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Live Chat With Mr.D’s Jonathan’s Torrens(Robert Cheeley) Monday, March 9 From 5:00pm -7:00pm EST

Friday, March 6, 2015 @ 11:03 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

This year alone, in addition to playing Robert Cheeley on Mr. D., he was the host of Wipeout Canada (TVTropolis), shot the 26-episode third season of TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens (TVTropolis), on which – in addition to hosting – he serves as writer/producer/director. And he’s just finished shooting the third season of the multi-award winning Jason Priestley sitcom Call Me Fitz (HBO Canada). Before that, Torrens was seen as “Gerald” on Spike TV’s popular reality show parody Joe Schmo 2. Hosting stints include both The Kids Are in Charge (Travel Channel U.S.) and Popularity Contest (CMT U.S.), as well as co-anchoring and reporting on Reality Remix (Fox Reality Channel’s daily flagship show) and making frequent appearances on the E! Network’s popular 50 Most…clip shows. The 2008 theatrical release of Trailer Park Boys; Countdown to Liquor Day wrapped up a 7 season, 2 feature film Gemini Award nominated run for Jonathan as J-Roc (a culturally-misguided wannabe rapper) on the hit Showcase series. In Canada, Jonathan’s sketch, host and writing work on five seasons (225 episodes) of Jonathon earned a total of 7 Gemini Award nominations, including Best Individual Performance in a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series.Most recently, Jonathan has been awarded with the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards for the best actor in a featured supporting role in a comedy series.

Today, from 5:00pm -7:00pm eastern standard time EST fans can interact with the actor by asking him questions related to his work on Mr.D and his acting career in general. Fans are also welcome to share relevant comments with the delightful actor as well. With Mr.D currently progressing through it’s fourth season and having just been renewed for a fifth one, it’s a great way and time to interact!

The comments section will open up shortly before the event @ approximately 4:45pm eastern standard time.In order to see Jonathan’s responses to the questions and to see what other readers are asking, be sure to refresh the page several times throughout the session. This will ensure
Questions related to the event can be sent by  e-mail @ Live technical support during the event will be available on the Facebook Event Page@ look forward to hosting this event!

116 Responses to “Live Chat With Mr.D’s Jonathan’s Torrens(Robert Cheeley) Monday, March 9 From 5:00pm -7:00pm EST”

  1. JP Sousa says:

    What is your most memorable moment as Robert Cheeny and JRoC.?
    I loved that you brought the JRoC attitude to Mr. D in the previous episode.

  2. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    A warm welcome to Jonathan and to all blog’s valued readers who will be joining us this this evening

    We will start up in just under 15 minutes.

  3. athena says:

    whats your favourite thing about being an actor

  4. Zorro says:

    Favourite memory of mr.d?

  5. that.fangirl says:

    What will be happening for your character in the future?
    Huge fan, would mean the world to me if you replied! Hugs!

  6. Duane says:

    J-Roc: The Musical, coming soon? I vote yezzesup.

  7. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hi guys, jonathan here!

  8. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Welcome Jonathan!Great to have you here!

  9. Hi Jonathan, is their any character you have not yet played that you would love to? If so please give an example/role/scario

  10. Jonathan Torrens says:

    first, to JP – lots of memorable moments as j-roc and cheeley. getting arrested this season on D was quite a highlight. bringing the j-roc to D was also fun. as j-roc, the nomesayin turntable speak was pretty epic.

  11. Has the thought been brought to the writers to bring the cast on TPB or bring you on as Mr C on TPB? I think it wold be brilliant to do a split screen with J Roc meeting Mr C ? Your thoughts as well please :)

  12. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey Cluster Head Survivor – i love music, so playing a musician would be a fun way to combine my interests. gordon lightfoot maybe?

  13. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey athena – favourite thing about being an actor is trying to find some funny in the truth of a situation. it also helps that you get to wear nice clothes that someone else bought. :)

  14. Jonathan Torrens says:

    that fangirl – thanks so much for saying so! i can’t give too much away but suffice to say that an opportunity arises for robert but things don’t go quite the way he planned…

  15. Your acclamations for being a really great actor has really brought you such a great career ( IMHO). Has the thought or offer to go Hollywood or you always a Maritimer for life?

