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Welcome to New Management Members

Friday, September 5, 2008 @ 12:09 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

As this site continues to grow, so does the number of people who manage it.I am pleased to welcome a variety of new  members to this blog’s management.

A warm welcome is extended to Nisreen O Neil who will be assigned the role of an  authour to this site effective September 8 2008.Readers are sure to enjoy Nisreen’s writing which will generally pertain to Stargate Atlantis and other topics of her interest which may have firm associations with the other archives of this blog.As an experienced proffesional  Nisreen has exceptional writing skills.

On another note,I am pleased to inform readers that effective immediately  Nurbanu Karimjee  who has been this site’s contributor  has been reassigned a role on the management as an editor.

Another  warm welcome is extended to Husayn Karimjee who has been assigned the role of a contributor to this site.Husayn’s posts will generally be geared towards younger readers.

I am also pleased to welcome Zaynab Karimjee to this site as a contributor .Zaynab will also be creating posts  geared towards  younger readers.

Once again, all new executive members are welcomed to the blog management.Readers are sure to enjoy the posts of all management members.A complete list of all the management members has been placed below for reference purposes.

Abbas Karimjee   Blog Manager/Administrator

Nurbanu Karimjee    Editor

Nisreen O Neil      Authour

Husayn Karimjee       Head Contributor

Zaynab Karimjee      Co   Contributor

I look forward to continuing to welcome new management members in the upcoming period.

Enjoy and explore,

Abbas Karimjee,Blog Manager

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