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Stargate Movies 2010

Friday, August 15, 2008 @ 01:08 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Please note that the management cannot accept responsibility for any contents which are in advertisements posted by Google.

UPDATE  April 20 2011 – Producer, Brad Wright recently reported  at a Vancouver convention that both Stargate Extinction as well as Stargate Revolution have been permanently shelved. The confirmation  came at the same time when the announcement of the failure to secure an SGU movie, was also announced. Consequently, there  is no aspect  of the franchise which is expected to reappear in the foreseeable future. .A full report is to be posted shortly however  readers can visit Gateworld for a full report .

Stargate Revolution[Third Stargate SG1 film]

A brand new  Stargate SG1  movie has been approved by MGM studios.Filming for the feature length film was scheduled to  initialize by fall 2009, however the film has been placed on hold due to the current economic crisis and   due to the fact that MGM has claimed bankruptcy[ see further below for full details]. The film has been penned  by Brad Wright and Carl Binder.It is still unclear if the film will first  be shown on SyFy or if it will be  initially released on DVD just like the previous two Stargate films, Stargate: Ark of Truth and Stargate  Continuum .

The film is expected to revolve around Jack O’ Neill[Richard Dean Anderson].  During the Vancouver 2009 Convention, co creator of the film, Brad Wright  specifically   indicated that   “I  had a story idea that really worked with O’Neill.  And it’s not just his character, by any means. It’s a Stargate story that brings O’Neill back in a big way.”  Readers should note that the feature   was  initially expected   to be   released  on DVD  sometime between early spring to early summer of 2010.The storyline is expected to occur  between the end of the previous Stargate SG1 film, Stargate Continuum and the commencement of the Stargate franchise’s third series, Stargate Universe.

Information on the film’s main cast is now available.Amanda Tapping has communicated that she will be appearing  in the movie.Tapping played  the brilliant astrophysicist, Samantha Carter in  Stargate SG1 for all ten seasons. Michael Shanks has confirmed his involvement in the film as well.Shanks played the  role of  the archaeologist ,Dr.Daniel Jackson from seasons 1-5 and seasons 7-10 of  Stargate  SG1.Christopher Judge will be returning in the film as the Jaffa,Tealc whom Judge played during all seasons of Stargate SG1. However, actors have yet to be contacted for official  negotiations.

Stargate Creator and Executive producer,Brad Wright has indicated on a Question and Answer session on executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi’s blog thatVala Maldurin[Claudia Black] will not be returning  for  the third Stargate SG1 movie  saying that ” I thought Claudia [Black] was terrific in Continuum, but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie“.Wright also communicated that it will   be highly unlikely to have the entire cast in the same movie.   The reasoning/cause behind this limitation is with respects to availability among many other concerns .Our speculation is that  the budget for future films  is  a contributing factor.Readers are encouraged to  visit frequently  as further developments occur.

Additional Details

While there is little information available  regarding the storyline of the film, producer Joseph Mallozzi has advised readers on his blog that  all of the earth ships could possibly be together in a space battle  in Stargate Revolution.

Producer Joseph Mallozzi has  revealed  details regarding the  main  enemy in the film on his blog where he  indicated that “Let’s just say the story stems from an issue that has plagued Stargate Command since its inception”.

Producer, Joseph Mallozzi  recently advised readers on his blog that the film would   give further insight   as to whether  the SGC  remains  in Cheyenne  Mountain or  if has been  to Homeworld Command . The specific text which   shows  Mallozzi’s response has been placed below.

Q: Does the SGC still exist or is the Stargate being moved to Homeworld Command?

A” More on that in Stargate: Revolution.”

When asked on her personal opinion on the fate of the film in a recent interview with Gateworld , actress Amanda Tapping[ Colonel Samantha  Carter] indicated that ” I’d do it. We had so much fun doing Continuum and Ark of Truth that I would do it, time permitting. But I think the window is closing, that’s for sure. That’s what it feels like. Had we shot it this past winter, that would have been a different thing. But I don’t know. Never say never”.

UPDATE-August 16 2009:The film has been placed on hold due to financial restraints  associated with the current economic downturn, reports Sci Fi Wire.Please scroll further below for the complete details regarding this recent development.

UPDATE-November  12 2009- Producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that the working title for the film is Stargate Revolution. Also, presently there is still no word from MGM  stating if the feature will be produced.

UPDATE- April 5 2010:There is still no  word on MGM’S decision  with regards to the  producing the film, according to  producer,Joseph Mallozzi on  today’s blog post . Further information will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE–June 17 2010-Stargate producer,  Joseph Mallozzi recently advised  readers on his blog that there has been  positive  rumblings  regarding  Stargate  Revolution  . According to Mallozzi, this progress is due to  the  great efforts from the creator of  the film, Brad Wright who ”as the movie’s co-writer and producer, has been tireless in working to keep the project alive and in discussions”. Further  information  will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE – July 1  2010:  Producer Joseph Mallozzi commented on the current prospects  for the film on his blog , indicating that“despite the delay, the mood is fairly confident that Revolution will move into production eventually.  It’s just a matter of when”.

UPDATE – September 15 2010- There is still no word on  MGM’s decision with regards to  approving the film. Further  information will be provided as obtained.

UPDATE – September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright indicated that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the film, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  virtual  bankruptcy.  Please scroll further below for the full details.

