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Stargate Universe’s Brian J Smith To Appear In Gossip Girls

Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 02:07 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, actor Brian J Smith is branching out to a different genre within the television industry, after having been  appointed  a  recurring role on CW’S relationship Drama series, The Gossip Girls, reports TV Line. 

According to a recent report on TV Line, Smith will portray the character of Max, who has been described as a dedicated chef.The report mentions that Max  may be the new  romantic interest of Serina, one of the show’s main character ,given that his scenes will take place in Los Angeles – the same place where  Serena will be spending her summer.

The actor, who portrayed  the young character of Lt Matthew Scott on Syfy’s Stargate Universe for the show’s two seasons, will first appear  in the series’ fifth season premiere, which is to debut on  Monday, September 26.Though there is no information currently available as to the number of episodes in which Smith will appear, an update will be posted once an announcement has been made.

What are your thoughts  on  Smith’s new role ,in terms of the suitability as the actor pursuing  employment  in a different genre within the television industry?Will you be watching Gossip Girls to follow  Smith’s character?Why?  Sound off in the comments section, below.

Interview With Stargate Universe’s Brian J Smith

Friday, July 15, 2011 @ 09:07 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actor, Brian J Smith has been leading a prominent career as an American actor,having just finished his first prominent role as the character of Lieutenant Matthew Scott on Syfy’s Stargate Universe for the show’s two seasons.The actor also recently featured on Syfy’s recent movie, Red Faction Origins, which is based on the actual video game franchise as the character of Jake Mason.This particular movie took place after the events of Guerrilla and before the events of the upcoming Armageddon game.

With SGU having concluded its run  just a couple of months ago and Smith being kind enough to participate in an interview with us,we discuss the actor’s experience in portraying the character of Matthew Scott,his frank perspective on the factors which resulted in SGU’s cancellation as well as Smith’s thoughts on the suitability of Gauntlet as a series finale to SGU.The actor also reflects on the development of his  young Lieutenant Scott and the slightly different hopes which he had for the extent of his character’s development.

Smith also discusses how working on the show influenced his acting career as well as his professional life,reflects on some of his favourite moments working on SGU, and his final message to fans,with the show having drawn to a close.

The actor also reflects on his experience working on Red Factions Origins and contrasts the experience of working on the  Red Faction franchise to the Stargate franchise.

Abbas Karimjee:Were you a fan of Science fiction prior to being appointed the role of Lt Scott and how familiar were you with the Stargate franchise,in particular?

Brian J Smith:Wasn’t a huge fan of science fiction,just dabbled when I was a kid.And I think I had heard about Stargate before but I hadn’t watched any full episodes.But I’d say Sci-Fi is my favourite genre to work in,right now.Kitchen sinks are pretty boring after running from aliens for two years.
AK:How did you relate to the character of Lt Scott?

BJS:He was new at what he was doing and so was I.I think we also both felt that we had something to prove.

AK:What was the most challenging aspect of playing Scott and how did you cope with this challenge?

BJS:One of the biggest challenges was the post-lunch sugar coma.They fed us very well on that set,and I learned to pace myself during Season 2.Every day there were these massive cakes,it was crazy.

AK: Science fiction fans have been known for their passion for genre entertainment.What initial concerns did you have from this and how would you describe your overall interaction with the fandom.

BJS:I didn’t have any concerns about it initially because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.Ignorance is bliss,I guess.That being said I enjoyed most of the interactions I had with Stargate fans particularly those who embraced SGU and were supportive of us from the beginning.I think SGU fans felt very protective of the show,like they had to stand up for it and they even stood up for us,which is no easy feat when some dude dressed as a Gauold or Wraith or whatever is waving a staff at you and telling you that you have terrible taste.

AK:Back in December,Syfy announced that SGU’S second season would be its last.What was your reaction when you discovered that the series had been cancelled and in your view,what were some of the primary reasons for which SGU was unable to attract the audience needed for the series to continue?What was your perspective on the decision of the producers to have SGU take the Stargate franchise in a new direction,with a strong emphasis on character relationships and how do you think this affected the presence of long time Stargate fans?

BJS: Well, I was really sad,of course,but Brad Wright and the rest of the producers seemed pretty confident that we’d be back,and they worked their tails off for months to make it happen.But good intentions and hard work don’t always add up to dollars, and in the end money walks.And actually I think we did have a pretty sizable audience and I think we did do a good job of grabbing them.It’s too bad that not enough of them owned Neilson boxes.SGU fans are always asking what they can do to keep science fiction shows like this alive.My advice would be to sign up for the Neilson program.I would also suggest buying DVD’s but we all know how expensive those damn things are,and I sure wouldn’t buy a DVD set when I can watch the whole thing pretty much for free on Netflix or even on youtube.And I’m sure some people were upset that SGU took the franchise in a new direction, but those of us involved were excited by the challenge and ultimately found it very fulfilling to work on the material we were getting.And when I look back on episodes like Time,Human,Twin Destinies,Common Descent I feel that we did work to do be proud of.Different strokes for different folks.

