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Still Hope For A Third Season of Stargate Universe

Thursday, December 23, 2010 @ 12:12 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


stargate universe season 2 trailer With last week’s announcement of Stargate Universe’ cancellation many fans have concluded that the future of the Stargate franchise has been terminated. However, consulting producer of Stargate Universe says fans should not be so certain just yet.

Mallozzi indicated on his  blog , that there still may be  a minimal  extent of hope , for a third season of Stargate Universe. Though he maintained that such an outcome was unlikely, he did assert that it was possible. To support his optimistic statement,  Mallozzi added the following on his blog:

“Well, the SyFy cancellation makes it very long odds that we’ll be producing a third season next year.  BUT IS THIS THE END?  Damn you’re persistent.  The honest answer is: I don’t know.  No, that’s not entirely true.  The truth is I do know some – but only enough to say it doesn’t look good and it’s very log odds we’ll be producing a third season next year – yet still only enough to say I can’t say this is definitely the end.  At least for now. 

Though, Mallozzi has not yet specified  what other methods would be used to  help  revive the series for a third season, it  seems that the producers are still investigating their various alternative options.Once further developments on this front have been  released, we will be sure to post further information.

 What are your thoughts on Mallozzi’s statement?Has it developed a sense of hope for you as to SGU’s future and what are the possible methods which could be used  to   help keep the series on the air, for a third season?Sound off in the comments section below or send us an e-mail at

UPDATE— Producer, Brad Wright also commented on  his efforts to  have Stargate Universe continue in some form, in a recent interview with  Show Patrol. In the interview, Wright specifically stated the following:

We haven’t given up on finishing the story we started,” Wright, who expressed, his gratitude for fan support, after his recent series of ongoing discussions with MGM officials ,  also added the following in his interview.

“It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show,” he said, “but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget

 When  further details on Wright’s progress is made, we will be sure to post it onto the blog.

 What are your thoughts on the  cancellation of SGU and  what possible forms/ ways could the series continue in? What is your opinion on the interview and do you think Wright will be successful in reviving the series ? Sound off below.

10 Responses to “Still Hope For A Third Season of Stargate Universe”

  1. ed says:

    if sgu would get into the hydroponics food growing and other cool stuff instead of playing Pigs in Space, then it would have a bigger fan base imho. somewhere on that ship there must be a large installation of hydroponics in order to feed all of those that used to be on that ship. that kind of stuff would keep me interested, however the focus on violence gets boring very quickly

  2. Hi Ed.
    Thank you for your comment.

    Although I do think that this season, the series has further evolved to explore the issues beyond survival , but rather embracing Destiny’s mission , handling the Lucian Alliance and further exploring the development of the characters who are to embrace Destiny’s mission of universal importance , it is understandable that you want to see more of the ship explored.

    Are there other aspects of the ship or life aboard the ship , which you would like to see explored? How do you think it could tie into a central storyline in the series, to help attract an interest?

    What are your thoughts on the discovery of the bridge? Did this intrigue you?

    Though the show has had some violence, I think it has been suitable given the types of the situations the characters have had to face[i.e. fighting in the ship battle in Resurgence]

    Thanks for dropping by and feel free to continue to share your thoughts on the future of the series and the Stargate franchise, in general.


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  4. Julie says:

    This is good news indeed (:

    I spent a long time trying to think of things about this show that needed to be changed to make it more successful. I’ve read a lot of reviews, as well, to see if I was the only one thinking of certain points. Here are a few things.
    - Find a way to count viewers on other channels, and on their own website. There simply has to be a way. Just because you can’t catch it on SyFy, doesn’t mean you’re not a fan. I don’t have cable, so it just isn’t an option.
    - Add more humor. Stargate has always carried some light hearted moments, even when moments are tense. The show is just a little too stressful feeling.
    - Draw relationships out longer. Chloe and Scott nearly happened overnight. I feel there should have been an anticipation period. How many people hang on watching Bones weekly, hoping for that moment between Booth and Brennan? It’s a good method.
    - Show more space. This ship is really far away, in unexplored areas, right? There’s bound to be something really different out there.
    - Improve or replace some characters. A lot of Stargate fans just don’t care about these people. This would be a good opportunity to explore the other people stuck on the ship.
    - Something ongoing (and non violent) would be good. Perhaps hints towards a hidden part of the ship that the people can’t seem to find, or even them starting to work out a plan to get home.

