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Interview With Mr D’s Naomi Snieckus

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 @ 09:08 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Naomi Snieckus has been leading a distinguished and diverse career in the Canadian entertainment industry.Indeed,she has written for various series such as Trish Stratus‘ Walk of Fame and Nelly Furtado’s The Junos.The experienced actress has also made appearances on a variety of prominent Canadian series such as Little Mosque on the Prairie, Ron James Show, Being Erica, Wingin’ It, as well as the popular children series  Cat in the Hat and Franklin where she voiced the role of aunt turtle.

Sniekus  has also created,written and acted in the web series, The actress has also appeared in the Martin Short Special, I MartinShort and won the CCA 2010 award for best female improviser.The extraordinary actress also serves as the founding member of the Canadian award winning troupe,The National Theatre of the

More recently,Naomi has been involved with CBC’S hit sitcom,Mr. D where for the past two seasons,she has been portraying the tough and authoritative yet highly respected gym teacher,Bobbi.

With Mr D approaching its third season and Naomi willing to participate in a interview with me,  we discuss the ways in which she has related to the character, Bobbi’s previous storylines in the recent second season  with her  on and off again boyfriend ,Craig and her working relationship with the character of Gerry  as well as her reflections on the success of Mr. D.

 Furthermore, we discuss  the extent to which Mr. D reflects truths about   aspects of the Canadian educational system, other projects the actress is involved in as well as much more.

 Read through the complete interview below!

Abbas Karimjee: Lets start by discussing your appointment to the role of  Bobbi. Were you contacted or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Naoimi Snieckus:I was at the original table read for the FIRST pilot at CBC. After that I still had to audition for the pilot, which I did. I remember I had to bring my dogs to the audition – probably helped me keep my cool –  I did the audition and then forgot about the part. I was visiting my mother a little while later and got “the call” that I was flying to Halifax the next day to shoot the pilot – not as exotic as flying to Los Angeles – but I was still VERY excited!

AK:How have you related to  the character of Bobbi?

NS:I like Bobbi’s “no-nonsense” approach to things and I’m VERY good at sports. Oh..and I too always wear a whistle but it’s just an accessory really.

AK:What are some of the challenges you have had  to overcome in portraying the character of Bobbi?

NS:I’m used to wearing very high heels and pencil skirts every day in normal life – plus I like to spend 2-3 hours doing my hair and make up. Playing Bobbi- I wear track suits and put my hair in a pony tail….it’s VERY challenging to find a way of spending those extra hours.

AK:You have worked on both animated productions such as Franklin and Cat in the Hat as well as  set productions such  as  Mr. D. Which type of acting do you prefer and why?

NS:I love that in my career I get to do a little bit of everything – I also have an improv company called The National Theatre of the World ( so being able to perform live helps me keep my comedy muscles strong.

AK:Bobbi and Gerry have had their differences clearly displayed through various episodes ,  including how she refused to hire him for a gym teaching position  when there was an opening and more recently in the finale,  passing him down for a chance to  lead a  senior boys basketball team at Xavier Academy. We have also seen numerous instances when Bobbi has taken great pleasure in  deceiving and teasing Gerry.-How do you think Bobbie feels about Gerry and why do you think this  is the case? Generally, how would you describe the two’s working relationship?


Snieckus discusses her character’s atypical on again off again relationship with her boyfriend, Craig as well as her difficult working relationship with her colleague, Gerry Dee.

NS:They are like Scully and Mulder, Sony and Cher, 2 of the 3 Stooges – they HAVE to work together but it’s challenging. At least they speak a common language – sports – they’ll always have that…they’ll always have the courts.

AK:This past season we see Bobbi’s   hostile and somewhat oppressive interactions with her  on and off again boyfriend, Craig. What do you think the character’s behavior  with Craig speaks to her personality and how would you like to see the two’s relationship develop in the coming season?

NS:I think the writers wrote some great stuff for Bobbi and Craig – I mean, he’s an ACTUAL Calvin Klein Model – it’s a fantastic bit of comedy that those two would ever be together. As far as Season 3 and where things go…I can’t speak about that, I’ve been sworn to secrecy! There’s definitely some surprises in store for Bobbi!

 AK:With Mr. D approaching its third season, what are you able to tell us about what might be in store , both for the show in general as well as  for character of Bobbi in particular?