Update- March 25 2011- There has been no further word on the fate of the film. Current efforts are still being devoted to  reviving Stargate  Universe either in the form of a movie or mini series.


[Working Title - Subject to Change]

Stargate Atlantis fans can look forward to a 2 hour movie which will premiere on the Science Fiction Channel  for residents of the USA and will subsequently be released on DVD by MGM .The film was  initially  expected to be released sometime between spring – summer of 2010,  however, it has now been placed on hold due to the current economic crisis and due to the fact that MGM has virtually claimed bankruptcy.It  is unknown when filming for the feature will begin.

Creator of Stargate Atlantis , Brad Wright has expressed excitement in continuing the series in movie format  while the series still has further potential.Wright added that he is looking forward to having Stargate Atlantis storylines told on a “bigger canvas”.Readers should note  that the  movie will not wrap up any long term storylines from the Stargate Atlantis  TV   series  and  will therefore be similar to Stargate Continuum in that it will be  a stand alone movie.The feature, however, will involve characters referring to the past and acknowledging the potential of future adventures. .It should also be noted that future releases of Stargate Atlantis movies is  solely reliant on the success of this first feature.

The film will start off in Earth, where the series finale, Enemy at the Gate left off.   Viewers will,  however, discover that Atlantis has relocated from   San Fransisco Bay[where the city landed in  the series finale]to  another base.The script  for the film has been written by both executive producers of the final two seasons of  the Stargate Atlantis television series, Joseph Mallozzi [40 pages]and  executive producer,Paul  Mullie[60 pages].It has been communicated that Andy Mikita will direct the movie.Mikita has directed on both  Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis   including the  Atlantis series finale.We have received confirmation that Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, Todd  and 2 guest stars[to be announced] will reprise in the film.A potential guest star could be actress Amanda Tapping[Colonel Samantha Carter] who had discussed the possibility of appearing for a cameo role in the film with executive producer of the film, Joseph Mallozzi. Actors have yet to be contacted  for official  negotiations. As this news is still developing, readers are encouraged to visit frequently to observe the updates of this post

Additional Details

While there is very little information available on the storyline of the film at this time, Mallozzi has indicated that the film will  have a Teyla -Beckett character moment.

It has also been communicated, that although Todd and his fellow Wraith will have a significant involvement in the movie, they will not be apart of the primary storyline of the film.

According to Joseph Mallozzi ,   the character of Elizabeth Weir  has been completely dealt with.”Weir’s story ended in ‘Ghost In the Machine .’ The character will not be appearing in the movie”, said Mallozzi.

When he described the film on his blog, Mallozzi divulged  what the plot will include. “We’ve got action, adventure, exploration, a race against the clock, Atlantis in peril, unlikely allies, surprises, tragic loss, and new beginnings.”Further information regarding the plot  will be revealed as it is obtained.

When asked to divulge a general sense of the plot of the film, Mallozzi   responded by indicating  that “The action starts on Earth, then shifts to Atlantis, then shifts to a planet, then back to Atlantis.”[ August 19 2010 on his blog]

You know, please do ask for it because if it happens … I mean, I’d love it to happen. But as the years go by, it gets more and more difficult for that to happen because we’re all off in different directions. I mean Jason [Momoa] is Conan, for God’s sake![ Actor, David Hewlett on a recent interview with Gateworld]

I have heard nothing of any intention or any momentum towards an Atlantis film. Our lovely set no longer exists. But who knows, stranger things have happened. I would love to get a chance to work with my buddies again”.[ Rachel Luttrell on a  Q&A  with ScifiTVAndTalk]

UPDATE:On May 16 2009 Joseph Mallozzi revealed on Twitter  that the  working title for the Atlantis film is Stargate Extinction.Mallozzi indicated he likes the title because it is appropriate to the storyline and it is dynamic.

Update-August 16 2009:The film has been placed on hold due to financial restraints associated with the current economic downturn.Keep scrolling for further details.

UPDATE – April 5 2010- There is still no  word on MGM’S decision  with regards to  producing the film.  When  he was asked about the status of the film on his blog today , producer Joseph Mallozzi simply indicated that ” Still no word and I don’t expect to hear anything either way for a while”.Further  information will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE – July   1 2010-Executive producer of the film, Joseph Mallozzi responded to a  query on his blog regarding the    future  of the film and how  a lack of discussion between the producers and MGM, would affect its fate in contrast to the much discussed, Stargate Revolution .Mallozzi indicated there is “no news on the Atlantis movie front.  That’s not to say it won’t get made, just that Paul and I have not had similar discussion with the studio with regard to Extinction”.

UPDATE -July 18 2010- Producer, Joseph Mallozzi  reported on his blog. that  two cast members    from Stargate  Atlantis will be guest starring in  their respective roles for  the fifteenth episode of the upcoming second  season of Stargate Universe entitled, Seizure.Although the reappearances  will  require adjustment to the timeline of  Stargate Extinction,  Mallozzi, indicated that the heart of the film will remain unchanged . Scroll further below for the full details.

UPDATE – September 15 2010- There is still no word on  MGM’s decision with regards to  approving the film. Further  information will be provided as obtained.

UPDATE – September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright indicated that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the films, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  virtual  bankruptcy.  Please scroll further below for the full details.