AK:Throughout the second season,Lt Scott was forced to face various unique challenges in terms of his relationship with Chloe who was dealing the effects of her encounter with the aliens,having to deal with Colonel Young’s poor leadership as well as maintaining a relationship with his son on Earth.

What are your thoughts on the suitability of the character’s development over the course of the show?How satisfied were you with this development and had SGU continued,which character dynamics would you have liked to see explored and how would you have liked for his function to have evolved?

BJS:I just wanted Scott to have a more defined and inclusive role in what happened in the story,and I actually think most of the cast felt that way about their own characters at some point.It’s not about screen-time or stuff like that,but I think we could have explored the unique talents of the crew and really put those talents to use so that if something happened to someone, their death wouldn’t just have sentimental value but would actually be crippling to the mission.I’m not saying he should save the day every time,but I always wondered what his critical contribution was and I think fans did too.I remember once at a convention or something some guy came up and was like,“I don’t think you’re a bad actor, but I don’t get Scott.He doesn’t do anything useful.”I can’t say I disagree.I don’t think emotional impact is enough. They really did a bang up job handling the death of Riley and making his death and the way he died important in the unraveling of Colonel Young.I always had the uneasy feeling that if Scott died,sure the crew would be sad for a few episodes, but ultimately there wasn’t anything that he was doing that fifteen other people couldn’t do just as well, if not better.It wouldn’t have affected the course of the mission.And yeah, looking back on it,I’d consider that to be a problem.But I was confident going into Season 3 that this would start to shift, but as you know we nevergot to explore it further.I honestly thought the show went out with a whimper,and it’s a shame because there was so much left undone.

AK:What are your thoughts on the SGU’S series finale, Gauntlet? How well of an ending do you think it served for SGU and the Stargate franchise,in general?

BJS:Like I’ve said before -it worked as a brilliant season finale,probably one of the best season finales you’re likely to see.But it’s probably the most insulting series finale in the history of science fiction,especially to our fans who had invested in this journey and deserved a better ending than putting the crew to sleep and stranding Destiny in space forever.Nobody is to blame,it’s just the way the cards fell.Well,a lot of people are going after SyFy,but SyFy is a business and not an artist sanctuary.They work for Diet Coke and Downy, and when Neilson tells Ronald MacDonald that not enough people are watching his new fish filet commercial in between acts of SGU he’s going to take his business elsewhere.That’s the way it’s always been,unless you’re HBO.But I can understand now why some fans and even networks are continually wary about getting involved in long-arc storytelling in science fiction because those stories rarely get finished.I know the guys had an ending planned out.We just didn’t make it to the finish line.

AK:Brad Wright recently reported at a Vancouver convention that SGU would not return for the planned TV movie,which would wrap up the storyline.

What was your reaction when you discovered this and why do you think the movie was not approved?Are there any additional details which you knew about the movie,which you would be able to share?Had the film been approved, what kind of conclusion would you hope would be in store for  the crew of destiny and for Scott ?

BJS:I wasn’t surprised when I heard the news.It had been months since we wrapped the TV show,and the further away you get from the wrap date the less your chances are of going further.But we all immediately started emailing and calling each other,trying to find some closure. I wasn’t privy to the specifics as to why the bottom fell out. I would have loved to see where the background radiation story was going.I thought it was a promising idea because it brought up a lot of questions regarding science and religion,big questions, and that’s the kind of science fiction that really turns me on. I didn’t have any specific hopes for Scott.I think the writers knew where they were taking him eventually and I just enjoyed the ride.

AK: Reflecting on your experience on SGU, what were some of your favourite moments working on the show,either onscreen or off-screen?

BJS: Location shoots.Getting up early in the morning and driving with my coffee and my dog out to some beautiful place near a mountain or a river and doing a good day’s work out in nature.The stuff we did in New Mexico was the most fun I’ve ever had,and I get pretty nostalgic thinking about it now.It seems like it was forever ago and I miss that sense of going on a field trip with your closest friends and doing what you love to do.

AK:How has SGU affected both your career as well as your personal life,in terms of living in Vancouver and the friendships you formed?

BJS:Lots of memories,way too many.Maybe I should write a book.That’s what I’ll walk away with most,all those little moments in between set-ups,during lunch,traveling somewhere.

We had way too much fun,and man those two years went by way too fast.Maybe that’s the best thing I learned from the show-don’t take these kinds of experiences for granted, because they are rare and they are over in the blink of an eye.One day someone is cutting your hair for free or playing a prank on you or asking if you’re gonna eat the rest of your fries (that was usually Jamil), and the next day you’re schlepping around town going from audition to audition in the pouring rain. But hey, that’s the life I signed up for, and you’re always chasing after those kind of moments. That’s why you do it. You just can’t let it break your heart.

