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Episode Descriptions of Stargate Universe’s Upcoming Episodes

Sunday, September 19, 2010 @ 10:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

SyFy has released detailed descriptions for the initial three episodes of    Stargate Universe’s impending  second season.  Take a look at the descriptions  below and  be sure to watch  the season  two premiere of Stargate Universe on September 28  on SyFy.

Readers are advised that the network’s descriptions contain significant spoilers  for the episodes. Should you wish to refrain from  obtaining such details, please do not read further. 

Intervention[ 201]

Colonel Young and most of his military personnel are held at gunpoint by the Lucian Alliance. While Dannic has no hesitations to kill them, he is convinced by Varro to leave them on the nearest planet. Shortly after arrival the Destiny crew find themselves joined by Varro and those of his men now deemed as traitors by Dannic. When a deadly electrical storm begins to brew, all must work together to find safe shelter and survive.

Meanwhile Dr. Rush, Brody, Chloe and Eli have sealed themselves off in the hydroponics lab and have managed to obtain some control of the ships power. Dr. Rush conceives a risky plan to force Dannic and the Lucians to surrender by draining the power from most of the ships shields killing anyone outside hydroponics by radiation. Not willing to give up, Dannic locks into a standoff with Rush knowing his plan will also kill those members left aboard not protected by the lab. Chloe and Eli plead with Rush to think of Lt. Johansen who’s trapped in the infirmary recovering.


Aftermath -   202

Still recovering his battered body, an exhausted Dr. Rush manages to unlock the master code to the ship’s bridge. There he finds a planet within range that seems viable but for some unknown reason, has been locked out of Destiny‘s controls. Its Stargate also appears to be non-functioning. With the need for food and water becoming dire, he decides to override the ships controls and have a crew shuttle to the planet in the hopes of finding much needed supplies.

After conducting interviews with some of the Lucian’s, Camile Wray argues a number of the prisoners can be trusted and may even be helpful. Col. Young not ready to trust any of them has his suspicions confirmed when the Lucians stage an attack on their military detail. For Col. Young the only solution is to leave them all at the next habitable planet.

Lt. Scott flying the team to the planet by shuttle encounters violent turbulence and must come in for a crash landing. With crew badly injured and the shuttle unable to fly, they must find the malfunctioning Stargate before the Destiny jumps back to F.T.L.

Awakening –  Episode 203

The Destiny is set on a collision course with a ship of similar ancient design found floating in space. Panic turns to wonder as the ships dock with each other. With data streaming in they learn they have come upon one of the  Stargate seeding ships that the Ancients  sent out ahead of the Destiny.

Col. Young dispatches a team to investigate while setting Dr. Rush and Eli to analyze the flood of new data. Once aboard the Seeder Ship, Lt.Scott and his team discover that it might hold the energy to power the Stargate for a connection back to Earth.

Realizing this might be the key to getting home  Col. Telford  convinces Young to let him join the team aboard the mysterious ship. But just as the energy transfer is underway they discover there’s more aboard the ship than just power.

 What are your thoughts on the  descriptions?Which  one  intrigued you the most? Do you  have speculations  for  any of the episodes?   Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.