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Little Mosque on the Prairie Contest-Season 3

Sunday, October 19, 2014 @ 01:10 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

'Little Mosque' launches final season

Welcome to the blog’s Little Mosque on the Prairie’s season 3 contest.Since the show is doing well in the USA and as a result of popular demand, we are hosting another contest. This one consists of 9 questions related to the show’s third season.

hose readers who answer all questions correctly, will be entered into a draw for a chance to win an autographed photo of Sitara Hewitt(Rayyan).A total of  3 individual prizes will be awarded for this contest.


Readers have until 9:00am on Monday, Nov 3 2014 to answer questions. Winners will be contacted by e-mail and announced subsequently on the blog.


Good luck!


1. In the season 3 premiere, how does Amaar initially  try to sabotage Rayyan and JJ’S  engagement?


2.In   the episode ” Lord of The Ring”,  Amaar  temporarily returns to his  life in Toronto with the intention to resume his work as a lawyer and rediscover his purpose. What are two specific things that he does while in Toronto which displeases his parents , colleagues and others around him, making everyone question if he is out of place.


3.In the episode “Lord of Ring “Yasser successfully convinces Amaar  to return to Mercy as a Imam, but where does Ammar go before returning to Mercy?  What was the purpose of this detour?  


4. In the episode Week of Dying Dangerously . When Fred ‘s x ray  in a routine check up with Rayyan shows a slight chance for a possible concern, he assumes that he has only days to live!, What was  are two specific  reconciliatory acts  he performed and how did one of them backfire for him for a little while?


5.  In the episode “The Ties That Blind”  when  Reverend Magee sees Baber and Fatema going at one of their arguments again, what does he suggest to  their children? How does his advice backfire?


6.In the episode Sweet Sixteen When Baber plans a  surprise sixteenth birthday party for Layla with the help of Yasser and Sarah, they enlist Rayyan to take Layla out to the movies so she does not find out about the party. However, Layla messages Rayyan beforehand and lies saying that she is sick. Why did Layla lie and what un Islamic things was she  specifically surrounded by?


7.. Which character said’”These are first hand ponies. Susan, Darling” and what conflict did he create?


8..What are three major conflicts leading up Rayyan and JJ’S wedding?


9.What specific reason does JJ give Rayyan after he refuses to take her as his wife?


Happy Birthday To Us!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 11:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Happy birthday to  us ! Happy birthday to us!

Today, this blog  celebrates 5 years in operation! Its hard to believe that  its been 5 years since the blog first opened. When it first launched, I  would not have thought that   I would  still be running this site 5 years later or that it would have brought about such rewarding opportunities. This site means so much to me and I have genuinely enjoyed running it and keeping readers informed about relevant subject matter.

Special thanks are extended to YOU the reader for supporting the blog through your continuous visits, comments and ongoing involvement in other interactive opportunities on the site. Without readers a site has no purpose or future. Your visits truly mean everything!

 Indeed, our past year has been  a  fairly  successful  year, overall! We provided  extensive coverage of Modern Family through  news coverage  as well a weekly episode features. We were initially providing  coverage of The Office in its recent ninth and final season with news coverage as well as interviews with cast members, Jake Lacy and  Oscar Nunez. Though we did not continue to cover the show, I greatly enjoyed interviewing these  dynamic professionals  and wish them the best now that the show has concluded.

:We welcomed nearly  28, 000 visitors and several new readers. I also  continued to provide retrospective coverage of  Little Mosque on the Prairie with the show’s first year off the air.This includes  a review  of Little Mosque’s impact in the form of a guest post on  Marilyn Gardner’s Communicating Across  Boundaries . We partnered with Watch it Rae for our coverage of Modern Family and also  continued to pursue partnership with CBC for our coverage of Mr. D as well as  retrospective coverage of Little  Mosque on the Prairie.

 Coverage of Mr. D was launched  back in March through episode coverage, news features as well as other media coverage including an interview with Lauren Hamersley and a live chat with Naomi Sniekus. With the show  having  been renewed for season 3, expect more interviews and extensive coverage.

 What plans do  we have for  our impending sixth year? In addition to the Mr D  coverage outlined above,coverage of Modern Family   will also continue to a certain extent.  As always, your suggestions are welcome and can be made through the use of the suggestion box.We are in the process of exploring various other series and will issue an update shortly.

We will also be introducing a few regular features related  to the shows that are being covered as well as regular administrative features such as a  Reader of the Month Program. Contests may possibly take place as well.

