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Posts Tagged ‘Space’

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 20- Gauntlet [ Series Finale]

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 07:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The Stargate franchise draws to a close tonight, with the series  finale of SGU, entitled Gauntlet airing at 9:00pm on Syfy! 

Take a read through below  for the promotional features of the episode as well as an international schedule posting for the episode.

From TV Guide:

Drones close in on the Destiny in the series finale.


Blocked by Command Ships at every star and unable to gate for supplies without alerting the drones, Destiny must take a stand or be left adrift



International Schedule -  Gauntlet[ SGU]

Canada[ Space] May 10 10:00pm
Australia[Sci Fi] May 13 8:00pm

 What are your thoughts and speculations for the finale?What  questions do you think will/ have been left unanswered?  What is your reaction to the franchise drawing to an end and what has drawn you   SGU?What is your reaction to the fact  that  SGU is ending on a cliffhanger and  how  do you hope it will serve as an end to Stargate, despite this circumstance?What are your thoughts on the future of Stargate?

We would like to thank  both the cast and crew of Stargate Universe for  two spectacular years of  entertainment.Indeed, SGU allowed for  Stargate  to explore a new direction where the audience can connect with the science fiction elements of the show by  relating to the diverse characters presented.We appreciated this fresh take on the franchise and extend best wishes for the futurto all involved  with the show.Special thanks are also extended to the producers of Stargate,Brad Wright and Robert Cooperfor  17 exceptional seasons of genre entertainment!

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19-Blockade

Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a scroll through for the promotional features regarding the penultimate episode of SGU, Blockade. The  episode will air @ 9:00pm on Syfy tonight and on Tuesday, May 3 @ 10:00pm pm on  Space for Canadian residents.

From TV Guide:

Attacking drones return when the Destiny tries to recharge in a star. Eli proposes a risky alternative, which requires the rest of the crew to gate to a nearby planet for safety, where they find an abandoned city.


Share your thoughts  and speculations for this episode in the comments section!

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 18- Epilogue

Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a scroll through below for  the description and details on tonight new episode of SGU, Epilogue! The episode will air tonight @ 9:00pm on Syfy.


Returning the settlers to their home planet Novus, the Destinycrew discover the planet has been abandoned and on the verge of seismic destruction.

From TV Guide:

Destiny reaches an abandoned modern civilization on a planet in the throes of seismic destruction. While the crew retrieves valuable data archives stored underground, Rush discovers a possible way to help the planet’s survivors.



Share  your thoughts and speculations  for this episode, in the comments section below!

SGU Season 2 Episode 16- The Hunt

Monday, April 11, 2011 @ 08:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a read through, for a brief excerpt  and  the promotional features  for tonight’s new episode of SGU, The Hunt, which shall air at 10:00pm on Syfy.  Canadian viewers should note that the episode will air on Space on Tuesday, April 12  @ 10:00pm.

An alien abducts two crewmen during an off-world expedition, and a rescue team is dispatched to save them. Meanwhile on Destiny, the discovery of a new store of technology causes trouble for Brody[ TV Guide]

The team is attacked and members taken captive by an alien creature while exploring a planet.[ Space]



What speculations do you have  about the episode? Why would   the creature  capture TJ  and what will she experience during her time as a captive? What technology does Brody discover  and what issues will result from its discovery? What impact will the discovery have for those  on board ?

Stargate Universe is A 5 Year Series

Sunday, December 12, 2010 @ 10:12 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed the producers of Stargate Universe have the planned the series to a degree which no previous Stargate series has been planned. According to consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi on a recent post in his blog,  the series has a value of five years in storytelling before its  planned conclusion.Mallozzi, specifically states that “there are a number of arcs and elements that will figure into the ultimate finale we have planned,” Mallozzi said.  “Ideally, we’d get five years to tell the entire story in satisfactory fashion but, if it came down to it, we could pay it off over the course of a single season.”

He added that there are no alternate plans in place as to how the storyline would continue in a different form [i.e movie], should the series fail to be renewed before reaching its fifth season.