UPDATE – December 25 2010-Stargate producer, Joseph Mallozzi,indicated the following  when asked for an update to the film, now that Stargate Universe has been cancelled. Mallozzi,specifically indicated that ” I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.

Update- March 25 2011- There has been no further word on the fate of the film. Current efforts are still being devoted to  reviving Stargate  Universe either in the form of a movie or mini series.


August  16 2009-  Stargate Films Delayed

Due to the current economic  downturn, the  third Stargate SG1 film  and the first Stargate Atlantis movie titled Stargate Extinction have been placed on hold, reports  Sci Fi Wire.Stargate Co creator, Robert C Cooper  explained  in a recent interview, the concerns expressed from both the producers and  MGM studios which caused this delay.

We’re ready to go,” Cooper said in an exclusive interview over the weekend in Pasadena, Calif., where he was promoting SGU at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “We’re just waiting for the right opportunity,” he said. “We want to be successful with it. The studio wants to be successful, and we really don’t want to proceed with something in the wrong climate, which I think financially it is right now.”

Although  two  straight to DVD  films, Stargate;The Ark of Truth and Stargate Continuum were released   just in March 2008 and July 2008, respectively, Cooper indicated that the  current economic crisis  has reduced the sales of DVD premieres .

“It’s tough, because we were very successful with the first two SG-1 movies,” Cooper said. “Since then, the economics have changed a little bit. DVDs aren’t selling the same way they were when we released those even just a year, and a year and a half ago.”

Readers should note that prospects for the eventual production of  Stargate Extinction are optimistic as MGM is still paying rent for the Atlantis studio which  consequently remains standing.The  Cheyenne Mountain stage of Stargate SG1  has been  remade to suit the  environment of the upcoming Stargate  Universe.It has , however, been communicated  by executive producer of Stargate Extinction and consulting producer of Stargate Universe, Joseph Mallozzi  that the stage can be remade for the  production of the third  SG1 film.

As a result of the delay in production, a release date cannot be indicated at this time.It is anticipated that the production for the films will initialize the foreseeable future.Best of luck is extended to the Stargate productions during this difficult time.

UPDATE –  It should be noted that  the set for Stargate Extinction [ Atlantis]  has since been removed.Further  details will be provided as  they are obtained.

July 18 2010-    SGU/ SGA Crossover Finalized

Producer, Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that   two  cast members from Stargate Atlantis will  guest star in their  respective roles  in  a crossover for the 15th episode of  Stargate Universe’s second season entitled,  Seizure. There is no word yet on exactly which  characters will be reappearing.

As a result of these appearances,  Mallozzi  indicated  that  slight changes will be made to the script of  he impending   Stargate Atlantis film,  Stargate Extinction. ““There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part,” Mallozzi said, “because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly [followed] the Atlantis series finale, ‘Enemy At the Gate .’But given the delay on the movie front and the idea premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.  Not a big deal, but it will require some changes to the Stargate: Extinction timeline which, in turn, will beg a host of questions, some of which will be answered in episode #15, some of which won’t … at least not right away.” To see a list of these hosts of questions, head  over to Mallozzi’s blog.

Mallozzi has since repeatedly asserted  that the  involvement of Atlantis characters will not affect the  core conflict  of the film. He specifically indicated that “The changes made to the script will have to do with the timing of events (essentially the set-up) and won’t influence the heart of the story”. Essentially, the appearances will help provide  certain details  regarding  the aftermath of the series finale of Stargate Atlantis,  Enemy At the Gate which will in turn require  the script to be altered in a way so that such details are not repeatedly conveyed and that the storyline remains  true   to the timeline. Having the Stargate Extinction storyline occur after the  appearances on Stargate Universe would  therefore not contradict with any of the circumstances or situations surrounding the characters’  appearances in  the series  and the situation on Atlantis as  the  film would take place afterwards.

We   look forward to seeing  the Atlantis cast members reprise in their roles  in Stargate Universe and we   strongly hope that  we will eventually  have the opportunity to revisit the characters of  Atlantis in Stargate Extinction.

UPDATE - It was revealed in the San Diego Comic Con  that  the two Atlantis guest stars   scheduled to appear in  the fifteenth episode of Stargate Universe’s second season, Seizure  are David Hewlett and Robert Picardo who will reprise in their  roles as Dr. Rodney McKay and   Richard Woolsey respectively. A further overview will be posted shortly.

September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with     TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright  added  that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the films, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  negative financial situation

During the interview,Wright specifically stated the following  in regards to the Stargate Movies.

“The only thing that is blocking the SG-1 movie or the Atlantis movie, the only thing, is the fact that the direct-to-DVD market has gone away. We were very fortunate with Ark of Truth and Continuum to be among the last very successful direct-to-DVD releases before it all stopped happening. The market has change, and it’s still changing, and it’s not what it was. And, of course, there have been very big changes at MGM that kind of added to that. But we had the intentions to make them. We were ready to go, and it was “Wait a while” and “We should wait a little longer,” and the climate never got better. We held on to a lot of stuff and were ready to go for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen. We have a plan B, and I’ve been talking with MGM about it, and hopefully we’ll still get our chance.”

For a complete read of the interview, in which  Wright  also discusses the  second  season of Stargate Universe and  the SGU/ SGA crossover with Robert Picardo and David Hewlett, please visit   TV  DeathRay.

