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Stargate Universe Current Information

Friday, January 30, 2009 @ 10:01 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Please note that frequent visits to this site are encouraged as additional news/information is posted on a regular basis.Pieces of information on this site are kept for the period in which they are relevant.

Indeed a brand new series with new characters, a brand new ship,   and the arrival  new problems  appear as the  Stargate franchise dials up for its third series:StargateUniverse. This  post will act as a resource of current news with regards to casting, scheduling, storylines/arcs, discussion , general theme and discussion opportunities for Stargate Universe.

StargateUniverse  follows the adventures of a brand new inexperienced  team  who  accidentally  finds themselves trapped on an ancient ship called the Destiny after a routine reconnsicance  mission goes wrong.It  should be noted that the team becomes trapped shortly after the ninth chevron of the Stargate is unlocked.The  massive  Destiny was  launched by the Ancients  millions of  years prior to the  creation of the city Atlantis which was explored in the previous Stargate series, Stargate Atlantis. The Destiny was being used by the Ancients as a tool to assist them in their ongoing efforts to locate Stargates  over  various galaxies.This  effort , however, was abandoned when they revised their goals towards achieving ascension.There is indeed no means for the crew to return to Earth  as by boarding the ship they have made the ship automatically continue the journey over the various galaxies which the Ancients had started.None of the crew members are able to determine the route of the ship.Further challenges arise when the team members are unable to control the amount of time which the ship spends in  each of the stargates which the ship comes into range of.Also, as the ship is on a set route, any member who is left behind cannot be rescued , adding to the overall drama of  the difficulty of spending time on planets encounter civilizations and obtain resources for the survival of the crew.

Targeted towards a younger age demographic than that of its sister series Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe will focus more on the character dynamics ,relationships and a crew of unprepared individuals being trapped on the ship.The program is a younger and edgier version of Stargate.The idea of  the ship  being physically located in space unlike the previous Stargate series was incorporated  in order to ensure that younger audiences will  consider the show to be appealing.The program is still expected to maintain  fundamental  aspects of Stargate  such as humor and adventure which have made Stargate  a success .Although,  the premise of StargateUniverse will be firmly associated with the mythology of the previous two  Stargate series, the program  will generally have a more minimal involvement of the Ancients and other aspects of Stargate mythology. StargateUniverse  will also  be less about encounter with alien species and more to do with  the team’s ability to survive on the ship. Indeed the producers described  the series as a darker and more intense  form of Stargate and consequently the series will be more drama based than its predecessors.Lead actor, Robert Carlyle who will be playing the mysterious and questioned leader, Dr.Nicholas Rush  has illustrated the drama of the new series by indicating that  there are three deaths on  the Destiny within the crew’s first three hours of being on board.A suicide is also committed  by  sixthepisode because of the desperation of being stranded with no hope of return.Furthermore, Creators of StargateUniverse , Brad Wright and Robert Cooper who were executive producers of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis   intend on allowing StargateUniverse to   act as   more of a stand alone series in which new  viewers can join the franchise   withminimal background knowledge with regards  to the Stargate franchise.Stargate Universe is also expected to be more arc based than the previous Stargate series.Consulting producer of the program   and former  executive producer of Stargate Atlantis, Joseph Mallozzihas indicated that while the program does have its fair share of stand alone episodes , most of the episodes will be apart of the large story arc. In fact a large portion of the first part of season 1 provides viewers with a continuous  string of episodes which follow the first story arc of  the show.

Stargate Universe  debuted  as a 2 hour movie on  October 2 2009  at 9:00pm eastern standard time on the Science Fiction Channel.

Main Cast

Robert Carlyle will be taking on the lead role of the show  as Dr.Nicholas Rush.Rush may or may not be the leader of the expedition .It has been noted that Rush  seems to have different goals to that of the rest of the crew which is trapped aboard the Destiny.Keep scrolling below for further information with respect to Colonel Everett Young who may also be the leader.

David Blue has been casted as Ellie Wallace.Wallace is described as  a slacker who despite all flaws is still  extremely intelligent and capable of performing well especially in areas of Math and computers.The actor is of 30 years of age and previously  worked on ABC’s hit show, Ugly Betty.Blue is welcomed to the Stargate franchise.

Justin Louis has been casted as Colonel Everett Young.Young was formerly the leader of a temporary off world base.It should also be noted that Young  also has a wife, Hailey,The two have been married for a duration of two years.This  41 year old Ontario raised actor   has also appeared in Star Trek;Voyager.

Sargent Greer is a tempered individual  and many aspects of his life are generally unknown.It is apparent, though, that his past  has played a role in his urgent attitude .Jamil Walker Smith will be playing this role.Smith also played a part in the popular Nickelodeon  series, Hey Arnold.

Brian J Smith has also been casted into the Universe regulars as Lieutenant Matthew Scott.Scott  will be forced to  undergo significant ordeals bothinapersonal and professional level as he prematurely assumes a greater leadership responsibility in the  team.Smith was born in Allen, Texas  and  studied at the PlannardSchool in Texas .Smith has guest starred in various other programs  including Hate Crime and Law&Order.

Actress Aliana Huffmanhas been casted for the character of Tamara Johansen.Huffman is 28 years of age and married.Huffman was also born in Vancouver meaning that she is  essentially returning home for the production.Huffman has made appearances in various shows including NCIS, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY.Tamara is described as a  tough yet modest individual who had a desire to pursue studies at medical school yet was unable to do so as a result of  financial limitations. She therefore enrolled in the Air force and received paramedic training only and is overwhelmed with medical  treatment required in the ship.

47 year old Lou Diamond Phillips will playing the character of Colonel Telfordwho has served his life in the military and the leader of the expedition.It is currently unknown if Phillips will be a main cast member, reoccurring , or just a guest star.Phillpshas appeared in  24 , Law and Order:Special Victims Unit and The TwilightZone .Phillips is wished best of  luck in his future with Stargate.