 What has your favorite post of the blog been and what types of coverage would you like to see?

What  would you like to see on the site for our  upcoming year. Share your thoughts in the comments section or by e-mail. Thank  you for being apart of the community and I  look forward to another exciting year with the readership where we continue to work together to make the site the best it can be.

Season 5 of Little Mosque on the Prairie Now Available on DVD

Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 12:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Little Mosque on the Prairie: Complete Fifth Season

Viewers of Little Mosque on the Prairie should be excited to discover that the fifth season of the sitcom is now available for purchase through CBC’S Online Shop  for a current sale price of $25:99[CA]

 The fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie, which initially aired from January 2011- March 2011  featured  Amaar [Zaib Shaikh]and Rayyan’s [Sitara Hewitt]relationship  as an engaged couple and the challenges  involved  in the two’s relationship  which was observed in accordance to the Islamic faith,leading up to the  much anticipated wedding. Meanwhile Reverend William Thorne[ Brandon Firla] attempts to reform and build positive  relationships in the community  in various ways, including one of a romantic nature with  the town’s librarian, Rose. The season also brought forth special guest appearances by  cast members from  earlier seasons including Derek McGrath[ Reverend Duncan Magee] , Carlo Rota[ Yasir Hammoudi] and Aliza Vellani[ Layla Siddiqui].

 The  2 disc DVD  set features all 14 episodes as well as a bonus blooper. Additional features have been listed below, as seen on CBC’S  Online Shop.Shipping is typically expected within 3-4 days, however may vary somewhat depending on factors such as location .

-322 Minutes

- Closed Captioned

- 16:9 Widescreen

- 5.1 Dolby Digital

- Region 0

Will you be purchasing the fifth season of the show? Should you be watching for the first time, which particular story element are you the most excited to see unfold?  Share your response in the comments section, below.

Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 6 Episode 11 – The Best of Times[ Series Finale]

Monday, April 2, 2012 @ 07:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

In a series finale that lets Little Mosque on the Prairie live up to it’s namesake, Amaar prepares for the grand opening of the new Mosque, while trying to get Baber to end his boycott. Charles returns to Mercy with a plan to win Ann. Sarah reaffirms her Muslim faith; and, with Mercy Anglican burnt to a crisp, Thorne finds an unexpected new home for his congregation.[CBC]

Will  all proceed well with the grand opening of  the new mosque? What will   Amaar do to succeed in getting Baber to end his boycott?  What will Charles do to attempt win Ann back  and   what turn will this relationship take? How does Sarah  reaffirming her faith to Islam show how she has explored a full circle herself,  from the  start of  the show?

Will the Anglican community’s  new home be the new Mosque?What are your  thoughts on how this would be a suitable ending to the show and  represent the theme of cross -cultural unity?Will  the Muslims and Anglicans continue to live in a strong sense of unity?

Special thanks  are extended to the  crew  and cast for  creating this groundbreaking series and for  portraying its highly comical and relatable characters, respectively. Thank you  very much to  all of the  cast  members of the show for the insightful and entertaining interviews.  Thanks to  the producers at Westwind Pictures and the CBC for its support for its ongoing  endorsement and continued support of this site.

Thank you to the  thousands  of viewers of the show who have followed the blog’s ongoing  coverage of Little Mosque on the Prairie throughout the seasons.I look forward to providing  occasional retrospective coverage on this series in the forthcoming years.


This episode marks the series finale of Little Mosque  on the Prairie.  The shows draws to end after six seasons on CBC.

Aliza Vellani  will return as Layla  Siddiqui  in the finale. In a recent interview with the blog, she mentioned how  Layla would continue to increase  her independence from Baber.

A recent feature on the National displays certain members in the  cast and crew, myself and  others discussing the  impact  the show has had on the perception of Muslims. Take a look at this “.

Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Sitara Hewitt Co-hosted in Melanie Marden’s Charity Event For Timeless

Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 11:03 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, Little Mosque on the Prairie`s Sitara Hewitt has  been doing her part to support a worthwhile cause aiming to raise awareness about  the growing issue of the misdiagnosis of brain cancer. Back in December, Hewitt co- hosted a charity event in the form of a fashion show and a film screening for the award-winning film, Timeless. Particularly, the film was voted film Darling as the Louisville film festival in 2011. The film was co-produced by Melanie Marden and Charlene Wood, both who were raised in Toronto and are now based in Los Angeles.The film  was directed by  Jason DeParis.