While it would definitely be exciting to see the storyline further develop and reach a conclusion which ties all of the plots together to contain the series, Stargate Universe’s ratings in its current Tuesday night slots do not help support the probability of this outcome.  The series has been  one of two series struggling on Tuesday night on SyFy, with the other being Caprica, which has already been cancelled in its current inaugural season. Currently,Stargate Universe is averaging a total of 1.0782 million viewers per average household, for  the first half of its current sophomore season.

A decision on its third season is to be made later this month or in January, after the holidays have completed. It should, however be noted that Stargate Universe has a large DVR audience. This suggests that there is  indeed a strong fanbase for the series, however many viewers are making use of the advantages of  DVR and online viewing to keep up with the series. As a result, the audience is actually greater than what is officially accounted  for in the live time slot.

Mallozzi had the following to say in this regard.“I think our audience is there but simply growing more diffuse,” Mallozzi said of the ratings.  “It would terrific if the television industry found a way to catch up with the modern media’s technological advancements, find a way to make sure everyone is counted in those ratings — but barring a major miracle, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Be sure to stay tuned  on the blog for news regarding the decision on the future of Stargate Universe.

What are your thoughts on the planned time frame of five years?Are you excited that there is a plan for this series and that an ending is guaranteed, provided it airs for five seasons?How would you like to see the series end?Do you think SGU will be renewed for a third season, given its  ratings for the first half of season two?Why or why not?Sound off in the comments section below.

SGU InnerSpace Live Event – Review

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 @ 09:12 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

 Indeed we were at the Inner Space SGU Live event, which took place on Friday, November 12   in Toronto and are now  here  bring you the highlights

 The exciting event began with lead actor, Robert Carlyle who  commented on the developments of his character. Carlyle commented on how , although Rush would have liked for the discovery of the bridge to remain a secret from the fellow crew members, he believes that ultimately Rush’s goal is to ascend. Carlyle adds that  this is because Rush does not have anything left behind in this world and this  option, of pursuing higher power would be the most likely option for him.

Carlyle also commented on producing his first episode, Pathogen. He said he thought it was appropriate  that he was assigned to direct this episode as he could work at helping to convey  the emotions in the character relationships which needed to be strongly featured ,between Eli Wallace and his mother as well Camille Wray and her girlfriend, Sharon.

 Actor Louis  Ferria also appeared on the show. The actor  recalled his  initial interactions with lead actor, Robert Carlyle commenting on the humorous  miscommunications  between them, due to  Carlyle’s accent. He then commented on how he was proud that both he and Carlyle were  like the mother and father of the cast as a result of   their  distinguished careers.

When asked about the possibility of how the ship may have given TJ the visions of her baby being safe similar to the way in which it gave visions to Colonel Young, actress Alaina Huffman had some interesting insights. She  said that the characters often have two lives aboard the ship – their personal lives and work lives. For TJ, this difference has been blurred and given the amount of stress she was under for her responsibilities as medic, the ship just may have given her these visions as a way for her to move forward.

 Actor, Brian J Smith was asked why his character, Lt Mathew Scott did not take the chance to rise up the  ranks in the recent episode, Trial and Error.  Smith gave some great insights on this saying that it would have been  both selfish and stupid for Scott do this. The information we had was that Destiny needed Young, said Smith and the ship shut down because of him. Scott did what he had to, by getting Young back up as  leader.

 Actor Jamil Walker Smith was also asked about her character. After having the chance to joke with Innerspace host , Teddy Wilson about whether or not he would use the strength of Greer to  defend him, Smith offered some insightful l comments on  playing the role of Greer. He particularly  commented on how the crew has been  on  Destiny for an extended period of time and  Greer is therefore  showing more of his personality as opposed to just displaying the traits of a warrior.  When he told Smith that he was slowly coming around to his character, the actor responded by saying that now that they have been on the ship  for sometime we are able to see the military  show more of their personal lives aboard of the ships and that we can therefore see Greer’s lighter side.

Actor David Blue  and Elyse Levesque made a comment on how they were dating. It was, however,  unclear  to many if they were joking or not, when actress Ming Na added that  all three of them were dating!

