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Happy Birthday to Us!

Monday, May 21, 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Happy  Birthday to US!  Happy Birthday to US! Today, the blog celebrates  4 years of operation!

It’s hard to believe that it has already been four years since I first  opened this blog.When I first  started this site four years ago I was unsure of what it would become and   would not have believed  that I would be running it four years later. This site means so much to me and I have genuinely enjoyed running it and keeping readers informed about relevant subject matter. It has been a truly rewarding  experience and  provided enriching opportunities, which I never would have thought I would have. I am proud that this blog has been providing prominent coverage for thousands of readers each month on various television series which are of interest. Special thanks are extended to YOU the reader for supporting the blog through your continuous visits, comments and ongoing involvement in other interactive opportunities on the site. Without readers a site has no purpose or future. Your visits truly mean everything!

The last year has been the biggest and most successful year for this site. We welcomed nearly 44 000 visitors which is approximately  4 times the number of visits the site had in its initial year.  We continue to interact with readers through active monitoring of the blog`s Facebook and Twitter page . We pursued   affiliation with both CBC and Westwind pictures that supported the blog by endorsing its coverage of Little Mosque on the Prairie. The blog also further  expanded its diverse network this past year by having partnered with various cross cultural  blogs which have expressed interest in Little Mosque on the Prairie such as Marilyn Gardner`s Communicating  Across Boundaries and Knightley Emma. We were also recognized by the Canada Media  Fund  for  the site`s ongoing coverage of Little Mosque on the Prairie.  The blog connected with Gateworld .net , which is known as the leading online website for Stargate  where many of our interviews with cast members from the franchise were linked from. Thank you to  all of our affiliates for your support of the blog. I have  greatly enjoyed working with each of  your respective  organizations and/ or sites and hope that we  will continue to support one another in this coming year.

We continued our retrospective coverage of  the Stargate franchise after  it drew to an end after 17 years with SGU  through news reporting and interviews with SGU’S Jennifer Spence, Peter Kelamis and   brilliant main cast member , Brian J Smith. We also had the delight of interviewing  Stargate Atlantis, Rachel Luttrel! Thank you to each of  you for  kindly participating in the interviews. I tremendously enjoyed the rewarding experience and I trust each of you benefitted from it as well.

The past year has been a significant year for the blog’s coverage of Little Mosque on the Prairie as the show progressed in its sixth and final year.   In addition on going news coverage and weekly episode features, I   once again interviewed Little Mosque’s  Manoj Sood,   Debra McGrath,   Brandon  Firla  , Arlene Duncan and Aliza Vellani to  extensively discuss  roles within the show’s sixth and final  season. We also interviewed, for the first time, Little Mosque’s Derek McGrath to discuss  the impact  which the departure of his character had on the show as well as the fan favourite , Zaib Shaikh who provided an insightful overview of the show’s sixth and final season as well as  how the program represents  Canada.  Thank to you all of the cast members for your exceptional portrayals and for participating in the interviews. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did and extend best wishes in the future of your acting careers. It has truly been truly an honour and my pleasure to work with each of you .

Indeed, this is the only online media outlet which has interviewed the entire cast of this ground-breaking series.The blog was  recognized  by other institutions of the media for its extensive coverage of Little Mosque on the various occasions for its extensive coverage of this ground-breaking series including   Aquila Asia, a cosmopolitan magazine which did a  complete overview on the series to introduce it to its south Asian  readership. The blog was also mentioned on a live streaming with the cast of Little Mosque on CBC Live where the entire cast of the show thanked  us for its extensive support as well as responding to additional questions which we had about the show’s end.  I also had a chance to appear on CBC`S The National in order to discuss the show’s impact

From February to April the blog hosted a few live chats with various cast members of Little Mosque on the Prairie  including Aliza Vellani, Manoj Sood and Debra McGrath as a way of providing  viewers with the chance to directly  interact with  the stars themselves. Thank you to these prominent Canadian talent and all of the readers who joined in the discussion!

We also covered various other series on the blog. Back in September we launched coverage of FOX`S  new science fiction series,Terra Nova through weekly episode previews as well as through our  interactive features. Although  this show was not renewed for a second season, I greatly enjoyed discovering the series.

The blog launched its coverage of The Office and Web Therapy back in September and January respectively .As a result we have begun to welcome a new audience to the readership  through ongoing news coverage .Interviews  with various cast members of both series may be scheduled within the upcoming period.

I would also like to take  a moment to extend thanks to Youtube group, supportfire115@ for kindly providing the decorations used for this celebratory post. Thank you for helping make this special  day even more memorable through your assistance in this regard.Thanks also goes to the blog’s occassional communications auditor , Nisreen O’Neill.

What plans do we  have for year number 5? With Little Mosque and Stargate having ended, we look forward to occasional  ongoing respective coverage of these significant and  defining series for this blog.  The blog will continue to cover  The Office  as we approve its impending ninth season and provide extensive , ongoing coverage of Showtime’s Web therapy through ongoing news, weekly episode guides as well as  interviews with various cast members of this unique  comedy. The blog will also be launching coverage of  CBC`S, Mr. D as the show approaches its second season.  Expect other science fiction series to be covered as well. The blog may launch a music aspect  by  covering  works of  prominent North American  musicians. Further details will follow  next month once precise  plans have been finalized.

Although our previously announced plans to launch a held hosted site have been terminated at this time, we are  in the process of  assessing  various other templates  within Readers can therefore look forward to a new  design .

What  would you like to see on the site for our  upcoming year. Share your thoughts in the comments section or by e-mail. Thank  you for being apart of the community and I  look forward to another exciting year with the readership where we continue to work together to make the site the best it can be.

Stargate Universe’s Brian J Smith To Appear In Gossip Girls

Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 02:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, actor Brian J Smith is branching out to a different genre within the television industry, after having been  appointed  a  recurring role on CW’S relationship Drama series, The Gossip Girls, reports TV Line. 

According to a recent report on TV Line, Smith will portray the character of Max, who has been described as a dedicated chef.The report mentions that Max  may be the new  romantic interest of Serina, one of the show’s main character ,given that his scenes will take place in Los Angeles – the same place where  Serena will be spending her summer.

The actor, who portrayed  the young character of Lt Matthew Scott on Syfy’s Stargate Universe for the show’s two seasons, will first appear  in the series’ fifth season premiere, which is to debut on  Monday, September 26.Though there is no information currently available as to the number of episodes in which Smith will appear, an update will be posted once an announcement has been made.

What are your thoughts  on  Smith’s new role ,in terms of the suitability as the actor pursuing  employment  in a different genre within the television industry?Will you be watching Gossip Girls to follow  Smith’s character?Why?  Sound off in the comments section, below.

Interview With Stargate Universe’s Brian J Smith

Friday, July 15, 2011 @ 09:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actor, Brian J Smith has been leading a prominent career as an American actor,having just finished his first prominent role as the character of Lieutenant Matthew Scott on Syfy’s Stargate Universe for the show’s two seasons.The actor also recently featured on Syfy’s recent movie, Red Faction Origins, which is based on the actual video game franchise as the character of Jake Mason.This particular movie took place after the events of Guerrilla and before the events of the upcoming Armageddon game.

With SGU having concluded its run  just a couple of months ago and Smith being kind enough to participate in an interview with us,we discuss the actor’s experience in portraying the character of Matthew Scott,his frank perspective on the factors which resulted in SGU’s cancellation as well as Smith’s thoughts on the suitability of Gauntlet as a series finale to SGU.The actor also reflects on the development of his  young Lieutenant Scott and the slightly different hopes which he had for the extent of his character’s development.

