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Live Chat With Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Debra McGrath Tonight at 9:00pm Eastern Time

Monday, February 6, 2012 @ 08:02 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Debra McGrath has been  leading  a prominent career within the Canadian entertainment industry for years, having appeared in various television series such as This Is Wonderland, Burnt Toast, Paradise Falls as well as animated series such as George Shrinks, Babar, and Little Bear. Additionally, Debra has appeared in various film productions The Real Blonde, Termini Station, One Magic Christmas and Expecting. In addition to her official credits, Debra’s sketch group, Women Fully Clothed undertook a national tour and even appeared at the Edinburgh festival. More recently, Debra McGrath has  also been portraying  a role in a series called Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, which focuses on the stars of Canadian comedy.

Moreover, for the past six years,Debra McGrath has been portraying a  prominent role  on CBC’s hit sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie . On the show she plays the  sarcastic, self serving yet quite comedic  character of Mayor Anne Popowicx.

Join us tonight @ 9:00pm eastern time, right  after tonight’s new episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie airs, for a chat with Debra . YOU will have the chance to interact with the actress herself, through the comments section!

Feel free to discuss the most recent episode, ask questions/ share comments  related to McGrath’s work on Little Mosque on the Prairie  as well as some of the actress’ other past or current projects.With Little Mosque in its sixth and final season and tonight’s episode revolving around a new love triangle for the character of Mayor Popowicx, its both a great time and  way for fans to interact with the  delightful actress.

The comments section will open up  shortly before 9:00pm eastern standard time!Please note that after posting a comment, you should refresh the page in order to see your response[s] from Debra McGrath as well as to  see the additional discussion which  other readers are having  with the actress.

We look forward to hosting this event!

Interview With Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Debra McGrath

Thursday, March 17, 2011 @ 07:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]
Actress, Debra McGrath  has been sharing her talent   in the Canadian entertainment industry for years, having  appeared in various television series such as This Is Wonderland, Burnt Toast, Paradise Falls as well as animated series such as George Shrinks, Babar, and Little Bear.Additionally,Debra has  appeared in various film productions The Real Blonde, Termini Station, One Magic Christmas and Expecting.In addition to her official credits, Debra’s sketch group, Women Fully Clothed  undertook a national tour and even appeared  at the Edinburgh festival.

Debra has now  been  starring in CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie  as the quirky, sarcastic  character of  Mayor Ann Popopwicx. With Little Mosque on the Prairie only a season away from  its series finale and Debra being kind enough to participate in a interview with us, we took the opportunity to reflect on how the actress’ came to be apart of the show’s ensemble cast, the aspirations she has for the character of Mayor  Popowicx before the series draws to a close,  how she thinks Little Mosque on the  Prairie represents Canadian culture ,other acting projects which the actress has  recently been involved in as well as much more.

1.Lets discuss your initial appointment to the role of Mayor  Ann.Were you contacted for the role or did you first audition for it? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

I was contacted and offered the role. I hesitated because it was being shot (at that time) in Regina and I was worried about it becoming a series. My son was in high school and I didn’t want to work out of town. But my agent said “go for the pilot at least”.
2.What has been the most challenging aspect of playing Mayor Ann and how have you coped with this challenge
I guess the most challenging thing for me is learning the lines. The mayor is often drunk! :-)

3.How do you relate to the character of Mayor Popowitcz?

I relate to the fun she is always having. If it isn’t fun for the mayor, she is not interested.

4.The role of Mayor Popowitcz was your first role as a political leader.What  preparation did you undertake in order to  play the role?

I didn’t really because I knew it would not involve political knowledge. Does the mayor even have political savvy? I did go to the Mayor’s office in Regina and meet he and his staff. The Mayor loves the chain of office and wants earrings to match.

5.As an experienced Canadian actress, you have also been involved in animated productions of various TV series including, Little Bear, Franklin, Babar and George Shrinks. Which type of acting do you  prefer to work in and what  particular  benefits  are  associated with your selection?

I like well run shows like Mosque because they are so well scheduled that you rarely wait around. It is the waiting to act that makes me crazy. I hate it. I want to get there, work, have some laughs, eat some craft table food and go home. But yes I do love animation and voice work period. You don’t have to worry if you look good, you just lend your voice. Stage work is wonderful too but I have voice issues so it is stressful for me. But when I have a good voice night, so rewarding.

6.With Little Mosque on the Prairie approaching its sixth and final season,what aspirations do you have for the character of Mayor both in terms of the character’s relationships within the community of Mercy and as a political leader?

I would love to see the mayor have an upset. Fall in love and abdicate (I guess you can only do that if you are Queen) I would love to see her resign for love or be involved in a huge scandal and have to resign or take off with Sarah on a Thelma and Louise adventure.

7.Little Mosque has been  such a  successful series both internationally  as well as in Canada, with the series   premiere having earned    2.1 million viewers. What impact do you think the series has had on Canadian culture and  how do you think the series represents Canada, given how it is the first of its kind?

I will always be proud of the fact that Canada was first in doing a show like this, dealing with this subject matter. It put an every day human face on a wonderful and sometimes misunderstood community. I have learned so much from my involvement with this show on the beauty of this culture and the fact that our differences are not really that different. We are all just people, trying to raise our families and get through the day with love and hope.

8.What  has been your  overall experience as a  role model and what are the various ways in which you have interacted with fans? Why do you think the character  of Mayor Popowitcz is so influential?

Thanks for saying I am a role model but other than my son and maybe our dogs, I don’t think that’s the case. At least I would hope not. The Mayor should not be a role model unless some young person wants to go into politics, do nothing, spend money that isn’t theirs, drink too much and break the rules…Okay I guess I am a role model because I have just described most politicians.I think people like the Mayor because she is funny and I am not tooting my own horn here. She is funny because she is written that way. The writers get all the credit. I just deliver the fun.

9.Have you recently been involved in any other acting projects, which you would like to share with viewers?

I would. Thanks for asking. I am in a new show coming out on Showcase called “Single White Spenny” I co-star with Spencer Rice of “Kenny vs Spenny” fame. It is a half hour comedy loosly based on Spenny’s life.

10. With Little Mosque on the Prairie concluding its run in its impending sixth season, what message would you like to convey to viewers of the series?

Our viewers are so loyal and I have met many of them over the years which has always been one of my favourite things about being on the show. So thanks everyone for standing behind this brave little Canadian show!

11. What activities do you enjoy during your spare time?

I love to ice skate, work out, read, play with my dogs, travel, spend time with my husband and son, go to theatre, movies, tv. I love to watch the birds, stare at the moon, laugh and eat. I love life really. Every single silly second of it.