Actress Elyse Levesque has been casted as Chloe Armstrong.Armstrong is  a civilian who is the daughter of the American senator.Armstrong’s character has been characterized as an individual who  has high political and social standards.Her morals undergo tribulations as she accidentally ends up in the wrong pond which causes her  to  end up trapped in the Destiny.Levesque has played roles on various other Science Fiction series including Smallville and 2030 Ce.Levesque is welcomed to the Stargate franchise.

45  year old actress Ming Na takes  takes on the role of  IOA[International  Oversight Advisory] employee, Camille Wray.Wray is taken to the the Destiny against her will causing her to be  extremely furious and she therefore becomes motivated to express her opinion the command decisions made on board. Wray is  also a  homosexual and viewers will see her  partner  back on  earth, Sharon in flashback format in the ninth episode, Life . Na was born on an island close to  the city  of Hong Kong.She has played a role on the NBC drama series, ER where she appeared in 118 episodes.The actress  also appeared in  the recent Science Fiction film, Push.

Additional News

The Movie Network on Demand has indicated   their position on broadcasting Stargate Universe.Currently the  Canadian network is only aware  that Stargate Universe is in production and a  decision has   not yet been made to air the show. It should be noted that the Movie Network on Demand   aired all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis in first run format.Canadian residents will, however,  be able to watch Stargate Universe on The Space Channel.The program airs every  10:00pm eastern standard time .This  an hour later than the 9:00pm eastern time  in which the Science Fiction Channel will be airing the program  for residents of the USA.Space Channel has also communicated that   shortly after each  weekly episode has completed its debut on television, it will appear online at where viewers can view an episode for a period of one week  after its debut on television. Enjoy the show!

Meanwhile  Sky  One  has purchased broadcasting  rights for Stargate  Universe.The network has unconditional rights for the first season including applying on video on demand and available for downloading on their website.The UK network  previously aired  Stargate SG1  and Stargate Atlantis   in first run format.UK viewers  were able to watch the debut on October 6 2009 and weekly episodes will continue to  air every  Tuesday[see precise schedule information further below in  the SGU International Schedule Table]

As communicated further above, Stargate Universe will have  homosexual characters.The character of Camille Wray who is played  by Ming Na is indeed a homosexual and as previously suggested, Camille’s lifetime parter, Sharon will be seen in the ninth episode, Life. There is also at least one other gay character in the program. Further details on exactly which other character is a homosexual has not yet been disclosed. Co creator, Brad Wright indicated that the decision to include  homosexuals in the program was in order to  create issues and differences in terms of character relationships and to connect  with more groups of people including homosexuals. Cooper indicated that   widening the range of audience was not only done for the sake of ratings, but also to provide an accurate and realistic depiction of the current state of  humanity  .Consulting producer of Stargate Universe and former executive producer of Stargate Atlantis,Joseph Mallozzi indicated that Stargate Atlantis had a couple of homosexual characters. Captain Alica Vega   who was played by actress Leela Savasta, was also homosexual, according to Mallozzi.Vega was introduced to viewers in the season 5 premiere , Search and Rescue. Mallozzi also indicated that Atlantis had a male  gay character , however  viewers never had the chance to find out who exactly this was.While, the series did have   the presence of homosexual characters, unlike Stargate Universe , these Atlantis characters were not involved in  situations which gave them the opportunity to  reveal their difference.

Co producers of StargateUniverse, Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper have provided further details on the  developing series .The producers conveyed that Stargate Universe will have aliens .Unlike the aliens of the previous two series, these  species will   be  quite distinguishable from human appearance, characteristic and behavior.Stargate Universe will also have more stories told on earth as characters will have the opportunity to utilize and ancient device known as a long range communicator to talk to family members . This will allow for characters to relate/recall their past and  for  stories to be told on Earth in flashback format. Viewers will therefore see the lifestyles of various characters before they became trapped on the ancient ship of Destiny .StargateUniverse will also  be less staged and more like a documentary and reality according to Cooper.This has been done in order for the audience to embrace the science fiction elements and characters.The  producers anticipate that the documentary shooting style will allow for the adventures to seem less staged and thus more realistic so viewers feel as if they are joining the characters in their journey on the ship.By having this feeling, the producers anticipate that viewers can further their connection with the characters in  a way that could perhaps not  have been done in  the previous Stargateseries.Cooper  indicated that this concept is quite similar to the production methods  used in the science fiction series Firefly,  which both co producers greatly enjoy.

Consulting producer of Stargate Universe and former executive producer of Stargate Atlantis  and Stargate SG1 , Joseph Mallozzi is now having Stargate related postsof his blog syndicated on the Science Fiction Channel’s new Stargate Universe site.Mallozzi  admits that determining which posts are to be classified as Stargate orientated is a difficult challenge  as many of  his posts focus on other topics of personal interest while having a small part [usually Mallozzi's daily mailbag where  he answers  fan questions]dedicated towards Stargate.It was also conveyed that  the approval process  from Sci Fi for behind the scene pictures and stage photos of Stargate Universe will be  quickened .While this will promote Mallozzi’sonline work and Universe,it should be noted that unlike the original blog, the Science Fiction Channel does not have a comment feature on posts and there is  also no avenue to  directly  contact Mallozzi.Check out the syndicated blog today at visit the original blog at

Actor Michael Shanks will  the  appear in the  second half of Stargate Universe.Shanks, who played the main cast role of the archaeologist , Dr.Daniel Jackson in all ten seasons of Stargate SG1  will  reoccur in the fourteenth episode of the  Stargate Universe, titled Human.Shanks rolein the episode will be more significant than that  in the series premiere, AirPart 1 in which he appeared for a cameo role.The episode will feature Daniel and Stargate Universe  lead actor, Robert Carlyle  character’s , Dr.Nicholas Rush working together.Human will debut during early 2010.We look forward to seeing Daniel have  a significant role in the storyline of the episode.