Indeed , we strongly anticipate that  this alternate business approach will succeed and as a result  both Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction will  enter production.

November 7 2010 : MGM Officially Files For Bankruptcy, Increasing Hope For Stargate Films

Indeed the Stargate producing Studio of MGM has officially filed for bankruptcy  in New York on Wednesday, November 3 2010.This  was filed due to a great deal of  approval in turning over management of the company to MGM’s debt holders.

According to MGM, the  matter will now be taken under consideration in the courts. A response to this proposal is expected within the coming month.This new arrangement allows for the debt holders, whom MGM owes  $4 billion to, to  have  control of 95% of the studio. The remaining 5% will go to
Spyglass  Entertaintments and its  associated subsidiaries.Spyglass chiefs, Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, would now act as co chief officers for MGM.

This news is crucial for the development of the Stargate movies  as MGM  indicated its commitment  towards  a new set of films and  television series  as  it would raise  500 million dollars in new capital after emerging from chapter 11assets which will be devoted to such areas. Te long awaited Stargate films,  Stargate   Extinction and  Stargate Revolution, now have a likelier chance of being produced. However, there is no guarantee  in regards to the fate of the films, as the studio needs to determine that whether  the Stargate movies be profitable for the company  to produce them and  which method of distribution would be the most effective, should they decide to do so.

For a complete report on MGM’s  current situation, head over to the Hollywood Reporter at

What are your thoughts on this plan and do you think  the Stargate movies will be considered profitable by the new management?Discuss in the comments section.
UPDATE-December 17 2010- Please note that this plan was approved by the courts on December 2 2010 . As a result, MGM is now being restructured, under the leadership of SpyGlass.The company is expected to announce its approval on various films in the upcoming period.Once this has been announced, the fate of the Stargate films will also be known.Further information will be posted as soon as it is released.For the full details on the approval, visit  The Money Times at
Stargate Movies Timeline

Take a look at how the   appearances of  the Atlantis Alumni  will  alter the timeline for the Stargate Movies as verified by producer, Joseph Mallozzi on his blog.

1. Stargate Atlantis “Enemy at the Gate”

2. Stargate: Revolution

3. Stargate Universe “Seasons 1 and 2″

4. Stargate: Extinction

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Discussion Centre

Discussing Stargate  Features in a Friendly Online Environment!

General Movie Discussion

  • Opinions/thoughts  regarding the delay  of impending Stargate Movies.Do you  still think that either or both of the movies  will  be produced?Discuss.
  • What are your thoughts on plan B?     Do you have any insights on what this business plan could  be?  Does  the potential plan B help to  renew or revive a sense of   hope  for you in the   ultimate production  of the films? Discuss.
  • How do you think the cancellation of Stargate Universe will impact the  fate of the Stargate films?

Stargate Revolution

  • What do you think is the significance of the title? Speculate
  • What are  your thoughts  and predictions about the plot of the movie?
  • Who do you think  the big enemy  , which has been present since the inception of Stargate Command ,will be in the film?
  • O Neill Centric -  What are your opinions   on this and  how do you think the character will be brought back in a big way? What  are your thoughts  on having  such a film?
  • Who else other than the original team,   would you like to see apart of the film?

Stargate Extinction

  • What do you think is the significance of  the title?Speculate.
  • Character relationships .Discuss which relationships you would like to  see touched upon  in the film
  • What are your  speculations and thoughts on the tragedy?Could the film bring forth the end of one of the main characters? Who? Speculate.
  • Do you have any possible thoughts  of  possible storylines which could correspond to the stand alone theme of the film? What are your thoughts on having a stand alone theme movie as opposed to having the film wrap up long term storylines from the Stargate Atlantis television series?
  • What questions would you like answered before Stargate Extinction , in the fifteenth episode of  Stargate Universe, Seizure? Why?
  • What are your thoughts on  the timeline adjustment for the film ?Discuss how the appearances of Rodney McKay[ David Hewlett]  and Richard Woolsey[Robert  Picardo]  on SGU , will have towards the film  as whole.

Previous Stargate Films

  • Stargate Ark of Truth and Stargate:Continuum:Rate , recap, review and discuss these two  films.
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  • What is your favorite Stargate film to date? Why?

Remember these are just suggested topics .You can discuss any topic related to the  Stargate Movies in the comments section below!Just  remember to follow our Discussion Policy so everyone feels safe and enjoys themselves here.Get commenting!

52 Responses to “Stargate Movies 2010”

  1. trevor says:

    i find that the new stargate show STARGATE UNIVERS should continue the stargate atlantis story line with the same caracters.

    • glen says:

      I think that they have to do something to make that show watchable, the first 2 stargate shows were brilliant, and the storyline of this one has potential but the charachters suck, thus far theres no enemy no hero, no excitement, and they shouldn’t have ended atlantis when they did , it had so much more story left to tell.

      • Clare says:

        I agree that Atlantis had more stories to tell, but Universe needed to be a completely different storyline. I loved SG1 and Atlantis and I’m starting to love Universe too. I love that it’s storyline is so different from the other two series. If it had have been the same everyone would have said “seen this before, whats next’ and it would have got old very quickly and would probably been cancelled quickly too.

        The characters are starting to develop and I am beginning to love and hate certain people. I think there is a lot of potential with Universe. IE: What is going to happen with Rush being left on the planet?? Will Lou Diamond Phillips character take control on board Destiny? I personally can’t wait for season 2!!