  16. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey zorro – i love getting to do (bad) accents. last week, speaking “scottish” to gerry’s dad was pretty fun. also, the boston overnight trip was a blast.

  17. You have worked with some famous Canadians (two here from London Ont-Biebs and Volmer). Are we to expect any more celebrities in the up coming season? (hint?) and you can reply in your best Scottish accent–accchh eiiii

  18. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – i’ve been to hollywood. lived in LA for several years but ultimately, i’m a canadian first and a maritimer second. there’s no better country in the world and i love the balance i can achieve in my life here.

  19. Öłïvër says:

    Just wanted to say hi!

  20. Zorro says:

    What inspired you to be an actor?

  21. Jonathan Torrens says:

    oliver! glad you did. hi back.

  22. question/favour/dream/bucket list…..would you suggest to CBC to fly a fan to Halifax for an extra in a show? I know…wishful thinking….sorry had to ask….

  23. Jonathan Torrens says:

    ZORRO – i always wanted to be a stockbroker and play classical guitar in restaurants on weekends. acting kind of found me – a show called street cents – when i was 15.

  24. I am asking because I am a barber by trade…
    Are you told how to wear your hair? Many thing you have done (TPB,Wipeout etc) your hair has been short…now its longer. Was that due to the part of Mr C or your own doing?
    Oh and free h/c anytime your here…;)

  25. Simon says:

    1. What is your greatest memory from the superb “Jonovision”?

    2. What is your greatest memory from “Trailer Park Boys”? Really enjoyed your “J-Roc’s Trailer PArk Girls Gone Wild” videos.

    3. How is Gerry in real life? Is he as sarcastic as his character?

    Thanks in advance!

    Simon, a big fan from Montreal.

  26. batulbanu says:

    It si nice to wear clothes paid by somebody else.

  27. Riley says:

    Just wanted to say that I absolutely love Mr. D
    Also what was it like going from playing Jroc in trailer park boys to Mr C.

  28. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey simon! thanks for the questions. we did a DeGrassi Reunion episode of Jonovision that was a real kick. we also had Mr Dressup on and it was cool to see hardened sarcastic teenagers melt when they got to see him up close. i also had fun with the sketch characters; gino valente, dreg in the city, psychic locator…

    as far as TPB goes, i remember in the early going how much fun it was but how we couldn’t imagine anyone would ever actually WATCH it. boy, were we surprised.

    gerry is exactly as you might expect in real life; dry & funny.

  29. batulbanu says:

    how did you feel when you had to talk to a boy who was a little bit mentally challenged

  30. LisaLisa says:

    You must have so much fun on set, what’s best laughs you’ve had? When will you open set so we can come watch taping, would LOVE to see behind the scenes.

  31. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey riley – thanks for the question. the way to have a career in this country is to change it up from gig to gig. j-roc came along at the perfect time after jonovision and mr d came along at the perfect time when i was ready for a challenge after trailer park boys.

  32. batulbanu says:

    Yor acting was superb then. It seemed as if you were once in that situation. I know it was part of the story but your action was superb

  33. ChrisT says:

    Hey Jonathan. Gonna take you off topic from Mr. D here; Just wanted to let you know you seem like a real good bahd. Wish we could be bahds, bahd. Love listenin’ to you and your bahd Taggart on your poddy. Keep hittin’ the post bahd.

  34. in your career,,,,has any fan stood out more so than any other? Same about actors/actresses

  35. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – an actor only has a few tools to change it up. hair is an obvious one. weight. accent. it’s fun to alter those things from job to job in order to have range. it gets complicated when you’re doing two jobs at once. i was growing my hair to have cornrows on TPB last year but mr d started shooting before TPB was over. don’t see a vice-principal with cornrows…haha.

    cbc felt in the first season that gerry and i should look as different as possible, so i grew mine out a bit. i have to say, it’s kind of fun to whip around as robert.

  36. batulbanu says:

    is it necessary to have specific for q vice principar?