Timeless raises awareness about the issue of brain cancer from how it is based on the true experience of the film`s co-producer, Melanie Marden.Marden`s own mother was misdiagnosed for ten years.

The event took place at the AME center in Toronto on December 22 @ 7:30pm eastern time.All proceeds from the event went to Timeless Charity,which is aimed at generating further awareness about the illness.

With the film supporting awareness of a disturbing yet significant issue and Little Mosque’s Sitara Hewitt [Rayyan Hamoudi]  playing a vital role in the hosting of the recent fashion show and   film screening in Toronto, I thought it was appropriate  to  connect with film  co-producer and creative entrepeneur ,Melanie Marden  about the goals of the film,the message which viewers  should  absorb from the viewing and  the ways in which further support toward the cause can be offered.

I also touched base with Sitara who  not only co-hosted the fashion show which heavily featured clothing by Brazen Hussley,  but is also a dear friend of Melanie Marden .In our conversation, we discuss Sitara`s prominent role within the Canadian entertainment industry and how this role has enabled her to generate awareness for noteworthy  causes which raise awareness to societal issues such as this.We also discuss how the event provided the talented actress with the opportunity to interact with fans of the show.

Abbas Karimjee:Could you please describe the concept of the movie and how your personal connection to the subject matter motivated you to produce it?

Melanie Marden at the Timeless Charity Event

Melanie Marden:The concept of the film was to honor my Mom. To demonstrate what she went through in her final weeks as a brain cancer patient. Shot through her POV for the first time in film history.

AK: What message do you hope the audience will take from the film?

MM: The message is to see how strong a mother’s love is. How almost anything is possible and we wanted to highlight the symptoms of brain cancer for the audience to see and understand.It is commonly misdiagnosed and we wish to prevent this.

AK. How will the donations of this event be used to help  raise awareness of brain cancer? In what other ways, does the organization assist those suffering from brain cancer?

MM:Our goal is to educate people.Unless you know the symptoms you may just take medicine to treat them instead of inquiring of the cause of them. Donations go to getting the film out to bigger audiences in hopes of preventing misdiagnosis.

AK: What impact do you believe has the film itself is having on raising awareness about brain cancer? To what degree has producing this film and its positive response, influenced your personal satisfaction?

MM; Making the film has given me satisfaction as most people have no idea what really happens to the mind when brain cancer takes over.It heightens awareness of this disease.I also allowed my Mom’s tragedy to become a positive for the audiences that see the film.This way my Mom didn’t die for no reason.

 AK:Could you please provide some details on the background of Char and Mel Entertainment, the company which raised a great deal of funds for the film?

MM:Char&Mel has raised funds for greater distribution of the film but it I that raised the $30,000 to make the film.

AK:Is there a contact for additional information,incase readers would like even further information about Timeless or ways in which they can support the film?

MM;Not yet, but we are in the process of building a website for Timeless and we plan to have further information there.

Little Mosque on the Prairie's Sitara Hewitt co-hosting the fashion show at the event.

AK:Sitara, how do you feel working on Little Mosque has contributed to your ability to successfully act as a role model for contribiting to  the improvement of societal issues,such as this illness?

Sitara Hewitt: I am very fortunate to be a part of a show that has resonated with so many viewers. One of the best things about notoriety in my opinion is that I can bring people’s attention to issues that really matter and deserve the support of many. In our modernized society there can be a lack of community, but events and charities like this bring people together and create a support system. I’m delighted to be involved.

AK: While Melanie created this film, you have greatly supported her in this project.Do you have any other personal connection to this illness or any other terminal illness,which you would like to mention?

SH: Melanie is a dear friend of mine and it was heartbreaking to see her suffer while her mother was ill.I am just so impressed with her dedication, motivation and ability to turn her loss into a creative endeavor and a charity for others.

AK: While the event will greatly focus on the issue of brain cancer through the film and the fashion show, to what extent was he audience be able to interact with you? Why do you think it is important for Little Mosque fans to support such a cause?

SH: At the event we are there to have a great time and celebrate our ability to honour and help others. I was there to enjoy everyone’s company and of course love to talk to fans at any event.

Little Mosque on the Prairie Season Episode 3 Preview-Short Fuse

Monday, January 23, 2012 @ 08:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Only 9 episodes left before the  revolutionary yet comedic sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie draws to a close!Take a look at the excerpt  for tonight’s new episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie below. Be sure to tune in for the episode @ 8:30pm eastern time in CBC.

