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Posts Tagged ‘Arts and Culture’

Mr. D Season 4 Episode 6-Short Stock

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 @ 06:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Check out the various promotional features of tonight’s episode of Mr. D’s fourth season entitled Short Stocked.The episode shall air at 9:30pm EST on CBC.

Gerry and Bill’s house they rent is up for sale and Gerry uses the advice of a market-savvy student to raise enough money for a down payment. Robert is too proud to ask for IT help, and Lisa spearheads a farewell to Xavier’s veteran crossing guard.

Which student will be dispensing advice and what  exactly will the advice be? Will the will Gerry  be able to effectively use this advice to make or will it somehow backfire? How will Robert”s pride cause great technical difficulties at Xavier and to what extent will he  go without getting help. Share your thoughts and speculations  in the comments section below.

Check out the trailer for this episode @

Mr. D Announcement-Live Chat Update
Readers are invited to join us at from 5:00pm -7:00pm EST on Monday, March 9 for a live question and answer session with Mr. D’s Jonathan Torren(VIce Principal Robert Cheeley).The chat will be hosted on the comments section of a post on the blog’s home page specifically created for this event. Questions regarding the event can be e-mailed at




Interview With Mr D’s Booth Savage

Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 08:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

mrd_callaghan_profile Booth Savage has been leading a distinguished career in the Canadian entertainment industry. Having  graduated with a MFA from York University in 1992, Savage went on to be apart of the Candor College Theatre faculty.

Various  additional accomplishments in his career include his attainment of Best Actor in a Leading Role” as Felix Batterinski in Alan King’s “The Last Season. He may be recognized  by  various viewers  for his  performance in the show , Canada Russia ’72, where he  portrayed the role of  the Team Canada head coach Harry Sinden in the CBC miniseries . Moreover,  as a member of the Toronto Free Theatre, Savage has performed in over 100 plays in every province and territory  with the exception of Yukon.

Also, for the past  two years Booth  Savage  has been portraying the role Principal  Mike Callaghan in CBC’S recent hit sitcom, Mr. D. With Mr , D approaching its this season and the Booth Savage  kindly agreeing to participate in a interview with me, we discuss various  aspects of how he has related to the character , his reflections on some of the storylines  in which Principal Callghan has been heavily  apart of  in the recent season ,the actor’s insight on how  his character interacts with the other characters on the show  as well as why he thinks Mr. D has attracted such a large audience along with much more.

Read through the complete interview below and share your thoughts on it in in the comments section section below.

 Abbas Karimjee:Lets start by discussing your appointment to the role of Mr. Callaghan. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Booth Savage:Gerry and I worked together in a TV movie (Canada Russia 72) he told me then that he was going to have his own sit com, and when it happened that he wanted me to be a part of it. I was happy to humour him. Getting a sit com to air is about as easy as getting your pants on without lifting your feet. Then, one day (2years later) I got a call from my agent telling me that indeed Gerry was green lit for a pilot and that I had an audition for the Principal. I didn’t get the part. The pilot was shot with another actor playing Callaghan, but the CBC declined to pick the show up for broadcast. More time passed, Gerry was given an opportunity to reshoot the pilot and this time my audition was more successful and I did get the part. Gerry is not only the funniest guy on television, but the perhaps the most honourable.

 AK:How do you relate to the character of principal Callaghan? Essentially, in what ways are you similar and different to the character?

BS:That’s a tough question. Gerry might be in a better position to answer that one. He cast me, so there has to be a reason, some quality in me that rings true for him, as the show is based on his real life teaching experiences and colleagues. I enjoy playing Callaghan, and it is extremely satisfying to work and learn from such an outstanding group of very funny people. I am awed every day I am on set by their wit and generosity.

 AK:Are there any resources or tools which you utilized in preparations evolved in portraying a Principal?

BS:I’ve been an actor for a very long time. I suppose that it is all those years of practice and discovery that inform my choices as Callaghan.

 AK:This season we discover that Callaghan has an ex wife with somewhat        peculiar psychotic tendencies. What was your reaction in discovering this and would you like to see this particular storyline or any other aspects of his backstory explored within the coming season?