Smith also discusses how working on the show influenced his acting career as well as his professional life,reflects on some of his favourite moments working on SGU, and his final message to fans,with the show having drawn to a close.

The actor also reflects on his experience working on Red Factions Origins and contrasts the experience of working on the  Red Faction franchise to the Stargate franchise.

Abbas Karimjee:Were you a fan of Science fiction prior to being appointed the role of Lt Scott and how familiar were you with the Stargate franchise,in particular?

Brian J Smith:Wasn’t a huge fan of science fiction,just dabbled when I was a kid.And I think I had heard about Stargate before but I hadn’t watched any full episodes.But I’d say Sci-Fi is my favourite genre to work in,right now.Kitchen sinks are pretty boring after running from aliens for two years.
AK:How did you relate to the character of Lt Scott?

BJS:He was new at what he was doing and so was I.I think we also both felt that we had something to prove.

AK:What was the most challenging aspect of playing Scott and how did you cope with this challenge?

BJS:One of the biggest challenges was the post-lunch sugar coma.They fed us very well on that set,and I learned to pace myself during Season 2.Every day there were these massive cakes,it was crazy.

AK: Science fiction fans have been known for their passion for genre entertainment.What initial concerns did you have from this and how would you describe your overall interaction with the fandom.

BJS:I didn’t have any concerns about it initially because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.Ignorance is bliss,I guess.That being said I enjoyed most of the interactions I had with Stargate fans particularly those who embraced SGU and were supportive of us from the beginning.I think SGU fans felt very protective of the show,like they had to stand up for it and they even stood up for us,which is no easy feat when some dude dressed as a Gauold or Wraith or whatever is waving a staff at you and telling you that you have terrible taste.

AK:Back in December,Syfy announced that SGU’S second season would be its last.What was your reaction when you discovered that the series had been cancelled and in your view,what were some of the primary reasons for which SGU was unable to attract the audience needed for the series to continue?What was your perspective on the decision of the producers to have SGU take the Stargate franchise in a new direction,with a strong emphasis on character relationships and how do you think this affected the presence of long time Stargate fans?

BJS: Well, I was really sad,of course,but Brad Wright and the rest of the producers seemed pretty confident that we’d be back,and they worked their tails off for months to make it happen.But good intentions and hard work don’t always add up to dollars, and in the end money walks.And actually I think we did have a pretty sizable audience and I think we did do a good job of grabbing them.It’s too bad that not enough of them owned Neilson boxes.SGU fans are always asking what they can do to keep science fiction shows like this alive.My advice would be to sign up for the Neilson program.I would also suggest buying DVD’s but we all know how expensive those damn things are,and I sure wouldn’t buy a DVD set when I can watch the whole thing pretty much for free on Netflix or even on youtube.And I’m sure some people were upset that SGU took the franchise in a new direction, but those of us involved were excited by the challenge and ultimately found it very fulfilling to work on the material we were getting.And when I look back on episodes like Time,Human,Twin Destinies,Common Descent I feel that we did work to do be proud of.Different strokes for different folks.

AK:Throughout the second season,Lt Scott was forced to face various unique challenges in terms of his relationship with Chloe who was dealing the effects of her encounter with the aliens,having to deal with Colonel Young’s poor leadership as well as maintaining a relationship with his son on Earth.

What are your thoughts on the suitability of the character’s development over the course of the show?How satisfied were you with this development and had SGU continued,which character dynamics would you have liked to see explored and how would you have liked for his function to have evolved?

BJS:I just wanted Scott to have a more defined and inclusive role in what happened in the story,and I actually think most of the cast felt that way about their own characters at some point.It’s not about screen-time or stuff like that,but I think we could have explored the unique talents of the crew and really put those talents to use so that if something happened to someone, their death wouldn’t just have sentimental value but would actually be crippling to the mission.I’m not saying he should save the day every time,but I always wondered what his critical contribution was and I think fans did too.I remember once at a convention or something some guy came up and was like,“I don’t think you’re a bad actor, but I don’t get Scott.He doesn’t do anything useful.”I can’t say I disagree.I don’t think emotional impact is enough. They really did a bang up job handling the death of Riley and making his death and the way he died important in the unraveling of Colonel Young.I always had the uneasy feeling that if Scott died,sure the crew would be sad for a few episodes, but ultimately there wasn’t anything that he was doing that fifteen other people couldn’t do just as well, if not better.It wouldn’t have affected the course of the mission.And yeah, looking back on it,I’d consider that to be a problem.But I was confident going into Season 3 that this would start to shift, but as you know we nevergot to explore it further.I honestly thought the show went out with a whimper,and it’s a shame because there was so much left undone.

AK:What are your thoughts on the SGU’S series finale, Gauntlet? How well of an ending do you think it served for SGU and the Stargate franchise,in general?

BJS:Like I’ve said before -it worked as a brilliant season finale,probably one of the best season finales you’re likely to see.But it’s probably the most insulting series finale in the history of science fiction,especially to our fans who had invested in this journey and deserved a better ending than putting the crew to sleep and stranding Destiny in space forever.Nobody is to blame,it’s just the way the cards fell.Well,a lot of people are going after SyFy,but SyFy is a business and not an artist sanctuary.They work for Diet Coke and Downy, and when Neilson tells Ronald MacDonald that not enough people are watching his new fish filet commercial in between acts of SGU he’s going to take his business elsewhere.That’s the way it’s always been,unless you’re HBO.But I can understand now why some fans and even networks are continually wary about getting involved in long-arc storytelling in science fiction because those stories rarely get finished.I know the guys had an ending planned out.We just didn’t make it to the finish line.

AK:Brad Wright recently reported at a Vancouver convention that SGU would not return for the planned TV movie,which would wrap up the storyline.

What was your reaction when you discovered this and why do you think the movie was not approved?Are there any additional details which you knew about the movie,which you would be able to share?Had the film been approved, what kind of conclusion would you hope would be in store for  the crew of destiny and for Scott ?

BJS:I wasn’t surprised when I heard the news.It had been months since we wrapped the TV show,and the further away you get from the wrap date the less your chances are of going further.But we all immediately started emailing and calling each other,trying to find some closure. I wasn’t privy to the specifics as to why the bottom fell out. I would have loved to see where the background radiation story was going.I thought it was a promising idea because it brought up a lot of questions regarding science and religion,big questions, and that’s the kind of science fiction that really turns me on. I didn’t have any specific hopes for Scott.I think the writers knew where they were taking him eventually and I just enjoyed the ride.

AK: Reflecting on your experience on SGU, what were some of your favourite moments working on the show,either onscreen or off-screen?

BJS: Location shoots.Getting up early in the morning and driving with my coffee and my dog out to some beautiful place near a mountain or a river and doing a good day’s work out in nature.The stuff we did in New Mexico was the most fun I’ve ever had,and I get pretty nostalgic thinking about it now.It seems like it was forever ago and I miss that sense of going on a field trip with your closest friends and doing what you love to do.

AK:How has SGU affected both your career as well as your personal life,in terms of living in Vancouver and the friendships you formed?

BJS:Lots of memories,way too many.Maybe I should write a book.That’s what I’ll walk away with most,all those little moments in between set-ups,during lunch,traveling somewhere.

We had way too much fun,and man those two years went by way too fast.Maybe that’s the best thing I learned from the show-don’t take these kinds of experiences for granted, because they are rare and they are over in the blink of an eye.One day someone is cutting your hair for free or playing a prank on you or asking if you’re gonna eat the rest of your fries (that was usually Jamil), and the next day you’re schlepping around town going from audition to audition in the pouring rain. But hey, that’s the life I signed up for, and you’re always chasing after those kind of moments. That’s why you do it. You just can’t let it break your heart.