AK:Stargate Universe took the franchise in a bold,notable focus on character relationships and the ongoing issue of survival.In retrospect,how do you think the show and the character of Scott,in particular will be remembered as?

BJS: I don’t know.It’ll be different for everyone.I hope people look back on it as a high-quality, well-shot,well-written,well-acted show that had the balls to take itself seriously.Cute and quirky and light is very mode right now and that seems to be the way to create a hit, but I ultimately, in the long run, respect shows that don’t go for the easy laugh or the cheap effect.I think time will be kind to SGU.

AK:With Stargate having drawn to a close,what message would you like to covey to fans?

BJS:Just heartfelt thanks.You guys are troupers.

AK:You starred as the character of Jake on Syfy’s Red Faction Origin aired on Syfy last month.Could you please describe how the role of Jake was different from your previous roles,such as that of Lt Scott?Also,in terms of production, how would you compare working on a TV show of an established franchise,such as Stargate to working on a movie,such as Red Factions,which is also a part of a great franchise?Which do you prefer?

BJS: Well, SGU had the disadvantage of fan expectation.The only expectation regarding Red Faction was that it would suck.So people were actually surprised that some thought went into Red Faction and that we tried to tell a good story and not just blow stuff up.That being said,Stargate had lots of financial heft behind it, and I guess that’s the benefit of coming out of an established franchise.But Red Faction was an experiment and we shot that film on a very tight budget.Michael Nankin is the single best director I’ve ever worked with,and watching him create what he created with very little resources was a real lesson in directing.Directing is easy when you get unlimited takes,months of prep time,millions of dollars for special effects.Spielberg would have had a nervous breakdown.Michael Bay would have cried.The challenges he had to overcome were unbelievable.There was a medic on set who gave him the Bulgarian equivalent of Thera-Flu when he was getting a cold and he was actually fighting to stay awake all day.He somehow got through it, but that should give you some idea of what he was up against.And he also approached the story in an emotional way every single day,he was fully invested,which really isn’t easy to do when the set is falling apart and one of your actors is so ill that they can’t work and you’re running on five hours of sleep and the set medic has basically drugged you.He’s a real-life bad-ass.He taught me that who you choose to be when you’re faced with the impossible defines you.
AK:What upcoming projects are you working on which you would like to share with viewers?

BJS:I’m enjoying a much-needed break right now.It’s been a crazy couple of years,so I’m taking this time to get back in touch and get inspired again.Time to re-fill the well and find out who I am as a guy,not just an actor

Stargate Universe – ‘The Complete Second and Final Season’ Now Available on DVD

Friday, June 17, 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed, fans of Stargate Universe can now purchase the  complete second and final season of the series on DVD. Stargate Universe – The Complete Final Season on DVD, was released  earlier this month,in North America on Monday, June 6 2011. Viewers, should, however, note that there have been no plans for the edition to be released on Blu Ray. The DVD set consists of 5 separate discs and is currently retailed at a price of $49.98[USA]  and $59.98[CA].

The video is available in Anamorphic wide screen and both audio and subtitles are available in English – 5.1 Dolby Digital as well as Spanish English – 5.1 Dolby Digital.

 In addition to the complete final season, viewers will have the chance to explore the following special features:

  • Episode Commentary Tracks
  • Robert Carlyle Directs
  • Andy Mikita Directs
  • Eli’s Mom Comes on Board
  • Brian J. Smith’s First Fight
  • Crashing a Shuttle
  • The Seed Ship With Joe Mallozzi
  • Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Riley
  • Lou Diamond Phillips on Guest Stars
  • Lt. Scott Gets Hit By A Car
  • Inside Cloverdale with Brad Wright
  • How to Get Sucked Into Space
  • SG-U Welcomes You to New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands
  • Deconstructing Destiny
  • A Day in the Life of Jamil Walker Smith
  • Transplant Day
  • Sitting Down with Mike Dopud
  • Bringing the Bridge to Life
  • Louis Ferreria Vs. Colonel Young
  • Pitches: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery
  • Behind the Season 2 Finale – Gauntlet

Have you  purchased  the edition? Reflecting on the second season, which moments or episodes were your favorite? Which was your favorite special feature?Why? Sound off in the comments section!

SGU’S Jennifer Spence Receives Leo Nomination

Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 07:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actress, Jennifer  Spence has much to be proud of after having been  the  member from SGU , bestowed with  a nomination for the 2011  Leo Awards. Indeed, the actress received a nomination for the Supporting Female  actress category for her performance in  SGU’S second season episode, Malice.The Leo Awards, of course, reflect the best  of the entertaintment industry  within  Vancouver, British Columbia.

In  Malice, Park is abducted from Destiny by  rogue Lucian Alliance member, Simeon, after which he   attaches a bomb to her back and  flees the situation.

Spence also received a nomination last year for her on SGU. The actress was nominated for her performance on SGU’S  season 1 episode, Life in the same category [  fellow actress , Julia Benson won their award instead for her performance  in season one’s, Pain]

While this is of great news, it is somewhat surprising that there are no  additional nominations, given the development of storyline this season as well as the fact that SGU  earned  16  nominations in 10 different categories last year.A significant drop in recognition.