        Give Universe a go.

  2. selphiealmasy8 says:

    Hi! Thanks for making a page to keep us updated!
    A very nice idea.

    I’m both nervous and excited about the new Stargate Atlantis movie. I get very worried about the fates of the characters I’ve come to love. Still I want to see them. I miss those guys!

    • Thank you very much for dropping by,selphielmasy8.Great to know that you enjoy this post and find it useful.Its my pleasure to keep everyone updated.

      It will indeed be exciting to watch team Atlantis after such a long break.

      All of the latest developments on the Atlantis film will continue to be posted, so please feel free to keep visiting and share your thoughts!

  3. [...] Pe aceeasi tema: Stargate Movies 2009-2010. [...]

  4. bambishootsback says:

    I really miss Atlantis. I hope the movie dose the show justice. More so then it’s final season. I am very disappointed to hear that the Keller character will be in it.
    I truly hope her pat is minimal at best.

  5. zingalvs says:

    well, not bad.. i think i would go with stargate universe.. :)

  6. epodon says:

    the new sg1 movie is gonna be great!!!! but i’m glad they’re making the atlantis movie…. it just kinda ended with a big “screw you” to the pegasus galaxy…

  7. is it just me or the new sgu production looks like very little money has been invested in it?
    i hope they make the two upcoming movies. i miss both sg1 and atlantis. a good idea would be to somehow switch one of these teams with the current sgu lineup.

  8. roni says:

    what about the sg1 third movie ? any new news?

    • Abbas Karimjee says:

      There is still no word if the film will be made or not.Also, further details regarding the storyline of the film have not been divulged .

      Hope this helps,
      Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  9. roni says:

    can someone ask about the status of the movie?

  10. SGKID says:

    im new to stargate but i love it. i think SGU is really good. specilly since the the first episode of the 2nd season had a mysterios twist. im glad to hear about the movies. i wish i got into stargate way sooner !!!!!! keep me posted.

  11. SGKID says:

    dont get me wrong i love atlantis and sg1 and the amazing job the actors do.

  12. SGKID says:

    + ithink clare is wright

  13. mike says:

    Sgu is the biggest pile ever!
    Sg1 and atlantis Should have been left alone like the shows family guy or futurama! Those people suck!!

  14. Just a note to commentors to please keep postings on topic. This post is about the upcoming Stargate films- not your view on SGU and the cancellation of the previous Stargate series.


    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manger

  15. mj says:

    I wonder if this film is going (partly) deal with the general public finding out about the stargate and all the critters that come with it. It certainly fits with the little information that’s been given out.

  16. Thank you for dropping by,mj.

    I have also been thinking that part of the storyline may have to do something with the public finding out about the Stargate program!

    Although it may be interesting to see how the general public reacts and the circumstances surrounding the release, I hope that the secrecy remains as it is a familiar element of Stargate SG1.

    What do you think the other part of the storyline may have to do with? How would you feel about the Stargate program being revealed?

    Feel free to keep sharing your thoughts!

  17. jony brook says:

    A mi la que más me gusta es stargate atlantis,pero SG1 también esta xulo.
    SGU no me gusta mucho.
    Pienso que stargate atlantis deberia haber acabado de otra manera ,me quedé con ganas de ver mas.Pero aun asi es mi serie favorita !Me encanta¡
    RONON I LOVE YOU¡ me encanta este hombre.
    stargate atlantis y sg1 os echo de menos.

    English Translation[ provided by Editor, Nisreen O'Neill]
    I like stargate atlantis more but SG1 is good too.
    I do not like SGU.
    Stargate atlantis I think should have ended differently, I was eager to see more. But its still my favorite show! I love
    Ronan I LOVE YOU I love this man.
    stargate atlantis and sg1… I miss them

  18. Paul says:

    SG-1 & Atlantis were great shows, Atlantis became a favourite of mine.
    I don’t understand why an action packed, witty & successful show, like Atlantis would be taken off air & replaced with a dull & dreary show like Universe.
    I don’t really see how the show can last much longer, since the entire crew can do little more than argue with the intent on wiping each other out.
    I was once a proud fan of the Stargate franchise, buying every dvd released, however, i will not be purchasing SGU, It is far too depressing, and is even ruining the upbeat personalities of some of my favourite characters.
    It is almost like you have stripped O’neal of his identity, brainwashed him & dosed him with valium.
    Forget Universe, bring back Atlantis & leave our beloved characters alone.

  19. scott mckee says:

    maybe mgm will get it right an have 3 movies and start 3 new series sg-1 , sga , sgu ???? what do u think about that happening?

  20. Hello Scott,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your query.

    Although it would definitely be a favourable scenario to have three Stargate movies and all of the three Stargate series air , I do not think that would be realistically feasible.

    Firstly, since Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis have been canceled since 2006 and 2008 , respectively, many of the cast members have moved on to different projects
    in their careers and would likely be unavailable for the production of the series. Recent examples would be Amanda Tapping’s [ Colonel Samantha Carter]role as executive producer and lead actress on Sanctuary and Jason Momoa [ Ronon Dex]as the lead role on the film,

    Secondly, seeing as SyFy has exclusive rights to the programs , it is unlikely that they would be willing to give up the ownership rights to another network, since the series have been a prominent aspect of the identity of the network .SyFy is still committed towards the franchise, as seen from how reruns of SG1 and Atlantis regularly air and how they continue to approve of Stargate Universe.Furthermore, if they still believed there was opportunity in these series, they would likely be reluctant to give them up considering the huge role they have played in the network’s success.

