar was not-so-fundamentalistic, if that’s even a word.

    I like the idea of Fatima and Fred…but it should stem from Fatima’s son’s latest interest in being a radio DJ. Then Fred and the son bond….and it’s on!

    They can introduce a Sunni/Shia situation….to complicate matter! :)

    Season 5 should be fun!

  40. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your comment.You have quite well developed and creative ideas as to possible directions which the show can take in the fifth season.

    Your ideas with regards to Fatema uniting with Fred are interesting and I can appreciate the twist of the relationship stemming from Jamil bonding with Fred. However, do you think Fred would convert to satisfy Fatema’s requirements?

    I particularly share your enthusiasm of the show complicating the matter by depicting the difference between the Sunni/ Shia situation. Although these differences may not be embraced by all muslims, the fact remains that generally , this difference is a notable one which causes both political and social/ cultural division. Its presence on the show can help build a potential complexed plot or storyline while portraying a realistic perspective at the challenges which face Muslims in modern day society.

    How would you like to this situation addressed in the show?

    Thanks for dropping by!

  41. Marquette says:

    I am so thrilled that Little Mosque on the Prairie will be returning for a 5th season. It’s one of the few things that I actually look forward to on TV.

  42. MosqueFan says:

    I’m hoping to a return to the style of the first two season. They were always a pleasure to watch, and guaranteed to always have their share of chuckle moments.

  43. MosqueFan says:

    @Bryce the soap opera story line has hurt the show a little. The first two seasons didn’t really maintain a continuous story line; but were entertaining enough, on their own, to keep drawing people back each week.

  44. Nora says:

    I love this show so much, I can’t wait for the next season. I love Ammar and Rayaan together and Baber is soo funny. I also like Fred, I like to think that inside, he is a nice guy. I’m very glad to see that there are also non-muslims watching and loving this show, thank you very much for creating this blog and giving us the opportunity to express our love and excitement for Little Mosque on the Prairie!

    • Hi Nora,

      Welcome to this blog and thank you for your comment. We too, are excited for the fifth season of the program.

      I agree with your points,especially about how Fred is internally a kind individual. We have seen this kindness shown towards members of Mercy Mosque in the past and it would be interesting to see if there was development on this front in the upcoming season.Based on the developments of their relationship over the past four seasons, I think Ammar and Rayyan are a suitable couple and it will be exciting to see this dynamic is played out in the program’s fifth season.

      I would also like to thank you for your kind and appreciative comments. It is my pleasure to have created this blog and keeping Little Mosque on the Prairie viewers up to date with the latest coverage on the series. It has also been an extremely enriching experience to have interacted with viewers of the series on the blog and it has been rewarding to see fans share their related viewpoints and experiences with each other , as apart of their united appreciation for the series.

      Thank you for dropping by and feel free to continue to share your thoughts.

      Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  45. Fatima says:

    i need a place where i can watch it i live in america

  46. Sage says:

    i need to see the new episode…. can someone please post it on youtube? I cant see it on the official website because i don’t live in canada!

  47. Hello Everyone,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    As for a link to the holiday special, I took a look online and there does not seem to be any site which currently has it uploaded.

    I can recommend that if you know somebody with a Canadian ITunes account, who would be willing to let you use it to purchase and view the episode, you can do so for a cost of $1:99.

    We wish to make a special announcement about a opportunity which the blog has received. We are in the process of interviewing actress, Sitarra Hewitt[Rayaan Hammoudi]. Once the interview is complete, we will post it to the blog. Please stay tuned!


  48. Update – Please proceed to the home page [ for our interview with Sitara Hewitt.

    Also, we wish inform readers that we are in the process of interviewing Manoj Sood [Baber]. Stay Tuned!

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  49. Aisha B., UK says:

    I am very glad that finally Thorne has been put in his place; I was seriously sick of him already. I am very excited about Ammar and Rayyan’s engagement and I am looking forward to their marriage that would be a great culmination point for the whole series. I think it would be interesting to see Layla getting into a serious relationship, too. I mean, she complets her education and falls in love with someone, Baber could be out of it – he would finally accept that not always he is right and he could learn to be more humble, he would not mind Layla’s choice and she would be engaged, too.
    If Fred actually converted to Islam for faith, it would be an opportunity for him to marry Fatima, but converting ‘for love’, like ‘to be able to get married to someone’, isn’t 100% sincere convertion. We don’t have the right to judge a person’s faith because only God knows what is in their heart, but on the other side, it is not truly a convertion, if it is done for a human being, not for God’s sake. You know what I mean… Religion should not be a tool that we can use for our worldly goals because what really matters, is whether we actually believe in it. Converting – only if we do believe. That is the right thing.
    I think McGee should return as a reverand and Thorne should be sent back to Toronto, hopefully changed into a better person.
    The first episode of the new season was great and I hope the following episodes will be even more exciting. I can’t wait to see them all. I wish that this time, Rayyan’s wedding gown was traditionally white (last time it was white-red, also very gorgeous)… ;-)
    Aisha, UK;-)

    • Thank you for your comment, Aisha.