Courtesy of Westwind Pictures.

After blowing out the old fuse box in their house, Amaar tries to impress Rayyan by playing Mr. Handyman but has to secretly enlist Sarah’s do-it-yourself expertise to get the job done.  Rayyan becomes suspicious of his sudden upsurge in Mr.-Fix-it skills and volunteers Amaar to fix Fred’s shower, Meanwhile, Baber and Thorne challenge each other to a fasting competition that escalates to insane heights, even for them[ CBC]

Will  Amaar admit that he has been seeking  Sarah’s help and how will his dishonesty affect  both his  marraiage with Rayyan and his own spirituality? Will his  sudden  increase in free time,  which  seems to be causing further complications for others, ultimately prompt him to explore  his next options?What are the circumstances behind   Baber and Thorne’s competition and what will be the end result in this risky challenge?Share your thoughts and speculations, below!

Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Season 6 Premiere-Home Again

Thursday, January 5, 2012 @ 11:01 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Amaar and Rayyan cut their honeymoon short and return home so that they can help Sarah deal with her divorce from Yasir. Rayyan tries to drag Sarah to a divorce support group but when Sarah won’t go Rayyan brings the group to her. Meanwhile, Amaar decides to sort out his Imam related issues with Baber and Thorne once and for all[ CBC]

Why have Sarah and Yasser divorced and  how will  Sarah respond to Rayyan’s attempt to help?Exactly, what issues will Ammar sort out with Reverend Thorne and Baber, how will they  try to resolve the issues and what will be the final outcome?Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments section, below!

Tune in for the season six premiere on Monday, January 9  2011@ 8:30pm eastern standard time on CBC!

Discuss the episode as it airs live with other fans of the show, in the comments section!

Interview With Little Mosque on the Prairie’s Zaib Shaikh

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 @ 12:12 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

 Zaib Shaikh has been leading a prominent career within the Canadian entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and director.Some of his most  recent work includes the Gemini  nominated  film,Othello,The Tragedy of the Moor.  Shaikh  was actively involved in its creation as co director, co producer and co writer. Shaikh’s long list of television  credits include series such as  Metropia, Da Vinci’s City Hall and The Dead Zone. Currently, Zaib also has a great deal of involvement with many television and film productions  through his  production company, Governor Films.

Zaib Shaikh is best known for his role on Little Mosque on the Prairie as the compassionate ,Imam Amaar Rashid .With the show approaching  its sixth and final season this  and Zaib  being kind enough to participate  in an interview with me,  we  discuss how he was initially appointed the role, the challenges which he faced as he learned  portrayed the character as well as  how  he has related to the character

Shaikh  also reflects on Ammar’s relationship with  Rayyan,[ Sitara Hewitt] from the two’s initial  chaperoned dating to the controversial kiss which the couple shared after having been  married.

Shaikh also  gives viewers an update on what is to come in the show’s sixth and final season, in terms of Amaar’s married life with Rayyan, his new dynamic with Sarah Hamoudi[ Sheila McCarthy] as a son-in-law as well as his continued challenges of being Imam at Mercy Mosque. The talented actor also makes a noteworthy comment  by sharing his perspective on how the series finale will satisfy viewers.

The actor also discusses his reaction to announcement of the show’s conclusion,shares his reflections on his favourite moments on the show,  discusses  his anticipations on how both Amaar and the show shall be remembered, Zaib’s experience  as a role model as well as  his final message to fans of the show.

Take a read through our complete interview with Zaib, below!

Abbas Karimjee:Lets discuss your initial appointment to the role of Amaar. Were you contacted for the role or did you audition? Could you please walk us through this initial process?

Zaib Shaikh:The Producers of the show heard of me through the director of the 1st season and he basically recommended me for the role.I put myself on tape because I was living in Vancouver at the time and lo and behold, the rest is history.

 AK: How has being a real life Muslim allowed you to relate to the character? In what other ways have you also connected with Ammar?

ZS:I think Ammar is definitely connected to me because I’m a Toronto born Muslim who strongly believes in Canada, being Canadian and Canadian values but still has a strong spiritual connection to his faith. Ammar is actually a kind of perfect Canadian and that is something that has been my goal as a Canadian – to give the most I can to and for my country. Ammar is constantly striving to achieve the best of his Canadian-ness and the best of his connection to his faith every day and that’s something to admire.

