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Live Q&A With Bette MacDonald[Trudy] of Mr. D today from 1:00pm -3:00pm EST

Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 11:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]



Bette MacDonald has been leading a distinguished and successful career within the Canadian entertainment industry on TV, radio and on stage performances for over 20 years.

Bette’s active involvement within the industry is evident from notable tasks that she has undertaken such as appearing at the Canadian Winnipeg Comedy festival as well as working alongside Symphony Nova Scotia.

The latter of the two performances was such a success that she was brought back for an unexpected yet highly appreciated two-night encore presentation.

For the past five years, Bette and her husband, Maynard Morrision have been working on a holiday special known as “Tis The Season ” with it having been critically acclaimed and it has been selling out major halls since its inauguration. The production was in-fact such a success that it has consistently received standing ovations.

More over, for the past three years, Bette has portrayed the role of the no non-sense and organized secretary; Trudy Walsh on CBC’s hit sitcom, Mr.D. With the show’s third season scheduled to debut tonight at 9;00pm on CBC and Bette being kind enough to participate in a live Q&A, it seems like a great way and time for fans to interact with the delightful actress. To participate in the live chat simply enter your question[s] and/or comment[s] in the comments section of this post.

The comments section will open up shortly before the event @ approximately 12:45 eastern standard time. In order to see Bette’s responses to the questions and to see what other readers are asking, be sure to refresh the page several times throughout the session.

Questions regarding the event can be sent by e-mail at   Live technical support during the event will be available through the blog’s Facebook page @




102 Responses to “Live Q&A With Bette MacDonald[Trudy] of Mr. D today from 1:00pm -3:00pm EST”

  1. Abbas Karimjee[Site Administrator[ says:

    A warm welcome to Bette and to all blog’s valued readers who will be joining us this afternoon.

    Thank you for joining us this afternoon.We will start up in just under 10 minutes.

  2. Abbas Karimjee[Site Administrator[ says:

    Bette,I have a question to start things off while readers start coming in.How have you related to Trudy?

  3. bette says:

    hi I can relate to Trudy because we have some things in common.

  4. Liz says:

    Hi Bette!
    I am so excited to be here! Heres a question: How do you relate to Trudy?

  5. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    Hi bette . I saw some episodes of Mr D and liked your role

  6. bette says:

    Trudy and I are at an age where we don’t worry too much about what people think of us. We’re pretty comfortable in our skin.

  7. Mark says:

    How did you get into acting?????

  8. bette says:

    Hi there- I’m glad you like Trudy. And thanks for watching. We have some big time fun making this show

  9. bette says:

    I started acting when I was very young. Seven or eight. I would write, direct and act in plays for our neighbours. The mothers in the neighbourhood would come and watch. Most of our audience members wore aprons.

  10. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    you speak in very assertive way suitable for your role as a secretary. What was your profession after leaving school?

  11. Tiki Mangueto says:

    I just want to say how amazing you are! You have inspired so many people around the world! I am your #1 fan!

  12. bette says:

    I continued acting in school. I went to uni just so I could do plays

  13. bette says:

    Aww. Tiki If I’d known it was going to be this friendly, I’d have done this long ago! Thank you so much. You are so kind. :)

  14. Tess says:

    Hi Bette!
    What are some of your favourite memories on the show?

  15. Mckayla M says:

    What is your opinion on gymnastics?

  16. Liam says:

    Whats in store for Trudy in season 3?

  17. bette says:

    There are so many! I love to watch the other actors. There was a scene that Naomi and I did together where she is trying to be seductive. It made me laugh all day long. There are so many talented people on the show, it’s very difficult not to have a blast at work. My niece’s name is Tess. You must be very sweet.

  18. bette says:

    Okay. McKayla. I love to watch gymnastics. Not being directly involved is something I strive for. We had to do some simple gymnastics in school. As I recall, I was the least graceful of the lot. Love to watch it tho!

  19. bette says:

    Hi Liam
    Trudy is having a ball this year. She is a pleasant as always. Super sweet to Robert. As always. :) I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say, she is involved in planning a very sombre occasion which turns out to be hilarious!

  20. bette says:

    Hey Tess,
    My niece’s name is Theresa too. She’s a basketball playing, song loving sweetheart!

  21. Zong Li says:

    Good Afternoon Bette!
    i read about this live chat on Abbas Karimjee’s Weblog and i was soooooooo happy that you would be here! What is your favrite thing about acting

  22. bette says:

    Hmmm. There are many things about it that I love. I’m always amazed that I’m lucky enough to get to do something that I love so much. I enjoy being in scenes with other people but I also love to be on stage alone. So it’s just me and the audience and we have a great time together.

  23. Nicholas Carson-Madille says:

    How do you keep yourself from laughing on set? i dont know how u do it! LOL :)

  24. bette says:

    Zong Li- there is not a better feeling than when the audience gets the jokes. I did a lot of serious stuff when I was younger. Love that as well.

  25. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    Are there any other shows that you are working in?

  26. bette says:

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t always keep myself from laughing on set. I do most of my scenes with Jonathan Torrens. I spend a lot of time biting the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing. In the scenes with Gerry, I often just lose it.