AK:Stargate Universe took the franchise in a bold,notable focus on character relationships and the ongoing issue of survival.In retrospect,how do you think the show and the character of Scott,in particular will be remembered as?

BJS: I don’t know.It’ll be different for everyone.I hope people look back on it as a high-quality, well-shot,well-written,well-acted show that had the balls to take itself seriously.Cute and quirky and light is very mode right now and that seems to be the way to create a hit, but I ultimately, in the long run, respect shows that don’t go for the easy laugh or the cheap effect.I think time will be kind to SGU.

AK:With Stargate having drawn to a close,what message would you like to covey to fans?

BJS:Just heartfelt thanks.You guys are troupers.

AK:You starred as the character of Jake on Syfy’s Red Faction Origin aired on Syfy last month.Could you please describe how the role of Jake was different from your previous roles,such as that of Lt Scott?Also,in terms of production, how would you compare working on a TV show of an established franchise,such as Stargate to working on a movie,such as Red Factions,which is also a part of a great franchise?Which do you prefer?

BJS: Well, SGU had the disadvantage of fan expectation.The only expectation regarding Red Faction was that it would suck.So people were actually surprised that some thought went into Red Faction and that we tried to tell a good story and not just blow stuff up.That being said,Stargate had lots of financial heft behind it, and I guess that’s the benefit of coming out of an established franchise.But Red Faction was an experiment and we shot that film on a very tight budget.Michael Nankin is the single best director I’ve ever worked with,and watching him create what he created with very little resources was a real lesson in directing.Directing is easy when you get unlimited takes,months of prep time,millions of dollars for special effects.Spielberg would have had a nervous breakdown.Michael Bay would have cried.The challenges he had to overcome were unbelievable.There was a medic on set who gave him the Bulgarian equivalent of Thera-Flu when he was getting a cold and he was actually fighting to stay awake all day.He somehow got through it, but that should give you some idea of what he was up against.And he also approached the story in an emotional way every single day,he was fully invested,which really isn’t easy to do when the set is falling apart and one of your actors is so ill that they can’t work and you’re running on five hours of sleep and the set medic has basically drugged you.He’s a real-life bad-ass.He taught me that who you choose to be when you’re faced with the impossible defines you.
AK:What upcoming projects are you working on which you would like to share with viewers?

BJS:I’m enjoying a much-needed break right now.It’s been a crazy couple of years,so I’m taking this time to get back in touch and get inspired again.Time to re-fill the well and find out who I am as a guy,not just an actor

Stargate Universe – ‘The Complete Second and Final Season’ Now Available on DVD

Friday, June 17, 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, fans of Stargate Universe can now purchase the  complete second and final season of the series on DVD. Stargate Universe – The Complete Final Season on DVD, was released  earlier this month,in North America on Monday, June 6 2011. Viewers, should, however, note that there have been no plans for the edition to be released on Blu Ray. The DVD set consists of 5 separate discs and is currently retailed at a price of $49.98[USA]  and $59.98[CA].

The video is available in Anamorphic wide screen and both audio and subtitles are available in English – 5.1 Dolby Digital as well as Spanish English – 5.1 Dolby Digital.

 In addition to the complete final season, viewers will have the chance to explore the following special features:

  • Episode Commentary Tracks
  • Robert Carlyle Directs
  • Andy Mikita Directs
  • Eli’s Mom Comes on Board
  • Brian J. Smith’s First Fight
  • Crashing a Shuttle
  • The Seed Ship With Joe Mallozzi
  • Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Riley
  • Lou Diamond Phillips on Guest Stars
  • Lt. Scott Gets Hit By A Car
  • Inside Cloverdale with Brad Wright
  • How to Get Sucked Into Space
  • SG-U Welcomes You to New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands
  • Deconstructing Destiny
  • A Day in the Life of Jamil Walker Smith
  • Transplant Day
  • Sitting Down with Mike Dopud
  • Bringing the Bridge to Life
  • Louis Ferreria Vs. Colonel Young
  • Pitches: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery
  • Behind the Season 2 Finale – Gauntlet

Have you  purchased  the edition? Reflecting on the second season, which moments or episodes were your favorite? Which was your favorite special feature?Why? Sound off in the comments section!

Autographed Photo of The Cast of Stargate Universe

Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 03:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed when we were at the recent SGU Live:InnerSpace Event, we had the opportunity to have a official cast photo autographed by SGU actors, Brian J Smith[ Lt Matthew Scott],Alaina Huffman[ Lt. Tamara Johansen], David Blue[Eli Wallace], Elyse Levesque [ Chloe Armstrong],Jamil Walker  Smith,[ Sargeant Ronald Greer] Louis  Ferreira[ Colonel Everett Young]and Ming Na[ Camille Wray].Take a look at this photo directly below and tell us what you think!

Stargate Universe Season 2 – Current Information

Friday, October 8, 2010 @ 07:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Stargate Universe follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth.

In the new season, the team fights to take back the ship from the Lucian Alliance, who transported themselves on board Destiny with plans to take control. The team also discovers their true mission. It’s not about going home, it’s about going further.

Stargate Universe stars Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting, The Full Monty) as Dr. Nicholas Rush; Louis Ferreira (Hidden Hills, Grey Gardens) as Colonel Everett Young; Brian J. Smith (The War Boys, Hate Crime) as 1st Lt. Matthew Scott; Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong; David Blue (Ugly Betty, Moonlight) as Eli Wallace; Alaina Huffman (Smallville, Painkiller Jane) as Lt. Tamara Johansen; Jamil Walker Smith (Waynehead, Sister, Sister) as Master Sergeant Ronald Greer; Ming-Na (ER, The Joy Luck Club) as Camile Wray; and Lou Diamond Phillips (Stand and Deliver, Young Guns) as Colonel Telford. This season, series star Robert Carlyle makes his directorial debut in episode four, “Pathogen.”[  SyFy]

Indeed as the second season of Stargate Universe commences, readers should note that each of the episodes from the coming season will be available on ITunes. Viewers have the option of  purchasing a seasons pass, which covers all 20 episodes in the season for a cost of $34:99.Purchasing a season pass, allows for all current episodes in a season to be downloaded and for all additional  ones to be automatically ready for download upon  release.

Alternatively, episodes can also be individually purchased for a cost of $2:00 per show. To make a purchase, simply visit SGU’s iTunes page and submit your order! Happy viewing!

Apple iTunes

Actor,Victor Garber  has been casted  for the role of Ambassador Ovirda  of the planet, Langera  which, of-course , is the homeworld of  the former SG1 member, Jonas Quinn[ Corin Nemic]. Knepper is scheduled to appear in the fifteenth episode of Stargate Universe`s sophomore season,Seizure. This role maybe of great relevance to the plot of SGU,as Lanageros has a rich supply of naquadira – which is needed on Icarus type planets in the milky way to dial  Destiny. Co creator of Stargate Universe, Brad Wright stated in an interview with Show Patrol that this role may convert to one of a recurring nature.

Garber has appeared in a variety of 21 century hit TV series and films including Glee, Legally Blonde, and The Outer Limits.

SGU  2.5 can now be seen on ITunes. For the blog’s report on this,  visit our report @

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Season 2 Ratings – Your Complete Online Reference to the second Season Ratings of SGU.

How well did that episode do?…………..