 AK:What challenges were initially involved in portraying the character of Amaar and how did you overcome this?

One of the biggest challenges is that Ammar is the nicest man I’ve NEVER met. He is honest, straightforward, optimistic, fair and committed to the best of everybody. I’ve known a lot of people of all kinds of cultures, creeds and religions and I have never met that kind of man – ever – so it’s hard to play a character that almost doesn’t exist no matter what his faith or nationality.

AK:How do you think Amaar has developed over the course of the series, both through his various relationships as well as an Imam at Mercy Mosque?

Ammar began as the outsider to this world, this community, and this group of people. Basically he was like the 2.1 million Canadians that watched our premiere on CBC. He met Mercy for the 1st time. Now as we present our farewell season, Amaar, like all Canadians and those audiences who watch it on over 80 countries worldwide, has become a citizen of a town, and idea, called Mercy.

 AK:This season marks Little Mosque’s final season.What was your reaction when you discovered this and could you please briefly describe the circumstances which resulted in the show’s end?

ZS:This is a show that changed the world for the better and I think we were all thrilled that the show gets to have a farewell season as a kind of Thank You to our Canadian audience. So many successful shows don’t get that final chance to really give a proper ending to their story and I think it’s great that the Creative and Productions teams and CBC gave Little Mosque that chance.

AK:Last season Amaar and Rayyan became engaged and thus began dating through chaperone. According to Muslim law they refrained from physical contact. Could you please describe some of the challenges involved in this and the ways in which you think intimacy of their relationship was still conveyed?

ZS:It certainly is a unique romance on television. Typical love stories on Television shows have physical gestures and customs that everyone is used to seeing as they witness a progression of relationship between two characters. Sitara Hewitt and I had the challenge of showing all that progression through looks, smiles and physical distance until that first kiss for our season 5 finale.  Ammar and Rayyan  said “I love you” a whole season before they kissed. How weird is that? It’s incredibly challenging to pull of a romantic story arch in our setting and I’m proud of the work we achieved and the results it had for our audiences.

  AK: Last season ended with Amaar and Rayyan, kissing in their rented limo as wedded couple. A certain portion of the online fan base expressed their views on how they thought it was inappropriate, both on the blog as well as through the show’s official Facebook page.What is your response to this perspective and what are your thoughts on the suitability of the scene?

 ZS:I know a lot of married Muslims that kiss and some that don’t.The happier marriages are those with the kissing.The children of the marriages with the kissing are also better adjusted.That’s my experience.

 AK:This season, Amaar and Rayaan return from their honeymoon to Mercy. Could you please give us an idea of some of the challenges which are in store for the couple as they begin their married life together?

Ammar and Rayyan exchanging a kiss as a married couple in the show’s upcoming sixth and final season.Shaikh comments on the benefits of married couples displaying their affection through kissing as well as the excitement in Ammar and Rayyan living together as a married couple..

 ZS:I think the audience will enjoy seeing this particular Muslim couple in their home behind the white picket fence as it were.With Ammar and Rayyan it’s the first time in Television that any Muslim couple has fallen in love, married and moved into their own home. It’s all new and challenging and rewarding

AK: This season Sarah and Yasser finalize their divorce. Could you please give us some idea’s Amaar’s attitude and level of support towards Sarah as she goes through this?

ZS:Amaar is committed to being the perfect Canadian the perfect Muslim, the perfect husband and now the perfect son in law as well.No wonder he’s always so flustered.

 AK: Could you please give us an idea of what this season is leading up to? What can viewers expect of the series finale itself?

ZS:They can expect something totally full circle and something that leaves an unforgettable smile on their faces by the end.

AK: How do you hope both Little Mosque and Amaar, in particular will be remembered as?

 ZS;Little Mosque has already been called the Cosby show for Islam by Katie Couric, it’s won amazing humanitarian awards, it’s been inducted into the Museum of Television and Radio Arts in New York & LA, it’s in over 80 countries world wide and wherever I have been around the world whether Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Capetown, London, Los Angeles (you get the picture) someone always knows about Little Mosque and Amaar. That’s already happening or happened so I could hope for nothing better.

AK: Could you please share some of your favorite moments of working on Little Mosque, onscreen and/ or off-screen?

ZS:This space isn’t big enough to list the amazing moments of laughter that has been shared in 6 seasons of Little Mosque in Toronto, Regina and Indian Head and across Canada.

AK;How has working on the show,influenced both your acting career as well as your personal life?

