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UnLockies: LOST Edition Available in Apple Store

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 03:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Our new friends at Playsteria are inviting  you to check out their  new LOST innovation. The company has begun developing games for  entertainment apps such as the  Iphone and Ipad . Among these games is  a new  LOST game entitled “”Unlockies: LOST Edition where LOST fans can  merge the facial features of   8 of  the main  characters throughout the series to create  one multi face  LOST character! This new game can be downloaded for free from the Apple Online Store.Be sure to read the full details   from Plasyteria directly below and download the game by visiting app’s iTunes link at:

We are Playsteria, a new game and entertainment development company. We’ve recently started developing games and entertainment apps for the iPhone and the iPad, and we’ve just released a new entertainment app about LOST. We have a free app called “Unlockies” where people can merge 9 different character faces to create their own funny characters and then set the image to it’s unlock screen wallpaper. Most people are downloading it because it’s free and can offer some funny to share them with friends or even through Facebook (we’ve added this option too), and we’ve decided to release a new version of this app based on LOST. That is, “Unlockies: LOST Edition” is now in the app store to be downloaded for free for every LOST fan. There you can merge 8 LOST character’s faces: Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hugo, Jin, Sun and Sayid and then put them as your wallpaper or simply show it through Facebook to see your own funny creations. Can you image, for example, Locke’s face with Sayid’s hair and Sun’s mouth? Sounds crazy, huh?And you can also check out our webpage to see other games we’ve made:!

 Special thanks to Playsteria for  providing us with this information.