  27. bette says:

    I’m currently writing and rehearsing for a live show that I will be doing with Symphony Nova Scotia in Halifax. it’s a mix of comedy and music. I’ve done shows with the symphony before and it’s terrifying and incredibly fun.

  28. Betty Madeline Metté says:

    J’ai une question!
    Combien de fois allez-vous à l’ensemble de tirer épisodes par semaine?
    I have a question!
    How often do you go to the set to shoot episodes a week?
    p.s my name is Bette as well i spell it with y!

  29. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    I really liked the way you acted when Mr D did a mistake in the attendance making some boy absent when he was present. You must have had a tough time keeping cool when he was very cool about it.!!!!

  30. TheYoloGirl says:

    Hey Bette! OMG i cant believe that im talking to someone on tv!!! what advice do you have to aspiring actresses????

  31. bette says:

    Hey Betty, I’m usually on set a couple of times a week when we’re shooting. This is a job that I would happily be on set for for any length of time. is your name short for Elizabeth?

  32. bette says:

    Batulbanu, The character Gerry is so frustrating to Trudy. She has a very good system for getting things done. I know secretaries like her- they need order. Yes, Trudy had a hard time with that! Ha ha

  33. bette says:

    Yolo Girl- Hey there! For an aspiring actress, I can tell you this- I’m sure you already know about learning all aspects of your career and how important that is, but here’s something else- if possible, find your own material. That’s what kept me working. I wrote or wrote with other writers and it made a big difference. Creating your own show is what I’m talking about.

  34. bette says:

    Betty Madeline, I think your name is very pretty.

  35. bette says:

    Yolo Girl, I wish you the very best of luck in your career!

  36. KitKatKatieDawg says:

    Has there ever been a time in your career where you felt lilke you wanted to quit?
    Im feelin that way and Im a actress too.

  37. KatnissEverdeenFan258110 says:

    Are you TEAM PEETA or TEAM

  38. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    after this live chat i am looking forward to watch season 3

  39. Chris says:

    who is the cast member you hang out with the most when not at the set?

  40. bette says:

    Oh dear. Yes. There have been times when I’ve felt like that. But there is a great song called, “What A Difference A Day Made.” At those times, I try to remember that everything can change in one day. I have been unemployed on a Monday and working on Tuesday. It can be such a tough business- just try to remember how quickly a change can come. I hope you have some very good fortune very soon. Please know that there is not an actor anywhere who has not felt what you are feeling now. Hang in, learn more and be ready for the shift to come. Best of luck to you!

  41. bette says:

    I can honestly say that I love to hang out with everyone on and off that set. Very often tho, there is a gang of us who go to a little local pub for some after work socializing. All are welcome, of course, but you can count on certain people being there, like Suresh, Lauren,, Naomi, the Marks, and me…. the writers love to go there too.

  42. KitKatKatieDawg says:

    Your wise words turned my day around. I have only acted in some small local plays, but thanks to you now I believe that anything is possible.

    Ps: My name is Katherine Kaeleen!

  43. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    At lead now when i watch Mr d knowing that there is one person that I have chatted with!!1

  44. bette says:

    Katherine- I will be watching for your name! As the credits roll, there you will be!

  45. Jesse Rick Fontaine says:

    Hey Bette! I just came home from work and rushed to my computer! I am very excited to chat with you. What music do you listen to to start your day off???

  46. Batulbanu Dhala says:

    Are there days when you have to work full time? how do you juggle between acting and home?

  47. bette says:

    Batulbanu- I am so enjoying chatting with you. I feels great to know that you enjoy the show so much! I think you’re going to love this season!

  48. Abbas Karimjee[Site Administrator[ says:

    Wow. So many great questions and bette, your responses are so insightful.Thanks for participating.

  49. bette says:

    Abbas, thank you so much! What a pleasure it is to get to talk to people!

  50. bette says:

    Hi Jesse- sorry I’m so slow. Ha ha. I happen to be a major music fan! I love all types of music. I like to start the day with something like, David Bowie. When I write, which is a large part of the day, it’s usually classical music. At night, it’s jazz. Love Ella Fitzgerald.

  51. KaediandEmiko says:

    Hello Bette!
    My sister is Kaedi and I am Emiko. We live America but are orginally from japan. I dont watch Mr.D but I research you and you are amazing actress. I love watching videos of u on utube! You are so funny and amazing. I only 7 years old but my sister is older. way older. My name means smiling child and kaedi means maple. you are my fave actress!
    love kaedi and emiko!

  52. bette says:

    Batulbanu- I have the good fortune to work with my husband quite a bit so home is wherever we happen to be working. We have two dogs, so we have someone who comes and lives with them while we’re away. You just have to make it work. I think I have it much easier than most.

  53. Rita Cateli says:

    If you werent an actress what would you be?

  54. bette says:

    Hi Emiko! Hi Kaedi! I’m so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words! I started acting when I was around your age. Most of my shows happened in my back yard. I love your names and what they mean!! Thanks for writing!!

