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Stargate Universe Post Arriving Tommorow

Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 07:11 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

I am pleased to report that  our Stargate Universe post will be published tomorrow.We look forward to providing the latest coverage and developments of the  program in its pre production mode.We will be offering casting information,  storyline information,  character development,   discussion opportunities, and other news related to the showThe post will provide current information of Stargate Universe throughout the series life span.


We are extremely excited to continue to offer news of the Stargate franchise as our Stargate Atlantis concludes its run over January 2009.We believe that we should offer Universe a chance andwelcome the show into our homes.We invite you to join us as we  mark the beggining of a new era in the Stargate franchise.

The Universe post will be similarly formatted to our Stargate Atlantis post.We also look  forward to continuing our coverage of Atlantis which is currently  airing in its final weeks.

We once again thank you for supporting our site through your visits to our posts and your participation in site activities.We are to pleased to have celbrated 6 months and  urge you to continue to visit in order to keep this site as a spectacular  and entertaining enviornment.

Abbas Karimjee, Site Owner

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