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Stargate Atlantis’ Rachel Luttrell Answers Our Questions At SciFiTvAndTalk

Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 05:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The  SciFi TvAndTalk  blog recently  provided its readers with the opportunity to  conduct a Q &A  with Stargate Atlantis actress, Rachel Luttrell [ Teyla Emmagan] .  Luttrell has finished responding   to some of the questions  which readers submitted through the site  and among these is my questions, which I submitted  for  the actress.Take a look at the answers which  Luttrell provided to my queries below and for a complete read of the first part of the  Q& A, visit  SciFiAndTvTalk

Hello, Abbas. Let’s see if I can tackle your questions.

1.) What did you find the most challenging about playing Teyla?

The first challenge to me as a performer was getting Teyla’s fighting skills to a place where they looked natural, studied and trained. I had never fought nor had I ever practiced a martial art. I used my dance background to help me with the choreography

2.) Is there any aspect of the character’s background that was not explored and that you would have liked to see touched upon, or one that you would have liked to see explored in greater detail?

I was intrigued from my first encounter with Teyla by her personal history and about the history of her people. I always find it rather wanting in story when a culture that is not indigenous to a region comes in and saves the day due to their superior knowledge. I have always had a feeling that Teyla’s people and Teyla herself had much more perspective, mystery, mythology, knowledge and strength than was given breadth to be explored.

3.) In your opinion, would you imagine Teyla leaving her people behind in the Pegasus Galaxy to pursue a secure life on Earth with Torren and Kannan, following the events of Enemy at the Gate?

In short, the answer to your next question is no

4.) Should Stargate Extinction be approved for production, would you be willing to return for the movie?

Yes, of course I would be happy to be involved in an Atlantis film should there ever be one.

5.) What was your favorite episode of the series? Why?

We did 100 episodes. 100…it’s hard for me to choose ONE that honestly qualifies as my favorite. For me it’s more like moments of many, many episodes that are stand-outs. Moments in The Giftwhen Teyla finds out about her heightened sense and when she reveals her ability to the team; my fight with Jason in Lost Boys; working with (director) Mario Azzopardi in Thirty-Eight MinutesCritical Mass; working with Connor Trinneer for the first time in Michael, and truly on and on and on..

6.) Have you been cast in any upcoming films or TV series? Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.

As I write this I am still a free agent! But I am working on my CD thanks in large part to all of you out there who kept asking me to get off my butt and record something. I hope that once it’s all done, everyone will enjoy it! I’m having a lot of fun working on it. Aside from the CD, this year has been about selling our house in Vancouver, moving countries, immigration, and working on creating normalcy and security in our son’s life…oh, and now school for Caden, wow!

Special thanks are extended to actress, Rachel Luttrell for answering  the questions.

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