    Thirdly, as far as Stargate Atlantis is concerned, producer Joseph Mallozzi had indicated on his blog that not even the largest of petitions could bring the series back. This suggests that Atlantis would not be revived as a series, no matter what the circumstances may be.

    Furthermore, producer Brad Wright has previously expressed, in interviews, the difficulties in having more than one series produced at the same time. His statement was made on the basis of the crew’s difficult experience in producing both seasons 8- 10 of Stargate SG1 during the same time as the production of seasons 1 -3 of Stargate Atlantis.

    He had communicated that this was the reason for the developments of Stargate Universe being delayed until Stargate Atlantis concluded its run. The reason for this would be due to the great amount of effort and money required to proceed with productions of more than one series at a time.

    Although, I do not see the three series coming back, I am hopeful that at least the two upcoming Stargate movies, Stargate Extinction and Stargate Revolution will be produced once the financial aspects outlined in this post are addressed. Also, given the success in launching Stargate Universe, I am hoping that the series will continue on the air for years to come.

    Does this make sense?

    AbbasKarimjee, Blog Manager

  21. lesley says:

    good comments and while I absolutly agree with everything you say I am sad, because I love good sifi and stargate was one. A new film would be great, but how long can you keep a good idea going.. public demand! I hate to be a downer, but although i eventually got on board with sgu, I’m sorry nowhere as good as sg1, why? Because its dark and dry, very much like galatica, which i never took to, yes i loved the original and although the new series was acclaimed, it still never ran like sg. Star trek ng ran for many series and was killed off by by deep space 9, I watched it enjoyed some of it but it was never as good as ng, why because it got locked into the space station, and eventally a story line going nowhere. enterprise could have been good, but they fixated on a story line that if you missed a week you had problems and in the end killed themselves. I fear that sgu will go the same way unless they lighten up, or may be we are all so desperate for sg anything it will last! But although many of you may disagree with me its not even in the same street as sg1, to much galatica influence for my taste. However i remain a commited fan and hope to see movies soon

  22. rkayb says:

    i too dearly hope that the two new SG1 films will be made – hopefully MGM, a classic studio, will also survive.
    some years ago i took two seasons of SG1 with me while working in madagascar — listening to english in a non-english speaking country was so relaxing, plus a series i have so much affection for made it all the more fun.

  23. Hello Rkayb,

    Welcome to this blog!

    There is actually only one Stargate SG1 film which is currently expected while the other will be a Stargate Atlantis film.

    Its great that you have such fond memories watching Stargate SG1, which helped bring a sense of home while you were travelling abroad in Madagascar.

    Hopefully you will be able to have more fond memories with the new SG1 movie should this current Plan B come to light.

    What are your thoughts on the mentioned plan B?

    Thanks for your comment and feel free to keep sharing your thoughts.

  24. Sci-Fi not Syfy says:

    Maybe I missed it but what exactly is the Plan-B? So much time has gone bye with no progress what so ever I have a hard time believing that the go ahead for either of the movies will ever happen. I hope I’m wrong. Enthusiasm as a whole has to be slowly dwindling and MGM or whoever has to know this even with big changes and financial problems they can only wait so long before it isn’t worth it anymore. I would still like to see both movies made at least to help SGU somehow because it needs help to evolve into something that can even hope to stand up to a 10yr run like SG-1…

    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, there is no information available as to what exactly plan B is. At this point, the only information available is what has been published on the post – Producer, Brad Wright has been having discussions with MGM about another way ,than the current straight to DVD market plan, to possibly have both Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction produced. We will be sure to post further information on this plan as soon as it is released.

      It is indeed understandable that hope for the movies is decreasing throughout the fandom as time continues to progress. However, this plan may show potential if it can be proven to be profitable for MGM , especially given its current dire financial situation.

      Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to continue to do so!

  25. will says:

    from reading a lot of comments on this website and on others I think most people agree that SGU is NOT of the same quality as the other two stargate series….what were they thinking when they made this piece of crap….they should have just made SGU with the same actors….maybe some from each of the other series….I’m sure that the writers could have come up with a storyline to make it work… it is SGU blows…………

  26. Allison Marison says:

    I really think that the stargate movies wont come.

  27. Ricky says:

    Greetings from australia, i have followed the stargate stories and time line from the very first movie with kurt russell. i since then watched sg1 then atlantis now sgu, i originally thought sgu was not going to be successfull (season 1) storylines were not as upto par as sg1 or atlantis and the swapping back and forth with communication stones was very annoying. i think wright (the producers of sgu) knew this and new the show was declining in second half of season 1. hence rush left on planet to up the stakes.

    season 2 of sgu kicked of with a bang and great story and now that we know destiny maybe a seeding ship (sent out by the ancients to deposit the stargates).

    i think sgu has some potential and i do like the dark side of the story and especially the character rush. (played by scotish actor Robert Carlyle).

