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Site Closing on March 6 2009 for Maintenance

Thursday, March 5, 2009 @ 11:03 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Dear Reader,


Indeed our site will be tempoeraily closing from March 6 2009-March 9 2009 for maintenance purposes.


 During the mainitenance session we will ensure that all posts are uptodate and that all technological applications are functioning effectively.Please note that the site will be closed during this  time frame.



Your suggestions regarding  our maintenance are greatly welcomed.Please drop us a line eitther through the comments icon of our Suggestion box or through e-mail at oour central contact address at .We would love to ensure the appropriate functioning/presence of any aspect of the site which you believe requires attention.

Readers should note that information on maintenance and other annoouncements can be found by visiting our recently launched Reader Resource  post.This post contains all of the latest announcements  along with opportunities for  readers to introduce themselves.Readers are also encouraged to utlilize the post for  seeking assistance from other readers with any site related problems you may be experiencing.Visit the post today for the full details.

Also remember that  information regarding upcoming events/posts, recent additions, reminders and much more can easily be obtained from our monthly newsletters.Newsletters are an effictivve means of keeping you informed of the fun coming your way here on the site and also forr important days-such as mainitenance sessions!

It is sincerely anticipated that the upcoming  maintanance will further enhance your enjoyment of our rapidly growing site.


Enjoy and explore!


   Abbas Karimjee, Blog Manager