NS:HA…nice try, I still can’t tell you about Season 3…you’re going to have to tune in…but let’s just say Bobbi and Gerry wrestle some big ideas together!

AK: What are your favorite onscreen or off-screen memories, thus far, from working on Mr D?

NS:We have so much fun on and off screen. The cast and directors we’ve had keep our set really fun so that even when the camera ISN’T rolling we’re still having laughs.

AK: Mr D has achieved record-breaking ratings on CBC  since the debut of CBC’S hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie with the series premiere earning a 1.3 million rating. Why do you think the show resonates with such a large audiences?

NS:I think everyone can relate to this show cause we’ve all been taught by teachers like Gerry, or Lisa, or Simon, or Bobbi – and there’s a lot of teachers that see themselves in the show.

AK:How do you think the show’s depiction of how staff members relate to one another as well as to the student and parent body is representative of real life interactions within the Canadian  educational system?

NS:Because the writing is based largely on Gerry’s real life job as a teacher – everything has a level of truth to it. I love that about this show.

AK:You have appeared in a variety of Canadian series  including Little Mosque on the Prairie,Ron James Show, Being Erica and Wingin’ It, Why do you think viewers should take an interest in Canadian  programming and particularly, what value, in general, does Canada’s diverse programming offer?

NS:I think there is great TV being made in Canada –both in comedy and drama.If we want to continue to grow as an industry it has to be supported by our country.There’s so many ways of having your voice, your opinion heard about these shows on social network- so I think we should talk about it as much as possible. Folks like you are helping for sure!

AK:What message do you have for fans of the show, with Mr. D approaching season 3?

NS:If you like to laugh, you should watch…if you don’t like to laugh…what is WRONG with you?

AK:What activities do you participate in during your spare time?

NS:Running The National Theatre of the World (with my partner Matt Baram) keeps me really busy. We have regular shows in Toronto (I Seen You on TV the last Wed of every month at The Drake) and tour internationally. We are also part of the upcoming YYComedy Festival in Calgary (’ve been a company for 5 years now and we’re working on pitching our own TV shows presently. We have a residency at Soulpepper Theatre so we are doing improv shows there (like The Script Tease Project) and hosting an upcoming international improv festival in December. @the_NTOW.

Interview With The Office’s Jake Lacy

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 10:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

jake lacy

Jake Lacy has been  leading an emerging career within the North American entertainment industry through his  work as an actor .Having  graduated from the North Carolina  school of the arts in 2008 Lacy went in production  with the Hartford Stage’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s  Summer Dream”.

In addition to performing in other theatre productions, Jake Lacy later starred in several episodes of the popular series Better With You in which he stared as the character of Cassey  and  also later  appearing  as Jimmy Goodwin the Goodwin Games.

However, more recently  he has been in the current ninth and final season of NBC’S  hit sitcom, The Office as the new customer service representative ,Pete. With the character being new to the show and  The Office quickly progressing through its final season on the air, all thought it was a time to touch base with the actor for an interview. Particularly, we discuss  the initial process and experience involved in being appointed  to the role of  Pete,  his perspective on having been a long-time fan of the show and actually working on  it  as well as other aspects related to how he portrays the character  of Pete.

The actor also talks about his reaction to the show ending this year, the mood and atmosphere on the set.  He also delves into some of his insights on the ninth season  by   discussing his storyline this season in terms of his developing  relationship with  the character of Erin as well as the challenges  which his character faces being  one of the new employees  at the Scranton  branch.

Read through the complete interview below.

Abbas Karimjee.Lets discuss your initial appointment to the role of Pete.Were you contacted for the role or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Jake Lacy:I auditioned for the role in NY and then flew to LA to test for it.  I was out-of-town when I first heard about a new role on The Office.I came back later in the week and auditioned with the casting folks in NY and the people in LA liked it so they flew me out the following week.  Then I flew back east and waited.  I got the call that Friday night.  I packed my bag, flew to LA that Sunday and started filming Monday morning!  It was crazy.

AK:Given that you have been a fan of the show, could you please share your reaction when you discovered that you landed the role?

JL:Oh, I was ecstatic!  The show had been a favorite of mine from the very beginning and getting the opportunity to be a part of it was a dream come true.I’m just a big, big fan of the show and can’t believe I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of it!

AK:How has being a fan of The Office, influenced your  day to day experience of working on the show?