    with the movies sg1 will definatly get made i have no doubt about that its all a matter of when. and the atlantis movie im not sure about i think that maybe a risk there but i loved atalantis and was pissed it ended after only 5 seasons unlike sg1′s 10yr successfull run.

    and the supposedly “Plan B” i think as the direct to DVD premiers are off the table now and so is direct to syfi. after cancellation of atlantis wright wanted more control of the shows then syfy has. thats how sg1 movies ended up on dvd before syfy even had the chance to show them first. (sucked in for cancelling atlantis) personally syfi is a crap network and has a habit of cancelling a good original tv series (Farscape, Atlantis, Caprica to name a few )

    i think plan b will have something maybe to do with internet maybe. like how sanctuary initially aired as webisodes and became very successfull that it was picked up by syfy for a tv series.

    so if wright is as smart as i know he is as all his plans for the movies have worked so far. if he knows about the economic climate etc and the dwindling dvd sales he may resort to internet as digital movie download or something, i know id rather pay to download my movie on ps3 or pc to watch on my HD tv when i choose then buy it on dvd and have it only get damaged (in this economic climate that is not feasable) so the Internet may play a part in his Plan B

  28. Paul says:

    Any SG-1 or Atlantis movies would be good, they should never have abandoned either series to make way for the drab and dreary SGU, a show that is nothing more than in-house arguments. Scrap SGU, bring back SG-1 and Atlantis, and maybe the studio will start to make a profit once more, whether it be new Tv series or straight to dvd films. Putting SG-1 or Atlantis cast in SGU is a bad idea, it destroys their already established characters.

  29. Starbuck says:

    I think SGU tried to do SCI FI reality like Battlestar Galactica however SGU bombed with their characters who have absolutely no personality unlike BSG characters. Thats where in my eyes, they failed. two reasons I watch SGU is..1. I might get a glimpse of Carter and O’neill. Definately worth watching for… 2. If we keep supporting the franchise, they just may come up with another spin off, that may prove likeable like Atlantis was. (Considering it being financially viable). One could hope. Then they can scub SGU!

    I really hope that the Sg1 and Alantis films will be made…Specially SG1, my favourite. I think it will be fantastic that it will be Jack O’neill centric. I miss his O’neillism’s. Maybe we’ll get to see some Jack and Sam shipper moments. Much prefer to see the SG1 original cast in Revolution than Mitchell and Vala. I don’t think I could stand to see another Mitchell centric movie. He was just an O’neill wannabe.

  30. John says:

    Hello, i am a huge fan of stargate, there is millions of people like us loving stargate, i am also a webdeveloper, i understand money is the problem, i am willing to build a website to raise money for the movie trough donation, please give your comment and tell me what do you think, thank you

  31. Hello John,

    Thank you for your comment .Its great that you have so much passion for the Stargate Movies and are willing to invest so much time and energy into supporting the development of the films.

    I do not think a donation site would be necessary, at this point. There have been some notable development on MGM’s financial situation, which we will be reporting on the blog, within the next couple of days. Essentially, this developments will report that the proposed plan for MGM’s bankruptcy [ which is outlined in this post], has been approved.

    Since MGM , which is under the leadership of SpyGlass, is reorganizing itself and determining which Movies to produce, I think at this point viewers can provide the most meaningful support by showing that there is a large fan base for the movies.
    If you wish to help support the development of the movies, I can recommend that you visit the Stargate Movies Campaign at, to find out how you can support the green light for both Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction.Since they have been in existence for several months now, it may be more effective to support their efforts, instead of generating a new organization, at this point.

    Good luck in your decision!

  32. Julie says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! I’ve been checking back for a while now and have joined the campaign in the link provided. Hopefully we’ll be hearing good news about the movies soon.

    And I’ll have to agree with Starbuck, where the characters from SGU just weren’t likable like the characters from SGA and SG-1. The humor was missing a bit too much as well. In fact, there is only one time I can really remember laughing on the show, which was when Jack O’Neill visited, and had his line “I know what makes me special.” Still makes me smile (:

    Keep up the good blogging, it’s good to know what’s going on!

    • Hello Julie,

      Thank you for your kind comments. It is my pleasure to keep everyone up to date and I am glad you enjoy the blog.

      Yes, with Spyglass currently reorganizing MGM, we can only hope that their future visions involve the Stargate films.

      Though I personally enjoyed watching the characters of Stargate Universe and found the series to be a fresh take on the franchise’s style, I do understand that it was much more of a darker I tone than SGA OR SG1.I, too enjoyed O’ Neill’s comical moment on the show as it added a touch of the classic Stargate.

      Its also great that you have joined the Stargate Movies Campaign.

      Keep checking in and be sure to share your thoughts on the movies!

  33. Patrick Bunting says:

    You know i have some great ideas for a SG-1 movie and know everyone has ideas but would like to meet the producer and dicuss the ideas for a fourth movie after this third one.It will the thrust the franchise into the realms like no other film out there has done before.With such great technologies available today and more coming out each monthe will improve the movies by 100% and more.I believe it will also keep the SG-1 show back on tv for more years to come. Patrick Bunting

  34. Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for your comment. It is great that you have such passionate visions for the Stargate franchise.

    You can contact the producers at Bridge Studios in Vancouver, however, they do not accept proposals from unrepresented individuals. You would therefore require an agent before you could have your suggestion for a film considered.

    Also, just a note that there is not just one, but two movies already on hold- Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction.