Actor Michael Shanks as the archeologist , Dr.Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG1.

Stargate Universe will receive an additional supplement which viewers of the previous Stargate series never had the pleasure of.The first season will be accompanied with 30 webepisodes.Each episode will have a direct association and revelance to the episodes produced for television.Episodes will be presented through the use of a Kino, a sphere shaped device which moves around the ship and spies  on characters  aboard in order to  enhance the audience perspective of habitual lifestyle of the program’s characters.Residents of the USA    are able to view episodes at the Science Fiction Channel’s Stargate Universe site at  .Meanwhile, Canadians residents can  view the episodes on Space Channel’s website. An entire production unit has been assigned the task of generating these  two minute episodes.We look forward to this new installment within the Stargate franchise.

Stargate Universe will be available online for free of charge on Hulu.The episodes will appear on the site   on the day subsequent to its debut on The Science  Fiction  Channel[USA] and The Space [Canada].As Hulu does with other current series  which it streams  , viewers will have the opportunity to  view  an episode for up to five weeks, after which point episodes will individually be replaced with a  more recent one. Although Stargate SG1 and Stargate  Atlantis are  now available for free on Hulu, the website did not stream the episodes in the same week as they made a first run broadcast.Readers should note that  episodes at can only be viewed by residents  of the USA.Enjoy the show!

 Actress Rhona  Mitra has been casted for a guest role in thefinal three episodes of Stargate Universe’s inaugaral season.The three episode story arc includes the  eighteenth episode, Submersion along with Incursion Part 1 amd the season finale, Incursion Part 2.Mitra will play the role of   a   character named Kiva, who is  described as a strong willed leader  of the  Lucian alliance  incursion force  aboard the Destiny.Readers may recall that  the Lucian Alliance is the alien species responsible for the  attack on Icarus Base which caused those on the base to travel  to the Destiny in the first place. SyFy also described the character of Kiva  as an individual who “will do whatever it takes to safeguard her people even if it is at the ultimate expense of the Destiny crew.”Mitra  is a 33 year old actress bornin London, England.She has  played main cast roles in  various  series including The Practice and Boston Legal.Mitra’s recurring roles on television include appearances on series such as  Gideon’s Crossing and Party  of Five.We look forward toobserving the suspense and  drama associated with the presence of Kiva’s incursion force on board the ancient Destiny.

Stargate Universe lead actor, Robert Carlyle has   appeared in  a recent episode in the  CBS television program entitled The Late Late Show  which was broadcasted  on  Wednesday , October 14 2009 .In the episode, Carlyle  talked  with the program’s host, Scotsman Craig Ferguson.Carlyle and Ferguson  spent time discussing  life  in Scottland  ,how Carlyle’s transtion to Canada went, and  about the new Stargate Universe.The halarious segment has been posted directly below and lasts for about 8 minutes in length.Enjoy!


Stargate Universe main cast member ,  Alaina Huffman who plays the main cast role  of  the medic , Tamara Johansen revealed that she is pregnant  during a recent interview  with Australia’s Science Fiction Channel’s  blog. Huffman later   provided further details on Twitter indicating that she is currently seven  and a half months into her pregnancy. With this announcement, many viewers have begun to wonder how the pregnancy will  affect her character’s storyline  and degree of involvement  within  the series,  should the program  be renewed for a second  season  . One possibility is that Johansen ’s pregnancy could be incorporated into the storyline of   the series similar to the way in which     Rachel  Luthrell’s  [Teyla Emmagan] pregnancy was  incorporated into an ongoing storyline  of Stargate Atlantis’   fourth and final fifth seasons  .Another  possibility  is  that  the actor will  play the character in a reduced capacity for a temporary period or  take a leave of absence just as Stargate SG1 co star, Amanda Tapping [Colonel Samantha Carter]did for the first five episodes of the series ninth season  .Readers should note that if  Stargate Universe is renewed for a second season,  the production for  the show’s second year will commence February 2010 - only about  2 months after the actress’ delivery date . When asked  how  her  pregnancy will impact of her character, Huffman simply    stated  that “You have to watch,”Huffman exclaimed   happily  “I think every actor on the Stargate franchise has had one or more kids.  [The writers] know what they are doing, and they know how to deal with it.  I can’t give away spoilers whether we are or are not going to entertain that possibility.  You’ve just got to keep watching.

The   actress, who is married with two children, also commented on  how the Stargate Universe production was one which permitted  actors to strike a career/personal life balance, communicating that  the position offers felxible hours thanks to the ensemble  nature of the cast.Huffman is therefore often able to spend time with her children and play a part in their daily routine by  having the opportunity to atleast drop them to school if not also having the chance to pick them up.The actress also added her post allows her to  still also have   great deal of time in the year off.The complete first part of Huffman’s   interview with  the network , in which she also  discusses  her integration into  her new post  as playing the character of Tamara Johansen along with her interaction with colleagues  can be viewed at  Enjoy!Best wishes are extended towards Huffman for a  successful delivery.

Actress Alaina Huffman as the Destiny's medic, Tamara Johansen

Indeed actress Amanda Tapping  will return to the screens as the astrophysicist, Colonel Samantha Carter one more  time before the finalization of Stargate Universe’s inaugural season .The actress, of course, played the character  as main cast role   for  all ten seasons of Stargate SG1 and in the fourth season of  Stargate Atlantis.In a recent interview with The Huffingman post, Tapping indicated that she would guest star towards the end of the season. In the interview,Tapping  briefly outlined her  recent experience in  shooting  Stargate Univcerse  communicating to the site   that “I’ve done two episodes,” “I did their first two-parter and I’m at the very end of their season. And I just shot that a few weeks ago. So I started their season and I’m ending their season, which was very cool. But I didn’t get to play with anyone. If they were ever to have me come back, I’d want to be with people. I’m kind of off on my ship, which I think is awesome.Tapping’s  previous  appearance in  Stargate Universe was  in the series premiere , Air Part 1 in which Carter is the commander of  of the new earth ship , Hmmond named after the   character  of the deceased actor,  Don S Davis, General George Hammond.The complete interview can be viewed  online at Readers should note that the exact episode in which Carter will be seen  has yet to be revealed.Further details will be posted as they are obtained. We look forward to seeing Carter in Stargate Universe again and we  anticipate that her latest  appearance   will  be  of a greater capacity than that of her  appearance in the premeire of this exciting new series.