JL: I think being such a fan of the show was helpful. As a viewer I understood what makes this show unique and the challenge has been figuring out what that means as an actor.  The tone of this show is very specific and it took a few weeks for me to find that balance being doing too much and doing too little.

AK :What was your reaction when you discovered that this would be the final season of The Office, both from your perspective as an actor on the show as well as a long-time fan of the show?

JL: The cast found out pretty early on in filming that this would be the last season.  I was still riding the high of being on the show so it really didn’t affect me.  Maybe as a fan I’m sad to see The Office come to an end.  It still seems so far away.  Those decisions are so far out of my control that I try not to get bent out of shape about them.  I’m just grateful to have this incredible job for a year.

AK:With many of the cast and crew having worked on the show through out  entire nine season run, what is the atmosphere on the set like considering that the show is now in its final season?

JL:Everyone has been very welcoming.  The cast has been very warm and kind to a complete stranger setting up shop for a year.  We still have another half dozen episodes to shoot so people are still focused on work. I think in the final few weeks emotions may start to run high but right now everyone is very focused on this week’s episode.

AK:How have you related to Pete?

JL:I’m not sure how to answer this question.All I can say is, bottom line, I’m rooting for Pete.

AK:The character of Pete has been quite similar  to the character of Jim, in terms of his personality, his life goals as well as in  his  desire to  win the affection of   The Office’s receptionist! Given these circumstances, to what extent has  John Kraininski’s  portrayal  of Jim  Halpert  influenced  the way in which you portray  the character of Pete? Also,are there any ways in which you think the two are notably different?.

JL:Well, there’s no denying that their circumstances are similar.  I think Pete is a little bit of an underdog.  Not only is receptionist dating the boss but Pete’s also the new guy at work.  There’s an added element of learning the ropes and not wanting to rustle any feathers.  I think the similarities and differences may become clearer as the season progresses.

AK:Pete expresses a romantic interest towards the receptionist at the Scranton Branch ,Erin   as seen from how he has been flirting  with her at the reception and through other comments. What are your thoughts on the suitability of the two as a couple? What do you think is drawing   Pete to Erin?jake lacy and ellie kemper

JL:I don’t know if Pete and Erin are right for each other.  I just know they have a good time together.  Could they become something?  Absolutely.  Could they wind up really good friends?  Definitely.  I wish I knew where they were headed but the writers keep things pretty secretive.  We don’t find out until we read the script for that week.  As far as what draw Pete to Erin: she’s awesome!  She’s goofy and pretty and charming.  I think Pete’s working at a new job, doesn’t know anybody and finds some kind of connection with Erin.

AK:Although Pete has a romantic interest toward Erin, she is currently involved in a relationship with Andy, who is regional manager.Given these circumstances, what are you able to tell us about the types challenges lay in store for Pete ?Do  you have any other thoughts on this storyline?

JL:Andy is off on the family yacht to save the Bernard’s from complete financial collapse.  That buys Pete a little time to figure out how he feels about Erin and what he’s going to do.  The one thing I can say about Pete is that he’s always interested in trying to doing the right thing.  He would rather wait until the time is right than push something.  Now, I don’t know how the Pete/Erin story unfolds but I hope the character stays true to those characteristics.  That’s one of my favorite aspects of Pete.  He’s a stand up guy.  I think that counts for something.

AK:What is your favorite episode of the current season? Why?

JL:Selfishly, I would say the episode when we built the tower out of complaint cards.  That was the first episode where I got to drive a story. It was awesome! Shooting “Work Bus” was a blast, though.It was a crazy week and many of my best memories of the year were shooting that episode.That was the first time I felt like a real part of the cast.  Yeah, let’s go with Work Bus.  For the good times.

AK: Is there anything else you would you like to say about what might be in store for Pete in his role as a  customer service representative?

JL:Pete and Clark buy a horse-breeding company from Clark’s dying uncle and move to Kentucky for an episode.  That was fun to shoot.  No, that story’s not true.  I think I’ll just let people tune in and see what happens.

AK:What advice do you have for today’s youth who are aspiring to pursue a career in acting?

JL:Be real gentle with your dream. Stick with people who believe in you.  Learn how to be honest with yourself.  Do what your gut tells you.  Work really hard.  I needed, and still need, people to tell me those things and show me how to do them.  Those things are important.

AK:Are there any favorite memories from your work experiences so far which you would like to share, either on screen or off screen?