  37. Jonathan Torrens says:

    LISALISA! hi! we have a lot of fun on set. i always say “if we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong” ESPECIALLY on a comedy set, you want things to be light. i would say the most fun we have is when we get to stray from the script and improvise. trying to surprise each other and crack each other up keeps it fresh.

    • LisaLisa says:

      Thanks Jonathan, so any pranks or improvisations you can share. And any opportunities to have live audience or tours?? Love Cheely!!! Love all characters on MrD

  38. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    HiJonathan,I had a couple of questions,

    1. How have you related to Robert?
    2.What challenges have there been in portraying him and how have you overcome these challenges?

  39. batulbanu says:

    specific features?

  40. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHRIS T! i feel like we already are bahds, bahd! thanks so much for listening to @TAGGARTnTORRENS

    for those who don’t know, i have a weekly podcast with my buddy jeremy taggart where we talk about all things canadian. check it out if you haven’t, on itunes & soundcloud.

  41. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Welcome back Batulbanu!

  42. I have never been to Halifax. What is it like being recognised in your town? Do people approach you as Mr C or J Roc or Mr.Jonathan Torrens or Jono or? I am famous as you know too but for all the wrong reasons.

  43. Jonathan Torrens says:

    HEY ABBAS – first of all, thanks for having me. secondly, i find that you can’t judge a character that you’re playing. people sometimes ask “do you feel badly for robert/j-roc?” my answer is always no. they don’t feel badly for themselves and that’s what makes them so fun to play. if you told robert he wasn’t cool, he’d be SHOCKED.

    plus, deep down, just like all of us, robert just wants to fit in. he’s not a bad person, just misguided as far as his cool-factor goes. i can relate to that. haha.

    as far as challenges go, i’m a fan of physical comedy so i sometimes tend to be a little over the top. i would say the challenge has been to play it smaller when my instinct is to flop around like a tuna on the deck of a fishing boat.

  44. Sue says:

    How annoyed do you get with Steet Cents references? It was a great consumer education show, you should suggest a re-boot?

  45. batulbanu says:

    The role of vice principal is most challenging . You have to work on the principal laid down by others, I was one and know exactly how it feels

  46. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – pretty sure the novelty of seeing me around halifax wore off about 1997. haha.

  47. Sue says:

    Have your writing contributions increased this season? The dry humour that seems to be your style is getting better each season.

  48. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey sue! i don’t get annoyed by street cents references at all. honestly, i’m really proud of what we were able to do; speak to kids in terms they understand, educate without preaching and use comedy to convey information. pretty cool when you think about it.

    funny you should mention a reboot. only in the past couple of months, people have been suggesting it left, right and centre. must be something now in particular that makes people think it would be relevant. sure technology has changed but the feeling of wanting to hold your own as a consumer is something that never goes away.

    imagine the special effects they could use for the pit nowadays!!

  49. My son is 16. he is naturally very funny, even won an award for being the funniest kid at his school ever despite his health and loss he had in life. He makes people laugh. I really would love to see him pursue comedy/acting yet he has zero desire. He wants to be a mechanic which I fully support. I think he is passing up a god given talent> I think he could make a living.Your thoughts? as you know already. your biggest fan. Im #2

  50. JP Sousa says:

    I’m so glad you said that scene with you in the office.
    Talking hard As f…. And getting arrested!! Epic!!!

    “Stop sitting on my head”.

    Thanks for all the laughs and too many more!!
    With TPB season 9 coming up, what can we expect from JRoC this season?

  51. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hi again sue – i’ve been lucky enough to write an episode every season… and i’m lucky enough to get to riff and improvise… BUT a dedicated and world-class group of writers has worked on the show over the years. we just try to do justice to their fine work.

  52. batulbanu says:

    How would you like Robert to devlp?

  53. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey JP – well, without giving too much away. j-roc has a sudden an unexpected visitor this coming season, one that will change his lifestyle in ways he NEVER saw coming. hope you can catch it on NETFLIX.