BS:I was thrilled to work with Linda Brooks. It was particularly satisfying for Callaghan to have met his match. But I’ve been working out all winter and look forward to the re-match.

AK: This season Callaghan’s sensitivity and concern for Xavier Zaademy and its various staff members was demonstrated in various ways. Notably, it was demonstrated in his interactions with his colleague, vice principal Robert in the season 2 finales where he  gave him a comical lesson to show him how he takes things too seriously as apart of his performance evaluation. How would you describe the two’s working relationship and based on this how do you feel it has developed from the show’s inauguration? How do you feel this demonstrates the manner in which he interacts with his subordinates, in general?

 BS:Robert aka Jonathon Torrens is one of the most gifted people I have ever worked with. I (Booth) love him. Callaghan has another point of view. I enjoy my scenes with Robert immensely. It’s tough to stare him down because he is so completely funny and I have no defense against his lightning quick wit. There is no way I can hope to keep up with him. I just hang on for dear life and trust that he’s good enough to steer us both to the other shore.

AK:Callaghan has had to discipline Gerry on various instances for his comedic yet inappropriate mishaps. How do you feel Callaghan feels about Gerry and what do you think allows him to tolerate his lack of compliance?

BS:Callaghan seems to intuit that it takes all kinds of teachers and human beings to enrich the students at Xavier. I think, as a principal, one of Callaghan’s strengths is his ability to recognize that while Gerry may not be the most traditional teacher in the school, his humour and a genuinely good heart adds a value that otherwise would be missing from the school.

AK:Mr D is approaching its third season. What are you able to tell us about what might be in store for the upcoming season both for the show in general and particularly for the character of principal Callaghan?

 BS:Sorry, I’m not in that loop. I’m looking forward to learning what’s up as much as anyone.

 AK:Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC   since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audience?

 BS:My guess is that most of the credit has to go to Gerry. He knew what it was he wanted to achieve from the very first script and he has remained true to that vision. Every once in a long while a creative energy emerges that resonates with a large audience and Gerry seems to possess that quality.

AK:You have led a distinguished career within the Canada entertainment industry. What advice do you have for those who aspire to pursue a career in acting?

 BS:Be very sure. Be very committed. Be very flexible.

AK:What message do you have for viewers of Mr. D, with the show approaching its third season?

BS:Tell your friends. Write the CBC and tell them how much you like the show. Especially tell them how much you LOVE Callaghan.

 AK:What hobbies do you enjoy during your spare time?

BS:I am currently learning all about hardwood flooring and its installation. As well, I love to travel. I love to read. And of course, both Callaghan and Savage love to work out.

Live Chat With Mr D’s Naomi Snieckus at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 @ 09:04 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Naoimi Sniecus has been leading a distinguished and diverse career in the Canadian entertainment industry.Indeed,she has written for various series such as Trish Stratus‘ Walk of Fame and Nelly Furtado’s The Junos.The experienced actress has also made appearances on a variety of prominent Canadian series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, Ron James Show, Being Erica, Wingin’ It, as well as the popular children series  Cat in the Hat and Franklin where she voiced the role of aunt turtle.

Naomi has also created,written and acted in the web series, actress has also appeared in the Martin Short Special, I MartinShort and won the CCA 2010 award for best female improviser.The extraordinary actress also serves as the founding member of the Canadian award winning troupe,The National Theatre of the

More recently,Naomi has been involved with CBC’S hit sitcom,Mr. D where for the past two seasons,she has been portraying the tough and authoritative yet highly respected gym teacher,Bobbi.

Join us today,from 7:00pm -8:00pm eastern standard time for a live question and answer session with the actress.YOU will have the chance to interact with the actress herself, through the comments section!

Viewers are invited to post  comments and questions about any aspect related to Naomi’s involvement with Mr. D such her experiences on the sets of the show,her reflections on her experiences in portraying Bobbi,any specific questions related to the storylines of the hit series and other relevant questions and/or comments.Questions related to Naomi’s previous work as well as her alternate,current projects are also welcomed and highly encouraged.