JL:I got one small improvised moment into an episode.  That was huge. The writer’s are so talented and work so hard that it’s rare for an imporov-ed line to make it to air.I was excited by that.

AK:What message do you have for fans of The Office as the show draws to a close this season?

JL:I’m a fan, too.I know what you’re going through.Please keep watching. Hold my hand and we’ll get through this together.

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 6- Yard Sale

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look at the promotional features for this week’s episode of Modern Family entitled Yard Sale below. Be sure to tune in for the episode on Wednesday, October 31 @ 900pm eastern time on  ABC[ USA] and City TV [ Canada].

Yard Sale – Episode 6 of Season 4.At a Pritchett family yard sale held by Jay and Gloria to help a fund-raiser at Luke and Manny’s school, Phil can’t decide what to buy or sell, and Mitchell and Cameron assess Alex’s new male friend, but Gloria would rather the contents of an old trunk not be revealed.[ TV Guide]

How will Phil decide what he will sell and what he shall keep?What criteria will Mitch and Cam use to assess  Alex’s boyfriend’s  suitability? Will Alex be informed of their assessment and if so, what will her response to their conclusions be? What is in Gloria’s trunk and why does she not want to divulge information about its contents? Share your predictions and speculations in the comments section.

Additional  Notes

1.Alex’s   boyfriend is the one from the season  3 finale,Baby on Board  who Alex believes is gay. Claire is unaware of Alex’s    knowledge and fears that she will have to reveal   the news to Alex.

2. Gloria’s trunk is hers from Columbia which accidentally ends up in the garage sale until she rectified  that by having Manny bring the box inside.

Additional information is summarized  from details provided by the Examiner.


The Office Season 8 Episode 24- Free Family Portait Studio

Thursday, May 10, 2012 @ 09:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Explore the promotional features of The Office’s  season 8 finale,  Free Family Portrait  below. The finale will air @ 9;00pm eastern standard time on  NBC[USA] and Global[ Canada]

In the Season 8 finale, Dwight offers free family portraits for the staffers. Elsewhere, a pilfered diaper results in a high-speed car chase; Andy poses as a janitor and stages a covert coup; and Robert considers taking on a new business endeavor.[TV Guide]

What will be the quality of the free family portraits from Dwight  and how  pleased will the staff members be with them? Why is Dwight  pursuing such an initiative?What will Robert’s new business endeavour be and will this be the technique used to write the character out, given James Spader’s departure from the  series. What  are the elements involved in Andy’s coup and how does he intend on using his disguise to regain his post as regional manager at the Scranton branch? How does  Nellie play into this?




This is the  season 8 finale of The Office.

There is no word on the show’s fate  though talks have  begun about the possibility of a reboot version with NBC.  Details on  this version as well as  potential and definite casting changes have been   reported on the blog @

 Additional Questions Related To Season 8 of The Office

Will Angela discover  her husband’s  homosexuality?  How will she respond? Has Oscar become involved with the senator? Will Dwight make his move to prove that he is the father of  Angela’s child?

What has become of Darryl [ Craig Robinson]and Val’s  working relationship and what is  their current position on pursuing romance?

Share your thoughts on these questions as well as any other questions which you would like to see answered in the comments section!


Interview With Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Brandon Firla on Season 6

Sunday, March 11, 2012 @ 11:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Its  been nearly a year since  we last connected with Little Mosque`s Brandon Firla who plays the intolerant and self-serving yet surprisingly promising character of Reverend William Thorne.

With Little Mosque `s sixth and final season drawing to a close in the next  month , we discuss his reaction to  the show`s cancellation,Reverend Thorne`s developing friendship with Baber Siddiqui[ Manoj]this season  as well as he actor`s experiences as a cast member on the show and the program’s impact on building bridges between the Islamic community and  the Western society.

Take a read through our humorous yet insightful interview with the Brandon Firla, below.

Abbas Karimjee: Since we last connected, it was announced that Little Mosque will conclude its run on television upon the end of its current season. What is your response to the show ending and why do you think it has been decided for this show to end at this point, despite its huge success, both in Canada and worldwide?

Brandon Firla:This is the first I’m hearing of this. Wow. Are you sure? I’ll have to look over my contract again and call my agent. And my Real Estate agent. That lakeshore condo isn’t gonna pay for itself.