  54. Sue says:

    The idea of a Street cents reboot might be popular as a result of the Mr D demographic perhaps? It think it would be current as we are in a time when all are spending far beyond their means and the instant gratification which is leading to insane consumer debt. Many of us want our children to ‘do better’ than we we have. This very experienced jr high teacher and mom gladly serve as educational consultant ;) I appreciate work on Mr D and others. I’m disappointed I didn’t meet you last summer when Naomi arranged a set tour for me when I was ‘home’ for vacation. Continue making us laugh, we need it!

  55. Victoria says:

    Happy the show was renewed.

  56. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey batulbanu – the fun part of writing a show that lasts several years is getting to develop the characters to the point where the audience knows them so well, they react to the situation before the character does. “oh man, robert HATES spiders… he’s gonna FREAK!”

    once the writers and the audience know the character well, and know what he/she wants, then it’s a matter of plugging obstacles & roadblocks in their way.

    pretty clear that robert hopes to one day be principal. will he get to be? won’t he? if so, what will he be like as a principal? if not, how will he take it? these are the fun things to play with as the seasons go by…

  57. JP Sousa says:

    Oh sick!!
    March 27!! I have the count down on…

    I think I follow what your spitting. And If I’m right I’m on the same ship. Just had my baby girl.

    All the best man!! You are awesome.
    Btw. Thanks for the reply on Twitter as well. :)

  58. Sue says:

    Visitor??? Is bobby pregnant from the fling????

  59. Victoria says:

    Enjoyed you singing with Mark Foote on a comedy show. Sorry he isn’t on anymore.

  60. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey victoria! SO AM I!!! phew. there are no guarantees in this business, in this country. all you can do is put your head down and work hard to make it the best show possible and HOPE that it finds an audience.

    something people probably don’t often think about but in addition to the actors who need/want to work, we have a crew of over 100 people that rely on their income from this show to pay mortgages, feed their families etc.

    then when you factor in the money the show spends on airfare, hotels, meals, props… it’s a real boost to the economy!

    so yes. glad for many reasons we’re back. :)

  61. Victoria says:

    Sorry – not Mark Foote – Mark Forward.

  62. batulbanu says:

    Thanks for responding to my question . I would love to see you as principal. But some people are good at playing the 2nd fiddle only

  63. Jonathan Torrens says:

    thanks SUE! sorry i missed you too. next time!

  64. I know your have 2 girls. Don’t know ages. Do you let them watch the show? Or any of your other work?

  65. Kenna says:

    Hello from Saskatchewan, Jonathan!

    I don’t really have a question, but rather just wanted to say a few things, despite the fact that it will most likely come across as some heavy brown-nosin’.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your well deserved Canadian Screen Award, and also congratulate you on the success that the TnT podcast is having! It’s my favourite pod, and it’s gotten me through some rough days. You two are hilarious, and I appreciate how you guys embrace Canadianity, and the “Canadian stereotype”. It makes me even more proud to be Canadian.

    Thanks for being a bahd! :)

  66. Jonathan Torrens says:

    Mark Forward is VERY silly and that’s a quality that really makes me laugh.

  67. Sue says:

    Ignore my last question… Just re read that it was j roc, not Robert.

  68. Jonathan Torrens says:

    KENNA!! hey! thanks so much for saying hi. i REALLY appreciate you listening to the podcast. it’s been such a joy to realize that people are discovering it and digging our mutual love of this great country. we really didn’t have a plan when we started, nor did i realize how much people like podcasts. i gather some people will just pound 6-7 in a row on a roadtrip. that’s so awesome.

    as you can probably tell, we don’t put a whole lot of “production” into it but maybe that’s part of its charm.

    either way, THANK YOU FOR BEING A BAHD!!

    and thanks for the congrats. i won’t lie – i was stoked.


  69. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Yes, congrats on the show being renewed and your CMA award Robert!

  70. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – we have two little girls, 5 and 3. they certainly don’t watch TPB but have seen moments of Mr D. my 5 year-old did ask “why did that man call you J-Ruff?” once. pretty cute.

  71. Do you hang out with any cast members on a personal level?

  72. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Have you felt working on the show has raised issues about certain aspects of the educational system? Furthermore, what has the reaction been from students and teachers?