The first half of Stargate Universe’s first season will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on February 9 2010.SGU 1.0 currently has a suggested price  of 49.98 dollars US  amounting to a price of 59.98 for Canadian residents.Meannwhile the Bklu Ray edition will cost 69:99 [US]and 89:99 [Canada].The idea of splitting the first season into two halfves was done  as aresult of the fact that  there is  a   breakof four months between the mid season finale and the commencement of the second  half of the season.Fans will therefore  be able to have the chance to  catch upon viewing the series .The first half of the season being released earlier on also benefits the promotional  health of the series as allows foran increase in awareness of te program in the months leading up to  the  finalization of the break  and into the second half of the inaugural season.Readers should also note that Stargate Universe’s first season is the first season ever, in the Stargate franchise, to be released on Blu Ray.The DVD edition will also include a variety of features such as actor/producer commentary on episodes, Kino Video Diaries, and  the Stargate 101 Videos, which  pertain to Dr.Danie’l Jackson’s explanation of the Stargate program to the unmotivated yet  brilliant , Eli Wallace.Eli is seen  viewing the explanation in the series premiere, Air Part 1.

A complete list of  commentators for each of the episodes has been placed directly below, as seen on Gateworld.Visit Gateworld today at

Air, Parts 1 & 2 – Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
Air, Part 3 – Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper, Director Andy Mikita and VFX Supervisor Mark Savela
Darkness – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
Light – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
Water – Director William Waring and actor Louis Ferreira
Earth – Actors Brian J. Smith, David Blue and Elyse Levesque
Time – Executive producer Robert C. Cooper and David Blue
Life – Actors Ming-Na and Brian J. Smith
Justice – Director William Waring and actors Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque and Jamil Walker Smith


Readers should note that the  DVD edition can be purchase for a  mere  price of 27.99 from Amazon at Please take into account that the price is subject to fluctuation.Be sure to  take a look at the  Blue Ray  cover art  for SGU 1.0  directly below[it is likely that the DVD cover will  be identical.

Stargate Universe - 1.0 DVD


Your Online Stargate Universe Ratings Reference

 How well did that episode do?……. 

Stargate Universe has  scored considerably solid, ratings for its  2  hour series premiere, Air Part 1 and Air Part 2 which debuted on October 2 2009.According to  a report released by the Science Fiction Channel, the two hour premiere attracted over 2.35 million viewers equating to a  1.7 million average per household rating.The report communicates that 1.32 million   of the viewers were  in the 25-54  demographic while 1.12 million viewers were in the 18-49 age demographic.The 1.12 million rating for the latter  age group  was the biggest rating for that demographic for  a Friday night series since the debut of  the science fiction series, Battlestar Gallactica in January 2005.While the 1.7 million rating many not be as high as anticipated  by both producers and many fans of the Stargate franchise,  the Science Fiction  Channnel remains  very positive, indicating that   the ratings have defined the Stargate Universe primiere as the Stargate Franchise’s biggest premiere in four years[since the July 2005  debut of Stargate Atlantis' second season.]Accordingly,the cast and crew of Stargate Universe are congratulated for  their  exceptional work  towards the series which  has most definitely  contributed to the accumulation of such a notable rating.

Indeed the final hour of  the Stargate Universe premiere , Air Part 3  scored better than the previous week’s Air Part 1 and Air Part 2 ,  attracting a total of 2.4 million viewers to the screen.This equates to a rating of 1.8  million per household average. The 18-49 age group had a 22 percent increase in viewership than the  first two parts of the premiere while the 25-49 demographic acheived a 13 percent increase. This is quite a notable rating as usually ratings begin to fall  starting the week after  a season/series debuts.This opposite reaction is a positive indicator of the growing interest towards this new exciting series.Senior VP of Syfy Digital , Craig Engler echos our reaction on this exceptional rating.   “I can’t emphasize enough how impressive it is for a show to grow from its premiere,” Engler said. “That’s pretty rare.”This is indeed an outstanding result  for which  the Stargate Universe production is congratulated.

MGM has released a  trailer for the second half of Stargate Universe’s inaugural  season which is scheduled to begin on Friday, April 2 . The trailer includes parts from the  conclusion to the mid season parter, Space which  bring forth the series  first intelligent  alien species.Readers will also  have opportunity to  view   actress Rhona Mitra  as the Lucian  Alliance leader, Kiva and obtain  brief insight to an additional threat  which will  be present in the backhalf of the series’ freshman season.Be sure to take a look at the trailer directly below and share your thoughts on it in the comments segment further below.Enjoy!


  Rate That Episode

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Next Time on SGU

Life-Lt. Scott and Camile return to Earth via the communication stones to spend time with those they left behind. On the Destiny, the crew explores new sections of the ship and discover a promising Ancient device.[TV Guide]

Justice-Col. Young cedes command to Camile Wray after a crew member is found dead from a gunshot wound and the gun is recovered from Young’s quarters. Meanwhile, a planet harbors a secret that threatens the Destiny in the first-season finale.

Promotions  of Upcoming Episodes

Please note that promotions are kept for the duration in   which they are relevant to only  viewers of  the ScienceFiction Channel[USA], Space Channel[Canada] and Sky One.



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SGU International Schedule Center

What time does SGU air in your country?