September 29 2010-Indeed the change to Tuesday nights on SyFy, does not seem to be  creating the desired impacts  for the viewership numbers of Stargate Universe’s  second season.The  season premiere, Intervention scored the lowest rating earned by an episode in the series  to date.-Intervention, attracted a total of 1.175 million viewers, which is a reduction of 20 percent decrease in viewers since the season 1 finale of SGU,Intervention part 1 which aired June 2010.

This change in   days was implemented  in an effort to increase live ratings  as more viewers would be  at home on a weekday night and thus more likely to be available to tune in.

While this rating may be disappointing to the passionate   viewers and dedicated cast and crew of the series,   ratings may improve next week as Caprica, which has been slated for the 10:00pm slots on Tuesday nights will be returning.  As a result, this may increase viewership more audience, may tune in for SGU to pass the time as they wait for Caprica.

Stargate Universe returns next week on Tuesday, October 5 on SyFy at 9:00pm with an all new episode entitled, Aftermath. Be sure to tune in!

October 6 2010-Stargate Universe’s second seems to be having a rough start, with ratings falling even lower than those for the season premiere, Intervention. This week’s episode, Aftermath scored a 1,07 million rating per average household, which is a 9 percent drop from the previous 1,75 ,million earned last week.

Although ratings continue to decrease in the USA, Canada earned a 16 percent increase for the season premiere, Intervention from the summer finale, Incursion Part 2. This suggests that the issues does not stem from a decreasing fan base, but rather that  those in the USA are not aware of the time change from Friday to Tuesday nights as Canada retained its Friday nights for SGU. The possibility also exists that viewers are recording the show and watching it later in order to enjoy another Tuesday night program.

Coincidently Caprica which made its move from Friday nights as well this season,suffered lower ratings as well  with  only 888 million viewers tuning in for the series finale.This perhaps indicate  a general lack of awareness of the change in scheduling of SyFy’s  previous Friday night series.

We anticipate that next week’s episode, Awakening will earn higher ratings. Be sure to tune in at 9:00pm on Tuesday, October 12 2010 to view the episode.

October 13 2010- Stargate Universe is finally showing a rise in ratings in its second season after earning a score of 1.222 million viewers for the latest episode, Awakening which aired on Tuesday, October 12 at 9:00pm on Syfy. The episode is a 14 % increase since the ratings of last week’s episode, Aftermath, which earned 1.07 million. The episode is also the one to earn the highest viewership in the season, to date.

Caprica,which airs right after SGU, at 10:00pm had a decrease in  5%of viewership from the previous week ,with an approximate  total of  840, 000 viewers.

We anticipate that SGU’s ratings will continue to rise as the season further progresses!

October 20 2010-

Indeed the second season of Stargate Universe has reached a new low for the franchise, with the recent episode, Pathogen earning the franchise’s first live rating under one million viewers. Pathogen, SGU’s fourth episode in its current sophomore season, earned a rating of 964 000 viewers  for its 9:00pm slot on Tuesday, October  19, reports PiFeedback.The score  represents a drop  of 20% of live viewers from last week’s episode, Awakening.

Caprica, which airs on Tuesdays at 10:00pm, right after SGU reached a new low for the ratings in its most recent episode. The series’ recent episode merely earned 718 000 live viewers.

However, the decrease in live viewership does not signify such a lower viewership for Stargate Universe in the USA.  According to producer, Joseph Mallozzi on a recent post at his blog, the live plus 7 days ratings earned a 78 increase than the live ratings while the live plus same day ratings jumped by 40%. This   evidence suggests that   Stargate Universe currently has a total of 1.65, million viewers through SyFy. Also, note that the former two ratings cover online viewership through sites us as iTunes or Hulu.Be sure to tune in for a all new episode of SGU, Cloverdale on Tuesday, October 26 2010 at 9:00pm on SyFy.

October 27 2010-

Indeed the ratings for the second season of Stargate Universe are increasing again, with the ratings for the recent episode, Cloverdale scoring a total viewership of 1.01 million viewers.  This rating represents live plus same day viewings meaning those who watched the program at the normal 9:00pm time slot or recorded it but, watched it before 3:00am. Caprica, which follows SGU at 10:00pm had an increase in 17% in viewership from the previous week’s rating, earning a total of 840 000 viewers. However, the series was still cancelled today because of the generally low ratings it has earned throughout its current first season.Its remaining five episodes have been taken off the air until early 2011. SGU, will now have a different series, following it on Tuesday nights as of next week.

We are pleased that the ratings for the show’s second season increased this week and hope that this continues.

November 3 2010

Indeed the  midterm US  presidential elections acted as a detriment to Stargate Universe’s rating for the recent episode, Trial and Error.The episode attracted an estimated  of 967, 000 viewers for its live plus same day ratings on Tuesday, November 2  at 9:00pm eastern standard time.

This is a four percent decrease in  viewership from  last week’s episode and the program’s second episode in the current season which scored  the rare rating[ for Stargate, atleast] under 1 million views.

Online reports, seem to suggest that the show had a decrease in viewership  from those above 55, while  adults under 55 and males 18-49  had a significant ,30 percent increase.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s episode, The Greater Good at 9:00pm on Tuesday, November 9 on SyFy.

Indeed the  midterm US  presidential elections acted as a detriment to Stargate Universe’s rating for the recent episode, Trial and Error.The episode attracted an estimated  of 967, 000 viewers for its live plus same day ratings on Tuesday, November 2  at 9:00pm eastern standard time.

This is a four percent decrease in  viewership from last week’s episode and the program’s second episode in the current season which scored  the rare rating[ for Stargate, atleast] under 1 million views.

Online reports, seem to suggest that the show had a decrease in  viewership  from those above 55, while  adults under  55 and males 18-49  had a significant 320 percent increase.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s episode, The Greater Good at 9:00pm on Tuesday, November 9 on SyFy.

November 10 2010

Ratings for Stargate Universe have gone up again!The recent episode ,Greater Good scored a rating of 1.074 ,million viewers. The episode aired on SyFy on Tuesday, November 9 at 9:00pm.This is an 11% increase from the previous week’s ratings.

Below is a chart of the ratings of other Tuesday night series, from November 9 2010.

Dancing With The Stars 16.96 million ABC
NCIS:Los Angeles’ 15.62 million CBS
The Biggest Looser 6.75 million NBC
Raising Hope 5.77million Fox
Running Wilde 2.83 million Fox

Be sure to tune in this Tuesday, November 16 2010 for a new episode of SGU, Malice, which was produced by Robert C Copper  and shot  in location at New Mexico.

November 19 2010

Ratings for Stargate Universe continue to remain relatively consistent this season, with the recent episode, Malice earning a score of 1.025 million viewers per average household. This is a slight 4.5% decrease in the ratings from the previous episode, The Greater Good.

Although contrasts in ratings cannot be a made to other current SyFy Tuesday night series as Caprica has been pulled off the air until January 2011 due to its recent cancellation, Sanctuary, which airs on Friday nights, increased its viewership by 24 percent from the previous week, earning a rating of 5.246 million per average household

Be sure to watch a brand new episode of Stargate Universe, Visitation on Tuesday, November 23 at 9:00pm eastern time on SyFy. If you wish to be spoiled, keep scrolling below for promotional features and official descriptions of the episode, further below.

November 24 2010

Indeed the ratings for Stargate Universe’s second   season continued in its upward spiral this week, with the   recent episode, Visitation earning a grand total of 1.169 million viewers per  average household in the live plus same day category.

This is a 14 % increase from the previous week’s episode, Malice. Furthermore, this rating was practically equal to the rating of the season 2 premiere, Intervention [see above]

A decision on a third season will likely be made sometime in December or January, as the mid season finale would have aired and SyFy can use the ratings of the first half of season 2 to decide the show’s fate.