  73. Can you share some of you wants for your bucket list with us?

  74. cecilia says:

    Hi Jonathan, I just want to say you are a great actor and I very much enjoy your characters on Mr. D and TPB. What was your favorite episode to produce on Mr. D? Hands down you bringing j-roc into Mr. D was my absolute favorite. I think I squealed in glee when I saw it lol. Thx

  75. Jonathan Torrens says:

    great question ABBAS. teachers seem to fall into two categories; those who think it’s hilarious and those who are a little rattled by how many inside secrets gerry is sharing.

    i’ve never been a teacher, which gerry has. he puts a lot of thought into whether script situations would actually happen in a school. if the answer is no, he’ll often take it out.

    i don’t envy teachers these days. the number of students is too high. they don’t have assistants anymore. lots of kids require special attention. there are budget cuts. those are the realities, yet those factors don’t make for great fodder on a comedy show. so we shy away from some of that stuff. BUT i think we’re honest about the fact that some kids are challenging. haha.

  76. Before this ends….your other fans here should really know what a great human being you are past your career choice. This man was kind enough to not only talk about a rear disease i have but to do something about it.(please dont ask what/why). Just acknowledge his awesomeness for “paying it forward” to another canuck. One day my friend I will return the kindness to you. But fans here should know, he is a really kind human being. And fa to humble to even acknowledge. One day our paths will cross.I pray on set one day. But everyone here should high 5 Jonathan for just being one awesome Canadian….eh

  77. JP Sousa says:


  78. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hey cecilia – thanks for the question. there was an episode last year where gerry and i took two older women out to dinner. it was especially hard to keep a straight face, because gerry was being blunt & asking all the questions that people would really want to know… and robert was working hard to smooth things over.

    playing a j-roc-ish character was fun too. like my worlds colliding.

  79. Some actors be the part 24/7 to get into character to hone their craft. Is that something you do or is much ad libbed into your performance?

  80. Who is your Canadian hero? Who is your Unsung hero?

  81. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Thanks for the great responses Jonathan.What advice would you offer to youth interested in pursuing a career in acting or in the arts in general? Did you have any influences which guided your career path early on?

  82. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – the big misconception about celebrities is that they’ll be interesting. they often aren’t. so even if you have a moment of “whoa, that’s so-and-so” it wears off pretty quickly. they’re just people and more often than not boring ones…

  83. Jonathan Torrens says:

    ABBAS – my advice to anyone starting out is to take any offer that comes your way UNLESS you have a moral opposition to it of course.

    being an extra for example is a great vantage point to see how a set works, who does what job and learn proper set etiquette.

    and maybe one line in a student film doesn’t feel like your dream role but you never know what you’ll learn, who you’ll meet or what they’ll go on to do.

    worst case scenario, the bad experiences help us realize what we DON’T want to do. still a valuable lesson.

  84. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Thanks. That definitely makes sense as it gives people the chance to learn the ins and outs of the process in preparation for greater opportunities in the future!

    Any favorite memories from this season ,either off screen or on screen which you would like to share with us?

  85. Is there much difference between filming on TPB or Mr Dee or a movie set? I dont mean budget etc….but the acting part? less takes? more/less adlibbing, Longer hours?

  86. me says:

    what would you become if you weren’t an actor?

  87. Would you do a travelling roadshow like TPB for Mr Dee? Kids in the Hall did it….I think be uber cool travelling across Canada ? Your thoughts?

  88. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – TPB (esp in the early going) was always very lo-fi. we shoot outdoors, often available light… it’s a documentary aesthetic. Mr D is a studio show, nicely lit and shot in a controlled environment.

    i’d say we do more takes on TPB but the coverage is more traditional on Mr D; wide shot, over the shoulders, close up/close up done.

  89. Dylan says:

    Another hello from Saskatchewan, Jonathan!