Episode Title Episode# Debut Date[Sy Fy-USA] Time Debut Date[Space-Canada] Time Debut Date[Sky One-UK] Time Debut Date[ Sci Fi Australia] Time
Air Part 1 1 October 2 2009 9:00pm October 2 2009 10:00pm October 6 2009 8:00pm October 92009 8:30pm
Air Part 2 2 October 2 2009 9:00pm October 2 2009 10:00pm October 6 2009 8:00pm October 16 2009 8:30pm
Air Part 3 3 October 9 2009 9:00pm October 9 2009 10:00pm October 13 2009 8:00pm October 23 2009 8:30pm
Darkness 4 October 16 2009 9:00pm October 16 2009 10:00pm October 20 2009 8:00pm October 30 2009 8:30pm
Light 5 October 23 2009 9:00p,m October 23 2009 10:00pm October 27 2009 8:00pm Nove,ber 6 2009 8:30pm
Water 6 October 30 2009′ 9:00pm October 30 2009 10:00pm November 3 2009 8:00pm November 13 2009 8:30pm
Earth 7 November 5 2009 9:00pm November 5 2009 10:00pm November 10 2009 8:00pm, November 20 2009 8:30pm
Time 8 November 12 2009 9:00pm November 12 2009 10:00pm November 17 2009 8:00pm November 27 2009 8:30pm
Life 9 November 19 2009 9:00pm November 19 2009 10:00pm November 24 2009 8:00pm December 4 2009 8:30pm
Justice 10 December  4 2009 9:00pm December 42009 10:00pm December 8 2009 8:00pm  December 11 2009 8:30pm
Space 11                
Divided 12                
Faith 13                
Lucid 14                
Sabotage 15                
Lost 16                
Sabotage 17                
Pain 18                
Incursion Part 1 19                
Incursion Part 2 20                

 All slots for The Science Fiction Channel and Space Channel have been noted in eastern standard time while timimgs for Sky One have been indicated in GMT time.Times for Australia’s Sci Fi station have been noted  in Western time zone.Please note that  schedule information for the latter half of the season is currently unavailable and the slots for episodes in the latter half of the season will remain blank until further information is obtained.


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Special  Promotional Features 

The Science Fiction  Channel has released the complete Stargate Universe panel  of the recent July  2009 Comic Con in San Diego.The panel  features Stargatecreators, Robert C Cooper and Brad Wright, along with the entire main cast of the upcoming series!The  feature has been placed directly below and is  approximately47 minutes in length.Enjoy!

 [clearspring_widget title="SyFy Video - Stargate: Universe - Comic-Con 2009 Panel" wid="48e10f5e9dbb50aa" pid="4a71f174229c00e1" width="400" height="400" domain=""]Stargate Universe  lead actor, Robert  Carlyle is doing his part to  help promote Stargate Universe.The actor  appeared on the UK  morning program entitled This Morning.In the inteview Carlyle  discusses being a science fiction fan, familiarzing himself with  Stargate Universe ,  his  mysterious and questionable character, Dr.Nicholas Rush on the new program, moving his household members to Vancouver in order to be  close to   the Stargate Universe productions at Bridge Studios , along with a variety of other subject matter.The interview  is just over 9 minutes in duration and can be viewed directly below.Enjoy!

[youtube=]Watch the  Stargate Universe  behind the scene video  below which features the main cast members of the series  informing you of where they would take the Stargate to if given the opportunity.The video is 2 and a half minutes in length.Enjoy!

[clearspring_widget title="SyFy Video - If You Could Take the 'Gate..." wid="48e10f5e9dbb50aa" pid="4ab3f907e557fb93" width="400" height="400" domain=""]Discussion Center 


Discussing Stargate Universe in a friendly online environment!

Attack on Icarus Base-Lucian Alliance

Dr. Rush’s claim of  leadership

the kino’sfunction

long range communicator

 Carter’s  Cameo Appearance-The Hammond

Jack O’ Neill Appearance-role as head of security

Daniel Jackson Videos

-Chole Armstrong -father[senator's] sacrifice, use of long range communicator, interaction with mother and her reaction

-Eli allaceGs Slacker, solved the game, character background[dropped out of Harvard], Mother’s health issues

Matthew Scott- troubled past

Sargeant Greer -Why was he  initially  detained?

Greer and Rush Conflict-Rush’s accusarion against Greer

ship being deployed at the end of Destiny’ s episode

basic premise and details[ trapped on ship, time limit before it jumps, air  calcium carbonay the  few individuals who left the planet-trapped forever  because of Rush;s order to shoot individual with dialing remote

The end result in obtaining the calcium, Eli’s humourous yet risky situation of his hand

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Stargate Movies 2010

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UPDATE  April 20 2011 – Producer, Brad Wright recently reported  at a Vancouver convention that both Stargate Extinction as well as Stargate Revolution have been permanently shelved. The confirmation  came at the same time when the announcement of the failure to secure an SGU movie, was also announced. Consequently, there  is no aspect  of the franchise which is expected to reappear in the foreseeable future. .A full report is to be posted shortly however  readers can visit Gateworld for a full report .

Stargate Revolution[Third Stargate SG1 film]

A brand new  Stargate SG1  movie has been approved by MGM studios.Filming for the feature length film was scheduled to  initialize by fall 2009, however the film has been placed on hold due to the current economic crisis and   due to the fact that MGM has claimed bankruptcy[ see further below for full details]. The film has been penned  by Brad Wright and Carl Binder.It is still unclear if the film will first  be shown on SyFy or if it will be  initially released on DVD just like the previous two Stargate films, Stargate: Ark of Truth and Stargate  Continuum .

The film is expected to revolve around Jack O’ Neill[Richard Dean Anderson].  During the Vancouver 2009 Convention, co creator of the film, Brad Wright  specifically   indicated that   “I  had a story idea that really worked with O’Neill.  And it’s not just his character, by any means. It’s a Stargate story that brings O’Neill back in a big way.”  Readers should note that the feature   was  initially expected   to be   released  on DVD  sometime between early spring to early summer of 2010.The storyline is expected to occur  between the end of the previous Stargate SG1 film, Stargate Continuum and the commencement of the Stargate franchise’s third series, Stargate Universe.