 Other series, include Sanctuary  which received a nomination of 18  nominations areas such as Best Show, visual effects, script writing and more.

 Smallville  earned 6 different nominations for is recent tenth and final season, including   one for the best dramatic series.

The Gala awards ceremony will take place on  Saturday m June 11.  For a complete list of nominations and for further information regarding the event, please visit

Congratulations are extended to  actress,  Jennifer Spence for the  nomination and we truly anticipate that she  receives a well deserved award for her performance.

What are your thoughts on  Jennifer Spence’s nomination ?Why do you think there were   no additional nominations for SGU? What hopes or predictions do you have for  the other nominations mentioned? Sound  off in  the comments section, below!

Interview With Stargate Universe’s Jennifer Spence

Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actress Jennifer Spence has been leading a distinguished career as a Canadian actress,having played the recurring role of the brilliant yet chatty scientist, Dr. Lisa Park in Syfy’s Stargate Universe.

With SGU having recently drawn to a close after two seasons and Jennifer being kind enough   to participate in a interview with us, we decided to take the opportunity to discuss playing the role of Lisa Park, the actress’ experience in interacting with fans as well as her favourite episode of Stargate Universe. We also discuss what Jennifer’s reaction to SGU’S cancellation has been and the factors which she thinks contributed to the show’s end. We also discuss the actress thoughts on what her hopes for Dr. Park’s relationship with Sergeant Ronald Greer [Jamil Walker Smith] were   as well as her thoughts on the future of the Stargate franchise.

Jennifer also talks about her recent work on a feature film with her finance entitled, Down River and the actress discusses her role on anAmerican documentary series, Exes & Ohs and her hopes for the show’s future as well as her work on a recent pilot  presentation supervised by SGU’S Visual effects Supervisor,Mark Savela.

Abbas Karimjee:Were you a fan of Science fiction prior to being appointed the role of Dr. Lisa Park and how familiar were you with the Stargate franchise, in particular?

Actress Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park

 Jennifer Spence: I always fear answering this question cuz I hadn’t been a fan of science fiction prior to Stargate to be honest! But SGU proved to me that it was possible for science fiction to be moving, funny and realistic – everything that I ever wanted as an actor in order to tell a story of what it means to be a human being..

AK: How did you relate to the character of Park ?

JS: I related a lot to her nerdiness, her desire to do the right thing and her need to prove herself.

AK: What challenges were associated with portraying the character of Dr. Park and how did you overcome this?

JS:I think the biggest challenges associated with playing her had to do with the sex scenes I did in season 1 – always a bit nerve-wracking but ultimately fun to do! Also in “Blockade” as part of the fire and water in the dome sequence, I had to put my head under water while still in my space suit helmet and water would always seep in. So I had to keep myself submerged as long as I could during a take while water filled my helmet! Fear of drowning was definitely with me but knowing I could just stand up at any time and open up the helmet was what allowed me to overcome the challenge. Bam Bam (stunt coordinator extraordinaire) also talked me through it and made me realize I was in control.

AK:How do you think the character of Lisa Park has developed over the course of the series and what aspirations did you have for the character?

JS:I was so happy to see the aspirations I had for her actually come into play over the 2 seasons! I think she came more and more into her own and found her own strength of character and value as an individual and as a team-mate. She proved her worth to both herself and others.

AK. What was your favourite episode of SGU and why?

JS:I can honestly say I’ve loved every episode and each for different reasons – part of the excellence of the whole team we had. One episode that I think is one of the best hours of TV you’ll ever see is “Epilogue”. When we got this script (penned by the fabulous Carl Binder) we knew how incredible it was and also how ambitious it was but the whole team far exceeded all expectations and created this mini-movie of sorts that left me sobbing in the way that the last episode of Six Feet Under left me sobbing! Just because it all comes down to that same basic stuff: love, connection, family, friendship, leaving your mark, faith, action, survival, doing your best, the journey of being a human being.

AK: Science Fiction fans have been known for their great passion and loyalty towards genre entertainment. What have been the various ways in which you have connected with fans and could you please, briefly describe your experience in interacting with the fandom?

 JS:Science fiction fans are the best! They’ve all been so supportive of us and the show and I’ve loved chatting with them on Twitter and seeing them when we did the Innerspace special on Space channel and on Canada AM. After the last episode of season 2 aired, fans of the show tweeted hundreds upon hundreds of standing ovations. I was blown away by that. I’m really looking forward to meeting more of these folks in person when I go to some conventions. First up Starcon!

AK: Back in December, Syfy announced the cancellation of Stargate Universe, once the show concludes in its current second season:What was your reaction when you discovered that the series had been cancelled and why do you think SGU was unable to attract the audience needed for the series to continue? What was your perspective on the decision of the producers to have SGU take the Stargate franchise in a new direction, with a strong emphasis on character  relationships and survival?

