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Posts Tagged ‘Craig Robinson’

The Office Season 9 Episode 3- Andy’s Ancestry

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 10:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a look through the official synopsis and promo for this week’s episode of The Office entitled Andy’s Ancestry below!Be sure to tune in for the episode on Thursday, October 4 @ 9.00pm eastern  standard time on NBC.

Andy flaunts his genealogy when he discovers he’s related to Michelle Obama. Meanwhile, Darryl struggles in his new post; Dwight teaches Erin a new language to wow her boyfriend’s family; and Nellie tries to persuade Pam that Jim’s having an affair.

How will Darryl attempt to cope with the difficulties of his new post and will he be successful in the end ?How will Nellie’s suggestions impact Pam’s faith  in  Jim and  therefore  her behaviour towards him?How will she respond when   she discovers that the actual secret is that  Jim pursued a business opportunity without consulting her?  How  will  Erin   acquaint with Andy’s educated and over achieving family? Share your speculations and predictions in the comments section, below.


Interview With The Office’s Ameenah Kaplan

Saturday, July 21, 2012 @ 11:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Ameenah Kaplan

Ameenah Kaplan has been leading an evolving role within the American entertainment industry. The actress who studied at the experimental theater wing of Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, has been making increased number of appearances in various prominent series such as Grey’ Anatomy, Law and Order as well as Harry’s Law.

More recently, Ameenah has been staring on NBC’S The Office in the show’s eighth season as the character of Val . With the actress being kind enough to participate in a interview with me, I took the opportunity to discuss Val’s development in terms of the character’s relationship with  Darryl Philbin [ Craig Robinson] as well Ameenah’s aspirations for the character in the show’s forthcoming ninth season, the actress’ experience in portraying the character and working on the sets of The Office as well, other  projects which the talented actress has recently been involved in.

Read through the complete interview below and share your response to it in the comments section, afterwards.

Abbas Karimjee: How have you related to the character of Val? In what ways are you two similar and how are you two different?

Ameenah Kaplan:Val is an interesting lady. She’s very focused and driven. We’re similar in that way. She’s used to being around the guys and so am I, so I think I fit her skin naturally. Her personality is more subdued than mine. I can bounce off the walls, where as I can’t really see Val doing that.

Were there any challenges associated with portraying the character of Val? How did you overcome such challenges?

Oh yes. The biggest challenge was getting over the fact that I was acting with comedy giants! It was a trip. They threw me right in, no training wheels. It was awesome. I didn’t want to screw it up, so I got some advice from friends. They reminded me that it’s about the work. Just do the work and don’t worry about the rest. It’s always good to hear that.

This past season,Val has been portrayed as being a potential romantic partner for the character of Darryl even though she is currently involved in a relationship outside of work with a restaurant owner, Brandon.Who would you like to see Val end up with and why?

Haha! Darryl, of course. Although Brandon is really handsome.

Although it remained unclear at the end of the season 8 finale whether the character would choose Darryl or remain with her current boyfriend, Brandon, we did see her participate in Darryl’s family photo. While Val mentioned early on in the season that she was reluctant to date coworkers, what do you think she sees in Darryl which  may prompt her to reconsider this?

He’s adorable. He’s really working hard to get her attention and wear down her defenses. I think Val is okay with fraternizing so long as it’s the real deal. Darryl has a reputation. I think she could tell that. 

 NBC recently announced that the show has been renewed for a ninth season.What was your reaction when you discovered this? Although it is quite early on in the production process, what can you tell us about what is in store for the ninth season, both for Val as well as for the show in general?

I was happy for everyone involved with the show. It’s really a family there. They deserve this coming season. They’ve earned it. I’m the new kid. I’m grateful to be written in at all!

We have seen Val extensively within the context of her developing relationship with Darryl. Would you like to see other aspects of the character explored, perhaps through her backstory as well as by exploring her interactions with some of the other characters portrayed by the ensemble cast? What particular aspirations do you have for the character?

If I’m lucky, the writers are just getting started with Val. They are among the best around, so I trust that they are figuring ways to make the character compelling in the scope of the ensemble. Right now, she’s serving a very specific function. I’m still figuring out exactly what that is, lol, which may have something to do with it. The writers might still be getting to know both me and Val.

 How many episodes will you appear in for the ninth season?

If I’m lucky—a bunch.

 You have appeared in several episodes of The Office’s eighth season. Could you please share some of your favorite moments from working on the set, either on-screen or off-screen?

I really enjoyed the Pool Party episode at Robert California’s house. I liked it as much for the episode as I did for getting to spend time with my cast mates and the crew. It was hilarious. We were on location, soaked for 2 days straight. Everyone worked hard and achieved a very funny result. But, I wouldn’t recommend swimming with your dreads down. Tie them up! It’s easier to stay afloat.

Have you been involved in other acting projects which you would like to share with viewers?

Right now I’m featured in several ad campaigns including AT&T, USPS, Fidelity, and Progressive. And keep your fingers crossed for projects in the works!

 Is there any message which you like to give to fans of The Office?

Thanks for being cool to me. I really appreciate it!

The Office Season 8 Episode 24- Free Family Portait Studio

Thursday, May 10, 2012 @ 09:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Explore the promotional features of The Office’s  season 8 finale,  Free Family Portrait  below. The finale will air @ 9;00pm eastern standard time on  NBC[USA] and Global[ Canada]

In the Season 8 finale, Dwight offers free family portraits for the staffers. Elsewhere, a pilfered diaper results in a high-speed car chase; Andy poses as a janitor and stages a covert coup; and Robert considers taking on a new business endeavor.[TV Guide]

What will be the quality of the free family portraits from Dwight  and how  pleased will the staff members be with them? Why is Dwight  pursuing such an initiative?What will Robert’s new business endeavour be and will this be the technique used to write the character out, given James Spader’s departure from the  series. What  are the elements involved in Andy’s coup and how does he intend on using his disguise to regain his post as regional manager at the Scranton branch? How does  Nellie play into this?




This is the  season 8 finale of The Office.

There is no word on the show’s fate  though talks have  begun about the possibility of a reboot version with NBC.  Details on  this version as well as  potential and definite casting changes have been   reported on the blog @

 Additional Questions Related To Season 8 of The Office

Will Angela discover  her husband’s  homosexuality?  How will she respond? Has Oscar become involved with the senator? Will Dwight make his move to prove that he is the father of  Angela’s child?

What has become of Darryl [ Craig Robinson]and Val’s  working relationship and what is  their current position on pursuing romance?

Share your thoughts on these questions as well as any other questions which you would like to see answered in the comments section!