That said, I think it’s always best to go out on top and when you’re in peak form and still relevant. Just like Michael Jordan did. Twice. But then he came back a second time, was too old and out of shape so he retired again and tarnished his legacy. The point is, you gotta know when to pull the plug and walk away. But like Michael Jordan, I’m now gonna go play professional baseball for a season or two, then come back to the biz.

AK: What was the mood like on set during the final weeks of the show?

The cast of Little Mosque share a toast as production draws to a close[ June 2011

BF:It was truly bittersweet. It’s rare that you know your series is coming to an end before you shoot a single scene, so we were all able to say a proper farewell to our castmates and characters. That usually doesn’t happen.AK: You have played Thorne for three seasons. How have you related with the character?

BF:I relate to his height, his questionable hairstyle, and his limited wardrobe selection. Other than that, we couldn’t be more different.

AK: Last season we saw Thorne develop a relationship with Rose. Will we have the chance to see more of this as the season progresses? How do you think this relationship has contributed to the character’s development?

BF:We will not see anymore of Rose. In a deleted scene from last season’s finale, she was abducted by aliens from the planet Zarbax 5 in the omega quadrant. The aliens also erased any memories Thorne or the people of Mercy may have had of her. It was a powerful scene. I’m not sure why it was cut.

AK: Gradually, Thorne has transformed himself into a character that has become more likeable, from how he has connected with Amaar and various other residents of Mercy, allowing him to show that he is genuinely making a commitment to improve despite his many flaws. How did portraying this aspect of Thorne prove to be challenging? Based on the response you have heard from  viewers over the past season, how has fan response towards the character changed?

BF:It was great fun to have Thorne climb out of the enormous hole he had dug for himself by the end of season It’s always better for the character, for the actor, and for the audience when your characters have to deal with new situations and challenges and relationships in every episode than it is to see them face the same problem again and again.  Season 4 pretty much exhausted every angle of the Thorne vs Amaar conflict, so it was very freeing for the writers and for myself to not be bound to that as a central conflict. As for fan response, I have no idea if or how it’s changed. You can’t control what people are going to think about you or your character, so I don’t put much thought into that.  Though I do cry myself to sleep some nights after reading some of the comments on IMDb. It was actually more challenging to play Thorne in the first season.

AK: This season Baber and Thorne we have connected as best friends.  What was your reaction when you learnt of this storyline and could you please give is an idea of some of the excitement which is to come as we further delve into their relationship?

BF:I thought it was a great “odd couple” pairing, but more importantly a great way to exploit and explore the spiritual themes of the series. Some of the excitement to look forward to is when Babar gets abducted by aliens from the planet Zarbax 5 in the omega quadrant.  Thorne builds a rocketship in his sacristy and blasts off to liberate his friend, reunite with Rose, and unleash holy hell on the evil Zarbaxians.

AK: What do you think draws the two to become great friends, in a way much different from how Thorne became friends with Amaar?

BF:Backgammon. And faith. But mainly the backgammon.

AK: With Baber and Thorne now developing a strong friendship, could you please share some insights on how Reverend Thorne’s established friendship with Ammar will be impacted?

BF:I think he’s used to being abandoned by friends by now.  Think about it: Magee left. Yasir left. Even Joe left. Maybe he should try a new aftershave.

AK: Reverend Thorne replaced Reverend Magee upon the commencement of the show’s fourth season to add some challenges to the Muslim community’s relationship with their fellow Anglicans. Do you feel the character’s  presence has acted  as a sort of  model to the show’s audience  in demonstrating how  even  those  from different  backgrounds and faiths  may have a chance to  positively build on their relationship  , despite negative  preconceived  notions that they have about one another?

BF:Yes. Well put.  I don’t even have to answer that one.

 AK: How does it feel to have been apart of a show which is the first of its kind in terms of building  bridges between the Islamic community and the Western society?

BF:I think its commendable whenever television programs give funding to a long-term construction project. I look forward to driving across that bridge someday.

 AK. You have had a lot of experiences from working the show over it last three seasons. What are some of your favorite moments, either on screen or off screen in production?

BF:My daughter was born 3 weeks before season 2 started shooting, so that was pretty special. The show sort of became a baby factory with a lot of crew, cast, writers, and production staff having offspring over the course of its run. I recommended to anyone with fertility issues to get a job on the Little Mosque set

AK: Is there a message of thanks which you would like to offer to fans of the show, as it draws to a close?