JS: My reaction when I heard we got cancelled was shock then anger then grief. I remember Patrick Gilmore and I were chatting on the phone right after I heard and we were commiserating on experiencing the feeling one gets when a relationship ends. Denial. Anger. Negotiation. Etc.

I don’t think I can ever fully know why the show was unable to attract the audience it needed for the series to continue. I do know it wasn’t a question of quality – that’s for sure. I think the biggest factor that influenced the numbers was when we got moved from Friday nights to Tuesday nights on the weekly TV schedule for season 2. We then had to compete with loyal, long-time viewers of “Dancing With the Stars” and “Glee” and so I think a lot of folks either missed SGU altogether and downloaded it later or PVR’d it. Either which way weren’t favorable to our ratings. It’s unfortunate because the Nielsen ratings system is no longer an accurate ratings assessment in this day and age with the way technology is. But my understanding is that it is still the predominant way of the industry.

I’m glad and grateful the producers and writers took the Stargate franchise in a new direction with SGU. Relationships, character and survival are what it’s all about for me and they created an outstanding show that will stand the test of time.

AK:With SGU having been cancelled as a TV series, Brad Wright engaged in a series of negotiations for SGU to continue on either in the form of a TV movie or as miniseries. At a recent convention in Chicago ,Wright reported that the negotiations were unsuccessful. What was your reaction to this and what do you think is in store for the future of the Stargate franchise? Do you think it will be revived at a later time. Why or why not?

JS:I was really grateful to Brad for his efforts. As I’m sure you’ve heard already, the SGU team is a family so we were all eager to work together again. I was really disappointed to hear the movie wasn’t a go but I still have this faith that we will all work together again in some form or another. I think the Stargate franchise will continue to be successful with DVD sales and like I said before, SGU will stand the test of time. I don’t know if there will be a revival. That’d be awesome but we just can’t know that at this time.

AK:In the final season, Dr. Park further develops a romantic relationship with Sergeant Ronald Greer, while being unaware of Dr. Volker’s romantic feelings toward her. Who would you have preferred to see Park with and why? What are your thoughts on who she may have ended up with, had SGU continued?

 JS: I think I would have liked to continue to watch her relationship with Greer evolve just because they were so different yet like most everyone else in this world simply wanted love and intimacy. I thought it was also a nice symbol of the possibility of harmony between the 2 different camps: military and civilian.

AK:Reflecting on your experience as a cast member of SGU, could you please share some of your favourite memories of working on the show, either from on screen or off?

Shooting SGU’S season 2 episode , Malice  in the deserts of New Mexico was one of the most thrilling acting experiences for Jennifer Spence

 JS:Aw man, there are too many to list! I think one of the biggest thrills I got was when we got to travel to New Mexico to shoot “Malice.” Not only were we in the most beautiful surroundings and getting to experience some life experience/travelling on the side but I was so happy to have a close scene with Bobby. My parents have always been huge fans of his as have I and so the fact that I was acting with Bobby Carlyle in the desert was just so effing awesome!

AK:What message  would you like to convey to viewers of the series, with SGU having drawn to a close?

 JS:Sounds cheesy but gratitude. Gratitude and love to all the viewers and fans for joining us and supporting us on this journey. So glad they enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re proud of the show and it means so much to know it has been appreciated.

AK. Have you been working on any other acting projects which you would like to share with viewers and what aspirations do you have for the future?

 JS: I’ve been working on a feature film with my fiancé called “Down River” which has been a hugely inspiring and creatively satisfying experience

In terms of the future I would love for another show I did called “Exes & Ohs” to get a 3rd season. The 2nd season will air in the USA June 29th. Stay tuned for details! Besides that, I would like to continue playing roles that challenge me in the best ways possible. I recently shot a presentation pilot called “Echoes” created by the brilliant team of Mark Savela (visual effects supervisor on SGU) and Ken Kabatoff (production assistant on SGU and independent film producer/writer/director) that did just that. I play a woman who is forced by circumstances to become a strong, solid leader and it feels awesome to take the journey with her and stretch myself. I’m super excited about it and we’re hopeful of it getting picked up by a network. It was fun too to have all these scenes with the dreamy and talented Mike Dopud (Varro on SGU)! Most of the team that worked on it were SGU crew so it was wonderful to be surrounded by family once again.


Happy Birthday To Us!

Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 10:05 AM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

 Pink, Green, & Yellow Blinking Stars BackgroundsAnimated Backgrounds

Happy Birthday  to US!Today, this blog  officially turns 3 years old!

It was three years  ago today, when I decided to open this blog.It is hard to believe that  three years have  gone by. When I first opened this site, I had no idea as to what it would become or that I would be doing it three years later. This site means so much to me  and running it  has been a truly rewarding and enriching opportunities, which I never thought I would have. I would have never  imagined that I would have been providing prominent coverage for thousands of readers each month, on a variety of different subject matter!  Thank  YOU  for supporting  us throughout the past year with your  visit and active participation. Indeed, a site has no purpose or future without its valued readers. Your visits mean everything!

