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Posts Tagged ‘Epilogue’

Interview With Stargate Universe’s Peter Kelamis

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actor Peter Kelamis has been leading a distinguished career within the Canadian entertainment industry,having recently portrayed the character of Dr.Adam Brody on Syfy’s Stargate Universe,over the course of the show’s two seasons.

With SGU having concluded its run last month and Peter currently in an exciting point in his acting career,we took the opportunity to discuss the actor’s experience in playing the role of Adam Brody.Peter particularly discusses how he related to the character of Brody as well as some of the challenges involved in the role.The actor also shares his thoughts on how well SGU’S series finale,Gauntlet served as an end to the show,his perspective on why SGU was cancelled and his thoughts on the future of  the Stargate franchise.

We also learn of how being a cast member of SGU influenced Peter’s career as well as his personal life and  his message to fans of the show as the franchise draws to a close.

Abbas Karimjee:Were you a fan of Science fiction prior to being appointed the role of Adam Brody and how familiar were you with the Stargate franchise,in particular?

Peter Kelamis: I was a huge Sci-Fi fan and had appeared in 2 Episodes of SG-1…”Space Race” and “Smoke And Mirrors”.I was very excited to be a part of a new SG Series.

AK: What was the most challenging aspect playing Brody and how did you cope with this challenge?

PK:The biggest challenge by far was some of the Science related dialogue.  All the theories were based on scientific fact and theory soo…I had to look like I knew what I was talking about…It took a lot of extra memorizing…

AK: How did you relate to the character of Brody?

PK:I instantly related to Brody…a character, much like the others, being forced into a situation beyond his control.As the Series went on and his comedic quirks came out…I really enjoyed portraying him even more.

AK:How do you think the character of Brody developed over the course of the show’s two seasons and what aspirations did you have for the character?

PK:  The Producers and Writers found out I was a stand-up comic,they began giving me more comedic freedom in scenes…and I loved them for it.I was looking forward to playing Brody for years to come, but unfortunately that was cut short…very disappointed.

AK: What are your thoughts on the SGU’S series finale, Gauntlet?How well of an ending do you think it served for SGU and what  were  your hopes for how the show would have continued ,had it been renewed for a third season?

PK:I thought “Gauntlet” was poetic and haunting, especially since I knew the show’s fate when I finally watched it.  I think we had some amazing possibilities ahead…it is a real shame that we didn’t get to continue our story. The Producers gave us a “Heads Up” as to where the story was headed…and I was looking forward to it.

AK:Back in December, Syfy announced that SGU’S second season would be its last.What was your reaction when you discovered that the series had been cancelled and why do you think SGU was unable to attract the audience needed for the series to continue? What was your perspective on the decision of the producers to have SGU take the Stargate franchise in a new direction, with a strong emphasis on character relationships and survival?

PK:I loved the Producers decision to take the show in such a bold new direction.It was amazing.There were a number of reasons as to why SGU was cancelled and none of them good ones as far as I am concerned.You can argue time slots, anti-SGU campaigns,the flawed Nielson system, but ultimately I suppose there is no SINGLE reason.

The news came as a great shock to myself and the rest of the cast.  I found out, like most of them, through Twitter…not the best way to find out your show was cancelled.  I have to look at those two years as positive otherwise I will tear up and get emotional.I had THE best time, with THE best people possible around me to share it…I will cherish it always.Not to mention the awesome Fans of the show that I still converse with on Twitter and Facebook.

AK: With SGU having been cancelled as a TV series, Brad Wright engaged in a series of negotiations for SGU to continue on either in the form of a TV movie or as miniseries. At a recent convention in Chicago,Wright reported that the negotiations were unsuccessful. What was your reaction to this and what do you think is in store for the future of the Stargate franchise? Do you think it will be revived at a later time? Why or why not?

PK:I know for a fact Brad tried his best to get a movie deal to finish our story.It didn’t happen, but not due to lack of effort.I don’t know if the Stargate Franchise will continue or not…The crew of the Destiny is in stasis for 3 years…maybe at that time a Network will pick up the show and bring us back…we are after all frozen, not dead.  Stranger things have happened in T.V.Maybe we come back in three years and Bobby Ewing steps out of the shower and kick starts the whole thing?

AK: Reflecting on your experience as a cast member on SGU, what are some of your favorite moments, either on – screen as Brody or behind the scenes?

PK:There are probably too many to mention…whenever we would film a scene in the Mess Hall, with all the cast present…we would get into soo much trouble cus we would be laughing our asses off too much.I truly miss the comradery  in a big way.I laughed solid to for two years.My sides still hurt.

My favorite Brody moments were probably the “2001” “Numa Numa”  sequence in “Hope” and the “Get off my lawn” grumpy Brody in “Epilogue”…with a million more in between.

AK: How has being a part of SGU impacted your career as well as your personal life, in terms of the friendships you formed?