As for other Sy Fy  ratings,Sanctuary’s  recent episode, “Animus,”  scored 20% less than  the previous episode , earning  1.259 million viewers per household average.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s episode, Resurgence, which is the mid season finale. If you are not generally cautious about spoilers, scroll below for the trailer and sneak peak of the episode.

December 4 2010-

Indeed the ratings for the mid season finale of Stargate Universe’s secomd season, Resurgence is in. The episode, which aired on SyFy on Tuesday, November 30 at 9:00pm scored a total rating of 1.094 ,million viewers  per average household. This is a 6% decrease from the previous week’s rating.

For contrast’s sake, Sanctuary’s previous episode, Breech, which aired on Friday, November 26 earned a rating of 1.0782 million. This is 18 |%| improvement from the previous episode.

Overall, Stargate Universe averaged a total rating of 1.0782 million. The first half’s high was in the third episode, Awakening which earned a  rating of 1.222 , million viewers while the low was three episodes later, which  earned 967 million viewers.

A decision on the show’s future will be made later in December or possibly after the holidays, in January 2011.We look forward to seeing SGU 2.5 in spring 2011 and eagerly anticipate that the show will be renwed for  a third season.

Ratings are now posted as individual reports. Please refer to the blog’s sidebar under the Recent Posts Section, for a report on this week’s rating.

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Descriptions of Upcoming Episodes

Twin Destinies:Eli may have found a way home, but Rush believes the plan could go catastrophically wrong. After experts on Earth decide in favor of Eli’s plan, Rush announces his intention to remain on the ship and calls for volunteers to stay with him

Alliances:Ginn resurfaces in Chloe via the communication stones, creating a dilemma for Eli and Rush to solve; Greer becomes a kidney donor after Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease.

.What are your thoughts on the  descriptions?Do you  have speculations  for   the  upcoming episode?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Promotional Features


SGU International Schedule Center – Season 2.0

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Episode Title Episode# Debut Date[Sy Fy-USA] Time Debut Date[Space-Canada] Time
Deliverance 11 March 7 10:00pm March 8 10:00pm
Twin Destinies 12 March 14 10:00pm March 15 10:00pm
Alliances 13 March 21 10:00pm March 22 10:00pm
Hope 14 March 28 10:00pm March 29 10:00pm
Sizeure 15 April 4 10:00pm April 5 10:00pm
The Hunt 16 April 11 10:00pm April 12 10:00pm
Common Descwnt 17 April 18 10:00pm April 19 10:00pm ,
Eiologue 18 April 26 10:00pm April 27 10:00pm
Blovkade 19 May3 10:00pm May 4 10:00pm
Gauntlent 20 May 10 10:00pm May 11 10:00pm

All slots for Syfy[ USA] and Space [ Canada] have  been noted in eastern standard time while timings for  Sky One[ UK] have been noted in GMT. Please note that all  timings have been verified by the  respective stations. Should you wish to have the  time slots for a station in your country which is airing  season 2 episodes  of Stargate Universe ,added to the table, please contact  us at .


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Discussion Center

Episode Discussions

Episode 201-  Intervention (Season 2  Premiere]

  • Chloe’s  sudden  recovery .  How  did this happen? Do you think  her  time with  the aliens  may  explain this? If so, what could  this mean for Dr. Rush who was captured by the aliens for an even longer period?  What other possible reasons are there?
  • Varro convincing  the  LA to spare  the military personal   aboard Destiny  by dropping them of at the planet. Discuss the  troubles faced  at the planet
  • Also, note how Varro’s desire to spare   the lives cost him his place with the Alliance. As a result,  he, along with those loyal to him, were   discarded at the planet.  He used   the argument of how he   helped save  the lives of  crew’s military personnel as a way to receive help from  Young when they were all stranded on the planet. Do you think this  reasoning warranted him   receiving Young’s Mercy?
  • Do you think this more friendlier dynamic will come into play , now that Young has  regained control over the ship and thus  has contained the Lucian Alliance? Essentially,  how will  Young’s treatment towards Varro be   now that he [ Young] has regained control?
  • TJ’S journey -  What are your thoughts on it? What do you  think occurred?  Do you think  it  was  mere vision or do you think it actually happened?   If you do, how do  you think it happened? Why? Please provide reasons for all opinions.
  • Dr. Rush-  Do you think his tactic was appropriate? Was he right to believe that the LA    would surrender?   Was his decision of  locking the  hypoclab appropriate?  Was his  willingness to sacrifice the lives of  the few members stuck outside of the ship warrant?
  • TJ’s  future – How do you think she will cope with  her vision? Will she divulge her experience to  anyone on the ship? Who do you think she might  confide in, if anyone? What would be the reaction of that individual?What potential possibilities ,  would involve  this vision coming to play in the future?

Season 2 Episode 2 [ Aftermath]

Rush’s  discovery   of the  bridge

  • His discovery leads him to discover a planet nearby with food ,water and other essential supplies. However,  visiting          this planet poses a risk  as it has been locked out of the course and does not posses a  functional Stargate.
  • Gloria’s reappearance – note how she questions Rush’s decision for  altering the course, advising  him that red usually means bad
  • Note how she advises Rush to inform the crew, but  he asserts Young’s  instability as a leader, referencing  to how Young almost strangled a prisoner to death
  • Dr, Franklin’s reappearance and how he informs  Rush of the volcanic activity. This shows how Rush’s arrogance has clouded his judgement  which has in turn compromising the safety of other crew members

Riley’s Death

  • Colonel Young committing euthanasia on Sergeant Riley – Do you think  his actions were appropriate. Why? Do you think that  the others TJ,  Park, Scott,Greer, Eli, e,tc] suspect  him of killing Riley?
  • Rush’s sense of responsibility for the death of  Sergeant Riley. Refer to  comment made two points above

LA Prisoners


  • Camille’s interrogation with Ginn. Her discovery of how Ginn was forced into the alliance to save the life her of family and how the alliance  intruded Destiny because of its godlike powers – to control space and time. What are your thoughts on this?  Do you believe that Ginn  has been an  innocent individual who has been a unwilling participant  of the  Lucian Alliance ? What did the Alliance want with this  power?
  • The end result with the Lucian Alliance -    the list from Home World Command -   Certain members of the LA were permitted to stay while others were sent off
  • Note how Telford is  already assuming   an increased authoritative role  on Destiny – he uses the communication stones without  consent and was instructed by Homeworld command to   ensure that  those on the list remained on board even if it meant  he had to assume command.  He  seems to be becoming the military representative of   Destiny. What are your thoughts on this.

Tribute to Riley

  • Homage to Sergeant Riley.   Take a look at the  recent Kino episode, which offers a tribute to Sargeant Riley below and share your sentiments on it afterwards.


Season  2 Episode 3 (  Awakening)

The Seed Ship.

Who do  you think these are the aliens  and how  did they end up on Destiny? Based on their  deception  and the one alien who attacked Rush and the other  soldier, do you think they are violent?

  • The power capacity of the seeder ship- It would provide the sufficient power needed to make a connection to Earth-  Rush’s disturbance by this realization and his visions with Gloria. Although he  is  displeased by this m he does end up providing  the assistance needed to  transfer the power
  • The  FTL   time off  for the transfer of data. What do   you think they   would have found?Eli mentions  that it could be anything from  the history of the ancients to Destiny’s Mission. Do you have any  thoughts on this?
  • The Stargates of the seeder ship -  Rush’s reaction when being shown this by Greer and Scott
  • The  attempt to dial home
  • The discovery of further  stases pods-  The aliens taking over the ship and redirect  power back. The danger of Destiny loosing all of its power.
  • Telford’s sacrifice – his willingness to  revert power  back after the aliens’ actions but ultimate failure to do so. His final words to Young . What do you think will become of him? Do you think we will see him?
  • Do you think Rush did  this truly for the benefit of the crew and the ship  or because he was not ready to go home? Discuss.

