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The New Man in Charge – Recap of LOST’S Epilogue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 @ 01:08 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The epilogue commences with Benjamin Linus[ Michael Emerson] entering a  Dharma  Logistics Warehouse located in Guam and relieving the  attendants of the station from their duties as the station is being closed.

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In an attempt to provide them  with some information,Ben allows  each of the two  workers to ask a  question. Ben explains how they have been shipping  foods to an island[  explaining  the mystery of why food was being dropped from the sky on the island] and that  the coordinates of this island have been changing since it moves. When the other  attendant asks why polar bear food is being sent to an island , presumably located in the tropics, Linus attempts to answer the question  by  showing the two a Dharma orientation video from  Dr. Pierre Chang . The  condition for seeing the video  was that  the two men would leave afterwards, to which they both agreed.

In the video, further questions regarding the island are answered. We learn that the experiments of the polar bears, who were  placed in the cages, were to test various biological traits and their  adaptability  under the influence of electromagnetism. We also receive   further hints that the electromagnetism  impacts pregnancy on the island as the video  indicates that attention must be given in order to ensure that  female    bears have not been impregnated since  serious issues result  from this  at the end of the first trimester.

The  video goes on to explain the purpose of the mysterious  chair in room 23,  which in the series was under control by the Others. Viewers may recall that Carl , Alex’s boyfriend was  forced in the chair when he had been captured by the Others.  According to the video, the chair was used  as way  to interrogate   the Hostiles  by obtaining info on their  traditions,  lifestyle and worship of Jacob.   A special video and glasses were  to be provided to the  hostile after the interrogation was complete so that  his/her memory of the  incident would  be wiped clean.

The video  concluded  shortly afterwards and   Ben   extends his farewells to the attendants who were  substantially reimbursed for their  20 years of service to the station.

Afterwards, Ben  visits  Santa Rosa Mental Institute to meet Walt[ Malcolm David Kelly], who is  now reffered to as Keith Johnson  .Ben offers his apologies to Walt for kidnapping him when he was on the island .  Ben    reminds Walt that he is special and  that he  does not belong outside of the island because of this difference. Ben  also adds that Walt can help his father despite the fact that he is dead. This suggests that Walt  will be significant in   releasing Michael’s burden  of being a Whisper on the island  for his  acts of murder against Anna Lousia and Libby.

Walt agrees to join Ben and the two meet Hurley[  George Garcia] inside  a Dharma van.  Hurley  assures Walt that he is not crazy and just needs  to  return to the island as this is where he belongs.  When Walt  questions why this is, Hurley  responds   by saying that he has a job  for him. They drive off  as  they  must now return to the  island, concluding  the 12 minute epilogue.

What are your thoughts on the epilogue? Were you satisfied?What intrigued you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section directly below.