Over the past year, the blog  has grown immensely, having gained an increased  recognition throughout the media. We welcomed over 60  000 readers in the past year which  is  nearly ten times the number of visits which the site earned in its first year of operation. We  enhanced our reader –management communication by launching our  new Facebook and Twitter  pages.   Readers can follow the pages to remain up to date on the latest coverage and announcements regarding the blog.  We  have also welcomed a great deal of new, wonderful regular  readers  and have had an increase in discussion throughout the site.

Over the past year, we continued to provide coverage on LOST as the show concluded its sixth and final season,  provided extensive news and media coverage  on the second and final season  of Stargate Universe as well as the fifth season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. We also continued to place   strong emphasis on our coverage of the  pending Stargate films , Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction,  which were paced on hold by MGM, until having recently been cancelled. With Stargate Universe having been cancelled and  the possible  developments on  a follow up movie, we launched our SGU Cancellation page to cover such information.

Last June, we  partnered with apple gaming company,  Playsteria to promote its new LOST App GAME, Unlockies . The blog also partnered  with the Stargate Movies Campaign and the SGU Awareness Campaign over the past year to help support the production of the Stargate  films and support the continuation of Stargate Universe!Though we were unsuccesful, we are glad to have supported the initiative and look forward to celebrating the Stargate franchise.

Back in November, the blog was asked by senior producer of Canada AM, Tina Daenzer to help promote the  Canada AM Live event which featured the  SGU  cast in Toronto. As a result of our extensive support of the event, the cast were invited to visit the blog.We   also attended Space’s  SGU Live Event, where we had the rewarding  experienceof  meeeting  the cast  of SGU and provided full coverage on the event!

In December, the blog was sanctioned by the producers of Little Mosque on the Prairie, allowing us to interview the show’s cast. Since then we have interviewed Little Mosque ‘s  Sitara Hewitt, Manoj Sood, Aliza Vellani, Arlene Duncan, Debra McGrath, Neil Crone , Brandon Firla and Sheila McCarthy. We thank each of these cast members for participating  in interviews with us and truly hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

We also  interviewed various SGU  cast members including the show’s Julia Benson and  Patrick  Gilmore. Both of these talented `professionals  provided us with valuable reflections on their time on SGU, their  thoughts on the end of The franchise and its future! Both are thanked for their participation and we extend best wishes for the future.

What plans do we have for year#4?With  Stargate Universe   having  concluded its two year run Stargate franchise having drawn  to a close, we look forward to   providing coverage on  the aftermath of SGU ,  providing tributes,    reflecting  on 17 years of Stargate  through active coverage and discussion ,   and  have already  set interviews   from actors of the Stargate franchise. We  remain committed to our coverage of Stargate  and look forward to keeping the franchise a vital part of the site, while we move  forward in our coverage.

With Little Mosque on the Prairie approaching its  sixth and final season , we will be providing extensive news , media coverage as well a intervuewing the rest of the cast and  various writers from the show.

We also intend on launching coverage on various  new series to  ensure the blog remains current. Readers can expect to   see  coverage on various comedies, such  NBC’s , The Office and The Outsourced. We are also in the   process of  exploring  various new  science fiction series and  may cover certain shows from the genre as well.

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Interview With Stargate Universe’s Patrick Gilmore

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 07:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Actor,Patrick Gilmore has been leading a distinguished career as a Canadian actor ,having appeared in various Science fiction series such as Battlestar Galactica and Eureka.Patrick’s most recent  role  within  the science fiction genre  involves the astrophysicist,Dale Volker on Syfy’sStaragate Universe.

With Patrick being kind enough to participate in an interview with us and Stargate Universe having just  concluded its run after its  two seasons,we take the opportunity to discuss the character of Dale Volker and the challenges involved in portraying the character,Patrick’s experience in  interacting with the fandom ,his reaction to  SGU’s cancellation and   the actor’s  view on  the  factors which led  to the  cancellation. Patrick also shares his thoughts on the suitability of SGU’s finale, Gauntlet as an end  to the short-lived series, his thoughts on the future of the Stargate franchise and much more!

We also learn of Patrick’s experience working on AMC’s new Drama series, The Killer as well as  well as his aspirations for the future of his acting career.

Abbas Karimjee: In addition to having played in other science fiction series such as  Battlestar Galactica and Eureka , as well as having  aired in Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.  Were you a fan of Science Fiction prior to gaining experience in genre entertainment and how did your previous experience both in genre entertainment and Stargate in particular impact your performance as Dale Volker?

Patrick  Gilmore:Admittedly I was not a SciFi fan.  Not that I didn’t enjoy SciFi movies, I just wasn’t one to actively search out the genre.  I was a child of the late 70s, early 80s, so Star Wars was prominent in my imagination.  I enjoyed the original Star Trek movies and I did see Stargate in theaters twice.  The feel of Stargate Universe to me was less SciFi and more Character Drama reacting to SciFi.  So I was comfortable going in, having not been influenced.  It felt more real & relatable that way.