The Lucian Alliance Prisoners

  • Young’s unwillingness to integrate the  LA on the ship abd he how  he expresses his lack of faith in them  ever proving their worthiness Notre Varro’s diplomacy and  Simon’s   aggressive  behaviour. Discuss future dynamics which will result, with the knowledge that the LA will be integrated into the ship.
  • Camille   providing info on the discovery of the seed ship to the prisoners and how she believes  treating then  well will be helpful for  Homeworld Command in obtaining  the  necessary info to  defend itself from the LA attack. Note how she argues that they have a responsibility to protect  those at home and her argument of how  many  of them had no choice in joining the alliance. Do you agree with  any of her points? Discuss.

TJ and Chloe

  • Chloe’s  foot  fully  healed wound.   Speculate the   cause as this will be explored greatly in the coming episode, Pathogen.
  • TJ’s  continued shock  from the vision. Do you think she will confide in anyone, as Chloe suggested? Who?


  • Memorial service of Sergeant Riley.Although  this was not shown  on screen, discuss emotions seen in characters surrounding  his demise.
  • For  video of the Kino episode which  acts as a  tribute to the character, please  refer to the previous week’s discussion guide above.

Season 2 Episode 4 [ Pathogen]

Stargate Universe Pathogen Discussion


Chloe is constantly sleep walking and blacking out. Eli confronts Scott about this, who also agrees that she has been withdrawn and distant.  He indicates how  he has been unsuccessful  in  getting info from Chloe. The two of  them agree  that is  unexplainable ad concerning  Chloe’s   wound  has healed

Scott confronting Chloe about the true commitment for their relationship, by asking if they would be  together  under normal circumstances.  His comment  on how  he has not done well  with relationships in the past   and wants to make sure he  Has done  nothing to offend Chloe

  • Chloe’s disappearance.  James’ discovery of her
  • Scott’s discovery of Chloe’s diary and how the recent entries have  been In  the alien language [ same one as that of  the crashed ship seen in Justice]
  • Rush’s suggestion that  something may be happening on a cellular level, but how he asserts that  letting her roam on the ship, would be more useful in that they can learn more about what is happening by watching her. His true intention of  using Chloe’s advanced mind, to help him solve  equations related to  the ship’s system
  • Note, how Rush  attempts to  instil the belief that Chloe is   cured by putting in the Ancient Chair.   He is now  manipulating her into playing along so that she will play along  for the sake of her freedom . Rush take’s advantage by using her advanced knowledge to him solve  further mathematical problems of the ship. Comment on the manipulation. How long do you  the deception of her being cured, will last, considering that the blackouts is a clearly visible condition.
  • What could this mean  for  the future  of her relationship with Scott?  Also, would he be affected on a cellular level given  his sexual relationship with Chloe? Discuss.

Lucian Alliance

  • The Lucian Alliance prisoners are being released as they have provided  a great deal of Intel regarding the impending  Lucian Alliance attack against Earth. The crew  must now deal with them being integrated into the mainstream population  of Destiny
  • Young’s change in the point of view of their release  Each of the prisoner’s has been assigned a escort. Greer’s   opposition of this view.  Note, this is the first time where he questions  Colonel Young’s judgement.
  • Simoen’s offensive  remark to Park.   Greer’s defence of   Park by attacking  Simeon.  Is Greer still  with Park or was he merely expressing a commitment towards securing  the safety of all  of the Earth crew members
  • Simeon’s shock when he discovers that  Varro  and the others have been providing reliable intel to make the situation work. What do you think  will become of Simeon when  Young discovers that he has been providing false Intel, Do you think Varro would  take serious against Simeon as a way to show his trust and allegiance to Young.How would you like to see  Simeon’s  antagonistic role increase? Discuss

Back Home

  • Eli ‘s call to Earth because of his mother’s deteriorating condition. Although they have   treated  immediate issues if  her counts dropped further  her HIV would become AIDS. She has stopped taking medication because of depression which has placed her at great  risk of  acquiring Aids. Eli needs to  help his mother want to get better.
  • Eli   playing the role of Sergeant Tracy convincing his mom that Eli cares greatly for him but is unable to get free from the important work he is doing under the , mlitary’s supervision
  • Maryann argues  that Eli is not worried enough to be  there  himself
  • Eli’s desperate attempt to  communicate that  he is   in fact her son. His attempt to explain the Stargate program,  the situation aboard Destiny and how he is using the communication stones to be with his. Note, how this causes his mom , further  distress. Discuss the heartfelt  and deep emotions surrounding these scenes
  • Note how Eli confides in Camille [ whose visit back home will be discussed further
  • below]  She is the only person who he has to talk to on Earth. Camille’s empathetic side is showcased here
  • Camille’s  bold plan to help Eli, when he requests that she  explain  the situation to his mom. Her  solution to bring Eli’s mom on Destiny so she can she that her son is fine and cares for her , but is unable to  be with her given the circumstances, Comment on Camille’s reasons for demanding   that  his mom be allowed. Do you agree with the reasons
  • Also, note  how Camille ad Eli greatly bonded for each other.  Discuss this friendship, the heartfelt emotion surrounding it  and future potential
  • Eli and Wray’s plan to help  their loved ones, by suggesting that Sharon and Maryann meet. Comment on the smartness and effectiveness in  doing this so that their loved  ones have a sense of  empathetic  support. How could this effect Camille and Eli, if  their loved ones connect?

Camille’s  Visit Home

  • Sharon’s new alcoholic tendencies. Her increase in consumption.
  • Her change in attitude as evident from her reaction of how  she forgot where her keys were and her outburst against Camille. Discuss.
  • Note her comment on how the awkwardness of  the situation with  Camille showing up in a different person’s body each time    in that she misses Camille’s  voice and  body as well.  What do you think this foreshadows    for Camille and Sharon’s relationship?
  • Do you think Sharon’s  friendship with Maryann could improve her  situation and thus her patience? Do you think we will have the chance to revisit  these characters  later this season to see how well they have connected and  are therefore doing.

Season 2  Episode 5 – Cloverdale

Real World

Scott had been infected by the one of  the plant like creatures on the planet

  • Infection was spreading through his arm
  • Nothing which had been tried to heal him of it, worked.
  • While the others were moving to the gate to gain distance from the aliens, Rush went ahead to obtain supplies required to amputate
  • When TJ attempted to cut him,  the colour  of the blood had changed suggesting that it was an internal issue- Nothing could be done
  • Greer called for reinforcements and supplies from Destiny so that they could barricade the area surrounding the gate in order to prevent  the creatures from  attacking the  immediate area[ it seems that he has redeemed himself in terms of his ability to use torches!]
  • TJ had three  hours to somehow find a cure
  • TJ confirmed Chloe’s statement that Scott was dying, indicating  that  they would have to gate to Destiny in time for the next FTL jump, before Scott died
  • Chloe argued that she would not leave Scott behind
  • TJ notes  how  a   bug was on  Chloe , removing it from her, indicating that it was a miracle that she was not infected
  • Chloe escapes  to voluntarily become contracted with the illness,
  • Rush inquires as to why Chloe did this  and Chloe asserts that she cannot be infected  as she was sure the bug  had previously  touched her skin, yet she was left unharmed. She has developed an immunity because of what the aliens did to her.
  • Rush comes up with the idea  to save Scott, howeverm while doing so,   allows TJ to conclude that   the ancient chair in the previous episode,  did not cure Chloe
  • Note Eli’s glance at Chloe when she decides to stay. Was he upset  at her for truly choosing Scott over him or  concerned for her giving up, what he thought to be the ret of her life for a mere few hours
  • TJ  notes that this means Chloe has not been healed however agrees  to conduct the transfusion Does this mean we  now have two  mutating crew members aboard Destiny?
  • Greer conducting the transfusion in the end
  • Scott ‘s wedding right before the  moment, he regains consciousness.  Chloe’s half mutating face  at the alter seems to suggest that  although Scott has united with  her, there are challenges beyond the ordinary which face him.
  • Could also suggest that  his union with Chloe in terms of “body” is a subtle hint  that he too will now be infected  like her
  • Young’s reaction on receiving Chloe and Scott-   How do you think  Scott’s relationship with Chloe will be affected?