PK:I have been recognized from my work on SGU in strange places…The Las Vegas airport subway tram, a cold beer and wine store, a cigar shop in Victoria..etc.  And each time, I am truly caught off guard.  As far as career goes, it has definitely opened up some doors and I hope to start working on a series project soon.  As far as personally, I have gained an entire cast members list of awesome new friends.  I love those guys, and gals, a great deal.

AK:With SGU currently being the last chapter for the Stargate franchise, how do you hope both the show and the character of Brody will be remembered?

PK:I hope people think I did the role justice and brought something of myself to it.  I hope I made them laugh, at times get emotional…all in all, I hope they believed that Brody was real and that I somehow made them care about him.  That would make me feel good.

AK:What message do you have for fans as SGU draws to a close?

PK:-I thank all of the Fans of SGU for watching and enjoying the show…your outcries of support are amazing.On the final night when Twitter was lit up with “Standing Ovation” comments…I would lie if I said it didn’t bring a tear to my eye.I have yet to appear at any SGU Convention, but hope to get invited in the near future.  I cannot wait to shake a few hands and share a chat or two about this great experience with people one on one.

AK:What other acting projects have you been involved in,which you would like to share with viewers and what future aspirations do you have for your acting career?

PK:I am currently splitting time between Vancouver and Los Angeles, but with more of a focus on L.A. right now.We have a home in both cities.I am excited about the possibilities that L.A. has to offer and my Management there is amazing.I know they will steer me into another great role on another great show very soon…I can’t wait.

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 18- Epilogue

Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a scroll through below for  the description and details on tonight new episode of SGU, Epilogue! The episode will air tonight @ 9:00pm on Syfy.


Returning the settlers to their home planet Novus, the Destinycrew discover the planet has been abandoned and on the verge of seismic destruction.

From TV Guide:

Destiny reaches an abandoned modern civilization on a planet in the throes of seismic destruction. While the crew retrieves valuable data archives stored underground, Rush discovers a possible way to help the planet’s survivors.



Share  your thoughts and speculations  for this episode, in the comments section below!

The New Man in Charge – Recap of LOST’S Epilogue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 @ 01:08 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The epilogue commences with Benjamin Linus[ Michael Emerson] entering a  Dharma  Logistics Warehouse located in Guam and relieving the  attendants of the station from their duties as the station is being closed.

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In an attempt to provide them  with some information,Ben allows  each of the two  workers to ask a  question. Ben explains how they have been shipping  foods to an island[  explaining  the mystery of why food was being dropped from the sky on the island] and that  the coordinates of this island have been changing since it moves. When the other  attendant asks why polar bear food is being sent to an island , presumably located in the tropics, Linus attempts to answer the question  by  showing the two a Dharma orientation video from  Dr. Pierre Chang . The  condition for seeing the video  was that  the two men would leave afterwards, to which they both agreed.

In the video, further questions regarding the island are answered. We learn that the experiments of the polar bears, who were  placed in the cages, were to test various biological traits and their  adaptability  under the influence of electromagnetism. We also receive   further hints that the electromagnetism  impacts pregnancy on the island as the video  indicates that attention must be given in order to ensure that  female    bears have not been impregnated since  serious issues result  from this  at the end of the first trimester.

The  video goes on to explain the purpose of the mysterious  chair in room 23,  which in the series was under control by the Others. Viewers may recall that Carl , Alex’s boyfriend was  forced in the chair when he had been captured by the Others.  According to the video, the chair was used  as way  to interrogate   the Hostiles  by obtaining info on their  traditions,  lifestyle and worship of Jacob.   A special video and glasses were  to be provided to the  hostile after the interrogation was complete so that  his/her memory of the  incident would  be wiped clean.

The video  concluded  shortly afterwards and   Ben   extends his farewells to the attendants who were  substantially reimbursed for their  20 years of service to the station.

Afterwards, Ben  visits  Santa Rosa Mental Institute to meet Walt[ Malcolm David Kelly], who is  now reffered to as Keith Johnson  .Ben offers his apologies to Walt for kidnapping him when he was on the island .  Ben    reminds Walt that he is special and  that he  does not belong outside of the island because of this difference. Ben  also adds that Walt can help his father despite the fact that he is dead. This suggests that Walt  will be significant in   releasing Michael’s burden  of being a Whisper on the island  for his  acts of murder against Anna Lousia and Libby.

Walt agrees to join Ben and the two meet Hurley[  George Garcia] inside  a Dharma van.  Hurley  assures Walt that he is not crazy and just needs  to  return to the island as this is where he belongs.  When Walt  questions why this is, Hurley  responds   by saying that he has a job  for him. They drive off  as  they  must now return to the  island, concluding  the 12 minute epilogue.

What are your thoughts on the epilogue? Were you satisfied?What intrigued you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section directly below.