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Posts Tagged ‘Pam Halpert’

David Denman Set To Guest Star on The Office

Saturday, August 18, 2012 @ 11:08 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actor, David Denman is set to return to The Office  in its upcoming ninth season, reports TV Line. The actor, who portrayed  Pam’s  former fiancé, Roy will specifically reprise in his role in the second episode of the season.

Viewers will  recall that Pam and Roy were in a part of a rocky relationship throughout the first three seasons which was served as the dominant  road block between her  relationship with Jim from  advancing earlier . However when  Pam ultimately confessed to Roy about h exchanging a kiss with  Jim and how she had strong feelings for him, Roy  attempted to attack the salesman only toe stopped by Dwight’s quick  yet somewhat lethal response. He was fired thereafter, but did reappear in season 5 for an awkward yet civilized, coincidental encounter with Jim at a bar.

Given the circumstances, it will be interesting to see how Roy interacts with Pam and Jim as well as the nature of his involvement in the episode.

Dennan has also been busy working on other series since his departure from The Office including TV appearances on shows such as  Brothers & Sisters and Drop Dead Diva.

What is your response to Lennan’s reappearance and Roy and what speculations or predictions do you have for how the episode will play out. Share your response in the comments section and be sure to tune in for the season 9 premiere on  Thursday, September 20 @ 9:00pm eastern / 8:00pm central.

The Office’s Jenna Fischer Confirms Pam’s Pregnancy For Season 8

Monday, August 1, 2011 @ 03:08 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

 Abbas Karimjee’s Weblog is launching its coverage of The Office as it approaches its upcoming, eighth season.Stay tuned for various news and media updates regarding the show’s eight season , which shall debut on Thursday, September 22@ 9:00pm on NBC.

Actress, Jenna Fisher has   confirmed that her actual pregnancy has been incorporated into the upcoming eight season of The Office, in a recent interview with Vulture Magazine. Fischer, who plays the office administrator, Pam Beasley, provided details as to how the pregnancy will be tied back to  Valentines Day from the previous seventh season episode , entitled PDA.

 “Pam will be pregnant when the season starts,” stated Fischer. “Pam and Jim snuck away last season on Valentine’s Day, and they had sex. The story is that they conceived this baby at that time and were keeping it a secret until we come back from the summer.”

 This pregnancy will mark Pam and Jim’s second one, given that the two had their first child, Cissi, in the show’s sixth season.

In the recent interview, Fischer also details that Steve Carrel’s   final replacement has been determined, though she is not at liberty to divulge exactly who it will be.

 What are your thoughts on Pam’s Pregnancy?  Are you intrigued by the storyline and how do you anticipate/ hope  this pregnancy will be presented  in  different manner in relation to her first one? And what are your thoughts on who the new boss might be and how exactly do you think the individual you predicted, will interact with the other employees of Dunder Mufflin through his/ her management style?Sound off in the comments section, below!