 Actress  Elyse Levesque  gave her opinions on how Chloe was taking the current issue of mutation. She indicated that she is happy with how her character has greatly developed in the series 1.5 seasons. She notes that Chloe  feels “alienated”[ laughs at the pun!] behaves very maturely about her situation, by accepting it. The actress reports, how it is a very  mature response given the extraordinary events which are happening to her and in  contrast to the what the character’s previous reaction would have been.

 When asked about  portraying her character, Ming Na indicated that it was one of the most challenging roles she ever played. She noted that when fans come up to her and tell her  that they love to hate her  character’s she feels as though she has done her job well. The actress , however, added that she loves how Camille is such a complex character and  because of her many layers , her intentions are often misunderstood. Na also stated that despite Camille’s many vulnerabilities, she does have to wear   a mask which is quite different from that of the military personal, but this is slowly being taken off as time aboard the ship progresses for those on board.

Actress Julia Benson had the chance to comment  on her role as  Lt, Venessa James.She noted that she was pleased with how  her character had developed. 

Actress, Jennifer Spence , who plays  the intelligent, Lisa Park  was asked about her  character’s romance with Jamil Walker ‘s character, Ronald Greer. She simply responded jokingly, indicating that she does not know if Greer is capable of  intense  romance but she is sure that Jamil is [ although not from any personal experience, of course!]She then added that the audience would have to wait and see what develops from this relationship.

  Actor  Patrick Gilmore ,who plays Volker said he  always wanted a love interest for his character. Wright was quick to suggest that this would not happen.

Producers, Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper also had the chance to exclusively  discuss SGU on the show. The two discussed issues regarding the serialized nature of the series . Wright indicated that they to tend to have a general idea of what is going to happen as the start of each half of the season as  the seasons are shown in television into two halves. However, Wright adds that, this is not only from a production perspective but also from a storytelling one in that they what to know  where the storyline will end up at the end  off each half, so that  each episode can be used to help reach this outcome. They also discussed  how in Science Fiction in any concept, to which there is merit, can be considered  for the series.

 When  Teddy Wilson ,discussed the Gemini nominations with the producers, they both indicated that they were happy that not only was this a Canadian series that was doing so well, but also that it is a science fiction series. Copper, specifically noted that this was because of the fact that although other genres such as  comedy had their own categories in the ceremonies, Sci Fi did not. For Stargate to be  one of the shows acknowledged, spoke volumes about the series.

 Cooper , who was stepping back from the franchise after 17 years  left fans with a farewell message. He indicated that while it was ideal to have such a great cast and crew to work  with, one does not enter the industry to work in the same thing  for 17  years. He wants to explore other opportunities, but noted that he has not completely stepped back from the production  and he is as much of a fan as anybody who was gathered in the massive  studio audience.

The event ended with a sneak peak at the next week’s episode of Stargate Universe followed by a autograph session with the main cast members[ excluding Robert Carlyle]For a view at our cast  photograph, please visit  the home page at Be sure to let  us know what you think of the photo!

 Also, we are proud to inform readers that the cast of Stargate Universe were invited to our blog by senior producer of Canada AM, Tina Dengrez. Thank you to Tina for supporting our blog and for working with us to promote the event on Canada AM.We  sincerely hope  that all of the cast members enjoy this blog and are impressed by the community.

Meet The Whole Cast of SGU on Canada AM

Monday, November 1, 2010 @ 05:11 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]


We are passing this message on behalf of our friends at CTV Network. The Canadian network will be having the entire SGU cast  appear  live on the Canada AM show on Friday, November 12 2010  for a meet and greet with fans . The cast will appear on the show from 8:30am -9:00am.

 If you  live in the GTA and would like to attend with a friend, please e-mail  senior producer  of Canada AM , Tina Daenzer at 

  Participants will  also  be provided with the chance to  send in their questions for the cast  to answer and it would be greatly appreciated that  those attending dress up as their favorite SGU character.

  We look forward to seeing you there!