BF:Thank you for suffering through any scene that I was in. It shows true inner strength and a clear understanding of passing through purgatory before reaching paradise.





Live Question &Answer With Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Manoj Sood@ 2:30pm Eastern Time

Sunday, March 4, 2012 @ 11:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Manoj Sood has been leading an exemplary career. Having been in the acting industry  since 1994, Manoj has appeared in over 40 major television series and feature film productions. His appearances on television series include those such as Dead Zone and Dead Like Me ,while his list of film credits include,Rat Race and American Meltdown.The actor is also currently involved  a project  in which he is in the process of writing and producing his own TV series.

Manoj has also  been bringing his extensive experience and talents to CBC’s hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie in the role of the conservative Muslim father, Baber Siddiqui. The talented actor has been portraying the role over the course of the show’s six seasons.

Join us today from 2:30pm  until 4:30pm eastern time, for a live question and answer session with Manoj. YOU will have the chance to interact with the actor himself, through the comments section!.

Feel free to  submit questions or comments related to the actor’s work on Little Mosque as well as questions and comments regarding some of his past or current projects.This is truly great way and time to interact with the  actor, given his  character’s prominent storyline this season, in terms of his friendship with Reverend William Thorne[ Brandon Firla]

The comments section will open up  shortly before 2:30pm  eastern standard time!Please note that after posting a comment, you should refresh the page in order to see your response[s] from Manoj Sood as well as to  see the additional discussion which  other readers are having  with the actor.

We look forward to hosting this event!

Live Question and Answer With Little Mosque’s Manoj Sood on Monday, March 5

Friday, March 2, 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Join us on the blog on Monday, March 5 2012  from 2:30pm -4:30m eastern time  to engage in a  live question and answer session with Little Mosque on the Prairie Manoj Sood, who plays the fanatical yet amusing character of Baber Siddiqui.  A great way and time to interact with the actor, given that Little Mosque is in its  final season and the character of Baber has a prominent storyline, in terms of his developing  friendship with Reverend William Thorne.

A post will be created on the blog’s homepage, outlining further details about the event and readers will be able to  interact with the actor in the comments section of this post! This will be posted by 9:00am eastern standard  on the day of the event.

Will you be joining  the chat?Do you have any questions about the event? Let us know in the comments section!

CBC Announces Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Series Finale Date

Friday, February 17, 2012 @ 03:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, CBC has informed the blog that Little Mosque on the Prairie’s series finale, will be airing on Monday, April; 2 @ 8:30pm eastern time.  A title for the episode has yet to be  revealed.

The correspondence we received from CBC’s Digital Team  also mentioned that both the penultimate episode and the series finale will be featured as repeats in a hour long presentation  on the following  Easter Monday April 9 @8:00pm eastern time.

What is your response to Little Mosque ending  this season and what hopes do you have for how the show will end? Do you have any speculations  which  you would  like to share? Sound off in the comments section,below!

Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 6 Episode 6 Preview

Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 06:02 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Tune in for the episode tonight @ 8:30pm eastern time  on CBC!

Destination Chicken:Amaar is getting impatient waiting to find his new purpose when Baber sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong, leading to an unexpected sign from above.  Meanwhile, Ann’s crush on Charles fuels old sibling rivalries when she encourages her new flame to help out with Rev. Thorne’s Destination Church Spectacular.  Sarah is left to deal with the town audit single-handed.[CBC]

What will be the result of Amaar’s impatience and does Baber’s  behaviour lead Amaar to  reconsider whether he should  reclaim his post as imam of Mercy? What exactly is Baber sticking his nose into and how does it affect the mosque?How does  Charles involvement in  Thorne’s event prompt further sibling rivalry and how will this impact the event? What will become of the Mayor’s reputation when Sarah is left on her own to deal with the audit? How will Sarah’s possible sense of abandonment, affect her own well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments section of the post!

To view a sneak peak of the episode, please visit the show’s official Facebook page @

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19-Blockade

Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a scroll through for the promotional features regarding the penultimate episode of SGU, Blockade. The  episode will air @ 9:00pm on Syfy tonight and on Tuesday, May 3 @ 10:00pm pm on  Space for Canadian residents.

From TV Guide:

Attacking drones return when the Destiny tries to recharge in a star. Eli proposes a risky alternative, which requires the rest of the crew to gate to a nearby planet for safety, where they find an abandoned city.


Share your thoughts  and speculations for this episode in the comments section!