    Best of luck!

    Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager

  35. Jim says:

    I myself,miss all the stargates,Can`t wait for the movie,Thanks for all the shows and movies so far.just keep up the good work

  36. Sue says:

    MGM – please take a leap of faith and make the Stargate movies – I have watched all the series from the beginning and now I really want to see the new movies.

    Put them out on DVD – I am sure that there are others out there that will buy them. I know if you do a new SG1 and SGA movie I would get both.

    • Hello Sue,

      It would indeed be rewarding to see MGM produce the films as there seems to be a great deal of fan interest toward them.

      Unfortunately, with SGU;s cancellation ,all progress on these fronts has come to a stall as efforts have been redirected to rejuvenating this aspect of the franchise. Also, the strength of the franchise has been greatly reduced, as a result.

      Hopefully, as progress on SGU’s future is made, decisions about both the final fates of Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction will be made, giving fans a degree of certanity , one way or the other.

      Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts on the Stargate films abd the future of the franchise.


  37. Lesley says:

    Hi again, it’s been awhile but I keep popping in to read your postings in the hope there will be some good news about the SG films. Oh hum! well they say no news is good news, and while theres life theres hope! Since my last posting I see SGU has been cancelled, I’m not unduly suprised, but I do morn the loss of yet another syfi show. Fortunately here in the u.k I still get SG1 repeats on satalite, so not a complete withdrawal.
    If the powers that be decide to make the films or even, (gosh don’t even go there) another SG based series, I hope they think long and hard about what they would be doing, they’ve learnt the hard way that having SG in the title isn’t a guarantee of success and that WE the fan base not only want to see more SG but expect the level of quality that went before. Why change what don’t need fixing? The recipe is a success, stop employing people who want to change the mix or make it better. Special effects, new story lines, even new characters can be added, but keep the basics, action packed, gun totting shows,that has the good triumphing, history shows it works cowboy films police shows, Star Treks etc. I’m sure you all can think of shows/films that had the same mix that worked through the years. Hell if you look hard enough you even recognise the same story lines running through the different shows, but you don’t mind if the shows good. So I say to the powers that be Make the films, be brave, find the money. Every day you make films, some good a lot not so good. so why not make films that have a ready made audience, ready and waiting to go to the movies and will buy the dvd/blu-rays not to mention all the merchandising. Maybe even try SG2 SG3 etc etc more scope! What do you think?

    • Thank you for your comment, Lesley. Glad, that you have been following the blg egularly and its great that you have sch vpassionate visions for Stargate’s future.

      Though revisiting the previous storytelling styles of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis would be ideal, it seems that progress on this front has stopped. Given SGU’S cancellation, all efforts have been diverted towards trying to revive SGU in the form of a movie or miniseries. We shall, however, continue to monitor any coverage on Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction as well as post such information on this news page.

      Please keep dropping by and feel free to continue to share your thoughts!


  38. starbuck says:

    Hey Lesley. Totally agree with ya! Anyone…How about making a new Sg1 series with the original cast (like thats gonna happen) based on the Quantum Mirror. Should have endless possible scenarios.. Hey just a thought…

  39. Sakimah says:

    I (just like everyone else ) love stargate sg1 and Atlantis. When SGU came out I thought it looked majorly like a BSG wannabe so I didnt give it a chance. But then my father gave me the first season for my birthday so i watched it. I think if you give the show a chance and looked at it unbasiesedly you’ll like it. I didn’t like it at first, but once i gave the show a chance I started likeing it more and more as a unique show in the stargate franchaise. Sure its not like sg1 and Atlantis but then Stargate isnt like all the other science fiction shows. Its unque and stands alone and I think it was a brave thing to try. So all you haters bashing it i give you all a challenge. watch it unbaisedly and perhapes seperate it from the other shows alittle bit. I know it took me along time to get into it. I know every one is going to rate terrible on this comment but I dont care. Just try it. I know theres no chance in reviving the SGU and not saying they should but just own little chance is all i’m asking. I’m not saying you’re going to fall in love with it but find it addicting interasting even.

    Also I find it heartbreaking that Claudia Black isn’t coming back,but I heard its her own chioce so……..

    Did any one else notice that there was alot of sex scenes in SGU? Gross!! Is there a reason for them all?

    Thank you for posting all this information for all of us her its really sweet!!

  40. michael says:

    i love stargate atlantis and sg1 im so angry they stopped atlantis that was my favourite show still is in a way

    in the last couple of months ive watched all 10 seasons of sg1 and all 5 seasons of atlantis and about to start watching universe

    i really wish theyd continue atlantis or another stargate series at least but it has to have a stargate in it thats what makes the show not like universe which is still half ok i guess

    after that im gonna be lost haha im gonna start watching farscape cause thats a really good show as well but stargate will always hold a special place in my heart i love it so much and cant believe they havent made any more movies or tv series

    its better then any tv show on normal tv today thats for sure please please can they release something better then the crap on nowadays bring back atlantis i love that show

  41. michael says:


  42. Paul says:

    do you know when they will make the movie of star stargate atlantis and sg1?anything soon?

  43. Thank you for your query, Paul .

    As stated on the top of this news page, both films were not approved by MGM and thus they will not be produced.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

  44. Thank you for every other informative blog. The place else could I am getting that kind of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a mission that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such info.

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