    I too don’t really have a question, but I want to tell you that I’m a big fan of your work, from TPB to TnT. I’ve been a loyal TnT listener since day one, and I reccomend it anyone and everyone I can. TnT, your embracing of Canadianity and the format of your podcast has also been very inspiring to my girlfriend Jessica and I… so much in fact that we’ve created our own podcast that embraces Saskatchewanity, if you will. So far we’ve only done a few episodes, and we’re working on a Saskatchewan version of the Candy’s right now. We’re on SoundCloud at HarriBerry Hour (shameless plug). Again, big fan! And thanks for being a bahd!

  90. Jonathan Torrens says:

    hi me! if i wasn’t an actor (still debatable some days whether i am!) i’d probably be a real estate agent. both my parents were and the first thing i do whenever i go somewhere new is pickup a local real estate guide to see what homes are worth there.

  91. spokenwordforever1990 says:

    any pets? I have a 2 turtles!

  92. Have the writers thought about having the cast of your other shows on Mr Dee?

  93. me says:

    you replied! tyty! my day is made

  94. Jonathan Torrens says:

    DYLAN! wow, that’s awesome! saskatchewanity… love it! and will definitely check it out on soundcloud.

    so glad you like TnT. funny – early on, we relied on more “tricks” (guests, news stories, structure) but as we went on, we realized that people actually like just listening to us chat. about what’s going on in our lives, little frustrations, memories – all with a #canadianity flavour of course. pretty cool that technology allows us to float it out into the world so easily.

    i think i’ve mentioned on the show before, originally i thought the podcast would be with the endgame of getting a radio show. truth is, a radio show would be limiting in some ways. now the trick is, how can it pay for itself? we’re working on that.

    good luck to you and jessica BAHD!!!

  95. Jonathan Torrens says:

    SPOKENWORDFOREVER! we have a dog named henry. he’s a morkie (yorkie/maltese) and he weighs 4lbs. he’s as cute as he is not smart. :)

    we also have horses. and a barn kitty.

  96. Adélaïde says:

    Quel est votre meilleur souvenir que vous avez ?

    What is your favourite memory that you have?

  97. Oh….what is a normal work day/week on the set of Mr Dee? M-S hours? How far is each show filmed apart?

  98. I read today online Mike Smith is a car guy(well sorta). I am a HUGE Gear Head. Are you into cars/bikes? if so what is your ride? or is it just a means from here to there?

  99. hunter.jumper.dressage.lynn says:

    Wait! You ride horses? Just read a previous comment! Do you ride? Did you show? Whats your horses name? breed? sorry I’m obsessed lol

  100. Jonathan Torrens says:

    bonjour ADELAIDE – je vas essayer de repondre en francais. excuse moi pour mon mauvais grammaire!

    je croix que il y as 3 journee que je vas jamias oublier; le journee que j’ai rencontrer ma blonde Carole et les jours que mes filles etait nes.

  101. Jonathan Torrens says:

    HUNTER.JUMPER – my wife rides and my 5 year-old has just started taking lessons. she’s quite good already. my wife and her father have palominos and i have a 22 year-old quarter horse named Debby McDonald. she’s “bomb proof” as you horse folks say but i don’t get to ride her often because when you’re working on tv shows, they make you sign a waiver for insurance reasons saying you won’t be doing anything dangerous like riding a horse…

  102. Jonathan Torrens says:

    CHS – we have trucks in our house. we live on a dirt road in the country and need them to get around. we also have a mini countryman crossover that i absolutely love. it’s fast and easy to park in the city.

  103. What is one thing you yet want to accomplish for your acting career?

  104. On behalf of us fans. Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend with us fans and answer our questions. Thank you to the gentleman who hosted this. #Canadianity because you are #humble Thanks BAHD!

    Many kind thank you’s
    And continued success for a great career.
    Health and Happiness
    Jonathan….we will chat soon.

  105. Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner] says:

    Special thank you to Jonathan for participating in the chat. Your responses were very engaging and insightful.

    Thank you to the many readers and fans who came out to participate.This event was a huge success and we do look forward to such future opportunities.

  106. Jonathan Torrens says:

    THANK YOU ALL for watching and listening to anything i’ve ever done. simple equation: if you didn’t, i wouldn’t have a job. i sincerely appreciate your support.

    thanks abbas for hosting this…


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