Information on the film’s main cast is now available.Amanda Tapping has communicated that she will be appearing  in the movie.Tapping played  the brilliant astrophysicist, Samantha Carter in  Stargate SG1 for all ten seasons. Michael Shanks has confirmed his involvement in the film as well.Shanks played the  role of  the archaeologist ,Dr.Daniel Jackson from seasons 1-5 and seasons 7-10 of  Stargate  SG1.Christopher Judge will be returning in the film as the Jaffa,Tealc whom Judge played during all seasons of Stargate SG1. However, actors have yet to be contacted for official  negotiations.

Stargate Creator and Executive producer,Brad Wright has indicated on a Question and Answer session on executive producer, Joseph Mallozzi’s blog thatVala Maldurin[Claudia Black] will not be returning  for  the third Stargate SG1 movie  saying that ” I thought Claudia [Black] was terrific in Continuum, but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie“.Wright also communicated that it will   be highly unlikely to have the entire cast in the same movie.   The reasoning/cause behind this limitation is with respects to availability among many other concerns .Our speculation is that  the budget for future films  is  a contributing factor.Readers are encouraged to  visit frequently  as further developments occur.

Additional Details

While there is little information available  regarding the storyline of the film, producer Joseph Mallozzi has advised readers on his blog that  all of the earth ships could possibly be together in a space battle  in Stargate Revolution.

Producer Joseph Mallozzi has  revealed  details regarding the  main  enemy in the film on his blog where he  indicated that “Let’s just say the story stems from an issue that has plagued Stargate Command since its inception”.

Producer, Joseph Mallozzi  recently advised readers on his blog that the film would   give further insight   as to whether  the SGC  remains  in Cheyenne  Mountain or  if has been  to Homeworld Command . The specific text which   shows  Mallozzi’s response has been placed below.

Q: Does the SGC still exist or is the Stargate being moved to Homeworld Command?

A” More on that in Stargate: Revolution.”

When asked on her personal opinion on the fate of the film in a recent interview with Gateworld , actress Amanda Tapping[ Colonel Samantha  Carter] indicated that ” I’d do it. We had so much fun doing Continuum and Ark of Truth that I would do it, time permitting. But I think the window is closing, that’s for sure. That’s what it feels like. Had we shot it this past winter, that would have been a different thing. But I don’t know. Never say never”.

UPDATE-August 16 2009:The film has been placed on hold due to financial restraints  associated with the current economic downturn, reports Sci Fi Wire.Please scroll further below for the complete details regarding this recent development.

UPDATE-November  12 2009- Producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that the working title for the film is Stargate Revolution. Also, presently there is still no word from MGM  stating if the feature will be produced.

UPDATE- April 5 2010:There is still no  word on MGM’S decision  with regards to the  producing the film, according to  producer,Joseph Mallozzi on  today’s blog post . Further information will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE–June 17 2010-Stargate producer,  Joseph Mallozzi recently advised  readers on his blog that there has been  positive  rumblings  regarding  Stargate  Revolution  . According to Mallozzi, this progress is due to  the  great efforts from the creator of  the film, Brad Wright who ”as the movie’s co-writer and producer, has been tireless in working to keep the project alive and in discussions”. Further  information  will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE – July 1  2010:  Producer Joseph Mallozzi commented on the current prospects  for the film on his blog , indicating that“despite the delay, the mood is fairly confident that Revolution will move into production eventually.  It’s just a matter of when”.

UPDATE – September 15 2010- There is still no word on  MGM’s decision with regards to  approving the film. Further  information will be provided as obtained.

UPDATE – September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright indicated that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the film, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  virtual  bankruptcy.  Please scroll further below for the full details.

Update- March 25 2011- There has been no further word on the fate of the film. Current efforts are still being devoted to  reviving Stargate  Universe either in the form of a movie or mini series.


[Working Title - Subject to Change]

Stargate Atlantis fans can look forward to a 2 hour movie which will premiere on the Science Fiction Channel  for residents of the USA and will subsequently be released on DVD by MGM .The film was  initially  expected to be released sometime between spring – summer of 2010,  however, it has now been placed on hold due to the current economic crisis and due to the fact that MGM has virtually claimed bankruptcy.It  is unknown when filming for the feature will begin.

Creator of Stargate Atlantis , Brad Wright has expressed excitement in continuing the series in movie format  while the series still has further potential.Wright added that he is looking forward to having Stargate Atlantis storylines told on a “bigger canvas”.Readers should note  that the  movie will not wrap up any long term storylines from the Stargate Atlantis  TV   series  and  will therefore be similar to Stargate Continuum in that it will be  a stand alone movie.The feature, however, will involve characters referring to the past and acknowledging the potential of future adventures. .It should also be noted that future releases of Stargate Atlantis movies is  solely reliant on the success of this first feature.

The film will start off in Earth, where the series finale, Enemy at the Gate left off.   Viewers will,  however, discover that Atlantis has relocated from   San Fransisco Bay[where the city landed in  the series finale]to  another base.The script  for the film has been written by both executive producers of the final two seasons of  the Stargate Atlantis television series, Joseph Mallozzi [40 pages]and  executive producer,Paul  Mullie[60 pages].It has been communicated that Andy Mikita will direct the movie.Mikita has directed on both  Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis   including the  Atlantis series finale.We have received confirmation that Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, Todd  and 2 guest stars[to be announced] will reprise in the film.A potential guest star could be actress Amanda Tapping[Colonel Samantha Carter] who had discussed the possibility of appearing for a cameo role in the film with executive producer of the film, Joseph Mallozzi. Actors have yet to be contacted  for official  negotiations. As this news is still developing, readers are encouraged to visit frequently to observe the updates of this post

Additional Details

While there is very little information available on the storyline of the film at this time, Mallozzi has indicated that the film will  have a Teyla -Beckett character moment.