  55. bette says:

    Rita, if I wasn’t an actress, I think I would do something that involves animals. I love them. I’ve never met a dog that I didn’t like. When I was a kid, I thought about being a vet, but quickly realized that my aversion to things gory would make that rather difficult. I could be a dog walker!

  56. Aengus says:

    Dia duit Bette!
    Mura féidir leat gníomhú le haon aisteoir fud an domhain a bheadh ​​tú ag gníomhú le agus cén cineál scannán a bheadh ​​agat gníomhú?
    Hi Bette!
    If you could act with any actor in the world who would you act with and what type of movie would you act in?

    p.s im liv in ireland

  57. bette says:

    Oh great! My friend just got back from a fabulous tour of Ireland! If I could act with anyone, Aengus, I would go back in time and do something with John Candy. I loved him. I think Cate Blanchet is pretty amazing. I love to do comedy but it would be nice to do a dramatic turn. Oh, Steve Carell! He’s wonderful. Slainte!

  58. Roxanna says:

    S’up Bette!
    My BFF’s name is Bette and I just wanted to let you know that but her full name is Elisabeth but she goes by Bette!
    like many of the comenters I have been a long time fan of yours

    Can I please get an autograph!

    Ps: Who is your inspiration to act!
    PS1: Please sign it out to Roxie Xuang!

  59. GregorytheGREAT! says:

    what do you do during your spare time???????

  60. bette says:

    Hi Roxie! If I knew how to do that, I would!! My inspiration comes from many places. From Bugs Bunny to Judy Garland to Tina Fey. I love Carol Burnett. I’m inspired daily by the people I work with. Say hi to your friend Bette for me.
    Now, let’s figure out how to get you that autograph!

    • Roxanna says:

      Thanks Bette! Thats so sweet! But talking to you was amazing, and I dont want to put you through that much trouble!
      Roxie Liaa Xuang

  61. bette says:

    Gregory, you seem like a great guy! I like to hang out with my friends. I like to shoot pool! We have a pool table in our house, so I should be much a much better player than I am. I like to watch murder mysteries. Love the new Sherlock series and Elementary. I like to hike in the Cape Breton highlands too.

  62. Chandra says:

    My name is Chandra Miller and I have been best friends with a girl named chloe ever since we were three. I got the lead of Little Red Riding Hood in our class play of little red riding hood. She got cast as a tree! I wanted her to get a better part and Im trying to help her but she is really jealous and mean to me. Has one of your friends ever been jealous of your acting career?

  63. Ellen says:

    whats your favorite book and book genre?

  64. JillsActingCareer says:

    What do you find was your first big milestone at the beginning of your acting career?

  65. JillsActingCareer says:

    What do you find was your first big milestone at the beginning of your acting career? :) !

  66. bette says:

    Well Chandra. First of all, congratulations for getting the lead int he play! I had an experience like yours once. I just continued to be nice to my friend and hoped that she would one day realize that without the trees, there could be no Red Riding Hood. Have a wonderful time with the play. Break a leg!!

  67. LoveLexie says:

    What does your name mean???


  68. bette says:

    Ellen. There are many books that I love. I’m a big fan of Shakespeare. I also love A Confederacy of Dunces. One of my favorite authors is Ed MacDonald, who wrote Spat The Dummy and Atomic Storybook. He also happens to be my brother, but I stand by what I said. ha ha.
    I enjoy Stephen Fry very much..

  69. bette says:

    Jill. When I got a job with a local company and did a series of revue shows called, The Summertime Revue- that made a big difference. We did national tours and I learned a lot about being on stage.

  70. Mindy says:

    Where do you shop? I LOVE your style!!!!!

  71. bette says:

    Hey Lexie, My name is short for Elizabeth and I think it means, oath of God or something like that.

  72. bette says:

    Well Mindy. Have I got a girl for you! We have a woman who is the head of wardrobe on Mr. D who is sooooooo great at what she does. Her name is Martha Curry. I don’t know where Trudy would be without her!!

  73. Brigit Mahera says:

    I am 58 yearsold and I have been bitten by the acting bug! Is it too late for me to START acting professionally?

  74. Abbas Karimjee[Site Administrator[ says:

    Bette, thank you so much for participating. I really appreciate it and look forward to seeing the third season of Mr. D. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

    Thank you to all of the readers who took the time to come out and participate.

  75. bette says:

    Brigit. You’re but a pup! It certainly is not too late to start acting! it’s not too late to start anything! What do you want to do, theatre? TV? If it’s the first, find a local company and start learning. Audition for everything and if you don’t get a part, work backstage until they realize how good you are. If it’s tv, try to get some background work and then watch and learn. If a casting call comes, answer it! Best of luck!

  76. bette says:

    Abbas, thank you so much for the opportunity to meet so many lovely Mr. D watchers. Best of luck to all and best wishes!

  77. Brigit Mahera says:

    Because of my age I am not too interested in TV but more theatre because I enjoy being with the audience so much. Your advice is appreciated. Best of wishes my dear Bette!

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  94. batul says:

    I enjoyed this interview

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