AK: How did you relate to the character of Volker?

PG:I loved getting a script and seeing that Volker had a smart-ass remark or diffused a situation with an offhand joke. I’d see that and say “That is so my voice.”  And, for the most part, it was.  The writers, having gotten to know us as actors and people, were able to write in our voice.  Humor is something I fall back on when things get awkward…it became the same with Volker.

AK:How do you think the character of Volker has evolved over the course of the show and what aspirations did you have for the character?

PG: Like with all the characters, Volker found his place and role on Destiny.  He began the journey uncertain of where he would fit in and unsure of how to deal with unstable authority (Rush).  By the end Volker was a leading member of the science team, the go-to navigator on the Bridge and was able to hold his own against Rush.  I would have liked to have seen his journey continue that way, but for the sake of good story telling it would have been fun to see him get knocked down a few times.

AK:What aspect of Volker was the most challenging and how did you cope with this challenge?

PG:It was tough to negotiate the relationship he had with some of the military, especially in Season 1.  In such circumstances he would have become friends with many of the people on board but given the attempted coup those relationships would have become murky.  But as the story progressed, those connections became clearer.  As an actor, the science was challenging at times.  But thanks to Wikipedia & Writer/Producer Carl Binder’s astrophysicist daughter…I was covered.

AK: Science Fiction fans have been known for their great passion and loyalty towards genre entertainment. What have been the various ways in which you have connected with fans and could you please, briefly describe your experience in interacting with the fandom?

 PG: David Blue introduced me to Twitter early in the first season of SGU and two years later I’m a full on addict.  It’s like theater, instant feedback.  It’s also a great creative outlet and now my news source too.  My fan interaction, for the most part, has been humbling.  I’m still trying to make sense of it all and manage my reaction, but I hope I never get used to it, because then I’ll think it’s normal. (That’s a piece of advice Lou Diamond gave me.)

AK:Back in December, Syfy announced the cancellation of SGU once the current second season draws to a close. What was your reaction when you discovered that the series had been cancelled and why do you think SGU was unable to attract the audience needed for the series? What is your perspective on the direction which the producers took with SGU, by placing  an initial emphasis on establishing the background of  the show’s characters as well as the initial emphasis on survival?

PG:I, of course, was heartbroken to hear of the cancellation.  We had a lot riding against us but I had convinced myself that loyalty to the franchise and the superior quality of the show would ensure at least a third season.  There are so many factors involved in the number of viewers that tuned in live to give us such low ratings.  But what we have to start taking into consideration is the changing viewing habits of people.  I’ll use me as an example…In the last two years I have stopped renting movies, I have stopped buying DVDs and get all my movies from iTunes & I never, EVER, watch TV shows live.  Thanks to DVR I wait till all my favorite shows have piled up and I watch 5 straight hours of Fringe or Community.  The ratings that contributed to the cancellation of SGU do not take any of these things into account.  The rating system is archaic and is ruining TV.

As far as the direction the writers took SGU…I never watched SG1 & SGA, but SGU was a show I would have loved as a casual TV viewer.  It showed the incredible range of Brad Wright & Rob Cooper as artists.  It was the right move and I don’t think they would have changed a thing.

AK: This season, Volker showed signs of his affection for Lisa Park.  What do you think drew him to Dr. Park and what do you think of their suitability for each other?  Would you have preferred that the two develop a romantic relationship, had SGU continued and what challenges would you foresee in having this actually transpire?

Gilmore was hoping to see Drama ensue with further development of the love triangle between Volker, Park and Greer, had SGU been renewed for a third season

PG:Early in Season 1, Director Peter DeLuise gave us a note as secondary cast members to create our relationships with the other crew members.  When he said “maybe one of you is in love with Lisa Park” as an example, Peter Kelamis and I both took that note to heart, as a “friendly” competition.  So when the script started to hint at a possible connection between Volker & Park I was quick to throw that in Kelamis’ face.  Aside from her love of the military, I think they’d be a great match.  If there had been a Season 3 there would have been some great drama with Park, Volker & Greer, given that Volker regards Greer as a brother after the Kidney transplant.  I would like to think that Dale & Lisa ended up together, but, again, for the sake of good story telling, it would have been cool to see him sacrifice himself to save Ronald & Lisa maybe.

AK:With the series finale, Gauntlet, approaching in the coming week, could you please give us a brief idea of what is in store for the conclusion of the series, both for the crew and the character of Dale Volker, in particular? How suitable of an end do you think the finale will be  to the series?

