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Posts Tagged ‘Best Performance By An Actorin a Continung Dramatic Role’

Robert Carlyle Wins Gemini Awards

Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed the cast of  Stargate Universe  have much to be proud of after its recent accomplishment at the 25  annual Gemini  Awards on November 13 2010. The series’ lead actor, Robert Carlyle was bestowed with the award for the Best  Performance By An Actor in A Continuing Leading Dramatic Role.  Carlyle received this award for his performance of his lead role on Stargate Universe as Dr. Nicholas Rush on series inaugural season episode, Human.

The Gemini awards, of-course, are the annual  television broadcasting awards  for the Canadian film  and television industry

Below, is a video of Carlyle receiving  his award at the ceremony.


In addition to  being bestowed with this award, the series received eight other nominations back in August .  A list of these nominations, has been placed directly below.

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
Jim Menard – “Light”

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series
Rick Martin – “Human”

Best Sound in a Dramatic Series
Kelly Cole, Jay Cheetham, Kirby Jinnah, Bill Mellow, Patrick Ramsay, Steve Smith, Joe Watts, Matt Wilson –  Air Part 1

Best Visual Effects
Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Shannon Gurney, Vivian Jim, Andrew Karr, Michael Lowes, Kodie MacKenzie, Krista McLean, Alec MClymont, Craig Vandenbiggelaar – “Air, Part 1″

Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series
Joel Goldsmith – “Light”

Congratulations are extended to Robert Carlyle  for his  outstanding achievement and to the rest of the cast and crew of Stargate Universe. Recognition  from the Gemini Awards  is a huge accomplishment which deserves great celebration!