ZS:A show like Little Mosque has indelibly etched itself into the hearts, minds and lives of all those that have worked on Little Mosque and I am no different.

AK: What has been your experience as a role model and why do you think the character of Amaar is so influential?Has being a real life Muslim added to the pressure of your role as an influential figure?

ZS:It is simultaneously incredibly humbling and pride filling to walk in Amaar’s shoes. He is a character under tremendous scrutiny by Muslims and Non-Muslims as an Imam and Muslim man and it’s one of the most challenging roles I’ve had to inhabit. Amaar can never just be Amaar Rashid. He’ll always be the Imam, he’ll always be the first Muslim character played by a Muslim actor as a leading character on television in the English speaking world. Frankly, that is terrifying and I can’t believe I ever agreed to do it.

AK:With Little Mosque coming to an end,what message would you like to convey to fans of the series?

ZS:Thank you to all our audiences who have tuned in and lived with us these past 6 years.Thank you to Canada for being a courageous country to show this kind of work and thank you to the CBC for making it happen. Little Mosque is seen as a “game changer” around the world and Canada and the CBC are recognized for being the country that launched such a show.

Little Mosque on the Prairie to End With Season 6

Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 10:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


Indeed, Little Mosque on the Prairie will conclude its run on CBC, with its upcoming sixth and final season. According to a press release issued by the CBC, the sixth season will mark the show’s final year and will consist of 11 episodes,which are set to begin airing in winter 2012.

 When Little Mosque made its debut in January 2007,the series earned a record-breaking rating for CBC, with over 2 million viewers.The program’s ratings decreased greatly over the seasons and the show was unable to garner the same audience, despite having made notable cast changes, such as replacing the character of  Reverend Magee[Derek McGrath] for Reverend William Thorne[Brandon Firla].By the end of the previous, fifth season, the show dropped to less than a quarter of its original audience.

The show’s  previous season saw Mercy Mosque’s Imam, Ammar Rashid [Zaib Shaikh] marrying  Rayyan Hamoudi and the couple embarking on their honeymoon, as they consider the possibility of relocating from Mercy to Montreal.

When Little Mosque returns for its final season, viewers  will note that Ammar and Rayyan have   returned  from their honeymoon early, only to find Sarah [ Sheila McCarthy] finalizing her   divorce with  her husband , Yasser[ Carlo Rota].Viewers will also  discover that Baber[Manoj  Sood] and Thorne[Brandon Firla] have been becoming best of friends and that  Mayor Poopwicx is in a  relationship with a man who may actually be the “one”.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC

Ammar and Rayyan will also learn to live as a married couple on their own, without the support of chaperones. Viewers will have the chance to explore a wide range of scenarios in the town of  Mercy,such as fasting, town audits, sacred chickens, a haunted mosque and more , leading  into the epic series finale .

According to the press release, guest stars in the sixth and final season include Peter Keleghan (18 to Life), Mary Walsh (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and Jennifer Robertson (Winging‘It)

To view the original  press release issued by CBC, click here.

Stay tuned for further information on Little Mosque on the Prairie’s sixth and final season as well as the circumstances regarding the show’s end in our exclusive interview with CBC’s Head of Media Relations, Jeff Kaey.

What is your reaction to on Little Mosque drawing to a close after six seasons? What are your thoughts on the upcoming storylines and which one are you the most excited for? How do you hope the show will conclude?Participate in  our poll below and elaborate in the comments section!

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A Day In The Life of Little Mosque On The Prairie!

Sunday, June 5, 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

With Little Mosque on the Prairie currently  filming in its   sixth and final season, the cast   of the show are actively  involved in the production.  Viewers of the show now have the chance to take a glimpse into  a day on the sets of Little Mosque  on the Prairie with the show’s Debra McGrath [  Mayor Ann Popwicx]

Visit  McGrath’s blog    to see the clip which covers  segments of  the actress’ experience on a typical day on set. The  7  minute  clip  also features  the show’s Sitara Hewitt[ Rayyan Hamoudi],  Sheila McCarth[ Sarah Hamoudi]  and Neil Crone[ Fred Tupper] as well as other various   cast and crew members.

On the blog, McGrath also   announced that Little Mosque would return to CBC this fall. We will have further details on Little Mosque’s sixth season  within the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on the video and what is your reaction to Little Mosque ending  upon the conclusion of its upcoming sixth season? Drop us a line in the comments section,  below.