With the season finale of Mr.D airing tonight @ 8:00pm eastern standard  time on CBC and Naomi’s character continuing to play a prominent role in the show,it’s a great time and way for fans to interact with the delightful actress.

The comments section will open up shortly before the event @ approximately 6:45pm eastern standard time.In order to see Naoimi’s responses to the questions and to see what other readers are asking,be sure to refresh the page several times throughout the session.

Questions related to the event can be sent by e-mail @ Live technical support during the event will be available on the blog’s Facebook page.We look forward to hosting this event!

Mr D Promo- Season 2 Episode 7[ The Date]

Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 01:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

CBC has released a preview of this week’s  episode of Mr D, The Date.  Take a look at the preview directly below and  share your predictions in the comments section. Be sure to tune in  for the episode on Wednesday @ 8;00pm eastern standard time on CBC.

Gerry and Jean’s date is interrupted, Leung’s makes an online video and Trudy regrets a decision.[TV Rage]

What is  Leung’s video about and how is it received?What decision does Trudy make and why does she  end up regretting it?


Little Mosque’s Arlene Duncan Running For Toronto Broadway World Awards

Sunday, December 16, 2012 @ 03:12 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

arleneArlene Duncan

Little Mosque on the Prairie viewers are highly encouraged to show their support for actress,Arlene Duncan [ Fatema Dinssah] who is currently in the running for the Broadway World award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical.The actress is in the run for the award as a result of her work on the Tony Award winning musical, Caroline of Change,which made its debut last January.

In order to vote for Arlene, please click on the link below and follow the prompts to proceed through the voting process.

Duncan discussed her involvement on the musical in an interview with the blog in April 2012.Specifically, she gave details on the premise.Read through the excerpt from the interview below and for the complete interview, visit

“Set in 1963, Caroline Thibodeaux is a maid to

a Southern Jewish family who does what she must to provide for

children while struggling to keep her sense of self, while the son of

her employer struggles to make sense of the world around him. It

has been quite a while since I’d been ‘on the boards’ performing

live on stage night after night”.[ Arlene Duncan  on Abbas Karimjee’s Weblog, April 2012]

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5- Open House of Horrors

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 @ 07:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Read through the official description of tonight’s Modern Family which shall air @ 9:00pm eastern time on ABC and City TV.

When the Dunphys’ neighbors find Claire’s annual Halloween extravaganza inappropriate, Phil suggests having an open house for the holiday. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron host a costume party, but must also field questions from Lily about her birth mom; and Gloria’s pregnancy intensifies her emotions[ABC]

How will Claire respond to not doing her extravaganza of her favorite holiday? What exactly will the open house involve? How will Mitchell and Cameron’s costume party work out and what exactly prompts Lilly to want to discover about her biological mother?Sound off in the comments section!


Josh Groban to Return to The Office

Monday, October 8, 2012 @ 02:10 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Indeed, Andy’s family will continue to  be involved in the current ninth and final season of NBC’S The Office .Particularly, viewers will once again have the opportunity to see actor, Josh Groban reprise as Andy’s   younger brother ,Walter Junior reports  TV Guide!

When we last saw  Walter in season 8 during Andy’s garden party on Schrute Farms , it was apparent that he was  the favorite    child of the Bernard household . However, Walter may now not be viewed with such high regard as according to the report Walter  shall  return in a druken state.The episode in which Walter will reappear in shall debut on November 1.

Groban  has been busy since he last  starred on The Office having appeared on. the  hit comedy film, Crazy Stupid Love  which stars  Steve Carrell as well as having  guest starred on Glee.Groban has also been busy with  his evolving music career.

How exactly did  Walter end up in  such a state within  the mere span of  a year?How will Andy respond to his brother who is in such a desperate state?  How will Walter Jr ‘s mishaps affect Andy’s interaction with his parents, whom he has previously been unsuccessful in achieving favouritism with? Are you excited for Groban to reappear? Share your comments, predictions and speculations below!

