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Wright Announces SGU Movie and All Stargate Projects Permanently Shelved

Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Abbas Karimjee[ Administrator/ Owner]

Indeed,  after much anticipation for SGU’s continuation in the form of a movie, producer Brad Wright  announced in last week’s Chicago Con that plans for the SGU Movie  had been cancelled.   “We just recently found out that the SGU movie is not going to happen,” Wright said during his stage panel today.  “It took too long.  We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed.  It’s actually sad for me, because after 17 years, I’m cleaning out my desk tomorrow morning.

 Though Wright was certain as to the end of SGU, he did assert his satisfaction which both the series and the franchise in  general had achieved. To demonstrate such sentiments, Wright indicated that “It was a great ride and I felt really good about [SGU] and about Stargate in general,” Wright continued.  “When something’s been a part of your life for 15 years, it kind of takes you over.”

Wright also confirmed that the long awaited,  Stargate  SG1 and Stargate Atlantis movies, Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction  have been cancelled. The movies, which had been written over a year ago had been continuously delayed to due to MGM’s financial issues as well as issues in the economy.

Though  there is currently no foreseeable future for Stargate, Wright remains  optimistic as  to the franchise’s future,“It’s a franchise.  Stargate is not over,” he said. “Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen.”

What is your reaction to this news and  why do  you think the franchise was unable to continue? What aspect of the cancellation has you the most disappointed and what do you think will become of Stargate? Sound off in the comments section!

7 Responses to “Wright Announces SGU Movie and All Stargate Projects Permanently Shelved”

  1. SickPuP says:

    They need to sell the rights to Stargate to a company that wants to make money and reopen the SG-1 and Atlantis movies as well as the SGU series. The actors aren’t getting any younger. Nothing like letting one of the best sci-fi series die.

  2. i think mgm or scifi whoever is the primary contributer to the series where trying to save money and because stargate universe was facing tuff times because of ratings decided to cut it makes me very sad i started watching stargate when i was 11 now i no it might be gone makes me very sad its like a family member that you will never see of hear from again i sincerly hope another company buys the rights fingers crossed

  3. I honestly think it is and was a travesty !! In a day and age where Ratings are OVER RATED this series and franchise was to many a vacation from real life. Why over rated you ask ? Comcast, Verizon as well as MANY other Television companies have this wonderful ability to record T.V. shows so you can watch them at a more convenient time, like when your kids are in bed. The story lines, the characters, the sets, EVERYTHING … Was incredible !! To do away with something like that is ridiculous and absurd !! Everyone likes making money from the actors to the share holders etc… What I think happened here is that too many parties got greedy. Someone , somewhere wanted MUCH to much !! Hopefully someone smart takes a look at this project and realizes that it had MUCH too much to gain and it left WAY BEFORE it’s time.. The shame of it all, was at the very end of Universe, the plot with the split realities was PRICELESS !! The relatives from another time line, JUST as it started to take off, someone shot a missile and blew it up… I hope to see in my future SOON that it continues before the lead characters move on.. Though I do enjoy seeing him as Rumple Stillskin

  4. Tammy says:

    I’m trying to find a contact email address or postal address for any of the writers/producers of StarGate SGI or Atlantis: Brad Wright, Robert C Cooper, Joseph Mallozi and Jonathan Glassner. If you can help – PLEASE let me know! Thanks – I really appreciate it!! (Australia)

  5. Save Stargate universe!!!!!!

  6. Rj says:

    Universal is NBC & NBC is having serious issues, not 2 mention alot crap on tv is on there network. They should sell the rights 2 the Stargate franchise to another big studio so the franchise can continue. It’s just like star trek and deserves a new look and more movied. SGU sucked but SG1 & Atlantis were completely different and much better, they can grow from that instead of being idiots putting on more lame reality shows

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