      It is indeed great to see that Thorne is developing [ despite his selfish motives for doing so] as before this season, he had not undergone any character development.

      Ammar and Rayyan ‘s engagement was well done[quite romantic] and it will be great to see the way in which this storyline progresses .

      It would be interesting to see a relationship between Fatema and Fred. Though you raise a valid point on how Thorne should also be committed to the teachings of the faith should he convert, it would be exciting to see the challenges and ethical dilemma presented by him converting merely to be with Fatema. It would indeed add a layer of comedy and character drama to the series.

      Though McGee will not be replacing Thorne, viewers can look forward to seeing him later this season, for a few episodes. It will be exciting to see the interactions between McGee and Thorne as well as rediscovering the bond between Ammar and McGee.It would particularly be interesting, if McGee could help act as a guide for Thorne as he attempts to improve.

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and please continue to share your thoughts on the future episodes of the season!

      Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  50. Kay says:

    Brandon Firla is a fine comedian but I agree that he is wrong for LMOTP for so many reasons. Maybe he could tone it down a little. It is so true that this series shows how Moslems and Christians can get along despite different cultures and strong personalities. Most of the characters who are a bit difficult (Fred, Barbar, Fatima, the newspaper guy) are reasonably sincere. Even the mayor is somehow appealing.

    Rev. Throne is just a guy you’d rather not have anywhere in your life. The attempts to gradually soften his attitudes don’t seem to be working. And yet, oddly, I do think I’d miss the rascal if he left the series.

    It is exciting to think the McGee character is on the way back. I really, really missed him and hope he stays this time. He is a sweet man in his own neurotic way.

    Totally agree that Ammar and Rayyan need to get married and start exploring life as a couple. That will be fun.

    I am not Muslim (or Christian, for that matter) but I love this show and feel that this series has made it easier to see that we are all much more alike than we might expect. Lots of differences, too, but that’s a good thing.

  51. vancouverrite says:

    I too am not Muslim or Christian(I’m actually Sikh) but I LOVE this show!!
    Rev. Thorne’s character shouldn’t have ever been on the show. To have someone who is actually evil on the show, & on top of it a church leader, seems a bit heavy for the over all flow of the show. I’m glad Ammar & Rayyan are finally together. I really like the way the show projects that even the so called “mean people” actually are just a bit ignorant & not really different than most of us. The BEST part is that Rev. McGee is coming back. His sweetness and tolerant ways really gives an element to LMOTP.

    • Hello Vancouveritte,

      Thank you for your comment and welcome to the blog. Its great that you have such a strong passion for Little Mosque on the Prairie!

      Though I agree, that Thorne’s character traits were initially unsuitable given his role as a religious leader, I believe by exploring his vulnerabilities and seeing him improve over the current season, we can appreciate the efforts of improvement which the character is making. As a result of his improvements, viewers have had the chance to see him in a new light. I also agree with your comments on how the show does a great job at depicting the fact that though some types of characters are engrossed in beliefs am, there is still much mo re similarity and kindness to these characters than what appears in the surface.

      It will be exciting to see Reverend ,McGee after such a long period. It will particularly be exciting to see his interactions with Thorne [ i.e how he will influence Thorne in his ongoing efforts to be a better Man] as well as to rediscover his unique friendship with Ammar. The character will be seen towards the final episodes in the season.

      Thanks for dropping by and feel free to continue to do so.

  52. Kay says:

    Vancouverite said: “To have someone who is actually evil on the show, & on top of it a church leader, seems a bit heavy for the over all flow of the show.” Maybe so, but I sometimes think we all need a reminder that calling ourselves religious doesn’t make us good people. Each of us will, someday, be alone with God to answer for what we have done with our lives. The characters in LMOTP represent a wide range of what real people are like. Without Rev. Thorne, that wouldn’t be true.

  53. Hello,

    Little Mosque on the Prairie has been renewed for a sixth season.Follow the link below, for the blog’s full report on this.

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  54. Bryce says:

    I have my suspicions that Saldim5 is actually a troll, his comment sounds too silly to be real. I miss Layla she was one of the best characters. I guess she supposedly went to college, I am not sure.

  55. Bryce says:

    Steve. Have you seen the one where Layla finds the Vegan store? That one is totally making fun of extremists vegans that are ironically everything they think religious people are, its a funny episode. I think Sarah in many ways is a parody of the liberal almost too polite Canadian woman, she is definitely a likable character but I feel like much of the humor of her character is making fun of that. Saldim you are totally a troll, yes I go to school with a lot of real Muslims, he sounds like a fake scimitar wielding Muslim/klingon type character from a TV move

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