Little Mosque to be Launched on Hulu

Friday, May 25, 2012 @ 10:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy! (Log...

An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy! (Logo for Hulu). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Indeed, those from the USA who have expressed a strong desire to see Little Mosque have finally had heard  their voices heard! The  hit CBC sitcom will  air as a summer series on Hulu .com and

 Little Mosque  will air with its series premiere on June 28.  A new episode will be released each following week  until Thursday , August 23, at which point the entire series will be available for viewing.

Further information on Little Mosque’s debut on  Hulu as well as the other summer series which the site will be offering can be found @

Will you be watching  the show through  Hulu? What is your reaction to having the chance to watch Little Mosque this summer? Share your response in the comments section.

The Office Season 8 Episode 23 Preview- Turf War

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @ 11:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the  promotional features for this week’s episode of The Office,  Turf War. The episode will  debut on Thursday,  May 3  2012 @ 9:00pm eastern time on Global[ Canada] and NBC[USA]

Episode Synopsis: Andy gears up for his comeback at Dunder Mifflin. Meanwhile, a boozy Robert California closes a nearby branch, creating a turf war when Jim and Dwight are pitted against another salesman.[ TV Guide]

What strategy or techniques  will Andy employ to return to  Dunder Mifflin? Is there a particular crisis in Robert’s life which  has caused him  to be drunk at work? With the nearby branch closing,  how will Jim and Dwight respond to the competition brought forth by the new salesman.Will they secure their prominence within the sales division? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments section below.


Please stay tuned for a post later this week which covers some questions I hope are properly addressed before The Office draws to an end this season.


Web Therapy’s Second Season To Debut on July 2

Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 08:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Showtime has announced that Web Therapy‘s second season will debut on Monday, July 2 2012 @ 11:00pm eastern time, reports TV by the Numbers.The second season of this dark comedy will consist of 11 half – hour episodes.

Web Therapy’s second  season  will  continue  to focus on the self-serving  and highly unsuitable therapist Fiona  Wallace providing  online therapy  in the form of 3 minute web video sessions to  her troubled  clientage.  In addition to the having the opportunity to view these mishaps  unfold, viewers will have the chance  to see Fiona cope with  coming to terms with her husband, Kip Wallice’s[ Victor Garber]  double life as a homosexual man after she decides to  continue to pursue a marriage with him.  The sophomore season will consequently display Fiona focusing on promoting  Kip’s political campaign as he pursues candidacy for a seat in the senate. Throughout the season   Fiona will be seen continuing her pursuits as an author, as a result of her work on her book, Whistling While Worked which documents her” alleged mistreatment “at her former place of employment at a financial institution known as The Lachman brothers.

Actress, Lilly Tomlin is set to make reappearances as Fiona’s blunt and unaccepting mother, Putsy Hodge while Dan Bucatinsky will return as the mistreated and unassertive assistant, Jerome Sokolof.The exact  number of episodes in which they will appear has not been disclosed at this time.

 As previously reported on the blog, some prominent North American actors who will appear this season include  Meryl Streep, Rosie O’Donnell, Conan O’Brien, Molly Shannon, Minnie Driver, Selma Blair and  Kudrow’s former “Friends” cast mate David Shimmer, who   will have apparently witnessed a romantic encounter unfold between Fiona and his father, who is employed as a professor.  After having observed this and  recounting  his observations to Fiona, the unqualified therapist will suggest that she reenact the same sexual acts with him.

Web Therapy initially launched as a web series in  2008. In  April 2010 the    program was picked up by Showtime and the 7-10 minute  episodes were expanded to 30 minute episodes to suitable for television. To view the web episodes or for more information on the series, please refer to the blog’s sidebar for relevant links.

Information on when the second season will debut on The Movie Network for Canadian residents has yet to be disclosed, however an inquiry has been  issued to the Network and this information will be posted shortly after an update is received.

What is your response to Web Therapy  returning for a second season?Have you seen the webepisodes and in what ways do you hope  the television series will expand on some of the storylines ? Are there any predictions you have about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section.