    Having said all that, I will admit that the show was getting better. The best thing was becoming the addition of “Varro”, the man from the Lucian Alliance who is connecting with Johansen, even if a very small amount. This piece had me very interested. He and Rush are my favorite characters. Though I’ve been somewhat negative about the show, I truly hope it returns. The story of the ship and what it’s been through, and whether or not those Ancients may finally board, is interesting. This show (or story) has a lot of potential, and I can only hope there will be time to explore it all sometime.

    And lastly, thanks for the news, and Merry Christmas to you (:

  5. Hello Julie,

    Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts again. Its great that you have so much passion for Stargate and are committed to supporting the franchise ‘s future.

    I agree with many of your points, including how viewers who do not watch SyFy ,such as those who watch in DVR or purchase DVD’s should be taken into account. Changes of criteria would need to be made that so that a wide range of the fanbase is taken into account when a program’s future is decided.

    Also, I appreciate your point on how more of the outer edges of the universe need to explored as there should be some discovery worth the while in these locations. Though the number of life forms is rare in the outer edge of the universe, various planets have proven to have alien life , such as the planet in Cloverdale where Scott became infected. It would add a certain value of entertainment if such life forms could play a more frequent and central role in the storylines presented in the series.

    Thanks again for dropping by and it is my pleasure to help keep readers up to date.Please feel free to continue to share your thoughts!

  6. Brent says:

    How about conveniently forgetting about the first season-with its many forgettable moments- and calling the second season the first season. I think the writers and the series has just started to hit their rhythm and I would really like another season to try to turn things around. Come on, all you naysayers, lets get on board. it’s getting better. The scenes with TJ in episode 18 alone are worth a try at another season.

    • Thank you for your comment, Brent! Though I agree with your view on how the current season has increased in it overall pace, it is unlikeky that SGU will continue in any form, given Brad Wright’s recent announcement as to the cancellation of the SGU movie.

      It is indeed disapointing given the various storyline elements, such as TJ’s illness, which had the potential to further develop had SGU continued.

      What are your thoughts on the cancellation of the SGU movie and do you think the franchise will be revived at a later point?Please feel free to continue to share your thoughts!

  7. Gregg Pomeroy says:

    I am truly amazed that SyFy can decide that a show as entertaining as Stargate Universe is not worthy of renewal and yet can clog Friday nights with professional wrestling which has absolutely nothing to do with sci-fi. I am also amazed that the same station can continue to pollute the airwaves with ridiculous shows like Ghost Hunters, and its similar ilk, which can’t hold an intelligent persons attention for more than 10 min., if even that. terminating Stargate Universe at this point is like making a movie about a trip to a wonderful destination and then scrolling “The End” just before the destination is reached. We have been told through both seasons that the Destiny has a mission. It appears that we are not to be allowed to see the completion of that mission. Frankly, that sucks and in my opinion is a bad decision that amounts to a doublecross to SyFy viewers.

  8. Reck says:

    I would’ve liked to see them bring Gin and the Doctor back once Rush had been freed from the chair. It seems they could’ve used their help in the end of the second season finale When Eli had to fix the stasis pods as well as many smaller things along the way. The neural connection with the ship was interesting and could’ve provided a richer story line if they could’ve used it as an interface to explore more technology and Destiny itself.

  9. Joseph Walton says:

    This show is called Stargate: UNIVERSE, and the ship they were on was called DESTINY – for a reason. I would like to see more of the what the ANCIENTS actually discovered or were on the cusp of discovering. Perhaps have the crew jump to another galaxy, perhaps drawn by a signal left unmistakeably by the ancients and discover something truly universal in scope and magnitude, perhaps a technology or some way that allows them to ascend that allows them to travel anywhere in the galaxy! (well, I think that would be cool ;) )

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