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Posts Tagged ‘Los Angeles’

Interview With The Office’s Oscar Nunez

Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 04:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Oscar Nunez  is no stranger  within the  North American entertainment  industry. The actor  first  launched his career in comedy  through his involvement as  an alumni of the Los Angeles  Improv  group Groundlings in the mid 1990′s. Afterwards, the actor’s prominence has led him to portray roles on various  hit series  including  24 and Bob’s Burger as well recent  hit films such as The Proposal.

Moreover, for the past nine years Oscar has been portraying the role of the gay accountant, Oscar Martinez on NBC’S  hit sitcom,The Office.With The Office  drawing to  an end  this year  and  the character of Oscar having a prominent role in terms of his affair with Angela’s husband,Senator Robert Lipton[  Jack Coleman]it seemed like a suitable time to interview the actor.

My interview with  the actor  covers his response to the show ending this season, what might be in store for Oscar after Angela discovered his affair , what he will miss most about working on the show and much more.

To listen to the interview,please click on the link below.


Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Sitara Hewitt Co-hosted in Melanie Marden’s Charity Event For Timeless

Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 11:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, Little Mosque on the Prairie`s Sitara Hewitt has  been doing her part to support a worthwhile cause aiming to raise awareness about  the growing issue of the misdiagnosis of brain cancer. Back in December, Hewitt co- hosted a charity event in the form of a fashion show and a film screening for the award-winning film, Timeless. Particularly, the film was voted film Darling as the Louisville film festival in 2011. The film was co-produced by Melanie Marden and Charlene Wood, both who were raised in Toronto and are now based in Los Angeles.The film  was directed by  Jason DeParis.

Timeless raises awareness about the issue of brain cancer from how it is based on the true experience of the film`s co-producer, Melanie Marden.Marden`s own mother was misdiagnosed for ten years.

The event took place at the AME center in Toronto on December 22 @ 7:30pm eastern time.All proceeds from the event went to Timeless Charity,which is aimed at generating further awareness about the illness.

With the film supporting awareness of a disturbing yet significant issue and Little Mosque’s Sitara Hewitt [Rayyan Hamoudi]  playing a vital role in the hosting of the recent fashion show and   film screening in Toronto, I thought it was appropriate  to  connect with film  co-producer and creative entrepeneur ,Melanie Marden  about the goals of the film,the message which viewers  should  absorb from the viewing and  the ways in which further support toward the cause can be offered.

I also touched base with Sitara who  not only co-hosted the fashion show which heavily featured clothing by Brazen Hussley,  but is also a dear friend of Melanie Marden .In our conversation, we discuss Sitara`s prominent role within the Canadian entertainment industry and how this role has enabled her to generate awareness for noteworthy  causes which raise awareness to societal issues such as this.We also discuss how the event provided the talented actress with the opportunity to interact with fans of the show.

Abbas Karimjee:Could you please describe the concept of the movie and how your personal connection to the subject matter motivated you to produce it?

Melanie Marden at the Timeless Charity Event

Melanie Marden:The concept of the film was to honor my Mom. To demonstrate what she went through in her final weeks as a brain cancer patient. Shot through her POV for the first time in film history.

AK: What message do you hope the audience will take from the film?

MM: The message is to see how strong a mother’s love is. How almost anything is possible and we wanted to highlight the symptoms of brain cancer for the audience to see and understand.It is commonly misdiagnosed and we wish to prevent this.

AK. How will the donations of this event be used to help  raise awareness of brain cancer? In what other ways, does the organization assist those suffering from brain cancer?

MM:Our goal is to educate people.Unless you know the symptoms you may just take medicine to treat them instead of inquiring of the cause of them. Donations go to getting the film out to bigger audiences in hopes of preventing misdiagnosis.

AK: What impact do you believe has the film itself is having on raising awareness about brain cancer? To what degree has producing this film and its positive response, influenced your personal satisfaction?

MM; Making the film has given me satisfaction as most people have no idea what really happens to the mind when brain cancer takes over.It heightens awareness of this disease.I also allowed my Mom’s tragedy to become a positive for the audiences that see the film.This way my Mom didn’t die for no reason.

 AK:Could you please provide some details on the background of Char and Mel Entertainment, the company which raised a great deal of funds for the film?

MM:Char&Mel has raised funds for greater distribution of the film but it I that raised the $30,000 to make the film.

AK:Is there a contact for additional information,incase readers would like even further information about Timeless or ways in which they can support the film?

MM;Not yet, but we are in the process of building a website for Timeless and we plan to have further information there.

Little Mosque on the Prairie's Sitara Hewitt co-hosting the fashion show at the event.

AK:Sitara, how do you feel working on Little Mosque has contributed to your ability to successfully act as a role model for contribiting to  the improvement of societal issues,such as this illness?

Sitara Hewitt: I am very fortunate to be a part of a show that has resonated with so many viewers. One of the best things about notoriety in my opinion is that I can bring people’s attention to issues that really matter and deserve the support of many. In our modernized society there can be a lack of community, but events and charities like this bring people together and create a support system. I’m delighted to be involved.

AK: While Melanie created this film, you have greatly supported her in this project.Do you have any other personal connection to this illness or any other terminal illness,which you would like to mention?

SH: Melanie is a dear friend of mine and it was heartbreaking to see her suffer while her mother was ill.I am just so impressed with her dedication, motivation and ability to turn her loss into a creative endeavor and a charity for others.

AK: While the event will greatly focus on the issue of brain cancer through the film and the fashion show, to what extent was he audience be able to interact with you? Why do you think it is important for Little Mosque fans to support such a cause?

SH: At the event we are there to have a great time and celebrate our ability to honour and help others. I was there to enjoy everyone’s company and of course love to talk to fans at any event.

Stargate Universe’s Brian J Smith To Appear In Gossip Girls

Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 02:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, actor Brian J Smith is branching out to a different genre within the television industry, after having been  appointed  a  recurring role on CW’S relationship Drama series, The Gossip Girls, reports TV Line. 

According to a recent report on TV Line, Smith will portray the character of Max, who has been described as a dedicated chef.The report mentions that Max  may be the new  romantic interest of Serina, one of the show’s main character ,given that his scenes will take place in Los Angeles – the same place where  Serena will be spending her summer.

The actor, who portrayed  the young character of Lt Matthew Scott on Syfy’s Stargate Universe for the show’s two seasons, will first appear  in the series’ fifth season premiere, which is to debut on  Monday, September 26.Though there is no information currently available as to the number of episodes in which Smith will appear, an update will be posted once an announcement has been made.

What are your thoughts  on  Smith’s new role ,in terms of the suitability as the actor pursuing  employment  in a different genre within the television industry?Will you be watching Gossip Girls to follow  Smith’s character?Why?  Sound off in the comments section, below.