PG:By the time you read this the SGU finale will have aired.  All of us in Stasis Pods and Eli on the observation deck.  I watched it live, I teared up when Volker stepped into his pod and immediately texted David Blue the moment the show ended.  That last scene was brilliant.  Alone, Eli looks out at the stars in wonder and his expression changes to a smile because, as he told his mom, he’s happy.  But then, quietly his face shows the slightest hint of apprehension.  And then Destiny leaves us behind.  Beautiful, poetic.  Not the ideal ending, but our future is left to the imagination of the audience.

AK Once the news of SGU’s cancellation had been released, producer, Brad Wright began a series of negotiations with MGM in an effort to have SGU continue either in the form of a movie or miniseries.  Though Wright recently announced at a Vancouver convention that these negotiations were unsuccessful, what are your thoughts on the future of the franchise? Do you think Stargate will be revived at some point? Why?

PGThere is no doubt Stargate will be back.  It’s a brand.  It’s a money-making franchise.  Above all else, Stargate is a really cool concept.  One day, years from now, someone will have an idea to restart the story and we’ll have another generation of Stargate fans.

AK:What message do you have for fans of the series, as SGU draws to a close?

PG:I really can’t think of anything more profound to say other than “Thank you.”  Their support has been humbling and I feel honored to have been a part of something that so many people love.

 AK:- What other acting projects have you been working on, which you would like to share with viewers and what aspirations do you have for the future of your acting career?

PG:Since the end of SGU I’ve kept busy with other projects.  “The Killing” on AMC has been my most notable work.  It’s one of the best shows on TV right now and I feel once again that I’ve lucked out with my involvement in such a high quality show. I’d like to continue to find fun work environments and roles that will make my fans say “I didn’t even recognize him.”  All the while I’ll be on Twitter,keeping people posted and saying irreverent & sometimes inappropriate things… @PatrickGilmore ;)



Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 20- Gauntlet [ Series Finale]

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 07:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

The Stargate franchise draws to a close tonight, with the series  finale of SGU, entitled Gauntlet airing at 9:00pm on Syfy! 

Take a read through below  for the promotional features of the episode as well as an international schedule posting for the episode.

From TV Guide:

Drones close in on the Destiny in the series finale.


Blocked by Command Ships at every star and unable to gate for supplies without alerting the drones, Destiny must take a stand or be left adrift



International Schedule -  Gauntlet[ SGU]

Canada[ Space] May 10 10:00pm
Australia[Sci Fi] May 13 8:00pm

 What are your thoughts and speculations for the finale?What  questions do you think will/ have been left unanswered?  What is your reaction to the franchise drawing to an end and what has drawn you   SGU?What is your reaction to the fact  that  SGU is ending on a cliffhanger and  how  do you hope it will serve as an end to Stargate, despite this circumstance?What are your thoughts on the future of Stargate?

We would like to thank  both the cast and crew of Stargate Universe for  two spectacular years of  entertainment.Indeed, SGU allowed for  Stargate  to explore a new direction where the audience can connect with the science fiction elements of the show by  relating to the diverse characters presented.We appreciated this fresh take on the franchise and extend best wishes for the futurto all involved  with the show.Special thanks are also extended to the producers of Stargate,Brad Wright and Robert Cooperfor  17 exceptional seasons of genre entertainment!

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19-Blockade

Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Take a scroll through for the promotional features regarding the penultimate episode of SGU, Blockade. The  episode will air @ 9:00pm on Syfy tonight and on Tuesday, May 3 @ 10:00pm pm on  Space for Canadian residents.

From TV Guide:

Attacking drones return when the Destiny tries to recharge in a star. Eli proposes a risky alternative, which requires the rest of the crew to gate to a nearby planet for safety, where they find an abandoned city.


Share your thoughts  and speculations for this episode in the comments section!

Wright Announces SGU Movie and All Stargate Projects Permanently Shelved

Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed,  after much anticipation for SGU’s continuation in the form of a movie, producer Brad Wright  announced in last week’s Chicago Con that plans for the SGU Movie  had been cancelled.   “We just recently found out that the SGU movie is not going to happen,” Wright said during his stage panel today.  “It took too long.  We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed.  It’s actually sad for me, because after 17 years, I’m cleaning out my desk tomorrow morning.

 Though Wright was certain as to the end of SGU, he did assert his satisfaction which both the series and the franchise in  general had achieved. To demonstrate such sentiments, Wright indicated that “It was a great ride and I felt really good about [SGU] and about Stargate in general,” Wright continued.  “When something’s been a part of your life for 15 years, it kind of takes you over.”

Wright also confirmed that the long awaited,  Stargate  SG1 and Stargate Atlantis movies, Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction  have been cancelled. The movies, which had been written over a year ago had been continuously delayed to due to MGM’s financial issues as well as issues in the economy.

Though  there is currently no foreseeable future for Stargate, Wright remains  optimistic as  to the franchise’s future,“It’s a franchise.  Stargate is not over,” he said. “Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen.”

What is your reaction to this news and  why do  you think the franchise was unable to continue? What aspect of the cancellation has you the most disappointed and what do you think will become of Stargate? Sound off in the comments section!