Scott’s  Vision

  • Going home to  Cloverdale after battle at Khandhar
  • Note the Character Symbolization
  • Greer the best man
  • Colonel Young- father figure
  • Chloe-   current fiancé who Scott is uncertain about given his past relationships
  • Vanessa James -  ex lover
  • Brody – the one to run him over- What do you think this says about his view of Brody?!
  • Rush the peacekeeper – note his comment on  how Scott will not die but we all will eventually
  • Telford – the police officer [ note his comment on the blur  of waking up from a hangover  and  never feeling the same when you wake up – reference to his actual reaction  when he came out of the brainwashing
  • Although Scott  does not  currently have  family on Earth, would it not make sense  for his son to somehow come into his vision, particularly, given the fact that he is one of  the main  reasons we, as viewers, are rooting for Scott to return to Earth. Discuss
  • What are your thoughts and reactions on  seeing the cast take on slightly different, more lighter approach to their roles?
  • Comment on the roles which  various crew members played in Scott’s vision in contrast to  the way he actually sees them on board Destiny.

Season 2 Episode 7[ The Greater Good]

Abandoned Ship

Rush takes  Destiny out of FTL  by an abandoned  space ship . Both  Young and Rush are interested in taking a look at the  ship.

  • The two need to use spacesuits  to board the ship, given the fact that both shuttles were previously damaged
  • When they board, Destiny pulls away from the Ship, however Rush realizes that the issue can be solved from the ship’s  bridge. He  suggests that Amanda Perry,be brought aboard Destiny  to  assist in making modifications to Destiny’s engines
  • Note how this ship also had pods like the one in the seed ship back in Awakening, but unlike in that episode, there were none in the pods. Was the ship abandoned by choice,  did the aliens run of supplies or were they conquered by another species?Could this ship somehow have been connected to the seedship?
  • Rush manages to divert Young’s attention to another part of the ship, while he communicates with Perry privately. He  sends Amanda various essential information/ equation required to locate the bridge, where he then advises her on  how to steer it back
  • Meanwhile, Young  overhears  Rush speaking t Amanda Perry and how he has broken the code
  • Young immediately attacks Rush. Discuss this major attack. What are your thoughts on it and how does it compare to the previous one in Justice?

Rush-Young Discussion

  • Rush’s comment on how he accepts that he will not lead Destiny but Young should not wither. His comment on Young’s instability, in terms  of how he cannot even get up in the morning
  • Rush’s argument on how he could not trust others and the complexity of the bridge. Young’s response  by saying  that Rush is responsible for the loss of various lives, such as Sergeant Riley.
  • Rush’s comment on Density’s  mission –  To unlock the source of life , which was generated prior to the start of the universe. This could potentially, help them gain a better of understanding and power of where they came from and who we as humans are, while also helping  them find a way home through this ultimate power. What do you imagine this source as? Do you think it is God or is there some  other higher  aliens species which did this? Do you think it is through technological or spiritual means?Discuss.
  • Rush’s  offer to work together side by side  with Young to help Destiny. Do you think he is serious about this given his doubts about Young’s leadership. Do you think he is being entirely truthful about the mission?
  • Note how Rush helps Young land safely on the bridge when they musty jump back to Destiny

Crew’s Reaction:

  • Eli  realizes something is up vwhen Perry claims to have suddenly fixed the   ship. He uses I no footage to track Perry
  • Eli’s extreme anger and  how the scientists confront Dr. Perry of her dishonest behaviour. Her apologies  for doing this, but her comment on how Rush was insistent it remained secret and her belief that  there was a good reason for this insistence
  • Scott  and Camille’s concerns  for safety
  • Who do you think will sit in the commander’s chair? Why? How will Rush’s dishonesty to  such an extreme level , affect his relationship with the crew and what role will he play in the bridge, now that  he is not its sole commander?

Amanda Perry / Ginn

  • Camille’s interruption of Ginn and Eli’s intercourse – Audience received further insights on  this  development of their relationship as seen from how Eli’s shirt saying “I am here” is left lying on Ginn’s bed . How  do you feel about Eli being romantically involved and do  you think he  and Ginn  are a good couple?Who would you rather see him  with, if not?
  • Simeon  warning Ginn to not become to close to  the crew aboard Destiny, so that she does not reveal crucial information
  • Ginn   switches with Perry to  provide Intel on the Lucian alliance attack on Earth, as she was from the planet which is responsible for the attack. She is to provide the Intel to Home World Command.
  • Perry’s encounter with Simeon.  Fortunately, Greer is there to save her from the situation and allow her to continue her work
  • Amanda – Rush relationship –  Rush and Perry are both mutual in their feelings and constant thoughts which they have harboured since  their previous encounter in Sabotoge
  • Rush is now ready to  have a relationship with her
  • Eli interrupts and informs Rush that Young urgently needs him
  • Eli then   angrily informs Perry that her sexual behaviour  is inappropriate given the fact that she  is another body [ particularly that of his lover, Ginn] Do  you think it is inappropriate even though  Ginn would have given  consent for her body to be used in such a way
  • Simeon intruding  in  Perry’s  room right before closing credits. Do you think Simeon will murder Amanda? If not, what do  you think he will do?    Where was his guard at the time? Note that any harm inflicted on Ginn’s body will affect both Ginn and Perry. This is certain, as viewers may recall that in season one’s  Subversion, the suffocation of Colonel Telford  who was in Rush’s body, affected Rush who was in Telford’s body, putting both of their lives at risk.


  • Although we did not get to see  much development on her  story this week, we see her interactions with Eli. Although she misses his company and expresses somewhat of a jealously to his  shifted focus on Ginn, she tells Eli, that she is happy for him. Do  you think Chloe is jealous and what is your current take on Eli and Chloe’s current relationship ?
  • Also note that we learn that she decided to help Rush by solving equations. What does this tell you about her development as a character? As opposed  to not doing anything with herself as she would have  at the beginning of the series, the character is taking advantage  of the befits brought forth by the illness?

Stargate Universe  Malice Discussion

Rush – Young Sprit of Cooperation

  • Young’s renewed commitment as  leader abd his willingness to forgive  Rush for various actions, such as hiding the bridge from him and for being responsible for the death of Sergeant Hunter Riley. See further below  under  the Hunt For Simeon section for more on this subject.


