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Meet The Whole Cast of SGU on Canada AM

Monday, November 1, 2010 @ 05:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


We are passing this message on behalf of our friends at CTV Network. The Canadian network will be having the entire SGU cast  appear  live on the Canada AM show on Friday, November 12 2010  for a meet and greet with fans . The cast will appear on the show from 8:30am -9:00am.

 If you  live in the GTA and would like to attend with a friend, please e-mail  senior producer  of Canada AM , Tina Daenzer at 

  Participants will  also  be provided with the chance to  send in their questions for the cast  to answer and it would be greatly appreciated that  those attending dress up as their favorite SGU character.

  We look forward to seeing you there!

2 Responses to “Meet The Whole Cast of SGU on Canada AM”

  1. Joan001 says:

    I would dearly love to be there but work gets in the way. Have fun everyone! – I’ll be taping the show.

  2. Sorry , you will not be able to attend, Joan001. However, we are glad that you will have the chance to watch the show from your DVR.

    For those who are unable attend in person, we will also have a full report and exclusive photos from the event , which will posted onto the blog. I hope you will find this enjoyable, as well!


    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

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