It has also been communicated, that although Todd and his fellow Wraith will have a significant involvement in the movie, they will not be apart of the primary storyline of the film.

According to Joseph Mallozzi ,   the character of Elizabeth Weir  has been completely dealt with.”Weir’s story ended in ‘Ghost In the Machine .’ The character will not be appearing in the movie”, said Mallozzi.

When he described the film on his blog, Mallozzi divulged  what the plot will include. “We’ve got action, adventure, exploration, a race against the clock, Atlantis in peril, unlikely allies, surprises, tragic loss, and new beginnings.”Further information regarding the plot  will be revealed as it is obtained.

When asked to divulge a general sense of the plot of the film, Mallozzi   responded by indicating  that “The action starts on Earth, then shifts to Atlantis, then shifts to a planet, then back to Atlantis.”[ August 19 2010 on his blog]

You know, please do ask for it because if it happens … I mean, I’d love it to happen. But as the years go by, it gets more and more difficult for that to happen because we’re all off in different directions. I mean Jason [Momoa] is Conan, for God’s sake![ Actor, David Hewlett on a recent interview with Gateworld]

I have heard nothing of any intention or any momentum towards an Atlantis film. Our lovely set no longer exists. But who knows, stranger things have happened. I would love to get a chance to work with my buddies again”.[ Rachel Luttrell on a  Q&A  with ScifiTVAndTalk]

UPDATE:On May 16 2009 Joseph Mallozzi revealed on Twitter  that the  working title for the Atlantis film is Stargate Extinction.Mallozzi indicated he likes the title because it is appropriate to the storyline and it is dynamic.

Update-August 16 2009:The film has been placed on hold due to financial restraints associated with the current economic downturn.Keep scrolling for further details.

UPDATE – April 5 2010- There is still no  word on MGM’S decision  with regards to  producing the film.  When  he was asked about the status of the film on his blog today , producer Joseph Mallozzi simply indicated that ” Still no word and I don’t expect to hear anything either way for a while”.Further  information will be posted as it is obtained.

UPDATE – July   1 2010-Executive producer of the film, Joseph Mallozzi responded to a  query on his blog regarding the    future  of the film and how  a lack of discussion between the producers and MGM, would affect its fate in contrast to the much discussed, Stargate Revolution .Mallozzi indicated there is “no news on the Atlantis movie front.  That’s not to say it won’t get made, just that Paul and I have not had similar discussion with the studio with regard to Extinction”.

UPDATE -July 18 2010- Producer, Joseph Mallozzi  reported on his blog. that  two cast members    from Stargate  Atlantis will be guest starring in  their respective roles for  the fifteenth episode of the upcoming second  season of Stargate Universe entitled, Seizure.Although the reappearances  will  require adjustment to the timeline of  Stargate Extinction,  Mallozzi, indicated that the heart of the film will remain unchanged . Scroll further below for the full details.

UPDATE – September 15 2010- There is still no word on  MGM’s decision with regards to  approving the film. Further  information will be provided as obtained.

UPDATE – September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright indicated that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the films, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  virtual  bankruptcy.  Please scroll further below for the full details.

UPDATE – December 25 2010-Stargate producer, Joseph Mallozzi,indicated the following  when asked for an update to the film, now that Stargate Universe has been cancelled. Mallozzi,specifically indicated that ” I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.

Update- March 25 2011- There has been no further word on the fate of the film. Current efforts are still being devoted to  reviving Stargate  Universe either in the form of a movie or mini series.


August  16 2009-  Stargate Films Delayed

Due to the current economic  downturn, the  third Stargate SG1 film  and the first Stargate Atlantis movie titled Stargate Extinction have been placed on hold, reports  Sci Fi Wire.Stargate Co creator, Robert C Cooper  explained  in a recent interview, the concerns expressed from both the producers and  MGM studios which caused this delay.

We’re ready to go,” Cooper said in an exclusive interview over the weekend in Pasadena, Calif., where he was promoting SGU at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “We’re just waiting for the right opportunity,” he said. “We want to be successful with it. The studio wants to be successful, and we really don’t want to proceed with something in the wrong climate, which I think financially it is right now.”

Although  two  straight to DVD  films, Stargate;The Ark of Truth and Stargate Continuum were released   just in March 2008 and July 2008, respectively, Cooper indicated that the  current economic crisis  has reduced the sales of DVD premieres .

“It’s tough, because we were very successful with the first two SG-1 movies,” Cooper said. “Since then, the economics have changed a little bit. DVDs aren’t selling the same way they were when we released those even just a year, and a year and a half ago.”

Readers should note that prospects for the eventual production of  Stargate Extinction are optimistic as MGM is still paying rent for the Atlantis studio which  consequently remains standing.The  Cheyenne Mountain stage of Stargate SG1  has been  remade to suit the  environment of the upcoming Stargate  Universe.It has , however, been communicated  by executive producer of Stargate Extinction and consulting producer of Stargate Universe, Joseph Mallozzi  that the stage can be remade for the  production of the third  SG1 film.

As a result of the delay in production, a release date cannot be indicated at this time.It is anticipated that the production for the films will initialize the foreseeable future.Best of luck is extended to the Stargate productions during this difficult time.

UPDATE –  It should be noted that  the set for Stargate Extinction [ Atlantis]  has since been removed.Further  details will be provided as  they are obtained.

July 18 2010-    SGU/ SGA Crossover Finalized

Producer, Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that   two  cast members from Stargate Atlantis will  guest star in their  respective roles  in  a crossover for the 15th episode of  Stargate Universe’s second season entitled,  Seizure. There is no word yet on exactly which  characters will be reappearing.