Ginn/ Perry Death

  • Ginn and Perry are murdered while they are connected in the stones. Simeon, conducted this action as a way of preventing information on the LA attack from reaching Earth.  While he attempts to flee, Simeon severely wounds  several other soldiers and takes Dr. Park  hostage through the closest planet. On the planet, he plants a bomb on  her back
  • Rush discovers the murder.  Once it is confirmed that  both Ginn and  Amanda Perry have been  killed, Rush leaves in rage. James, however indicates that Ginn informed Homeworld Command that  Simeon  has valuable Intel on the attack on Earth and therefore he is to be captured alive.
  • He reaches the gate room just in time and  follows Simeon through the gate
  • Manages to disable the bomb through the use of his glasses, however, those on board are instructed not to come through into  this has been addressed
  • Scott , Greer and other military reinforcements arrive and are to  go through with the mission. However, at the same time, Rush expresses a great  amount of rage towards Simeon as a result of his against Perry and  shows a desire to seek revenge

Hunt  For Simeon

  • Ambush -  James’ near death  experience. Did you think she was going to die? This episode had a lot of jeopardy.Which other characters did you think , for a moment, had it in for them  in this episode and how  was  your reaction to this?
  • Note how Rush managed to tract  his kino device as away  of locating him
  • Rush – Scott Discussion – Scott’s discussion on how he understands why Rush know the discovery of the bridge  a secret from Young but how the y all need to work together to  solve the issues . Our analysis on the crew’s position with Rush:  We believe that the ,military personnel are  willing to work with Rush as although he was secretive about the discovery of the bridge,his discovery of Destiny’s mission has provided the crew, for the first time since they are on board, a suitable mission. By finding the source  ,  they would have the greatest chance of returning home  and at the same time Rush would be satisfied in that  he would have explored the vast reaches of the galaxy, to such an extent, where he would have  had the power and understanding associated with the origins of  time. Both of their goals can be met by working towards attaining this source and the crew has a better reason to trust Rush and vice versa.
  • What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts with  us in the comments section.
  • Scott  having to turn back because of how Greer had been shot by Simeon.However, Rush  fleeing  to obtain his revenge.
  • Simeon’s call for Rush to get  him. What did this tell about  Simeon?

Note, the alien creatures.  What did you  think of their appearance and  what is your opinion on how they were used as a plot device? We thought they were exceptional as it helped show the irony of how Rush who was a mere civilian, managed to  defeat  a highly  trained warrior,  Simeon, through the  skill of logic and planning as opposed to  physical force.

  • Note Simeon’s final statement on  how  he has information and Rush’s final shot!
  • Do  you think Rush felt better after he killed Simeon? What affect will this have on Earth? Do you think Simeon would have actually provided information to  Homeworld Command?

Eli Coping After Ginn’s Loss

  • Eli shows distraught behaviour following the death  of Ginn.  He does not appeal to others who try to console him and he    unreasonably gets angry at others.
  • Contrast this to Rush’s  behaviour Would Rush be more like Eli originally was, had it not been for what  happened to his wife?
  • Young’s discussion with Eli of how he does not have in him to kill and how Eli is just one of many individuals aboard the ship, who had lost a loved one.  Do you think Young, was in a sense, acting as a father figure to Eli, in helping him develop a sense of rationalism about the situation?


  • Claims to  know nothing of how  Simeon had info on the LA attack of Earth and  how he warns  that Simeon ‘s danger is so great that he is not worth  pursuing
  • His  comment on   how Simeon aims to get back the LA forces in the milky way after ditching those  from Destiny.
  • Do you think Varro is as innocent as he presents himself to be?
  • Note, Robert C Copper revealed on  this week’s Inner Space that viewers will have the chance to see Varro’s  romantic anticipations with TJ explored and how this dynamic will come into play with Colonel Young, who had a previous relationship with TJ

Efforts to Extend  Countdown Clock Time and Chloe

  • Scientists were  initially unsuccessful however they had time in  the next jump, which was four hours away [ which was still in range.]
  • This could  help those aboard the planet have more time needed to handle
  • Chloe, believed that she could be of help as she has been solving advanced equations for Rush.
  • Chloe ultimately managed to [ although she was not aware of what she was doing]   to increase the measure of control which they had over the ship, by  allowing the ship to turn around,thus permitting them to go back and fetch Rush, who was an hour late from  his attack of Simeon.Note, how Rush had previously given her this equation and hoped that she woud be able to solve it in time. This was the basis for him taking  the risk of seeking revenge!
  • Do you believe that Chloe  can now be trusted or could she motives. Note, how she seem to slipping away even further than before.

Season 2 – Episode 11- Deliverance

A discussion guide pertaining to this episode will be generated shortly.

Twin Destinies

  • Alternate reality – The individuals who were willing to stay behind. Discuss possible rwasoms for those who were willing to stay behind. Would you  stay behind. Why?
  • Alternate Rush – Do you think he was telling the  truth or was there more to his story?What were his true motives after he arrived back in time and how did his actions reflect these motives?
  • Telford. Though the original died on board the ship, the former is still alive. Why was he the only one able to get through the gate  and  what  differences could be present in this Telford, if any.

Additional Moments

  • - Eli’s comment about working in theStargate program- reference to Carter, Jackson and McKay
  • -Chloe’s comment about the challenges of returning  to Earth- Scott’s son


A  discussion guide pertaining to this episode shall be posted shortly.’

Senator Visit

  • - What are your thoughts on the  senator’s  viewpoint of  Chloe and the final asessmentof Destiny’s mission – not able to survuve in the net six months and Chloe’s wasted potential?
  • How do you think those on Earth will respond to the mission of Destiny, given the events of the episode?Depending on the political climate on Earth, how will  the response  towards the perspective of Destiny’s mission fluctuate?
  • - TJ and Varro’s developing relayionship- How far alog do you think they have developed? Young’s response to TJ’s  increasingly close relaionship with the soldier-

Camille – Greer

  • Forced trip to Earth for Greer
  • Evacuation of Hmpmeword commabd the two of them were trapped in the  debris.
  • Camille’s daring plan to turn off the bomb.
  • LA Attack- The intensifying tension. Why is the LA attacking Earth at this point and why were Earth’s defences [i.e chair in  Antarctica  ] unable to handle this attack/ What are your predictions on how this  conflict with the LA will ultimately play out?
  • soldier- who turned out to be Lucian Alliance-  Camille’s excellent catch and how this   instilled a more positive viewpoint of her  from Greer’s perspective
  • Deactivisting the bomb before it detonated – Discuss Camille and Greer’s  developing relationship.=- two opposing sides/ viewpoints. The common undetstanding which they reached a newfound mutual respect.
  • What were your favourite moments between these two?

The scientist goals to stay on  Destiny.  Do you think Camille made the right decision  to place their bodies in danger? Why?We think she did because there were no other alternatives , given that the bomb would otherwise the bomb  would have certainly  detonated. Furthermore, her life as well as Greer’s was in danger given that they were connected. Also, by attempting to properly do this she would be  saving lives outside the compound, which is the women  whose body she was occupying [ a senator ] would likely have done.  Share your  viewpoint in the comments section/

Though it is highly unlikely the bomb went off,what do think  you happened?

Do you think a supplyline will ultimately be created? Why? What are the drawbacks and benefits to this plan?We think that the  benefits would of-course be supplies  and experienced/ skilled  workers for Destiny’ s crew which would further enable them to carry out the mission. However, with  a new set of personnel , those aboard would  have to cope with a new set of leadership, creating a tense dynamic and uncertain  future. There could be political division particularly given that this leadership may over-mind Young’s authority. Share your thoughts on this in the comments section!

News Item Discussion

  • SGU’s   Season 1 Complete DVD and Blu Ray set. Did you purchase an edition?Which one? Feel  free to post a review on the edition you purchased.
  • SGU  on iTunes. Share your experience of watching the program on iTunes with other readers  or if you have a question about watching through this avenue, post a question for another reader to answer.