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Decision Making Model

Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 03:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Everyone has to make decisions.Below is the Decision Making model which  should be followed in  during the decision making process.If you follow this model, you should be able to develop /improve your decision making skills.

Decision Making Model

The Official Model With Additional Explanation.

1.Identify the decision which needs to be made.In order to decide effectively you are going to need to know what needs to be decided  so you can  make critical analysis.

2.Identify the alternatives. You want to make sure you have considered all options so you can think this through carefully and increase your chances of   making the best decision.

3.Identify the disadadvantages and advantages of each of the alternatives.Seeing what the benefits and drawbacks  of each option  are will help you see what advantages outweigh the other for each possibility in terms  of quality[the value of the advantages]  and quantity[how many advantages there are]

4.Take action  and decide.Sometimes we would like to take  forever to decide.As much as we would like to the world is always changing and everyone is contantly required to  play their role.After a reasonable amount of thinking time  you should make a  decision with reasonable confidence.

5.Evaluate your decision.Maybe you  are happy  with your decision maybe youthough you could havedone a little better, maybe you bombed the process.Regardless, you should evaluate  your decision.Decide if you are happy and content woth your decision.Evaluate the benefits you received  as an outcome of your decision. What could I do differently Remewember that even if you are completely satisfied  there are ways to smoothen the process.Asking yourself questions like thse will help you  reflect  and see what  went wrong and how if you could do it differently.If the process went  fantastic, great! Keep it up  but bear in mind that there is always room for improvement in order to make your decision maiung process mentally and emotinaly easier.

Discussion Corner

Decide and Tell

Did this model help you?Tell about your appropriate experience  below in the comments area.Everyone can share their  experiences and   talk avout their methods to make better decisions in relation to the model above.