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Posts Tagged ‘Flaws of the Educational System’

Disadvantages of Homework

Saturday, August 2, 2008 @ 01:08 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

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Here are three commonly known disadvantages of homework.

1.Homework can diminish the amount of time a child can spend on other activities such as sports, family time , leisure and other enjoyable yet beneficial opportunities.Homework swamps a child , making them very overwhelmed.Stress, depression , anxiety and other negative psychological effects can result.

2.Homework can also cause a child to believe that learning and homework have a direct connection.The child may therefore avoid true and natural learning opportunities.The child would essentially limit curiosity .A true personal and intellectual passion towards a  particular field from the child may be in jepordy.A lack of curiosity towards learning may, in the  future, result in the child exhibiting less enthusiasm in general  as the individual would have shut the door of learning and exploring fascinating concepts as result of  a negative primary educational experience.

3.Students who find homework difficult may believe that they are dumb and incapable of performing.Such individuals may lose self-confidence in themselves.These individuals may find themselves engaged in inappropriate activities merely because they feel they are incapable of succeeding and developing  academic orientated skills/talents.

Discussion   Centre

Have you found other disadvantages of homework?Has homework created problems for you or your family.What have you done  about the problem?Start a discussion below in the comments segment!

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