As a result of these appearances,  Mallozzi  indicated  that  slight changes will be made to the script of  he impending   Stargate Atlantis film,  Stargate Extinction. ““There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part,” Mallozzi said, “because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly [followed] the Atlantis series finale, ‘Enemy At the Gate .’But given the delay on the movie front and the idea premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.  Not a big deal, but it will require some changes to the Stargate: Extinction timeline which, in turn, will beg a host of questions, some of which will be answered in episode #15, some of which won’t … at least not right away.” To see a list of these hosts of questions, head  over to Mallozzi’s blog.

Mallozzi has since repeatedly asserted  that the  involvement of Atlantis characters will not affect the  core conflict  of the film. He specifically indicated that “The changes made to the script will have to do with the timing of events (essentially the set-up) and won’t influence the heart of the story”. Essentially, the appearances will help provide  certain details  regarding  the aftermath of the series finale of Stargate Atlantis,  Enemy At the Gate which will in turn require  the script to be altered in a way so that such details are not repeatedly conveyed and that the storyline remains  true   to the timeline. Having the Stargate Extinction storyline occur after the  appearances on Stargate Universe would  therefore not contradict with any of the circumstances or situations surrounding the characters’  appearances in  the series  and the situation on Atlantis as  the  film would take place afterwards.

We   look forward to seeing  the Atlantis cast members reprise in their roles  in Stargate Universe and we   strongly hope that  we will eventually  have the opportunity to revisit the characters of  Atlantis in Stargate Extinction.

UPDATE - It was revealed in the San Diego Comic Con  that  the two Atlantis guest stars   scheduled to appear in  the fifteenth episode of Stargate Universe’s second season, Seizure  are David Hewlett and Robert Picardo who will reprise in their  roles as Dr. Rodney McKay and   Richard Woolsey respectively. A further overview will be posted shortly.

September 29 2010-Producer, Brad Wright recently indicated  in a interview  with     TV  DeathRay that  there is still a   realistic possibility that the Stargate Movies may be produced. Wright  added  that there is a  another    innovative business plan being discussed with MGM ,  which may help expedite  the production of the films, despite the current economic  downturn and  MGM’s  negative financial situation

During the interview,Wright specifically stated the following  in regards to the Stargate Movies.

“The only thing that is blocking the SG-1 movie or the Atlantis movie, the only thing, is the fact that the direct-to-DVD market has gone away. We were very fortunate with Ark of Truth and Continuum to be among the last very successful direct-to-DVD releases before it all stopped happening. The market has change, and it’s still changing, and it’s not what it was. And, of course, there have been very big changes at MGM that kind of added to that. But we had the intentions to make them. We were ready to go, and it was “Wait a while” and “We should wait a little longer,” and the climate never got better. We held on to a lot of stuff and were ready to go for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen. We have a plan B, and I’ve been talking with MGM about it, and hopefully we’ll still get our chance.”

For a complete read of the interview, in which  Wright  also discusses the  second  season of Stargate Universe and  the SGU/ SGA crossover with Robert Picardo and David Hewlett, please visit   TV  DeathRay.

Indeed , we strongly anticipate that  this alternate business approach will succeed and as a result  both Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction will  enter production.

November 7 2010 : MGM Officially Files For Bankruptcy, Increasing Hope For Stargate Films

Indeed the Stargate producing Studio of MGM has officially filed for bankruptcy  in New York on Wednesday, November 3 2010.This  was filed due to a great deal of  approval in turning over management of the company to MGM’s debt holders.

According to MGM, the  matter will now be taken under consideration in the courts. A response to this proposal is expected within the coming month.This new arrangement allows for the debt holders, whom MGM owes  $4 billion to, to  have  control of 95% of the studio. The remaining 5% will go to
Spyglass  Entertaintments and its  associated subsidiaries.Spyglass chiefs, Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, would now act as co chief officers for MGM.

This news is crucial for the development of the Stargate movies  as MGM  indicated its commitment  towards  a new set of films and  television series  as  it would raise  500 million dollars in new capital after emerging from chapter 11assets which will be devoted to such areas. Te long awaited Stargate films,  Stargate   Extinction and  Stargate Revolution, now have a likelier chance of being produced. However, there is no guarantee  in regards to the fate of the films, as the studio needs to determine that whether  the Stargate movies be profitable for the company  to produce them and  which method of distribution would be the most effective, should they decide to do so.

For a complete report on MGM’s  current situation, head over to the Hollywood Reporter at

What are your thoughts on this plan and do you think  the Stargate movies will be considered profitable by the new management?Discuss in the comments section.
UPDATE-December 17 2010- Please note that this plan was approved by the courts on December 2 2010 . As a result, MGM is now being restructured, under the leadership of SpyGlass.The company is expected to announce its approval on various films in the upcoming period.Once this has been announced, the fate of the Stargate films will also be known.Further information will be posted as soon as it is released.For the full details on the approval, visit  The Money Times at
Stargate Movies Timeline

Take a look at how the   appearances of  the Atlantis Alumni  will  alter the timeline for the Stargate Movies as verified by producer, Joseph Mallozzi on his blog.

1. Stargate Atlantis “Enemy at the Gate”

2. Stargate: Revolution

3. Stargate Universe “Seasons 1 and 2″

4. Stargate: Extinction

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  • Who else other than the original team,   would you like to see apart of the film?

Stargate Extinction

  • What do you think is the significance of  the title?Speculate.
  • Character relationships .Discuss which relationships you would like to  see touched upon  in the film
  • What are your  speculations and thoughts on the tragedy?Could the film bring forth the end of one of the main characters? Who? Speculate.
  • Do you have any possible thoughts  of  possible storylines which could correspond to the stand alone theme of the film? What are your thoughts on having a stand alone theme movie as opposed to having the film wrap up long term storylines from the Stargate Atlantis television series?
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  • What are your thoughts on  the timeline adjustment for the film ?Discuss how the appearances of Rodney McKay[ David Hewlett]  and Richard Woolsey[Robert  Picardo]  on SGU , will have towards the film  as whole.

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